“Slave Labor in Soviet Russia,” (1937) by Dr. Hermann Greife

Jew Jagoda (Hershal Jehuda), Chief of the Tscheka

The eBook details the building of the White Sea Canal, in 1933, by Stalin The terror used against slave workers with over 200,000 dying. Photos of all the Jewish heads of the project and horrendous living conditions - 33 photos, 50 pages.

“THE world today is comparatively well informed about the fate of the compulsion workers in the Soviet Union.

But little is known about the concentration camps where conditions are so gruesome as to be almost unbelievable.
Many people find it difficult to realize that this state of affairs can exist in the twentieth century.

This explains why the descriptions about compulsion labor in the Soviet Union are sometimes sceptically received.

This presentation of investigations is, therefore, based exclusively on actual reports of the government-controlled Soviet press and official governmental records. The photographs are also taken from official Soviet sources providing a possibility to verify the interpretations.

We wish to point out that all illustrations in this brochure are true reproductions of originals as they appeared in the official Soviet publication: “Stalin White Sea Canal” or in Soviet newspapers. We could not afford to disturb the poor quality of these pictures by retouching them as they reflect true conditions existing in the USSR.

It is not our aim to present a complete and exhaustive account of the actual number of prisoners, the numbers put to death, the distribution of concentration camps, etc., but rather to give a cross-cut of the life of those condemned to this form of living death—true and without exaggeration as conditions really are.” Hermann Greife.