Temple Mount

Poll: 68% Of Israeli Jews Want Jewish Prayer On Temple Mount

The Temple Mount will be Jewish again, not only that, but Zionist traitor Trump already announced that he would be moving the US (Israel’s prostitute) embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Things are getting ready to welcome the Jewish Messiah, also called Lucifer.

Poll: 68% of Israeli Jews want Jewish prayer on Temple Mount Palestinians react as stun grenades explode on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City during riots at the site on July 27. (photo credit: REUTERS/MUAMMAR AWAD)

“Poll: 68% of Israeli Jews want Jewish prayer on Temple Mount,” Source: jpost.com

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Jewish Israelis think Israel should maintain its sovereignty over the Temple Mount in whatever diplomatic agreements it signs, a poll conducted for the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies and released this week found.

In addition, 68% think it is important for Jews to be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, as opposed to the status quo, in which they may only visit and only Muslims can pray, while 32% said it was not important.

More than half (58%) of Jewish Israelis support the initiative by Intelligence Minister Israel Katz to turn Jerusalem and adjacent settlements in the Gush Etzion and Binyamin regions into a Greater Jerusalem under one municipality. Nearly a quarter (23%) disagreed.

An even greater number of respondents, 64%, said they believe Israel must control the entire Jerusalem “envelope” for security and ideological reasons, while 17% disagreed. In addition, 63% said that dividing the city and giving part of it to Arab control would be a “strategic irresponsibility” that would “endanger the future of the Jewish state,” while 23% disagreed.

The poll was conducted by Maagar Mochot throughout October among 508 respondents in a representative sample of the adult Jewish population of Israel. It has a reported +/- 4.4% margin of error.

The Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies is a newly launched right-wing think tank.

According to JISS President Prof. Efraim Inbar, “Until now, the Israeli center-right and conservative sectors have not created a serious intellectual infrastructure that might reinforce and lead the mainstream in security thinking.

“The institute will reinforce the instincts of the Israeli public, which according to our new public opinion survey, holds healthy conservative leanings,” Inbar added.


COMMENTARY: The Israeli Embrace Of ‘Zionist Anti-Semites’

We are clearly seeing more happening in the division among Jews. You have those who want to take over the world at any cost, and those who ‘apparently’ want peace. Didn’t something similar happen right before WWII and finally led the world into a war? Keep in mind that both follow the Talmud and it is in their plans to take over the world. Jews are taught to be racists and hate non-Jews, but as we get closer to the coming of the Anti-Christ we will see increasing division among them, because the devil has no friends. The question is, will some really convert? Or will they all accept their Luciferian Messiah? 

“The Israeli embrace of ‘Zionist anti-Semites’,” Source: ynetnews.com
Last week, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) hosted Stephen Bannon, US President Donald Trump’s senior advisor until recently, for a festive dinner.

The invitation was met with harsh criticism. Many US Jews see Bannon as a radical right-wing ideologist and as an anti-Semite. But ZOA President Morton Klein claimed Bannon was “a great friend of Israel and the Jews.” That’s what he was told by Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, he said.

For a long time now, official Israel and the American liberal Jewry have been on a course of a collision on issues of state and religion, on matters related to “the quality of Israeli democracy” and on the “occupation” issue.

Former US President Barack Obama, who was perceived as representing the liberal Jewish stance, said that in the battle against anti-Semitism “we are all Jews.” But the Jewish American right and the Israeli government want to erase the Obama legacy. For them, saying we are all Jews” is essentially different from saying “we are all Israelis.” This statement focuses on anti-Semitism and on the memory of the Holocaust as universal lessons and indirectly indicates that right-wing Israel is on the problematic site in the battle on universal values.

Jerusalem is no longer preoccupied with the “Jewish weaknesses” of the Diaspora and with the past. State officials are talking about reinforcing a strong State of Israel, and any attempt to restrain the Judea and Samaria settlements is perceived as betrayal.

When the alliance between the Jewish American right and the pro-Israel Evangelical Christians was born in the 1980s, liberal Jews raised an eyebrow: They had always thought the Evangelicals were dangerous, as they seek to convert the Jews after the “resurrection of Jesus.” But the Jewish right in America and in Israel is no longer afraid of the “old anti-Semitism.” Abraham (Abe) Foxman, the former leader of the Anti-Defamation League, said to me during the second intifada: “We have an alliance with the Evangelical Christians, and when Jesus the messiah arrives we’ll discuss religious conversion.”

ZOA’s praise for Bannon expands the pro-Israel circle in the American right while driving the American center away from Israel. Many Jews, including conservatives, harshly condemn what they see as the Israeli alliance with “Zionist anti-Semites.” Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Bret Stephens wrote in the New York Times that the alliance between the Jewish right and Bannon was a disgrace on a historical level.

The relationship between the American right and the Israeli right is throwing the liberal Jewry into a state of anxiety, and the American Jews affiliated with the center feel they are being pushed by Israel beyond the boundaries of the Zionist consensus, while at the same time being exposed to the threats of the US nationalistic right. As a result of the fact that there are people in Israel who define progressive Jews as accomplices of Israel’s haters, the relations with America’s Jews have become quite explosive.

