VIDEO: Alex Jones Prays for Israel – 1/2/2017

On Monday, January 2, 2016, Infowars Alex Jones went on an absolutely hysterical disinformation rant having his audience chase the “globalists.” Weeping and praying for Netanyahu, saying that the “globalists” want to destroy Israel — which will launch Armageddon. He hoped that “all you who hate Jews” will be happy living under Islamic rule in the United States.






  • Victory

    This man (entity) is disgusting and vile and a liar

  • nomoredoublespeak

    ‘Alex Jones’ and IW are a sophisticated Zionist disinfo shop that seeks to conflate genuine anti-NWO and patriot passion with support for Israel and in the process deflecting from Israel’s repeated false flags – esp 911 and the many M0ss@d-orchestrated mass shootings blamed on ‘radical Islam’.

  • Rafflesia

    In the future we shall conceptualize the historical existence of Alex Jones in the same way that we have conceptualized Bigfoot.