Great interview between Mark Dankof & Dr. Robert Sungenis where they discuss the ‘Crime of the 20th century’ - 9/11; which was 100% an Israeli Mossad Operation from Start to Finish… Listen to this interview if you dare, get informed and those of you who will inevitably suffer with issues of cognitive dissonance as a result, don’t give up ! Press on ! and go at a pace that you can deal with… But Do The Work, Open your Eyes and Know The True Truth: Israel Did 9/11


  • Egregore

    Everyone knows it was Israel. The people that can prove it have been silenced by either buying them off, blackmailing them or having Mossad/CIA/FBI take them out. God will make them pay since mankind is too cowardly to collectively do what needs to be done. Israel attacked America so you fill in the blank.

    • We absolutely agree with you!. And like you say, God will make them pay, because people are cowards, but God will make the cowards pay as well. America is a prostitute that not only sells itself for money but is too lazy to think, and too comfortable surrounded by stupidity.