The Israeli government is indeed focusing exclusively on “the new anti-Semitism,” the one affiliated with those who support the BDS movement and refer to Israel as “an apartheid state.” All the “old anti-Semitism” issues are being pushed aside. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no sympathy for liberal Jews, who have become in his mind a foreign element among the Jewish people.

It’s interesting that the greatest fear of right-wing Israelis is President Trump and his plan to lead a two-states-for-two-people solution. In their battle against Trump, elements in the Israeli right are enlisting the “moderate” Bannon, who is fighting for the Greater Land of Israel, which he binds with the vision of bringing the Judeo-Christian forces together with the national (white) elements in the United States. Bannon fits like a glove to Jerusalem’s right-wing hand, and the authorization it gives the right-wing ideologist as “a lover of Jews and Israel” strengthens him in the US.

Is it possible that liberal Jews will eventually see President Trump as the person who will execute a peace plan in the Middle East that could bring them back to the Jewish-Israeli consensus? Is it possible that Trump, who is perceived by progressive Jews as an anti-Semite himself, will become their last barrier against “the Zionist anti-Semites”? Who knows, the Messiah may arrive after all.

Israel is a Communist country

COMMENTARY: Fifty Years, Fifty Lies

Not only is this a very accurate analysis of the TRUTH about Israel, but it comes at a good time. These evil Jews have ‘shelter’ in mother Russia. Could it be that the time is right, to blame ‘America’ and the west, for having supported Israel and turning a ‘blind eye’ to their genocide? They would be right in blaming Israel, but wasn’t that the plan from day one? That is to infest America with communist Jews, destroy it from within, use it to destroy other countries to later dump America and turn to the new powerful east where they initially came from?

Israel is a Communist country

“Fifty Years, Fifty Lies,” Source: haaretz.com 

It began with the question of what to call the West Bank and Gaza. On Israel Radio it was decided to use the term ‘temporarily-held territories.’ This was lie No. 1

Let’s assume the occupation is justified. Let’s also say that Israel has no choice. Let’s not even call it an occupation. Let’s say it was recognized by international law and that the world has applauded it. Let’s assume that the Palestinians are grateful for its presence. Nevertheless, a small problem still hovers over it: the whole thing is based entirely on lies.
From beginning to ever-receding end, it’s all a pack of lies. There is not one word of truth associated with it.

Were it not for these lies it would have imploded in its rottenness a long time ago. Were it not for these lies, it’s doubtful if it would have ever come into being. These lies, some of which the right takes pride in (“for the sake of the Land of Israel it’s permissible to lie”), are enough to make any decent person recoil in revulsion. One doesn’t need its other horrors to be convinced of this.

It began with the question of what to call the territories. On Israel Radio it was decided to use the term “temporarily-held territories.” This was lie No. 1, implying that the occupation was temporary and that Israel intended to evacuate these territories, that they were only a bargaining chip in the quest for peace. This is probably the biggest lie and is certainly the most decisive one. It is the one that has enabled the celebration of its jubilee anniversary. The truth is that Israel never intended to end the occupation. Its alleged temporariness only put the world to sleep with its deceit.

The second major lie was the argument that the occupation serves the security interests of Israel, that it’s a self-defense measure by a helpless nation beset by enemies. The third lie was the “peace process,” which never really took place, and which in any case was only meant to buy the occupation more time. This lie had many legs. The world was an accomplice, continuously lying to itself. There were arguments, presentations of maps (all of them alike), peace conferences were held with numerous rounds of talks and summits, with envoys rushing back and forth, and mainly empty patter. These were all based on a lie, which was the assumption that Israel even contemplated ending the occupation.

The fourth lie, obviously, is the settlement enterprise. This project was born and raised in a lie. Not one settlement was established honestly, starting with the overnight stay at the Park Hotel in Hebron, through the “labor camps,” “protective camps,” “archaeological digs,” “nature reserves,” “green spaces,” “fire zones,” “survey lands,” outposts and expansions – all those fabrications committed with a wink and a nod, culminating in the biggest lie in this context, that of “state lands,” a lie that can only be likened to that of Israel’s Palestinian “present absentees.”

The settlers lied and the politicians lied, the army and the Civil Administration in the territories lied – they all lied to the world and to themselves. From the protection of an antenna tower grew a mega-settlement and from a weekend at that hotel grew the worst of the lot. The cabinet members who ratified, the Knesset members who nodded and winked, the officers who signed and the journalists who whitewashed, they all knew the truth. The Americans who “condemned” and the Europeans who were “infuriated,” the UN General Assembly that “called on” and the Security Council which “decided,” none of them ever had any intention of following this up with any action. The world is also lying to itself. It’s convenient for everyone this way.

