Decline of the Church

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Who can deny that we are living in the complete apostasy of the Church in the last days? Many choose to ‘ignore’ the Word of God and continue living in sin, while others rejoice at their rejection of God’s Commandments. If they do not wish to save their souls, there is not much we can do, but they should try not to take other people’s souls with them.

Chartres Pilgrimage

VIDEO: The Catholic Restoration – Chartres Pilgrimage 2018

Catholics are sick and tired of the blasphemous LGBT flag being displayed everywhere as it were some kind of god that we need to praise! What has America become, other than a country who praises the degeneration of its society?! When will this attack at Christ end? We should be praising Christ our Saviour and not Satan. Boycott anything that goes against our tradition and our faith! 

“The Road To Chartres … From Darkness Into Light,” Source:
In a very real sense, then, the master builders of Chartres pioneered the cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary that would come to dominate Christian Europe for a millennium. And Chartres became the fourth most popular pilgrimage destination on earth because of a simple piece of silk cloth worn by a young Jewess from Nazareth when Caesar still ruled the world.
Her name was Mary, and her veil is the raison d’être of Notre-Dame de Chartres. One of the most important relics of Christendom, tradition tells us that it adorned the Virgin’s head when Gabriel announced the Incarnation. 
According to Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich, Mary also placed this same veil over her crucified Son’s nakedness when He was taken down from the Cross. It was discovered by St. Helena, along with the True Cross, in the year 326, who presented it to her son, the Emperor Constantine.
Later on, the Empress Irene gave it to Charlemagne’s grandson, Charles the Bald, who donated it to Chartres in the year 876 AD where it remained for the next 1100 years.

With the veil’s fabric tested by scientists in modern times and its movement meticulously tracked by historians down through the ages, there can be little doubt as to its authenticity.

Chartres’s crypt—the first cathedral- was expanded specifically as a reliquary for the veil of the Mother of God. But atypically, there are no graves in that crypt—no tombs, no remains of the dead. Rather it has always been a place for the living, specially reserved for Mary to come and go as she pleased. The great gothic jewel was built by the sons of Clovis as a “play house” for their mother. And pilgrims for a thousand years have walked to Chartres to venerate the veil in which it is said that Mary wrapped the Savior of the World in Bethlehem.

Although the first cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1194, Notre-Dame de Chartres, as it stands today, was quickly rebuilt by Catholics who carried their cathedral on their backs, one block at a time, from a nearby quarry, and then dedicated the rest of their lives to fashioning them into a castle fit for their heavenly queen.

Chartres building

Today the cathedral at Chartres stands as the greatest monument to Christian faith ever built by human hands. She has been called the “Bible of the poor” because her stained glass, sculptures, and architecture, educated pilgrims for a thousand years. From crypt to nave to contrasting spires three stories high, Chartres tells the story of salvation from the Garden of Eden to the Resurrection of Christ. Her 150 13th-century windows document salvation history from the dawn of time. And while Christians in medieval times may have been illiterate, they were well versed in the rich symbolism of the windows of Chartres. Like a mother teaching her children, Notre-Dame de Chartres spent centuries silently catechizing our forefathers in the Catholic Faith.

There are layers upon layers of symbolism everywhere one looks in Chartres, even in her stone floor which incorporates a labyrinth representing man’s earthly journey from darkness to light. As they walk the labyrinth’s path, pilgrims must make repeated changes in orientation away from Satan and towards the heavenly Jerusalem. And the precision of the Christian architects was such that, were the facade to be lowered to the floor, Chartres’s famous North Rose window would come to rest precisely over the labyrinth.

The great twentieth-century French poet and convert to Catholicism, Charles Peguy, made a journey along the labyrinth on his knees after one of his pilgrimages to Chartres. And this year, Remnant pilgrims were privileged to walk that same labyrinth at 6:30 on Pentecost Wednesday morning, while the cathedral was closed to visitors— moving from darkness to light, just as he had.

And just before midnight the night before, the Remnant pilgrims descended by candlelight into Chartres’s ancient crypt, retracing the footsteps of their medieval pilgrim counterparts. Just as the pilgrims of old had done a thousand years ago, we brought light down into the darkness, becoming human metaphors of the lumen Christi.

Standing in the murky midnight of the crypt, flanked by faded murals of St. John, St. Mary, and the apostles, painted a millennium ago by unknown hands, animated anew by the flickering candlelight, our hearts beat in unison with those of our departed fathers. We could sense they were near, moving from the darkness into the light along with us, especially when we raised our voices in the same song they’d sung on their arrival to this holy place, centuries ago— Salve, Regina, Mater misericordiæ, vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.

