VIDEO: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – Hollywood Lies & Propaganda

This clip, from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” sums up everything that is detestable about Hollywood — the propaganda, brainwashing, flagrant lies of WW2, Cultural Marxism, etc. is almost too much to bear. One can be sure Larry David, and his ilk, just laugh at the goyim for being so stupid to consider this actual comedy.

1 thought on “VIDEO: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – Hollywood Lies & Propaganda”

  1. Just comedy??

    Do you know, how many “gentiles” BELIEVE as spoken Gospel, Anything they read and or listen & view by the MSM, which has to do with Germany of WW2, and the Hitler regime???

    The greatest mind reality manipulator of ALL time. TELEVISION. It makes the tavistock institute a mere footnote.


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