Using Palestinians and mainly children as human shields is, WITHOUT DOUBT, EVIL. The Satanic atrocities that Israel is carrying out in the Middle East cannot continue to be ignored by the masses, American politicians have sold themselves to the devil in exchange for money and power. According to the Talmud, ‘the best among the gentiles deserves to be killed’. If this is their belief, it is clear that Jews want the genocide of all non-Jews AND THAT IS EXACTLY THEIR GOAL.

We have been seeing what they have done to Palestinians ever since the Jews set foot on Palestinian land, you know who is next on their list? all those who are not jews and that means you and me. They call it ‘cleansing’. Jews created the French Revolution, Jews created World War 1, Jews created World War II and Jews are pushing for World War III by creating and funding ISIS and using the Muslim world as a human shield.  Learn once and for all, who your enemy is. Jews are the sons of Satan.