When the Bolshevik Revolution came, instigated and fomented by Jews, the world came to know Communism.  And, with Communism, came the Holodomor (“Extermination by hunger” or “Hunger-extermination”).  

Early estimates of the death toll by scholars and government officials varied greatly; anywhere from 1.8 to 12 million ethnic Ukrainians were said to have perished as a result of the famine.  Recent research has since narrowed the estimates to between 2.4 and 7.5 million.  This documentary is a must-watch that includes a lot of interview footage of survivors telling their personal accounts.

Every single day, there is evidence in the mainstream media that the Jews view goyim lives as having no value.  The article below demonstrates this point:

The Jerusalem Post:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has criticized legislation proposed by a Ukrainian Jewish lawmaker to criminalize the denial of both the Holocaust and the Holodomor, claiming that it cheapens the memory of Nazi victims.

The Holodomor refers to a massive famine brought about by the forced collectivization of farms that resulted in the deaths of millions of Ukrainians and is regarded in Ukraine as a genocide planned by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

The proposed law, drafted by MP Oleksandr Feldman – the founder of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee – defines the Holodomor as the “genocide of the Ukrainian people” and the Holocaust as the “genocide of the Jewish people.” The legislation proposes that denial of either be grounds for fines or imprisonment. Repeat offenders or government officials would be punishable by a longer incarceration.

Efraim Zuroff, chief Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, blasted the bill, stating that it equated the Holodomor and the Holocaust, which he termed “a gross distortion of the history of the Holocaust typical of the efforts to equate other tragedies which are not the same as the Holocaust with the crimes of the Nazis.”

Feldman, according to Zuroff, is “doing a disservice to the memory of the Holocaust by linking it to a tragedy that is not equivalent.

This lays naked their sickening mindset.

Even if you believe in the holocaust, exactly as the Jews say it happened, the Holodomor was the same thing: a purposeful extermination of an ethnic group.

But the Jews claim that their purposeful extinction was more meaningful than that of Christian goyim.  This is what they openly claim.  What can that mean, other than that Jews believe themselves to be superior to non-Jews, believe that their own lives hold more value?

And not only do they believe this – it would be one thing if they believed it privately – they wish for the rest of the world to be forced to accept it, and wish to manipulate laws in order to ensure that in legal terms their lives are considered more valuable than those of non-Jews.