Jewish Organ Trafficking

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Jewish Organ Trafficking Center Where Kidnapped Syrians Are Stripped of Their Entire Bodies

While the title of this article says “Jewish Organ Trafficking Center…,” we are apt to take caution due to the lack of concrete sources cited. Nonetheless, Israeli elements have a long history of organ trafficking which adds credibility to the accusations within this article. 

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Jewish Organ Trafficking
Jewish Organ Trafficking

“Jewish Organ Trafficking Center Where Kidnapped Syrians Are Stripped of Their Entire Bodies,” Source:

Turkey’s Jewish organ trafficking Center where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies.

The Lebanese ad-Diyar newspaper revealed that the Turkish authorities are involved in trafficking the body organs of injured Syrians who reach the Turkish territories.

In its issue on Saturday, the newspaper said the Turkish authorities transport young Syrian injured of those who enter Turkey to hospitals in Antalya and Iskenderun in cars guarded by Turkish police and intelligence.

It added that the injured Syrians have their body organs excised after being anesthetized to be later killed and mostly buried in the Turkish lands or sent to the border.

The newspaper noted that the body organs of the injured people that are mostly trafficked are livers, kidneys and hearts to be given to people who are waiting for treatment in Turkey, according to confirmed information.

A French doctor confirmed to Ad-Diyar that stealing of human body organs of injured Syrians in Turkey has actually taken place.

The Lebanese newspaper pointed out that European scientific websites known for their credibility revealed acts of stealing body organs that took place at Antalya Hospital, noting that body organ theft and transplantation operations have increased in Turkey over the past two years since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

It added that Syrian doctors who have come from Germany, France and Belgium to treat the injured have found out about human body organ stealing, but were prevented from getting any information by the Turkish army.

Ad-Diyar stressed that Turkish doctors confirmed that out of 62,000 civilian and military injured people who were transported to Turkey, body organs of 15,622 of them were excised, with the injured people sent back to Syria to be buried.

The newspaper cited an incident when families of one of those sent to be buried in Syria opened the coffin only to discover the truth, noting that the Syrian doctors were prevented from seeing any of the dead bodies inside Turkey.

Ad-Diyar said the World Health Organization has started an immediate investigation into the issue and asked the Turkish Health Ministry to provide a list of the number of organ transplantation surgeries performed over many years for comparison and the names of the patients.

The Syrian health sector suffered great losses. FSA vandalized and bombed many hospitals, looted medical equipment and medical supplies. Because of all this, some Syrians in Aleppo are resorting to Turkish hospitals, unaware of the danger.

Organ trade has increased in Syria, like it did in Iraq at the time of the American war. FSA joined forces with Syrian field hospitals, they deliver injured Syrians to certain Turkish hospitals where they’re being harvested.

Jassem Al Minbajy, a resident of Al Hyrdaria has lost his life in one of those hospitals. His cousin Hameed told his story.

Jassem wasn’t the only victim of those monsters. Suliman Turkmani was shot by a sniper in his foot in Al Sheikh Khuder, he too was taken to Al Zarzour field hospital by the same FSA group. He was sent to Martyr Kamal hospital in Turkey. The father wasn’t even allowed to see the body of his son. After the funeral one of the Syrian workers in the hospital told him that his son’s body was harvested by the doctors.

Suliman’s father calls upon all Syrians not to send their children to Turkish hospitals.

Mohamad Ibrahim was injured in his foot and waist. He was moved like Jassem and Suliman. His brother Khabat told us that he wasn’t mortally injured, still he died two hours after the operation.

The three cases above are of people that weren’t critically injured, who died after being operated on.

Besides sending them to be harvested in Turkey, FSA slaughtered and harvested with the aid of their doctors many of their military & civilian hostages. Bodies were found missing eyes, kidneys, etc…


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