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Putin’s Passport Proves He Is A Member Of The Tribe

** We have been getting conflicting reports on the veracity of this document. If you can link this to a proper source, please contact us. ** // June 8th, 2017

Putin’s passport proves that he is a Jew. Now we know why the Chabad Lubavitch call him ‘rabbi’. He is without-a-doubt a leader of the supremacist/communist ideology. Let’s keep this in mind when we listen to those who praise him. Don’t let them deceive you anymore. 


Putin's Passport

Putin's Passport

Circled in Red: Shelomova Maria Ivanovna, Jew (“евр” is short for “евреи”/Jew or “еврейка”/ Jewess). Full name is Maria Ivanovna Shelomova.

Underlined in Blue: Name Putin, Vladimir Spiridonovich, “рус” from Russian Full name Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin

On left side it reads: “Application for the issuance (change/replacement) of a passport”


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