It’s also convenient to issue the endless daily lies that cover up the crimes committed by the Israel Defense Forces, the Border Police, the Shin Bet, the Prison Service and the Civil Administration – the entire apparatus of occupation. It’s convenient to use sanitized language, the language of the occupier so beloved by the media, the same language it uses to describe their excuses and self-justifications. There is no whitewashing in Israel like the one describing the occupation and there is no other broad coalition that expands and supports it with such devotion. The only democracy in the Middle East that employs a brutal military tyranny and the most moral army that kills more than 500 children and 250 women in one summer – can anyone conceive of a bigger lie than this? Can anyone think of a greater self-deception than the prevailing opinion in Israel, by which all this was forced upon us, that we didn’t want this, that the Arabs are to blame? And we still haven’t mentioned the two-state lie and the lie about peace-seeking Israel, the lies about the 1948 Nakba and the “purity” of our arms in that war, the lie about the whole world being against us and the lie about both sides being to blame.

Since Golda Meir’s “we’ll never forgive the Arabs for forcing our children to kill them” to “a nation cannot be an occupier on its own land”, lies keep following lies. It hasn’t stopped to this day. Fifty years of occupation, fifty shades of mendacity. And now? Another fifty years?

Ken O'Keefe Exposed?

COMMENTARY: Ken O’Keefe Exposed?

It has been almost two years since Ken O’Keefe finished up raising about $115,000 on INDIEGOGO. This campaign was sold to his followers to stop the ‘perpetual cycle of war’ wrought on to us by international bankers. Surely there must be some progress by now? Well, fellow goyim, don’t hold your breath.

The article below is an exposé by Jeanice Barcelo. Take of it what you will, but it is sure worth a read and our takeaway is simple — trust no one and there are no saviors. We all have to be the change ourselves.

Ken O'Keefe - world citizen solutions

Ken O'Keefe Exposed?
Ken O’Keefe Exposed?

“THE TRUTH ABOUT KEN O’KEEFE AND HIS LUCIFERIAN GIRLFRIEND ‘SOPHIA’,” Source: birthofanewearth.blogspot.com.co

Update as of 7-16-17:

Dear friends, In the last 48 hours, several people have contacted me to share their personal stories of interactions with Ken O’Keefe. Several have had a very similar experience to the one I have had, especially with Ken being a loud-mouthed abuser and screwing people willfully out of money.

Throughout my initial blog post, I tried to give Ken the benefit of the doubt, imagining that perhaps he was acting like a vampire because he, himself, had been vampired. I will not make excuses for him anymore. I am certain at this time that his legacy of outstanding selfishness and self-absorption, combined with a trail of broken financial agreements and people he owes money to, is long-standing and has affected many good-intentioned people that tried to support him. He needs to be called out. People need to know this man is not what he seems.

This following image is a screenshot from Max Igan’s website.

And below are screenshots from a website that the World Citizen webmaster created after Ken’s entire team walked out on him.


This information was posted many months ago and I owe Max and many others an apology. They tried to warn me as early as April 2016 that Ken was not what he appears to be. I did not want to listen. I wanted to maintain my illusion that Ken is a hero – someone who will help bring goodness back into our world.

I was wrong.

The fact Ken that has left a trail of destruction in his wake, along with many good people who have been vampired and screwed over by him financially, should give us pause. Ken expresses no concern for anyone other than himself and little to no regard even for the mother of his children. In fact, he rarely ever mentions his own children or pays them any mind and this should tell us plenty. Combine these truths with the fact that he has created several crowdfunding campaigns in the past, raising several hundred thousand dollars, and that none of that money ever got to where it was supposed to go, and you begin to see that something is amiss. Add on the fact that Ken has never articulated to any clear degree what exactly the World Citizen project is and that nobody I have ever spoken to understands it, and you begin to see that something is definitely wrong. When someone puts forth an idea that is completely ungrounded, totally vague and without any real substance, it is likely that people are being conned.

It is time we asked ourselves why Ken has produced absolutely NOTHING from the $114,000 he raised for the World Citizen project, short of a legal opinion that allegedly cost him $2500 or $4000, depending on who you ask. This legal opinion is interesting but it does not provide the good people of the world with any means whatsoever to break free from the parasitical forces that have sought to control us. In fact, the lawyer who wrote the opinion warned Ken not to put too much faith in the law. So what, exactly, is Ken doing?

Nobody seems to know.

I am certain at this point that the man is a fake. He speaks a good game and has the Luciferian gift of gab. But it’s all smoke and no substance. None of his ideas have any ground. He produces nothing other than videos where he can shoot off his mouth, rile people up, incite a military coup (which absolutely serves the dark forces), and of course, listen to his own voice. This is what he enjoys most, next to spending time with his Luciferian girlfriend and producing more demonic entities that will inhabit our realm as a result of their sordid union.

The blog you are about to read has been partially re-written based on all the new information that has come in after my initial publication of the blog. Early on, I was concerned for Ken’s life. Now, I have no such concern. In fact, I am wondering whether I was brought into the picture in order to promote the idea that he might be murdered so that he can stage his own death and retire happily ever after with the donated money from the myriad fundraisers he created.



Update as of 7-28-17: In response to several requests, I have added source links to some of the screenshots I have posted below. I have also added several additional screenshots to show some factual evidence about prior financial trickery and deceit executed by Ken O’Keefe.


