This article is right when it says that International Jewry will never recognize any countries sovereignty. The Jews have now worked for centuries to undermine our freedoms and they will certainly not stop now. 



“The Inherent Dangers of Today’s EU Referendum and Its Aftermath,” Source:

There are grave inherent dangers lurking beneath the surface of today’s EU referendum — regardless of whether the British people decide to leave the EU or remain, and, again, regardless of whether or not the vote is manipulated by the Jew World Order.

As they’re fond of saying, if typically in other contexts, this one’s too big to fail — even if the situation calls for a staged retreat by way of an apparent win by Britons choosing to leave the totalitarian European Union.

If the Remain side wins the day, the JWO will, of course, broadcast to the world that it’s now been decided by democratic vote. If, on the other hand, the Brexit side wins, you can rest assured that the Jew World Order will do everything they can — much as it did when organized Jewry declared war on Germany in March 1933 — to bring the British people to their knees, at whatever cost to we the people.

Don’t believe it? Look to what they did in 1932-33 when the Ukrainians resisted Soviet collectivization.

The Jew World Order will never, irrespective of any vote, recognize the British people’s sovereignty.

And remember, always, that the JWO controls all of our central banks and, thereby, our economies. Not to mention the multinational corporations who will gleefully sacrifice what seems to be in their short-term interest for the far larger, far more profitable, goal of helping the Jew World Order to solidify the EU bloc of their one-world tyranny.

Deliberately crashed economies be damned!

The history of the past century-plus has been forged out of the Jew World Order’s incessant scheming and warring as a means to bring Europe — and, eventually, the world — under one-world totalitarian communism:

The Bolshevik revolution. World War I. The Treaty of Versailles. The League of Nations. World War II. The rigged Nuremberg trials, founded upon confessions extracted, literally, by ball-breaking torture — followed, oddly yet tellingly, many years later by the full-scale production of the Holohoax. The United Nations. The Vietnam War, designed to plunder, divide and degrade Americans by forcing them to fight a war the JWO enemies in their midst (Henry Kissinger, et al.) were not going to allow them to win. And right up through the staged Jew World Order event of 9/11, giving us a new phony JWO enemy, this time a crypto-Jew named Osama bin Laden. Leading, without a moment’s notice (or criminal investigation), straight into the perpetual War of Terror which set the Jew World Order stage for the shredding of the American Constitution, the ushering in of the American police state, 7/7 here in Britain — yet another Jew World Order staged terror event — and, further, the raping and pillaging of all Western countries as a means to wage unceasing genocidal wars against the Jew World Order’s other enemy, Muslims.

And here we see that age-old magic trick of the satanic Jew World Order — get their enemies on all sides to wage ceaseless war against one another, so that they, alone, rise to victory. Against all of humanity.

(Note to Muslims: You’ve been slandered over recent decades like only the Germans have, now, for 100-plus years. Get off your knees, quit responding to every JWO terror event by insisting upon Islam’s peaceful nature, and start naming, publicly and vehemently, the true JWO perpetrators — our shared enemy. Like us in the West, you need to man up. But remember, no matter how difficult this might be to take onboard given the direct part we’ve played in turning the Middle East into a bloodbath, we Americans, Britons and Westerners, generally, are not your enemies. We’ve been set up by the JWO to fight wars against you that are not of our, the people’s, making.)

All to say that the Jew World Order isn’t going to let Britain, by way of any apparent democratic process, forgo the communist totalitarian fate that’s taken them more than a century to begin, finally and, this time, with finality, to stitch together.

Far more fundamentally, this is, in a way, yet another false battle, another false dichotomy, that the Jew World Order has instilled in our minds.

Why do I say this?

Because, either way — no matter which side truly wins at the polls today, and no matter which side is declared the winner (these two outcomes might well not be one and the same) — the Jew World Order will still reign over us.

The far larger war — the Jew World Order’s 1 percent against the 99 percent of non-JWO humanity — will still be raging behind the scenes. Whether or not we of the 99 percent recognize that we’re even in a war.

Therefore, as I keep saying, folks, and will keep saying … It’s now or never! 


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Sean M. Madden is co-founder of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.


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