Jews must be exposed for racism against humanity, this is a fact and until we do this, the world will continue to suffer their tyranny. Michael Hoffman is a historian and revisionist who wrote a book titled: Judaism Discovered (posted on this site). Hoffman exposes Judaism based on Talmudic documentation.

  • Excellent, as always, from Michael Hoffman. You can never go wrong with Hoffman nor with Hugh Akins or E. Michael Jones for academic refutations and exposés of the deleterious effects of the Talmudists and the Synagogue of Satan.

    Take home messages, transcribed from the Hoffman video message:

    [At 2:40 to 3:53]
    “The standard dogmatic story about the so-called holocaust, [which] is really about as interesting as watching paint dry, because so very few people have any curiosity about what this dogma actually portends and have very little curiosity about investigating its veracity.

    And, as so many of us know, the investigation of the veracity is actually one of the most forbidden activities that any researcher or intellectual or simple questioner or truth-seeker can possibly embark on in the West today.

    It’s the grand taboo – but it’s also the taboo which the Western media ignores. So they will lecture us about some type of dissident in Iran, for example, who is being jailed, or a blogger who’s being harassed now in Russia.

    And the New York Times will wax eloquent about the suppressed rights of this person and how they have rights to freedom of speech. But at the same time, they pay virtually no attention to the rights of those who question too deeply this issue.”
    . . .

    Hoffman then discusses the ‘suffering sweepstakes’ which are at stake [at 6:49 to 8.21]: “[s]pecial privileges and immunities are to be accorded to what I call the MROHP – the Master Race of Holy People – and no other race or religion need apply.

    Well, what are these privileges and what are these immunities?

    Above all, the goyim must not be allowed to question the Master Race of Holy People.

    Now, the Master Race of Holy People can level any charge, any libel, any mytho-maniacal tall-tale which their halakhic rebbes give them permission to spin, concerning the hateful German gentiles, based on the authority of chazal; that is to say, the esteemed sages of the mishnah and the gemara.

    And, while they’re doing all this, we must all sit silently and acquiesce passively – or else. So, they have the right to do this.

    Meanwhile, if we accuse the Master Race of Holy People of perpetrating a slow-motion incremental genocide against the Palestinians and mass murder in Lebanon, then we have committed nothing less than the cosmic crime of blood libel.

    So, you see here, the Talmudic mentality. Just as the Rabbinic Halakha decrees, there is one law for the Master Race of Holy People and another for the goyim.
    . . .

    Then Hoffman accurately notes [at 10:42 to 11.11]:
    [T]he religion of ‘Holocaustianity’ [which] is incumbent upon all of humanity to believe on pain of social ostracism and loss of employment in America or imprisonment in Europe, Canada or Australia. This is the last officially believed religion in the otherwise agnostic West.

    Holocaustianity is the de facto state religion of the West. It’s ludicrous.
    . . .

    At 11:19, the rhetorical question is asked: “Why should [alleged Jewish holocaust] survivors have to tolerate efforts to de-legitimize their memories?”

    To which the answer is given [at 12:24 to 12.53]:
    “… the hurt feelings and the memories of the Master Race of Holy People are supposed to be sufficient grounds for curbing the investigation of homicidal gas chamber claims. This is the supremacist Talmudic mentality in action.

    And they dare to blab about White supremacy?

    What more insidious racism is there than the Talmudic racism that comprises the Master Race of Holy People?”
    . . .

    What I have found most interesting is the Left are more “open” than “conservatives” on issues relating to Holocaust “revisionism” or simply re-visiting the Jewish question in WW2.

    The reason for which, being, many of these (predominantly Anglo) “conservatives” really are devotees of the Scofield Bible and Zionist supporters and activists. They claim to be Christians of all sorts, who believe they are worshiping Jesus. When in actuality all they are doing is worshiping Talmudists, promoting their demonic Zionist agenda, which even many Orthodox Jews themselves reject, since these claim the state of Israel can only exist when the “Jewish Messiah” (in the eyes of the Orthodox Jews) arrives, having blasphemously rejected Jesus and making it so disgustingly clear in their Satanic Babylonian Talmud.

    Unfortunately, so many Christians see the establishment of the “Jewish state” (a.k.a, the Rothschild colony) as “prophetic” and an indication of the “End Times” when its establishment was clearly not miraculous.

    And many are just simply too emotionally attached to the anti-Christ Jews and the Synagogue of Satan, than to Jesus Christ, because they deeply believe in the misconception that those “who bless the Jews” will themselves be blessed. A notion which is entirely foreign to the historic Christian tradition or cannot be found in traditional Christian/Catholic theology.

    Meanwhile, there are so many secularists who are deluded into thinking Israel is the “only” Middle Eastern “democracy”. This delusion is changing, however, with the rise of information technologies. And also, therefore, the reason for which many Zio-fascists want to curb the ability of us, the ‘dumb’ goyim, to read about Jewish supremacy and their delusions of grandeur as the “Chosen” race and people.

    See also, regarding Judaic supremacy, Talmudism and everything all goys should know about the ‘Chosen’ ones:

    And an excellent article, which really opens your eyes about the blasphemy of the phrase “Judeo-Christianity” or “Judeo-Christian”, as well as the religion of “Holocaustianity”:

    “The Blasphemy of Judeo-Christianity and the Heresy of the Holocaust”, Faith & Heritage: Occidental Christianity For Preserving Western Culture and People, 16 June 2016,

    God bless you all at the Zionist Report, and especially Michael Hoffman, Hugh Akins and E. Michael Jones.

    As well as all those who literally speak the ‘unspeakable’ in today’s stifled West, with its de facto religion of Holocaustianity. The West, in particular the Anglo-American nations and the perpetually demonized Germany, which claims to be free and yet is anything but ‘free’ but a slave to the Zio-fascist empire.

    Again, read all the books, works and watch all the YouTube videos of these three gentlemen.

    Thanks Zionist Report for this videoclip of Michael Hoffman’s.

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      Willing to die for Jesus, this is a most excellent and scholarly synopsis.