This book is a MUST READ. It exposes the connections between Zionism and Nazi Germany and how the Transfer Agreement came about and helped Zionism. It also exposes the crimes committed by Zionists against Jews, which were later blamed on Hitler when he was backstabbed by the Zionist elite. This is what the evil elite has been doing for centuries. 

The total Jewish population in Germany in 1933 was only 0.76%. When Hitler took over Zionist Jews were a very small minority so non-Zionist Jews played a more important role. Zionists believed in racial exclusiveness and began with their propaganda creating a political movement equal to Hitler’s. The Nazi’s supported it seeing it as a way to not only get Jews to leave Germany and be sent to Palestine but also to stop the boycott of German goods that was affecting Germany. Many Jews were against this boycott because they had good commercial relations with Germany and it affected their own businesses.