In this interview Alex Jones exalts Charlie Skelton when he is a traitor who works for the Birtish rag “The Guardian” (truly a mouthpiece of the “globalists” and their agenda).  He ‘appears’ to report from the secret Bilderberg meetings, and what he is actually doing is ‘brainwashing’ people by saying that Bilderberg is recognizing being secretive and that this is ‘a good thing.’  It is not a good thing whatsoever!! 

This all means that they are confident with their actions and are carrying on because no one stops them!!  The message here is the following: the masses are already brainwashed enough so Bilderberg can come out and publicly admit they decide our fate behind closed doors. 

If we still live under a democratic system, Bilderberg is a secret meeting with top politicians and journalists who should have access and be able to report exactly on what is being discussed in secret. This is NOT acceptable as it is. And no one should consent to this absurdity.