COMMENTARY: Genocide Of Europeans

We thank one of our followers for the article which we URGE you to read and share as much as possible. The following article denouncing xenophobia, human right violations, torture and a genocide, has been sent to all members of the EU Parliament, to a dozen judges of the EU Court of Human Rights, to a dozen Prosecutors of the International Criminal Court, to all Parliament members of each EU country and also of many non-EU western countries, to most Human Right organizations, to thousands of EU journalists, etc.. Not a single one of them has dared to move a finger or say anything about any of this crimes, proving that although they brag all the time about justice, human rights and their alleged commitment in the struggle against xenophobia, racism, and discrimination, when the victims are white Christians, xenophobia is tolerable, racism is tolerable, discrimination is tolerable, and human right violations are also tolerable. This is the New World Order.

Jewish European Union

Genocide of Europeans(1)