Dear friends – I am writing this blog to alert my people to what I think is very important information regarding Ken O’Keefe and his girlfriend, Sophia. Throughout this blog entry, I will endeavor to share facts that I believe confirm that Ken is a raging narcissist (at best), and perhaps he is also a psychopath. His girlfriend Sophia is, without a doubt, a Luciferian and when we put these two “people” together, it is easy to discern that trouble is afoot.

Sophia attached herself to Ken sometime around February 2016, just shortly after he had raised more than $100,000 for the World Citizen Project and after she had emotionally and spiritually devastated at least two other men in the truth community. It appears that Sophia has a penchant for targeting men in the truth movement and that she has contributed to the breakdown of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual condition of those she has “partnered” with.


Source chooses to remain anonymous

You can get a sense of who Sophia is by watching this short video:

Ken O’Keefe exposed

Significantly, approximately 8-10 weeks before Sophia presented herself at the Anarchapulco conference where she knew Ken would be speaking and where they met for the first time, she posted the following image on her facebook page, which you can check out here.

Not coincidentally, Ken speaks often about his love for dancing. And although some people might imagine that the above image means nothing and Sophia is simply an innocent 25-year-old that “fell in love” with the nearly 50-year-old, extremely hardened, Ken O’Keefe, the information I am about to share should leave little doubt that this young woman is not innocent, that she knows exactly what she is doing, that she is well trained, and that her intentions are either to lure him to his death (perhaps by poisoning him slowly so as not to be detectable), or weaken him to such a degree that he cannot move forward.


Here is another one of the fine images she posted on her facebook page. Note her comment below the image which reveals her vampire tendencies and her penchant for sadism/masochism. The word “dugong” is also significant because, as I will explain in more detail later, it indicates her fondness for luring sailors to their death.

From what I can discern, Sophia lures men in through the “art” of Luciferian seduction. She has sought to distract Ken with outstanding amounts of “passion” and drama while simultaneously isolating him from family and friends. This includes trying to keep him from seeing his own children and trying to prevent him from accessing the healing he desperately needs. Her approach to siphoning off his life force bears the mark of a classic psychopath – but then again, Ken’s actions also bear the mark of a classic psychopath. They are truly a match made in hell.


To be clear, I have shared privately with Ken much of the information I am about to share on this blog. Ken has steadfastly refused to act on the many blatant warnings that Sophia has openly provided and, rather than try to protect himself from her wickedness, he has sought instead to protect her. He has requested several times that I not speak about Sophia publicly and he has even tried to extort written agreements from me to this end, refusing to give me a small amount of money that was promised because I would not acquiesce to his demands.


Sadly, the meager amount of money that Ken repeatedly said he would give me in exchange for weeks of one-on-one support, numerous healing sessions, supplemental remedies, copious amounts of organic food, transportation, live-in maid service [not literally, but you get the picture], the organization of his speaking engagement at Freedompalooza, etc., was never delivered. This is because he is an unbelievably stingy tightwad in his own right (either by nature or through wounding), and also because I refused to agree in writing not to share information about Sophia. In any event, his integrity is hugely at issue and I am one of the many people who has seen clearly that he does not keep his agreements and is not a man of his word.


Having said all that, let me also state that when I initially wrote this blog, I did not believe that Ken had stolen any money from the World Citizen crowdfunding campaign. However, at this time, I have come across so many stories and web pages indicating that he has ripped people off and that he raised several hundred thousand dollars over the course of a few years through crowd funding, and nothing was ever brought forth with the money. This includes a $300,000 fundraiser for “Gaza Food,” none of which ever got to the people of Gaza.







Meanwhile, almost every day that I spent in his company, Ken spoke repeatedly of his need to bring in more money to move the World Citizen project out into the world. He had many lengthy phone calls with someone he referred to as “his partner” and, according to what he told me, was expecting to receive a large sum of money from a wealthy Arab investor — which large sum would allegedly enable him to “launch” the World Citizen project “in the right way.” I reckon that $114,000 he raised about a year ago was just not enough to make it happen. He must have spent it all on “administrative expenses.”


And yet, what are we to make of the fact that Ken repeatedly broke financial agreements with people who worked for him, including those who were brought on board to help with the World Citizen Project? How can we excuse the fact that he withheld money owed time and again and when he finally did make payment, it was often less than what was agreed upon? Meanwhile, as Ken was nickel and dime-ing everyone who bent over backwards to help him, he was sitting on some major financial assets. Something is definitely wrong here.




This last photo is allegedly the listing for Ken’s home in the U.K., which he claims he does not own but which shows up under his name. Also the woman in this video (Jo Wescott) discusses the distortions around Ken’s house and the lies about who owns it, which you can hear in the first minute of the video. The rest of the video is also interesting and reveals some important information to consider.

Ken O’keefe/Thief & Brings Porn/Pimp/Freemasons

Jo-Ann Wescott also believes that Ken is a murderer as you can see from her post here.

