David Cole, as a Holocaust revisionist, is most well known for in 1992 visiting Auschwitz. He posed as a Holocaust believer, and put some difficult questions to the senior curator (Dr. Franciszek Piper) of the Auschwitz State Museum. This interview was used in this famous Holocaust revisionist film which contains admissions such as that a room which was shown to half a million visitors a year and claimed to be a genuine homicidal gas chamber was in fact a “reconstruction”. 

David Cole

Cole went into hiding after he was hounded by the self-styled Jewish Defense League, eventually terrorised into a half-hearted and unconvincing recantation in 1998.  After making this video, a “hit” was put out on Cole, and a reward for information on his whereabouts was issued by Irv Rubin (who years later, was arrested by the FBI for planning to kill a Lebanese-American Congressman.) Fearing assassination, Cole went into hiding.

He came out of hiding in 2013 revealing that he has been using the name David Stein since 1998, and admitting that his 1998 recantation was fake telling the Guardian “I haven’t changed my views. But, I regret I didn’t have the facility with language that I have now. I was just a kid.” During this period Cole/Stein became a well known conservative Republican in Hollywood running Republican Party Animals, a social club for Hollywood conservatives.

However, Cole’s stated views on the Holocaust was now somewhat similar to the stated Holocaust views of David Irving. He thus argued that mass killings had occurred at some camps such as at Treblinka. His arguments have been criticized.[1]