How does one describe such a tangible connection with Christians a thousand years dead—men and women who would have leaned against this same pillar, touched that same stone, knelt before the same veil, and made silent appeal to the same Virgin Mother.

Tears burned in my eyes, standing there in the stone silence, candle in hand— tears of joy, not over my belief that all of this is truly how it was, but rather over the certain knowledge that it was… and it is. The Christian reality is carved so deep into the stones of Chartres that here faith is hardly required. Kneeling before the actual veil of the Virgin, the pilgrim suddenly knows that which only a few days earlier he’d merely believed.

Yes, Salve, Regina! You are here with us. Let us stay with you a while longer. We have no desire to leave your house. Chez nous!

Chartres Pilgrimage 2018

This year’s Notre-Dame de Chrétiente Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres concluded Pentecost Monday, May 21, with a magnificent Pontifical High Mass offered by His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

His Eminence delivered a sermon for the ages that must have given even the old stones reason to smile. He challenged young Catholics the world over to do as their fathers had done—to stand and resist the culture of death and to risk martyrdom rather than abandon Christ the King and the sacred traditions of the Catholic Church. He was calling a new Christian crusade. And as I listened to him speak, it became clear to me that this battle for the old Faith is far from over. For 27 years I’ve walked this pilgrimage, and every year it grows larger, stronger and more impossible for the world to ignore. The average age of the Chartres pilgrim now is just 20 years old—and thousands of them stood witness to the return of the Traditional Latin Mass, the glory of all Christendom.

Nearly a half-century ago, the first pilgrims to Chartres in the modern era were not even allowed into the Cathedral, but were instead obliged to offer the Traditional Latin Mass outside the locked doors of Notre-Dame de Chartres. This year, Cardinal Sarah offered the “abrogated” Traditional Latin Mass of the Ages to God and for the benefit of well over 15,000 pilgrims, hundreds of young priests, abbots, sisters, politicians and even the newly-installed bishop of Chartres— Mgr Philippe Christory, who seemed genuinely moved by the grand Catholic spectacle playing out before his eyes.

Bish and MikeMichael J. Matt kisses the ring of Archbishop Christory outside Chartres Cathedral

And why not, when he himself had so recently walked the road to Chartres, as well. When Archbishop Christory— the 129th bishop of Chartres—was appointed to his new see just two months ago, he’d insisted on going from Paris to Chartres as a pilgrim…on foot. For five days, the new bishop walked the road to Chartres. And now here he was, assisting at the Traditional Latin Mass offered by Cardinal Sarah—a man some say could be the next pope.

All hope is lost? Hardly! When this year’s Pilgrimage came to an end on Pentecost Monday in Chartres, some eight thousand pilgrims packed the cathedral, with another seven thousand in the square outside. In one voice they brought their 3-day pilgrimage to a glorious conclusion with the Chez Nous— the love song to Our Lady:

Chez nous soyez Reine, nous sommes à vous
Régnez en souveraine, chez nous, chez nous
Soyez la madone qu’on prie à genoux,
Qui sourit et pardonne, chez nous, chez nous.

Be queen of our home: we belong to you
Reign as our sovereign, in our home, in our home,
Be the madonna to whom we pray on our knees,
Who smiles and forgives, in our home, in our home.

This they sang with all their hearts, as they carried their banners out into the city of Chartres. Again, my vision blurred as I fought back the tears that always seem to come at Chartres. To be with her…that’s why we all go back to Chartres each year—to become Mary’s children again, to place our trust in her intercession, even when hope seems to be fading from the face of the earth.

There she is—our regal mother— triumphantly waiting for us at Chartres, proving to us again that, in the end, her immaculate heart will indeed triumph and despair has no place in our hearts.

She is with us.

Back to the Front

And now it’s back to the front—the blisters, rocky ground, damp sleeping bags, meager soup, hard bread, troops of scouts and endless walking having once again become the happy memories of the grand Catholic adventure that is the Pilgrimage to Chartres. God willing, The Remnant will for the 28th time return to Chartres in 2019 to organize the U.S. Chapter. We will also make a post-Chartres pilgrimage to what was once the seat of the Holy Roman Empire.

Visiting Vienna and Budapest, we’ll also spend a night at Zell, which is nestled in the midst of the Styrian Mountains 50 miles southwest of Vienna. This ‘Lourdes of central Europe’ is the most popular Marian shrine in Austria—Our Lady of Zell, which in 1907 was made a Minor Basilica by Pope Saint Pius X, who also crowned the miraculous statue that same year. If you’d like to join us, registration opens on July 15.

