The UN was created by a group of Illuminati Zionist Jews, so this should come as no surprise for those who know the true origins of the UN. After all, the UN will be the seat of the New World Order and the Anti-Christ. For Zionist Jews all lands are their lands. 

“Israel appointed Head of the UN Legal Committee with the help of four Arab states,”  Source:

Israel is unfit to lead the UN Legal Committee - BECAUSE  ISRAEL  IS  LIVING  ON  STOLEN  LAND.

Well, the Israelis do have plenty of experience violating international laws! So, that might be the reason the UN picked Israel to lead its Legal Committee. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Israel was elected this month to head UN legal committee at the UN with the help of four Arab states (Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Jordan) who voted for Israel, even though Israel is notorious for illegality and violating international laws.

Israel is unfit and unworthy of holding such a prestigious status.

Here are my four good reasons for saying this:

[1]  Out of over 700 General Assembly resolutions passed since the UN’s 1945 establishment, nearly 450 condemn Israel. In other words, out of 193 nations in the UN, over 60% of all General Assembly resolutions condemned just ONE member: Israel!

[2]  In 1948, Israel was granted a membership at the UN with the stipulation that Israel will accept UN Resolution 148, which call upon Israel to respect and comply with that resolution. UNR 148 call upon Israel to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian lands and to allow the Palestinian refugees who were forced to flee their lands the right of return to their homes as soon as possible and to pay compensation for those who do not wish to return. Sixty eight years later, Israel has not honored its commitment.

[3]  Israel has continued to impose an illegal and inhumane siege on 1.8 million Palestinians living in Gaza for the last 10 years as a form of punishment for electing Hamas during the 2006 Palestinian election. The Palestinian election was monitored by former US president Carter who himself had certified the election as fair, clean and transparent. Instead, Israel boycotted the result of the election and imposed a blockade on Gaza as a form of collective punishment.

[4]  As many as 750 Palestinians are currently under administrative detention, which allows Israel to hold them indefinitely without charge or trial. Administrative detention orders are issued in the name of the military commander of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. The orders are issued for one to six month periods on the basis of secret evidence, indefinitely renewable.

In every respect, Israel is in breach of international law. In a just world, Israel would be a pariah state among the nations.