I made the mistake of allowing Ken into my personal life in early June of 2017. Seeing as how he is quite skilled with words (some would call it neuro-linguistic programming) and, seeing as how he is able to invoke sympathy where none should be forthcoming, he was able to fool me into thinking he was making a heartfelt request for support after an alleged break-up with his demonic girlfriend, Sophia. Since it is my nature to want to help people, especially those who are part of the truth movement and doing what I thought was good work, I was happy to extend myself to Ken in whatever way I could and delighted to introduce him to the Freedompalooza community and have him be there to share his information and ideas. However, I felt completely depleted physically, emotionally and financially during my interactions with him, and was badly disappointed when he treated me poorly, broke our agreements, and expressed little to no gratitude for the things I shared. His feigned gratitude came only in the form of empty words, but certainly not deeds.

In truth, I experienced him as being completely devoid of kindness, empathy, and generosity while simultaneously showing extraordinary competence at taking and taking and taking and giving nothing in return. Everything about him indicates that he is a screaming narcissist or a full-on psychopath. He has a sense of entitlement as large as Mount Everest and his expectation that the world owes him something because of who he is indicates a grandiose ego that really needs to be reigned in. His behavior in relation to me was so bad that I am inclined to call him a vampire — although in his defense, he is probably completely depleted himself having spent 15 months in the company of his vampire girlfriend. While he was with me, he dominated every “conversation” we had, talking non-stop for hours about himself, his needs, his plans, his beliefs, etc. If I tried to interject with a comment that indicated even a small amount of disagreement, I was promptly bullied with his booming voice, which he used repeatedly to take back control of the “conversation.” The only feelings I ever saw him express were anger and/or emotional shut down. Beyond that, he acted like stone, rarely expressing concern for the well-being of anyone other than himself and/or his precious Sophia. Sadly, I never even heard him express concern for his own children.

As regards his girlfriend, I feel compelled to release this information quickly because there are kind and generous people in the truth community that have invited Ken into their homes along with Sophia. These people need to be warned that Ken is not what he seems, is a major energy sucker, and that both he and his girlfriend may actually be quite dangerous.

So let’s take a closer look at Ken’s girlfriend, starting with her interesting choice of the name “Sophia” which I believe she uses for a very specific reason — i.e., to give us a clue as to who she really is and who she serves.

A small amount of research into the topic of the cabalistic/biblical/gnostic goddess named “Sophia” reveals that she is a fallen goddess strongly connected to Lucifer/Satan (i.e., the Creator’s adversary). She is an integral part of the Luciferian rebellion against The Creator and John Nash (who is a Luciferian himself and longs for the day when Lucifer will reign supreme on Earth), has even made the claim that Sophia IS Lucifer.


From John Lash’s website:

And from https://www.cbeinternational.org/resources/article/priscilla-papers/who-sophia:

Below is more pertinent information about Sophia from the GnosticWarrior website.

Image of the union between Lucifer and Sophia, two “cosmic revolutionaries” leading the rebellion against God.

Now, going a little deeper, let’s take a closer look at Sophia’s facebook pagewhere she displays her “art” and where we learn that her page and music are called “Dugong” and her record label is with “Occultists.”

The word “occultist” does not need any decoding. It is clear from all the symbolism in her “art” that she is heavily into the dark occult, as this person so eloquently pointed out.

On Sophia’s facebook page we find lovely and inviting song titles such as Dugong – To Burn AliveFuneral SongBeast She RoamsThe Evil MagicianDead Man RisingWeak and PowerlessVanishing, and much more. With each of these titles, she is casting a spell.


Next we find Sophia presenting herself with the demon-god Baphomet:

And here she is turning the cross upside down, grounding Baphoment (the devil) into the Earth:

Below are images of Sophia in various stylish satanic poses:

Sophia’s obsession with blood, knives, and cutting is also apparent in the lyrics to her music.

*Something wicked this way comes
How could I fail
How could I miss to see the signs
Again I was blind
How can a lesson be learned
In this intoxicating, tantalizing game
Something wicked this way comes
I thought it was true what you gave
No just-Javelin thunder-
weapons you launch from depths
of your brooding cave flesh hunter
I thought it was love that you gave
No just predatory hungry rage
Oh no- I hate to say
your not the first To lure me
in this intoxicating tantalizing game
and as I awake and regain
the hall of mirrors they break
suddenly alone with
two hungry snakes
latched on on my wrists
Where you cannot resist
To salvage your food
The last drop of my blood
Your favorite drug
Vampire Flesh hunter
Your favorite drug
To salvage your food
The sweet taste of my blood
Your favorite drug
Something wicked this way comes
Flesh hunter, you have been discovered
You have been discovered
And you have not uncovered
That I too carry
Daggers, blades, grenade launchers
Flesh hunter you’ve been discovered
you have lost your prey
To Daggers, blades, grenade launchers

This particular “song” made me wonder if she might have successfully turned Ken into a vampire and if this might explain his “attachment” to her and the outstanding capacity he has to drain the energy of other people.


Going deeper still, let’s take a look at Sophia’s use of the word “dugong” to represent her music and facebook page.


For those who may not know, dugongs are actually sea animals that look similar to manatees.

They are typically gentle, peaceful and kind, however, legends say they were often mistaken for “sirens of the sea” by female-starved sailors on their ships for too long.