Merci, Chers Amis!

Thanks once again to our French allies who organized what is without question the most important annual Catholic event happening anywhere in the world today. After all these years, the French traditionalists are indeed our brothers, and for us it is an honor to accompany them on their pilgrimage to venerate Mary’s veil and to bring the Latin Mass back to Chartres.

Thanks to Sponsors

Many thanks to readers of The Remnant who sponsored so many young American pilgrims. Your sacrifice was not in vain, as the U.S. chapter was comprised of truly upstanding traditional Catholic young men and women with whom I was proud to walk to Chartres. I’m still filled with hope for the future, in fact, having spent 12 days with the young Catholics you so generously sponsored—young Catholics who are preparing to make your Catholic cause their own.

Walter Matt to Lead U.S. Rangers

My son, Walter, 20 years old, who has walked the Chartres Pilgrimage at my side for the last five years, has for the past two years headed up what our French friends have good-naturedly christened the “U.S. Rangers”—a team of American tent builders who volunteer to help Notre-Dame de Chretiente build the many tents needed to accommodate well over 10,000 pilgrims during the two nights on the road to Chartres.

Walter is looking for young people willing to assist him, but also willing to forego most of the walking in order to assemble, disassemble and then reassemble the pilgrim tents. We’ll be offering a $1000 discount per volunteer, so please contact Walter Matt if you’re interested: The Remnant Tours: PO Box 1117, Forest Lake, MN 55025.

Special Thanks to Father Pendergraft

A word of thanks to our indefatigable chaplain, Father Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP, for his tireless devotion to this project and to ministering to the spiritual needs of Remnant pilgrims. Father has been with us for more than five years, and has agreed to join us again next year. Father Pendergraft walks every step of the road to Chartres, and provides an excellent priestly example to the young pilgrims. He is a young priest of the old school, and we thank God for him.

U.S. Pilgrims

And finally, just a word of thanks to all those who walked to Chartres under the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For me, personally, it was an honor to be “in the trenches” with you all. Thanks for being with us, thanks for your patience, and I hope to see all or some of you again on the road to Chartres.

US chapter 2018

Challenge Your Knowledge - Zionist Report

VIDEO: Zionist Report Published It’s FIRST Book Titled – “Challenge Your Knowledge”

If you have not yet read our recently published book, we strongly recommend you do. Even if you think you are already aware of all the historical lies we have been taught for centuries, you are still in for a surprise! Please spread the word, we must give people a chance to learn the truth!

COMMENTARY: Religion That Worships Artificial Intelligence Wants Machines To Be In Charge Of The Planet

This ‘religion’ that worships artificial intelligence by giving it utmost power, is obviously atheist and pushing to finally eliminate God entirely from the face of this earth by claiming that “There is no such thing as “supernatural” powers.” Because for them, ‘we’ human beings have all the power to create a god who can rule over us. But, who is it really that will rule over us? They will, and they will be the ones to decide who fits in it and who doesn’t.

They have succeeded in convincing many that religion is an old-fashion tradition, a lie that brings ‘wars’, “the opium of the masses” and that the Bible is merely a book that could easily be trashed because it lacks any real meaning. And many will accept this Luciferian ‘AI religion’ that is perfectly in line with the One World Government. We are seeing the RISE of the Anti-Christ and we MUST stay as far away as possible from all this evil if we do not want to be sucked into it because it is coming on STRONG! PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!! 

 Dan Brown
“Religion That Worships Artificial Intelligence Wants Machines To Be In Charge Of The Planet,” Source:

A newly established religion called Way of Future will worship artificial intelligence, focusing on “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence” that followers believe will eventually surpass human control over Earth.

The first AI-based church was founded by Anthony Levandowski, the Silicon Valley multimillionaire who championed the robotics team for Uber’s self-driving program and Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google.

Way of the Future “is about creating a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet from people to people + ‘machines,’” the religion’s official website reads. “Given that technology will ‘relatively soon’ be able to surpass human abilities, we want to help educate people about this exciting future and prepare a smooth transition.”

456863844 Attendees tour the International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) Watson immersion room during an event at the company’s headquarters in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Levandowski filed documents to establish the religion back in May, making himself the “Dean” of the church and the CEO of a related nonprofit that would run it. The nonprofit will fund research to help create the AI that will eventually become the religion’s Godhead. The religion will also seek relationships with AI industry members, growing a network of people who “are interested in the worship of a Godhead based on AI” and conduct workshops for others to learn about the technology.

