This reporter exposes basic truths hard to find in today’s ‘alt-media’, which is now more dangerous than mainstream media and demands our constant screening. Thanks to the internet, hidden information began to surface, so the ‘chosen evil ones’ had to find a way to counter it, and so they did, by infiltrating alt-media. Shows like Infowars, had already grabbed the attention of millions because they had exposed truths. So using Infowars is an ideal way to continue with their brainwashing plan. Alex Jones fans are open and ready to absorb anything that he and some of his dangerous hosts, like Steve Pieczenik who claims to belong to the ‘truth movement’ tell them. We must be very alert when it comes Communist infiltration and how it works, because it is constant deceit reason why we must go back to history to learn and be able to know when the enemy is making its moves.  

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