New World Pope

VIDEO: Francis The Destroyer

Francis is a false prophet clearly serving Satan while deceiving the world. He was ‘chosen’ for that mission. Many have prophecized this throughout the years and we are SEEING IT TAKE PLACE TODAY. How much proof do we need?! The Third Secret of Fatima CLEARLY states this. Have you ever asked yourself why it was never completely released to the public? The Third Secret has two parts. The rulers of our Catholic Church are the head of the snake. 


VIDEO: Secret Societies

The sinister Talmudic secret society behind Communism and the complete destruction of our world is well embedded in our society, and the only way to end this evil is by destroying it. We agree with everything Father Kelly, except when he compares the National Socialist movement with Socialists or Communists. 

VIDEO: Why The New Mass And New Rite Of Ordination Are Invalid

Have you noticed how evil these new masses are?! Those of us who feel the need to visit the House of God and receive the Eucharist are victims of this heresy! WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST IT WITH ALL OUR MIGHT! We are the Church Of God and it is OUR responsibility.

Pope Francis

VIDEO: Resisting Francis – Pope Corrected For Spreading Heresy

Francis was ‘elected’ to finish the job. The job of the complete destruction of the Catholic Church, where every single sin is ‘justified’ in some way or another. Today the Word of God is ‘relative’ and subject to ‘interpretation’. These false prophets are helping and encouraging the people to accommodate religion to suit everybody’s needs making sure no one feels the weight of sin. But what is the Catholic Church? It is the Church of Christ, and WE are the Church, so WE are the ones who can bring it back by standing AGAINST EVIL. We need your strength and courage to speak out and expose the DISGUSTING lies. 

Jesus Hell Heaven

VIDEO: Forgotten Signs Of The Times – In Spanish

This video is in Spanish, but for those who do understand the language, we strongly suggest they watch it. Father Alfonso Galvez speaks the Truth without hesitating, clear, simple and straightforward. That is how the Truth is spoken. We are without a trace of a doubt living the End Times and people are beginning to consciously and unconsciously take sides. Make sure you are on the right one because the end is near. Remember, the only purpose of our earthly existence is to prepare us for eternal life or eternal death. You choose!

VIDEO: Vatican No Longer to Convert Jews | Rabbi David Rosen Reacts

The Vatican releases a major document that says Catholics should no longer try to convert Jews and pledges to fight anti-Semitism.

Well, the Chruch has been infiltrated a long time ago, and the Synagogue of Satan has done their job subverting most elements in it. What is the outcome? Just take a look at Europe now — Cultural Marxism and societal decay are everywhere.

Order of Exorcists

Is Demonic Possession Ruining Your Life? Catholic Sect Lets You Apply For Exorcism Online

Demonic possession is ruining ALL of our lives because Lucifer is already living in the Vatican, and the head of the Catholic Church is one of his disciples. So it comes as NO surprise to hear how many people are being affected and actually noticing the effects of such possessions. The problem with ‘demonic possession’ is that more times than not, they are so subtle that can only be detected by those who are close to the possessed. The level of cruelty that we see within our own family circles and friends, is many times, without a doubt Diabolical possession.

Order of Exorcists

“Is demonic possession ruining your life? Catholic sect lets you apply for exorcism online,” Source:

An independent Catholic church which specializes in demonic possession is so busy carrying out exorcisms that you can now order the ‘service’ online. What’s more, it’s free of charge.
The Vatican News reports that the number of people seeking out exorcisms has tripled in a short time. The demand is so great that the Catholic Church is scrambling to train more priests in demon fighting to tackle the backlog.
Meanwhile, a California- based independent Catholic church called the Order of Exorcists has risen to meet this demand, even streamlining its service by offering an easy-to-use exorcism application form.
The order is not part of the Catholic Church, rather a branch of the faith which is under the independent Catholic jurisdiction called the Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel. It claims to have its roots in the ancient Old Roman Catholic Church of the 12th Century.
“Members are from many religious orders; priests, seminarians, paranormal investigators, and bishops of many jurisdictions, from around the world,” the order says on its website.
Our priests are available, after the medical and psychological reports are reviewed, with the approval of their bishops, to perform the rite of exorcism. Our Investigation & Assessment Team are paranormal exorcist investigators.”
“They make the initial first contact with the clients that are requesting a demonic investigation and/or exorcism. In staying within the biblical teaching ‘that which is freely obtained should be freely given’, the exorcism will be done without charge.”
The order has 61 full time exorcists and regularly carries out exorcisms across the world. It has a checklist that people can use to identify signs of demonic possession. The signs include:
  • Sound of footsteps on the stairs or floors
  • Sound of voices or animal sounds in rooms and walls
  • Bad odors with no natural explanation
  • Moving black shadows on floors and/or walls
  • Tapping or knocking noises in walls or on the floors
  • Clock hands moving backwards
  • Lights turning themselves on and off
  • Electronic equipment such as radios and televisions turning on or off automatically
  • Black human-shaped figures that move or stand
  • Black clouds of smoke that move around and do not dissipate
  • An evil spirit that is interacting with you or a household member
  • Demonic possession of a household member

The Vatican was recently prompted to hold an international conference to recruit more exorcists due to the recent spike in demand for the rite. Friar Beningo Palilla, one of the organizers of the conference, told Vatican News that there are now some 500,000 cases requiring exorcism in Italy each year. The priest cited the growing popularity of fortune tellers as the reason for the rise in “demonic possessions.”