The United States is likely to start more wars if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House. Bruce Gagnon, an American political analyst, cites the former secretary of state’s track record of being involved in many conflicts around the world and being beholden to the Israel Lobby.

“Many of us in the United States feel that Hillary Clinton will start a war with Russia and China and even possibly use nuclear weapons,” Bruce Gagnon, with the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, told Press TV on Thursday.

“Clinton has a record, she supported war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria,” the analyst noted. “She continually demonizes Russia and China.”

Clinton has time and again warned Americans against what she calls Russia’s ill intentions with regards to the November vote.

Her campaign has blamed Moscow for a series of hacks against the Democratic National Committee that unveiled dark secrets about the party’s attempts to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders out of the primary race in favor of Clinton.

During the first presidential debate with Republican nominee Donald Trump on Monday, Clinton said she was “deeply concerned” about Russia’s cyber attacks. She also accused her opponent of having close ties with Moscow.

Gagnon said Clinton’s backers among American politicians are mostly linked to the military-industrial complex, who always look for more wars.

“It was [former US president] Bill Clinton that pushed the expansion of NATO right up to the Russian borders,” the analyst said.

Russia and the US-led alliance have been locked in a military face-off near Russia’s borders, where NATO members have been deploying troops and heavy weaponry to defend themselves against what they call “Russian aggression.”

The tensions were intensified following a military conflict in Ukraine, where Kiev forces started to crackdown on pro-Russian groups in the country’s restive east.

“It was Hillary Clinton’s agent at the state department, Victoria Nuland, who organized the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014 that has turned that country into chaos,” Gagnon argued.

The analyst called the former secretary of state as an “agent of the Zionist AIPAC group,” who has also received donations from Saudis for mediating major weapons deals for them.

“Hillary Clinton in the White House means more wars and even possibly, nuclear war,” Gagnon concluded.

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