“Plot Against The Church,” by Maurice Pinay (1962)

The Plot Against The Church

The Jews are documented in this book, “The Plot Against the Church”, as the perpetrators of that very longstanding plot.

It’s no secret, but not generally acknowledged, that the Jews have always and still do hate Christianity, Christians, and Christ with a vengeance.

Jews deny that but their Holy Book, the Talmud, instructs them otherwise, and the evidence shows it. Much of this history has not come down to us straight or whole due partly to the admitted fact of the ownership of media and publishing by Jews themselves. Occasionally something such as this book would squeak by, but then, as this book did, would soon go down the memory hole.



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The plot against the Church

It can be stated without fear of exaggeration that no book in the present century has been the object of so many commentaries in the world press… What gives this book definite, provable worth is that it deals with a magnificent and imposing compilation of documents and sources of undeniable […]

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Everybody has Jewish acquaintances and some are friends, but not everybody - in fact very few - know much about true Jewish history or the contents of their well kept secret Holy Writ. “The Plot Against the Church” discloses some of their history from about the time of the crucifixion onwards, and it’s not pretty. To avoid the bugaboo of “anti-Semitic” the Churchmen authors of this book quote Jewish and philo-Semitic historians for much source material. It would be inaccurate for any of us to shoot off the glib anti-Semitic arrow here.

Even though the book is written from the point-of-view of the historical development of the Catholic Church, the knowledge of this development and of its enemy is important to Christians in general and to all Gentiles as to what it reveals of the secretive manipulative techniques used by the Jews throughout history - techniques that are to this day sanctioned by their Holy of Holy Writs, the Talmud.

Simply put, the Jews were continually, over the centuries, trying to subvert the Church, as well as governments. With the Church being put in a defensive position, this was war - a many centuries long one. As in war, the Jews did espionage and had a “fifth column” inside the Church. The Jews saw that all as good. The Church, being attacked, naturally saw it as not at all good, and undertook defensive measures against this. But those defensive measures have been cleverly misrepresented and sold to the world by the Jews as historical Jewish victimization.

Much of this history has not come down to us straight or whole due partly to the admitted fact of the ownership of media and publishing by Jews themselves. Occasionally something such as this book would squeak by, but then, as this book did, would soon go down the memory hole.

Besides many Jews’ disarming personal traits of charm, wit, intelligence, and talent, we see noted that cultural qualities of the Jews’ include extreme toughness of character, discrimination in favor of their kind, cunning deception, blind spots to their faults and failings, strongly active resentment toward those who dare point out their faults, and a chameleon-like adaptability with ability to roll with the punches.

Quite astonishingly, also included in rabbinically approved Judaism relative to behavior toward Gentiles, are lying, cheating, and murder - as it is approved that the “best among the Gentiles” may be murdered with impunity - and should be.

Well! That is not necessarily a secret, but it is not generally well known either. Where has the outrage been by the Gentiles? Yet, all that IS well known by the rabbis and those Jews of Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox persuasion. Secular Jews though, who are not completely up on their Talmud, may have but hazy knowledge of these Satanic attributes of their faith, and/or may be “into denial” about them. So none of this is fessed up to by Jews .

Also, it’s these non-Orthodox Jews that comprise the majority and are the largest number of “gatekeeper Jews”; that is those who lock out even legitimate critique of Judaism, Zionism, and Israel by their frequent hurling of the “anti-Semitic” invective that has so effectively cowed most everybody else for so very long.

Another point made: the Jews claim their God granted them the “Chosen People” covenant, but in the Bible that was a conditional pact, and historically Jews have not honored those conditions. So even though the Jew’s amazingly few numbers now largely dominate the Western world in practically all its institutions, witnessed by the facts of ownership, influence, power, and money; they do so under false pretenses. This is especially true relative to their loudly proclaimed chosen-ness, and the fact that those of their larger and activist Khazar population are not the original People of the Book - not Semitic - but rather a Turkic, phallic worshiping people that came through Eastern Europe as the Ashkenazim and are relatively later converts to Judaism. (Ironic that it is the brutalized Palestinians who are of the genuine Abrahamic Semite “seed”.)

We see in the book how the Jews, at frequent times in their history accepted baptism into Christianity. But the vast majority of these baptized Jews continued to covertly practice Judaism, raise their progeny as secret Jews, and from the inside, clandestinely plot against Christianity of which they had become members. (At one point in Spain, “Marranos” was what these false converts were called.)

Described is one such converted Jew, Arius, who championed the notion of Jesus not being Divine. Several times this became a strong contending movement within Christianity, but each time it was defeated.

Yet the Jews through that and other strategies continually attempted to “invade” the Church and its sanctum sanctorum with the goal of gaining control of and Judaizing Christianity. Arguably, though not widely recognized, they have succeeded. Strategically powerful Jew-centered Christian enemies include Marxism, Jewish dominated Bolshevism/Communism, and Jewish now dominated Freemasonry.

Further, since the time this book was written, Fr. Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider, has disclosed a Satanic element present in the Vatican and the Church in general- incredible as it seems - for satanic pedophile rites, sacrifice, and homosexuality. However in Malachi Martin’s numerous writings on the Church, he is hands-off about Jewish influence in the Church as it has been shown conclusively that Martin was in the pay of the American Jewish Committee.

It must be mentioned in balance that some of the now Judaized Christianity is regrettably due to disloyal, traitorous, or lax Christian institutionalism itself through Israel-first evangelicals, Christian Zionism, and Freemasonry or Jewish influenced Catholicism at the highest levels. This last evidenced, in part, by Pope Benedict’s refusal to back Bishop Williamson on the Bishop’s measured view of the Holocaust. The Pope’s giving in to Jews on this issue will do nothing but alienate most fair-minded Christians including his own Catholics, and further Fr. Williamson toward martyrdom and possible eventual sainthood.

Additionally, the subversion of governments has now succeeded as shown by the near 100% control of the US government by Jews - AIPAC, as well as B’nai B’rith, ADL, JDL, and SPLC. Selecting Zionist Rahm Emanuel, one of Obama’s handlers, to openly and unashamedly be his chief of staff speaks volumes for the in-your-face Zionist take-over of the US Administration. Similar Zionist take-overs have been occurring in EU countries: Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, and the UK is moving that way.

Finally, the purpose of this book was as a kind of historical education and warning to co-religionists who were about to attend the Vatican II Council in Rome in the early 1960s. The ostensible objective of that Council was to revise Church doctrine to be more in keeping with modern times in the view of the then new Pope John XXIII who called the Council.

There is evidence, though circumstantial, that Angelo Roncalli, a.k.a. Pope John XXIII, had, earlier in his Churchly career, been admitted into Freemasonry probably of high rank. That might explain why part of John’s intent for Vatican II was to whitewash (no other word for it) the Church’s view toward the Jews such as to absolve them of Deicide or their hand in the murder of Jesus Christ. For, after all, present day Jews, through their rabbis and the Talmud are the direct inheritors of the beliefs and deeds of Jesus’ murderers, the Pharisees, including their predecessors who also murdered several Old Testament Prophets.

But, as Prof. Kevin MacDonald has written, “Jews have become sanctified as a people.” No criticism allowed, (or at least to be widely published in the MSM.)

In the end, the book, “The Plot Against the Church” had no restraining or modifying effect on the Vatican II Council’s actions. And so the Jews again had and have a free ride. John half humorously stated that his mission as Pope was to “step on the accelerator” — (for the rest of us, to where?, for what?; quo vadis?)