“Sirens of the sea” were believed to be irresistible to most men because of their bewitching songs.

Legends say that these sirens of the sea were actually female demons that lured sailors to their death by shipwrecking them near their island where they soon starved to death.

Other legends say the sirens lulled the sailors to sleep on their ships and then climbed on board and murdered them.

Now, those who know anything about Ken know that he is an ex-marine — i.e., a sailor. Ken speaks fondly and often of Sophia’s voice and the magic of her songs, indicating that he has indeed been bewitched by her call. Moreover, in the short time that they were together, Ken nearly starved himself to death, losing at least 30-40 pounds. Do we suppose this is all just coincidence?


Not surprisingly, Sophia herself is familiar with the mythology of sirens as she mentions this directly on her “Dugong” page.

Incidentally, Ken is an aspiring drummer.


Now let’s take a look at Sophia’s personal facebook page, where she goes by the name of “Sophia Temüjin Büchi.” Below is the cover photo on her facebook page.

This photo bears some interesting symbolism, especially once we have uncovered the fact that the middle name Sophia is using, Temüjin, is actually the birth name of the Mongolian savage, Ghengis Khan. Since “Sophia” actually looks to be of Mongolian heritage herself, perhaps through choosing to use this name as the centerpiece of her public identity, she is revealing the extremely dark nature of her ancestral bloodline.

Interestingly, organized Jewry has made a concerted effort to cover up the Truthabout the psychopathic mass murderer, Ghengis Kahn. The Jews have not only busied themselves attempting to revise history, but have also put energy into honoring this beast in 8-month-long exhibits, probably because he did more to advance their cause of white genocide than any who have come before or since. His methods of torture, rape, and destruction were very similar to those used by the Jewish Bolsheviks that successfully starved, tortured, raped, slaughtered, stole land from and genocided some 66+ million predominantly white Christians in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.

To give my readers an idea of just how grotesque and evil Ghengis Kahn was, here’s an excerpt from http://www.douglasadams.com/dna/980707-07-s.html

To be clear, after researching the facts about this creature called Ghengis Kahn, I am absolutely certain he was a Jew. The evidence upon which I make this assertion is as follows: (1) the Jews would not be honoring him the way they do unless he was a Jew; (2) only Jews seem to be capable of the type of grotesque and brutal acts carried out by Ghengis Kahn; (3) like all good Jews, Ghengis Kahn wanted to take over the whole Earth; and (4) the Jews try to cover up the facts about their history in Mongolia with professional double-speak such as that which can be found in this article.

So we are left with the curious questions as to why our dear friend Sophia would want to associate herself with the demonic beast named Ghengis Kahn or why she feels compelled to make music for witches, werewolves, and vampires. I’ll leave it to my readers to figure these things out.

And one last thing…

When I tried to uncover whether there was any deeper meaning to the last name Sophia is using — i.e., “Büchi” — I found this company whose trademark is labeled “Infinite-Control.”

In a typical Luciferian reversal, they put the words “infinite control” next to a picture of a mild mannered, helpless looking man, so as to make it seem that the company is completely innocent and non-threatening. However, a closer look into what they are doing reveals that the company serves the Jewish controlled pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as the Jewish controlled poison food industry and Jewish controlled academia.


I’m sure this is all just a “coincidence” and Sophia has no idea how much evil she has immersed herself in. Surely Sophia is innocent!



Here’s a lovely image of Sophia

And here’s an image of the entity/ies that control(s) her

COMMENTARY: War Clouds Gathering Over Israel

And who cares about Israel?! Israel was created as a satellite of Communist Russia, playing the victim card after WWII, and fooling the world for decades pretending to be the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East. They own more nuclear heads than we can imagine and have been stealing and reselling US technology to Russia and China while they continue to suck the blood out of the US. But, once they feel they no longer need the west, they will dump America and destroy ‘Israel’ who has already served its purpose. They will continue to rule from the NEW Soviet Union, disguised also as ‘democratic’ who has already become invincible and stronger than ever! But, before they destroy Israel, they will enthrone the Anti-Christ at the Third Temple in Jerusalem fulfilling the prophecy.

Since everyone works for the tribe these days, don’t be surprised if Hassan Nasrallah is indirectly helping Jews move to motherland Russia, where Putin is waiting for them with open arms.

Israel Quote

“War Clouds Gathering Over Israel,” Source: darkmoon.me

A most significant event took place on October 1st, 2017.

Hassan Nasrallah, the Lebanese leader of Hezbollah, gave a speech that, as per usual, dissected current regional hotspots with much passion, insight, and frankness. 

But what was unusual about this particular speech is that Nasrallah addressed Israeli citizens directly, earnestly advising them publicly and for the first time EVER, to start packing their suitcases and to return to their true motherlands in Europe, the US and elsewhere, as soon as possible and before imminent war breaks out.  “You will not have time to pack and leave when war begins; and nowhere will be safe for you in Historic Palestine – nowhere!”, he asserted with gusto.

