This sick game that the ‘world masters’ are playing to bring us to war is getting out of hand. Russia works hard on its ‘propaganda’ and so does the United States. Why? because they are one big family appearing to the world as ‘enemies’. Many of these people media and government are nothing but puppets and/or useful idiots. We should focus on those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes, who should all be put in jail. But will this ever happen? Not until humanity realizes that it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to take charge, no one else’s. 

All this fighting comes from Talmudic teachings. Why do we say this? because the law of men is being applied here, not the Law of God. The wars are centered in the Middle East, where Israel plays a key role. The entire area is rich in natural resources. That is what international Jewry is after, it will give them even ‘more power’. 

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