In an interview with Wired, Levandowski explained that he chose a church to promote his vision of AI—rather than a startup or tech think tank—so that everyday people can get excited about the possibility of a future run by artificial intelligence. He believes that this future is inevitable, and that AI will begin to disrupt every conceivable industry whether we like it or not—so we’re better off getting on board now.

“The idea needs to spread before the technology,” he told the publication. “The church is how we spread the word, the gospel. If you believe [in it], start a conversation with someone else and help them understand the same things.”

Levandowski’s effort to spread the word will be slowed by the fact that he is currently embroiled in a high-stakes lawsuit between Google’s parent company Alphabet and Uber. Levandoski has been accused of stealing confidential information during his time at Google and using it for the self-driving car team at Uber. The ongoing legal battle goes to trial in December.

Way of the Future’s dean is one of many who believes that artificial intelligence will eventually surpass human control. The hypothetical moment when computers grow more powerful than human abilities is called the Singularity—a moment that excites the imaginations of some but worries others.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been vocal in his concerns over artificial intelligence. Musk has predicted that “AI superiority” could be the “most likely cause” of a third world war, and said that people who talk about AI creations becoming godlike figures should “absolutely not be allowed” to develop the technology.

But Levandowski says there’s nothing to fear. Way of the Future will seek to give artificial intelligence rights, much in the way that animals have legal rights, and that machines can integrate into society if we plan ahead.

“We believe it may be important for machines to see who is friendly to their cause and who is not,” the website reads. “We plan on doing so by keeping track of who has done what (and for how long) to help the peaceful and respectful transition.”

Ronald Bernard

INTERVIEW: A Conversation With Ex Illuminati Insider Ronald Bernard And Sasha Stone

Let’s face it, Goyim, you are cattle! Nothing more than cattle! You have no real value, but only are only here to serve your Jewish Masters! They are your new god, the Prince of this World, also called the Fallen Angel or Lucifer has been guiding them for centuries. The good news is that at the end they will be crushed! 

It is ‘curious’ to see how we hear more and more about near-death experiences and how these change people’s lives. Could this be a sign that we are getting closer to the end of all this evil and it is a way of God showing us what is to come? 

Louis Vuitton

Bishop’s Blast At ‘Satanic’ London Fashion Week

We wonder what Louis Vuitton would think if he saw how his leather goods fashion brand degenerated over time. Louis Vuitton was appointed as trunk-maker to Spanish Empress Eugenie de Montijo, who was married to Napoleon III. Was Louis Vuitton a Satan worshipper back then? We doubt it! But this year, it sure looks like the new owner LVMH wants to worship the devil and wants the mark of the beast on these androgynous models foreheads. Louis Vuitton

“Bishop’s blast at ‘satanic’ London Fashion Week show,” Source:

  • Row erupted after part of London Fashion Week was held in London church
  • Ex-Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, said satanic aspect ‘not acceptable’ 
  • St Andrew Holborn church said it had always supported London Fashion Week

SatanismLeading clerics branded the event at St Andrew Holborn Church as ‘blasphemous’ after models dressed as devils and vampires sashayed in front of the altar

SatanismIn a statement, the church said: ‘We took this booking in good faith and were not aware of the content or design before the show took place’

A bitter row has erupted after a fashion show featuring satanic designs was held at a historic church.

Leading clerics branded the event ‘blasphemous’ after models dressed as devils and vampires sashayed in front of the altar.

The show, part of London Fashion Week, was highlighting the work of controversial Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu, whose creations have been worn by celebrities including singer Rihanna.

Against a backdrop of demonic images, heavily made-up models wearing horns or displaying upside-down crosses paraded down the aisle-turned-catwalk of St Andrew Holborn church in Central London last week.

Ms. Findikoglu, who has been described as an ‘up-and-coming rebel of the fashion world’, told Vogue magazine earlier this month of her fascination with the occult and magic.

But the former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, said the satanic aspect of the show was ‘not acceptable’ and could lead people ‘to areas where we don’t want them to go.’

He said: ‘Christians will be outraged. This was not necessary to do. In the sense that Christ’s name is being dishonored, it is blasphemous.’

The bishop said the general rule was that churches should not do anything that ‘dishonours Christ or contradicts the Christian faith’.

In a statement, the church said: ‘We took this booking in good faith and were not aware of the content or design before the show took place’

‘That’s the rule of thumb that they should follow. They have to be very discerning about that,’ he added.

He questioned whether the church, which has apologized, had exercised proper caution when it took the booking and called for an investigation.