He also clarified to the Jews of Israel that Hezbollah’s conflict is with Zionism and not Judaism; and that they, as Jews who were brought to Palestine from the four corners of the world, were brought to be cynically used by Zionist leaders, not to be saved.

“Consider your own personal security, now, today, before you believe what your government tells you”, he advised them; “Netanyahu, your leader, is dragging you down a dangerous road that leads only to war; a war that you will lose due to the folly of your leader who has no effective plan to win this war because he has no real information on our military strength, our long and deep reach, the whereabouts or grades of our weapons, or the numerous war skills that we now possess.  His war plans against us will fail and it is you, as Jewish citizens, who will pay the ultimate price for this failure”. 

And again, he advised them to immediately leave occupied Palestine for their own safety.

In a sense, Nasrallah practically gave the Israelis the very same options that the Algerians gave the vile French colonialists after 100 years of an Apartheid-style occupation. To pack up and leave or face death. La Valise Ou Le Cercueil—The Suitcase or the Coffin.

It did not strike me that Nasrallah was full of hot air and practicing a massive measure of psychological warfare against the Israelis in his speech just for the heck of it.  He has never before used this kind of language and obviously, he has access to precise intelligence indicating Netanyahu is preparing for an imminent war against the Lebanese, otherwise, Nasrallah would not himself be speaking of an imminent war with such vigor and commitment.  His speech clearly indicated he has intelligence that Israel is preparing for a new war that’s part and parcel of the new Zionist plan to break the Iran Nuke Deal and destroy Iran’s regional friends.

Now that the Zionist-ISIS plan has turned to rust and dust before the eyes of the world, predictably the Zionists are scrambling to start yet another war that continues their relentless expansionist assaults on their neighbors in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

What is also worth noting about the seriousness of Nasrallah’s clear warning to Zionist citizens is that according to Islamic rules of war, a Muslim is required to make a public announcement to their enemy of their intention to go to war, as soon as the war decision has been taken – and this is exactly what Nasrallah, a devout Muslim, just did in his latest speech.

This makes a war between Lebanon and Israel now a legitimate endeavor in the eyes of Islam and it makes it most certainly imminent.  And let us here be reminded that a new Lebanon/Israel war will also include a simultaneous war between Israel and Syria, as well as a war between Israel and hundreds of thousands of volunteers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, AND Palestine, as indeed confirmed by Nasrallah himself.  A true existential war for the very life of Israel is now certainly afoot and visible on the horizon.

We’re talking the ‘Big War’ here, the very war that we’ve been anticipating since 2006 – the ‘Last Levant War’ that I have long predicted: a war that will find Tel Aviv in smoking ruins, a-la Mosul and Aleppo.


“In ten years, there will be no more Israel”
— Henry Kissinger, 2012

This war could happen sooner than we think. Much sooner. You could go to bed after Monday night football and wake up on Tuesday morning to a full-throttle war in Israel proper and the wider region.  Just like that, with the snap of a finger war could start.

And either side could easily start it – Hezbollah has several times now declared that if it suits its interests, it will use a preemptive strike in the next war; just as Israel is no stranger to preemptive-striking.

The clouds of war are now visible: approaching and gathering apace over Israel, and the trigger could be something as simple as Hezbollah discovering yet another spy-camera, wired to explode and concealed inside a rock by a Lebanese roadside.  Though no casualties have been reported when several of these exploding spy-cameras have been discovered in Lebanon recently, Nasrallah warned in his speech that if this dangerous Israeli provocation continues and causes actual human casualties, Hezbollah will take matters “into their own hands”; meaning: they will respond in like to Israel, inside of Israel.  And responding in like inside of Israel will indeed lead to war.

Not known for mincing words or telling falsities, Nasrallah always means what he says – even Israelis rely on his word above their own government in times of strife, as recorded back in 2006 when some settlers refused to leave their 5-star shelters when their government told them to, and instead waited for Nasrallah’s statement telling them that it was safe now to return to their homes. Nasrallah’s consistent truth-telling is a large part of his global appeal.  His statements are always extremely measured and precise.  He tends to excel at psychological warfare against the Israelis by simply telling them the naked and hard-core truth that their government blacks-out in the Israeli nanny-media.

“Netanyahu and his government do not know how the war will end if they start one, and they do not have an accurate picture of what to expect should they embark on the folly of war,” he warned the Israelis, reminding them that ALL their wars against the Lebanese Resistance have failed so far and so will the next one.

Here, we recall the 2006 war and the humiliating failures of the Israeli military on the Hezbollah battlefield.  The Israelis had prepared themselves for war against Lebanon in secret, and with much predicted Israeli machismo, they suddenly charged forth at Lebanon, using the silly pretext of a border incident where two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah as bartering chips for the release of hundreds of Lebanese citizens kidnapped by the IDF and rotting in Israeli jails since year 2000 – at the time, this to-and-fro bartering was a quiet and common practice between Hezbollah and Israel.

Yes, 35,000 Israeli soldiers, backed by the mighty Israeli air-force and navy, charged forth with uber-confidence at the Lebanese borders in their numerous Markava tanks, only to be completely repelled by only 3,500 Hezbollah fighters

One wonders here why the Israelis failed, considering their bigger numbers and bigger guns.

