VIDEO: Putin Netanyahu Agree On Military Coordination Over Syria

The reason why the ‘two countries’ have decided to team up on Syria and ‘fight’ against what they call ‘ISIS’ that is nothing more than THEIR CREATION, used and paid to destroy, is because these two criminals and members of the tribe will get to fill more their respective pockets from the complete destruction of Syria and the rest of the Middle East. It is also quite possible that Bashar Al-Assad also gets a ‘share’ along with the criminal traitors who are leading the United Jewish States. Destroying the Middle East also comes in ‘handy’ using the poor refugees as an ‘excuse’ to destroy the white race and its Christian tradition, starting with Europe. You see, everything always works out great for them because they are very organized when it comes to their evil work.

The rest of the Goyim get to listen to ‘the lying journalist news’ which treats these criminal animals as if they were authorities and leaders when they are nothing but a plague that should be exterminated and eradicated from the face of the earth. Maybe the people should get together and create a different ‘ISIS” that exterminates them! There are NO Terrorists the ONLY terrorists are THEM.