Trump To Tap Gringrich Wife As Vatican Ambassador

Former Speaker Newt Gringrich is a member of the Satanic Bohemian Grove and was married three times. When he was 19 he married Jackie Battley, his former teacher who was 26 at the time. Later he married Marianne Ginther in 1981, after having an affair with her (please watch how she exposes him in the video below). In the mid 90’s he had an affair with his third wife Callista. Now we learn that Trump was considering appointing Gringrich as Vatican ambassador but instead he changed his mind and appointed Callista calling her a ‘devout Catholic’?! How can a devout Catholic marry a divorced man who believes in open marriage? What type of evil game is Trump playing here? And how far is he willing to go? 

Newt Gringrich

“Trump to tap Gringrich wife as Vatican ambassador,” Source: