Whenever someone speaks the truth he or she is automatically called: Anti-Semite!!! When are people going to stop believing the eternal Jewish lie? There is overwhelming proof that ISIS is a creation of the same ones who created Communism, the same ones who got the world into WW1 and WW2 and are now pushing us into WW3 so they can finally bring in their long desired New World Order and One World Religion and introduce us all to their Messiah = Lucifer. 

“Dutch official: ISIS is a Zionist plot to demonize Islam,” Source: rehmat1.com

I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily,” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001.

On Wednesday, a senior official at the Dutch Justice Ministry in Twitter message claimed that the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is a Zionist plot, funded by the US and Israel to demonize Islam.

Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, posted on Twitter:

ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionist who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

The message really pissed off the powerful pro-Israel lobby groups. MPs belonging to the anti-Islam and anti-immigration Geert Wilders Party for Freedom (PVV) demanded that the Justice Minister explain how a person with such anti-Semitic views reached such a prominent position in the Ministry.

On August 8, 2014, MP Wilders on his personal blog posted:

We must unconditionally support Israel in battle (against Hamas). At a moment when Israel is the only democracy in the region and a bastion of the free West, we must stand firmly behind Israel.”

As result of Zionist vicious attacks over her Ministry, Haifi later removed the original message, explaining

I realize the political sensitivity in connection with my work. That was not my intention.”

Both anti and pro-ISIS rallies have been held in several Netherlands cities. On July 25, 2014, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel called upon security authorities to clamp down pro-Hamas rallies during which some Muslim protesters allegedly shouted “Death to Jews”.

Some readers may be surprised to find out that ISIS stands for Israel Secret Intelligence Service. Last month, the Western media also quoted that “Islamist terrorist” ISIS intends to destroy Islam’s most sacred worship place Ka’aba in Saudi Arabia.

Now, let us dig into Yasmina Haifi’s so-called “anti-Semitic” statement. One of India’s top political and religious analyst on the Middle East, Anthony Mathew Jacob wrote on August 12, 2014:

These (ISIS) terrorists are neither Shias or Sunni rebels (as the western media refers to them). They’re ruthless killers, trained funded and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and their western masters.

The former NSA and CIA agent Edward Snowden has revealed that the ISIS top gun Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by Israeli Mossad and funded by United States and Britain.

Last month, Netanyahu in his first comment on ISIS victory in Iraq, said that Washington should stay out of the Iraqi conflict – and let the Sunni militants defeat the Shia-dominated government of prime minister al-Maliki and break-up Iraq.

This will weaken Iranian influence in the Arab region,” said Netanyahu during his address at Tel Aviv University’s INSS think-tank.

East Pakistan (Bangladesh)-born academic, historian and author Dr. Sultana Afroz, who taught at the University of West Indies (Jamaica) for many years, said at Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star:

ISIS is a deceptive tool of US-Israel for the New Middle East based on Israeli Yinon Plan.”

Tony Cartalucci, a geopolitical researcher and writer based in Bangkok (Thailand) wrote on August 14, 2014 that ISIS is created, trained and funded by the US-Israel-NATO axis of evil to

counter pro-Iranian political and military fronts across Tehran’s arc of influence – from Baghdad to Damascus, to Lebanon and Hezbollah along the Mediterranean“. Read the rest of article here.


America let itself get completely infiltrated by Freemasonry and Jewish Zionists who made America the world leading country.  America along with the United Kingdom are nothing more than colonies of Israel and International Zionism. Money gave America its power, but not enough knowledge to discern lies from truths, it brought progress but also fed their ignorance. Americans have been taught: “America is the best’ and we are “world saviours’ when nothing is further from the truth. The elite used America to destroy the Middle East with wars and the rest of the world by propagating Cultural Marxism.

Regular Americans ignorance is much to blame for all what is happening in the world, they lack the will and the drive to learn what is outside their borders when they do, they are not able to understand the rest of the world because they have been already conditioned by their education, which is absolutely limited and puts boundaries in their heads and doesn’t let them see the whole picture. Medicine is a good example, doctors don’t treat the person as whole, they treat each part of a person as a separate thing, That alone shows how they really are.

And finally, a great review on US-Israel vs Iran by a Canadian blogger.

“What The Hell? Criminal Jews Have Forced The Shutdown Of Internet Traffic Originating From Iran (Prelude To War?),” Source: northerntruthseeker.blogspot.ca

I have read the reports over the last two days about how a criminal Jewish scumbag lawyer in the United States has been able to convince a court in the United States to have ALL internet traffic originating from the innocent nation of Iran (all sites ending with “.ir”) to be shut down… The excuse from this scumbag in this lawsuit is that Iran is a “terrorist nation” and is responsible (?) for the Israeli led attacks of 9-11!   After reading the official statement put forward by the scumbags behind this atrocity, I honestly wanted to puke… I am shocked that they have had the audacity to do this criminal act,  for by this time everyone knows with any logical common sense that Iran is indeed a very innocent and peaceful nation and had absolutely NOTHING to do with the de facto Jewish attacks on America on September 11th, 2001.  What we have here is the criminal Jews now pushing hard to blind Iran and I do believe it is being done on purpose while they now push forward their diabolical plans to have Iran destroyed!

For this article, I want to present the following report from Jim Stone, over at his website: Jim Stone Freelance, at www.jimstonefreelance.com.   This report shows conclusively that these scumbag Jews are indeed setting the stage for their long planned attack on Iran by definitely stealing Iran’s Internet!   Here is that article right here in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

I laid awake last night going through all permutations of what this means. This is a very important report.

1. Iran is being set up for a silent death

No doubt about it, when the war with a completely innocent Iran starts, the ziopress wants no voice of the people getting out. I need to stress what a fraud this is and how both illegal and unlawful this ruling was. It is definitely the type of thing that happens before a nation gets attacked, this was a definite setup for war.

2. This judgement was not against Iran but serves the same purpose regardless

Iran was never told this court case was proceeding. This was a secret proceeding and even afterwards Iran was never notified that this happened. This ruling was only against ICANN, the DNS server management team, which assigns routing for domain names. What the goal of this really was is to have Iran suddenly vanish from the web without explanation.

3. The purpose for this can be circumvented if people take action now

I believe Israel wanted Iran to suddenly vanish from the web so they could be destroyed in secret. But this can be stopped with ease. This ruling, as bad as it is will NOT take Iran off the web. This will only make Iran difficult to find. You see - This is a domain level attack only, which will affect only the DNS servers which are not needed for a web site to be available. The DNS servers make surfing the web easy because they take the IP address of a web site and match it to a name, such as PressTV.ir. But if the IP address is provided, direct access will still be possible.

The IP address for PressTV.ir is and this will always work even if PressTV is kicked off the web by ICANN. So people need to get busy to stop world war 3 NOW. Get this IP address posted around the web AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

I will be looking up other important Iranian IP addresses, including Universities, the Bushehr nuclear facility and other government web sites. The universities will have blogs and forums that the students can talk to the world with. THAT is the type of addresses we need to stop Israel from proceeding with whatever atrocities they have planned.

4. This ruling was flatly illegal, and ICANN actually does not need to comply

Icann was given a spectacularly short 10 days to blow Iran off the web. That is against the law. This was done based on the argument that Iran has no rights. This was obviously a seriously corrupt judge who demonstrated clearly why dual citizens should not be allowed to work in any government office. And if ICANN actually does this, it means that there are people working at ICANN who operate counter to the good of the nation and will break the law.

5. MYTH: This was done “on behalf of all the terror victims of Iran”

This was in fact done by a Jewish “lawyer” and was NOT done for any “victims of terror” because with regard to Iran, there are only CIA and Mossad setups and any truthful proceeding would have revealed that. Anyone who is informed enough to hit a site like this one should know that. Iran actually could pay their way out of this with a billion dollar settlement to mis free ride’s LAW FIRM, (You heard that right, THE PAYMENT IS OWED TO A LAW FIRM, WHICH WILL THEN MAGICALLY LOCATE ALL THESE FICTITIOUS VICTIMS, (NO DOUBT ENTIRELY JEWISH VICTIMS) and “PAY OUT”. Yeah and I have some tortillas I dragged out of the garbage to sell you also. If you buy the line that this was really for any sort of “terror victims” I won’t cry if you get salmonella and die. That would be natural selection at work. REALITY: This is the same thing as the holohoax, where Germany keeps repeatedly getting bilked for billions they never owed, Iran I guess is the next cash cow. That will work, when the recipient is a lone woman named Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, a massive criminal of the “law” who will beyond all doubt have a private jet as “terror reparations” after stealing that $500 million dollar skyscraper in New York from the Iranian people. All this payout will do is fuel more aggression from this kike, someone needs to do the world a favor and take her out . . . to lunch? Perhaps with a little Polonium. The world has no place for lone theives of this magnitude, trust me, there will be NOT ONE GOY RECIPIENT of ANY reparations here. Perhaps she will make a BIG FAT DONATION to the ISRAELI MOSSAD, so they can go out and frame Iran a few more times to give her another lawsuit. Sort of a revolving door thing with a few of the scraps.


And according to the lawsuit Iran did 911. I gues Iran then said “Pull it” to building 7. And YEP, Iran had it all scripted so building 7 fell long after it was announced to have fallen. (actually Iran had a conspiracy going against all the British clocks). And IRAN HAS NUKES, I CAN PROVE IT, LOOK! SEE THESE HOLES UNDER THE WTC? How did THOSE get there? Wow! That looks a lot like an American nuclear test called Project Gnome! And Iran also owned Urban Moving Systems, which had five employees that just loved to dance and has HUNDREDS of Israeli dual citizens out there to do their dirty work which is HOW Iran does it because Israelis always get magically released when caught. Poor Israel. And what about the Project for a New American Century? And how did the air force fail so bad? And what about this nose out video? And how about the FBI themselves saying the phone calls from the planes on 911 never happened? And DOES IT LOOK LIKE A PLANE CRASHED HERE? Obviously not, someone got the backhoe and dug a hole. If a plane crashed here there would be suitcases and seats strewn everywhere. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, I KNOW, AS A WOMAN OF LAW YOU ARE GOOD AT FINDING THE TRUTH, RIGHT? How about starting here. HOW DID YOU SCREW THIS UP SO BADLY?


And unlike Iran which has NO ties to 911, Larry Silverstein actually gave the command to take down at least 1 building there AND SAID IT ON PUBLIC TELEVISION. He DEFINITELY DID IT. Therefore that gives the rest of us the right to sue ISRAEL, which actually got nailed for 911 multiple times. Iran? ZERO.

To the people out there who can actually see through the bullshit and wish to avoid World War 3 as a result of this so-called “judgement,” here are a few Iranian IP’s so we can keep tabs on them if this actually has Nitsana’s desired effect

Presstv.ir - (additionally this site works with .com which might not be affected.) If Presstv.ir crashes, try .com instead and it might work.     FARS News: FARS is dot com only. It might not go down. But the problem with dot coms is that they are based in America which means the sites could be hijacked by the FED and used to post garbage while Iran gets destroyed. SO,
Here are some University web sites: This first one is hosted directly at the university, so the server is not subjected to hacks on American soil. If this works, Iran is probably alive: University of Tehran, (which runs 153 doctorate level programs, it is a big one and is considered number one in the Middle East) IP:
Sharif university is world class, and is also number one in that sector of the globe for what it covers. Its ip is:
AUT is the most prestigious university in that sector of the globe, and the number one technology institute in Iran. Its IP is:
Many people out there may wonder how Iran has the top universities in the region, with extremely high world rankings. The answer is clear in the pictures below.THIS is the real Iran:

Many people have posted pictures of Iran to “dispel the myth” that Iran is a backwards country with people who need to be “liberated”. They then proceed to perpetuate that myth with pictures of goats and barns and other B.S.

I won’t do that here. The fact of the matter is that a majority of Iranians live at least as well as Americans. Iran is a first world country which aside from mandating women wear a head scarf (and men not walk around half naked), actually allows people to live their lives as they wish with far less interference than in America. That’s the real truth about Iran, and the following pictures PROVE IT

This is Tehran

This is the city that Iran built the nuclear reactor for (not Bushehr)
Notice, more so than Americans, the people are INDIVIDUALS - it’s OBVIOUS!
This is another major Iranian city
Another Iranian city
Here are some BADLY BEATEN Iranian women (according to CNN)
Here is Tehran at night

Another shot of Tehran

Here are some Iranian goat herders
Here are the “tents” they live in.

I bet you did not know Iran has the world’s best snow (this is absolutely true, Iran is rated number 1, and they make use of it:
Here are some oppressed women at Shemshak Ski Resort in Iran and an Olympic contestant:

QUESTION: How does the “world’s most oppressive country” manage to build cities like this, and operate 13 world class ski resorts? ANSWER: Perhaps it is not so bad there after all, and you have been fed a Jewish LIE.If America goes in and destroys these people it will be one of the greatest crimes the world has ever witnessed. The best kept secret in the world is Iran. This nation has stood up to Israel and the “elite” and maintained it’s national integrity. This is the true free world, where the people don’t get jammed into the corporate monoculture and do the bidding of the zionist banks. Despite severe sanctions placed on them, they have flourished because they are a people of a very high caliber.

Iran has NEVER attacked a neighbor, all wars in modern history that the Iranians got involved in were defensive, unlike America and Israel, which are the two nations of the world that have proven repeatedly over and over and over again that it is THEY that are the terrorists, indeed, the world fears America, and for a very good reason. Iraq was VERY similar to Iran, and has been bombed to sand after doing nothing to deserve it. How much do you think they love us for it? Think a nation like this is built for free?

Question: Do you think these people want to be LIBERATED by America? Do you think they dream about living in New York?

An amazing stash of Iran photos that show it like it is can be seen HERE(just scroll down the first page you hit, it is long and has it all)

June 28 2014

Jim Stone, June 28 2014

NTS Notes:  Again, I am shocked that now some 13 years after the diabolical attacks by the Jews on the United States on September 11th, 2001, that anyone with any common sense cannot see that these scumbags are continuing to lie their asses off and have again tried to blame the Arabs, especially those living in Iran, for that planned and carefully orchestrated attack on America…

Again as the article states, we must all remember the link to sites like Press TV ( and use those links instead of the usual DNS services.. The Jews are definitely trying their worse at blinding Iran in their preparation for an all out attack on that very innocent nation…

And about Iran itself.. I see a nation of truly free people who do not have a Rothschild controlled banking system… It may in fact be the last nation left on Earth that is truly free of that criminal Jewish enslavement financial system and that is why these monsters want it destroyed!

Pass this information around and make sure everyone again is indeed aware of what these scumbags are up to, and how they are again falsely blaming Iran for the attacks of 9-11 that they themselves are clearly responsible for.. .The truth must get out…

More to come