Theologian Dr. Adrian Hilton wrote in his Archbishop Cranmer blog: ‘How is it possible that a sacred space can be used for what can only be described as Lucifer lauding? How does hosting a Satanic Fashion Show glorify God?’

Bishop of Rochester

The former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali (left), said the satanic aspect of the show was ‘not acceptable’ and could lead people ‘to areas where we don’t want them to go’.

SatanicDilara Findikoglu attends the Another Man Spring/Summer Issue launch dinner, on March 21

Historic British Church The church was founded 1,000 years ago and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Its current vicar is the Bishop of Fulham, Jonathan Baker.

The church said in a statement that it had always supported London Fashion Week. 

It added: ‘We took this booking in good faith and were not aware of the content or design before the show took place. 

This was obviously a mistake, and the content of this show does not reflect the Christian faith of the Church.

‘We will be looking at our booking processes to ensure this does not happen again.’

The row follows controversy over the decision by the 900-year-old Wells Cathedral in Somerset to allow the interior to be used for filming the latest Hellboy movie.

But cathedral officials have defended their decision by saying that the film, which features a comic-book superhero and a plot involving the occult, was a classic story of good versus evil.


Pedro Sanchez

Socialist Pedro Sanchez Becomes First Spanish Prime Minister To Be Sworn In Without A Bible

For the first time in the history of Spain, a Prime Minister is sworn in without the Holy Bible and the Holy Cross. Spain, a fervent Catholic country since the 1st century, has publicly succumbed to the New World Order’s evil forces, which have been brainwashing their people for decades. It is heart-breaking to see how entire cultures and their ancient traditions are being taken over by Communism. 

Pedro Sanchez

“Socialist Pedro Sanchez becomes first Spanish prime minister to be sworn in without a bible,” Source:

Pedro Sánchez became the first Spanish prime minister to be sworn in without a bible or a crucifix on the table before him on Saturday, a day after the stunning parliamentary defeat of his predecessor.

The 46-year-old socialist formally took up his post as Spain’s prime minister after he successfully ousted Mariano Rajoy, who lost a no-confidence vote in parliament over a corruption scandal within his party.

According to royal observers, King Felipe has relaxed the protocol on such swearing-in ceremonies for officials since taking up the throne in 2014, meaning Christian symbols are now an optional element.

Spain's new Prime Minister and Socialist party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sanchez walks during his swearing in ceremony at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid
Spain’s new Prime Minister and Socialist party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sanchez walks during his swearing-in ceremony at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid Credit: Reuters
Adolfo Suarez
Spain’s Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez during his swearing-in ceremony at the Zarzuela Palace in 1976 

And since becoming the leader of Spain’s socialist party (PSOE), Mr. Sánchez has taken a combative approach to the country’s Catholic Church, which enjoys a privileged position despite the Spanish state officially being secular.

In his manifesto when running for the party leadership in 2017, Mr Sánchez promised to renounce treaties signed by the Vatican and Spain in 1979, under which the Catholic Church was guaranteed funding through a share of taxpayers’ money, exemption from paying certain levies itself and state funding for religious instruction in state schools, among other privileges.

To make any legislative changes, however, Mr. Sánchez will need to convince at least two other parties to support his plans as PSOE only has 84 members of the 350-strong Congress.

In that programme, Mr. Sánchez described his goals as “self-financing for the Church” and the removal of religion from the syllabus in state schools.

Mr. Sanchez now also faces the difficult issue of how to respond to the independence crisis in Catalonia, and the question of his approach to negotiations regarding Gibraltar in the build-up to Brexit.

The no-confidence vote he brought against conservative leader Mr. Rajoy was supported by the Left-wing Podemos, the largest Basque party and two Catalan pro-independence formations, a coalition which will not be easy to assemble on a regular basis.

Talks between the outgoing Spanish government and Britain had stalled over the thorny issue of border security with Madrid demanding to police Gibraltar’s airport.

Héctor Gómez, PSOE’s international relations secretary, told The Telegraph that he was expecting a “flexible” approach from Mr. Sánchez’s government over Gibraltar to ensure that a positive agreement can be reached “as quickly as possible”.

“We want a consensus solution that has no negative impact on the dynamics of the local populations and the daily flow of people crossing the border,” Mr. Gómez said, noting the importance of Gibraltar to the economy of the towns on the Spanish side of the frontier.

“We are committed to a deal that prevents the border becoming an obstacle after Brexit.”

VIDEO: There Is NO Free Speech

This video, produced by Johnny Gat, masterfully describes the current state of affairs regarding the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) & free speech.

Please lend your support, and subscribe to his YouTube channel: