“Chancellor Merkel doesn’t have a plan … she had no idea how to integrate them into our society [the Migrants]. …This refugee policy was carried out without a plan. “

— Sahra Wagenknecht

This communist has no shame lying straight to your face. How anyone can believe this shows how brainwashed the masses have become. Merkel, another communist from East Germany, knows exactly what she is doing.

Sahra Wagenknecht, leader of Germany’s Left party, is a life-long Marxist, socialist, and communist. In this interview, she is clearly given a platform to spout her pro-Marxist propaganda. She wants an alliance with Russia, and she makes it a continuous point to say Merkel never had a plan regarding the migrant crisis.

Ms. Wagenknecht was elected in 1991. She also joined the Party of Democratic Socialism’s Communist Platform — an orthodox Marxist faction. Ms. Wagenkenecht is now the leader of an extreme-left political party in Germany.


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