This by far has got to be a joke, and a shamless piece of Christian Zionist propaganda!

“We as Christians need to love and support Israel!”

How can one do that when Israelis burn down Churches and murder Christians? Why should anyone, especially Christians, support a “nation” that kills Christians?

Christians are suffering under Israeli occupation. Palestinian Christians who live in Bethlehem are restricted from entering Jerusalem and Nazareth as a result of Israel’s occupation. They’re required to obtain permission from the Israeli authorities, which is almost never granted to access holy sites in Jerusalem and Nazareth such as the Mount of Olives, Galilee, the Church of The Holy Sepulchre. These restriction prevents Christian communities from uniting together to celebrate religious holidays. Christian communities have been torn apart due to the apartheid wall that has been built between the West Bank and Jerusalem. Why support Israel when they implement apartheid and are responsible for the oppression!?