VIDEO: (((The Hand))) Behind Gun Control

The hostile Tribal elite are behind the constant, gradual gun control legislation in America. And, who exactly has been behind Gun Control in US Congress and Senate? Here are a just a few individuals involved:

  1. Emanuel Celler (Ashkenazi Jew)
  2. Howard M. Metzenbaum (Ashkenazi Jew)
  3. Carl M. Levin (Ashkenazi Jew)
  4. Thomas P. Tom Lantos (Ashkenazi Jew)
  5. Arlen Specter (Ashkenazi Jew)
  6. Charles E. Chuck Schumer (Ashkenazi Jew)
  7. Frank R. Lautenberg (Ashkenazi Jew)
  8. Barbara L. Boxer (Ashkenazi Jew)
  9. Herbert H. Herb Kohl (Ashkenazi Jew)
  10. Dianne G. Feinstein (Ashkenazi Jew)
  11. Jerrold L. Nadler (Ashkenazi Jew)
  12. Steven R. Steve Rothman (Ashkenazi Jew)

1 thought on “VIDEO: (((The Hand))) Behind Gun Control”

  1. Not you permit disarm the population.


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