VIDEO: Three Holocaust Revisionists


This video is another proof of the power that Judaism has in the world. Why can’t anyone question the Holocaust? Why are people jailed and their lives made miserable just for exposing things that scientifically could have never happened and did not happen? If the Holocaust was indeed how the Jews claim it was, they would be able to prove ‘deniers’ wrong without going to the extreme of trying to silence them like they do?

The truth is that many more people, mostly Christians were killed by the most horrific atrocities during the Bolshevik Revolution and no one mentions that, we believe that most of those ‘horrible’ images they say are from the ‘Holocaust’ are actually from the Bolshevik Revolution. Judaism is a big lie, nothing more than that. The Holocaust LIE is what helped the Jews get world sympathy and that is when they began spreading their tentacles around the world. If people ever learn that this was a huge lie, the Jews days would be numbered and the world would regain its sanity.