Well, it turned out that the Israelis made their war plans based completely on faulty intelligence passed to them by no less than Hezbollah agents themselves.  “We will destroy Hezbollah”, barked the IDF spokesperson at the time; “we know where they are: we have info on 500 of their weapon depots and leadership locations”.  Not surprising, therefore, that the IDF lost in 2006 – they were relying on false information – as indeed, they are still relying on false information in their preparations for the next war.  And as we all know, the gathering of accurate intelligence is what wins wars in the end, not size of army or gun.

There is a tangible feeling of confidence and preparedness for war, here in the south of Lebanon where I currently reside.  There is a profound desire to punish the Zionist state for all the crimes against humanity that it has inflicted on its millions of neighbors since its immoral inception some 70 years ago.  There is a steely focus and a steadfast courage to confront the Zionist entity and destroy it completely for its relentless and ongoing wanton destruction of the region.  The natives have had enough of Israel’s ruinous conspiracies against them.  They have now linked arms and vowed never to submit to Israeli hegemony, or to future violent, Zionist expansionism.

“Between humiliation and war, we choose war!”, Nasrallah boomed at the end of his address to the Israelis and to his followers.

The hot cloud of war has indeed arrived over Israel – and it will take but a sudden cold wind blowing to burst it.

It looks, after all,  that we will see the destruction of Israel in our lifetime. And not a moment too soon.

This should liberate not only Historic Palestine but Historic Washington D.C. as well, for the deadly political blow that AIPAC’s treasonous agents will suffer.  Not forgetting here, also, the chaos and confusion that will ensue in the Christian-Zionist communities across America, as they witness the very death of Israel and their own religious delusions with it.

No, Jesus will not return, but Palestine will!


Catalunya and Israel

COMMENTARY: Catalan Independence Advocate Looks To Israel, Germany For Funding

How will Catalunya survive if it separates from Spain? Who loves chaos, wants destruction and has all the money in the world? You guessed it right! Israhell. Let’s face it, the Jews are simply NOT happy with Spain, there are too many Catholics for whom the family unit and tradition are sacred. They need to destroy this. The ‘independentistas’ movement is mainly comprised of brainwashed useful idiots and Zionist puppets. The Jews told us many centuries ago, they destroy from within and this is exactly what they are doing. Cataluña will end up separating from Spain and this will be the beginning of a domino effect in Europe. 


Catalunya and Israel

“Catalan independence advocate looks to Israel, Germany for funding,” Source: jpost.com 

Israel and Germany may be key to initially financing a Catalan state independent from Spain, a judicial advocate for a sovereign Catalonia has recently suggested.

Barcelona High Court Judge Santiago Vidal said in the November-December edition of the local Delta magazine that the “facts indicate” that within three years a Catalan state could establish independence through “legal, political and peaceful means.”

Without initial membership in the European Union, an independent Catalan state could not appeal to the Central Bank of Europe to finance its debts, said Vidal, a member of a pro-Catalan independence expert group.

“But there is a solution for this,” Vidal said in the interview adding that “another state with solvency, basically speaking of Israel and Germany, will serve as our temporary bank.”

Vidal downplayed the interviewer’s doubts over whether it was “risky” to believe Israel would back a country seeking independence, given the Palestinian issue.

He stated that “the Palestinian issue is characterized by violence. Whereas, the Catalan issue is characterized by civic lessons, pacifism and the doing of good things that we are giving to the whole world. And this is something the Israelis like very much.”

Vidal gained attention in October when he faced possible persecution over his said pro bono work drafting a Catalan constitution proposal.

He noted in the interview that between 2016 and the end of 2017 “a judicial constitution would be presented for this new state, with or without a deal” with Madrid.

A long-standing breakaway movement in Catalonia, which accounts for one-fifth of Spain’s economic output and has its own distinct culture and language, grew in strength during the recent years of deep recession.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Viva Catalonia, Viva Israel,” Source: haaretz.com

A flood of rejoicing people, a sea of striped red and yellow flags, a forest of posters, a few “middle fingers,” and one simple message: “Catalonia is Europe’s new country.” That is how the largest independent demonstration ever held in Barcelona looked recently.
The carnival atmosphere at the gathering – held on Catalonia’s national day, the Diada – was mixed with strong feelings that this is a historic moment. About one-fifth of the population of Catalonia – 1.5 million people – participated in the demonstration. They wanted to prove that the independence of the region with the greatest economic power in Spain is no longer an exotic idea that preoccupies only the margins of Catalan politics. Recently published surveys have proven that there is no mistake here: There has been a dramatic reversal in public opinion: 51 percent of Catalans now want to say “Adios, Espana” (only 19 percent are opposed).

When you add to that the fact that Xabi, Iniesta and Messi, Barca players, are already decked out in a uniform (their second one, for the time being ) in the colors of the Catalan flag; when you include the warnings that government leaders in Madrid hastened to dispatch to Barcelona, and the urgent call for national unity issued by King Juan Carlos – then it is clear that the Iberian kingdom is in real danger.

In order to understand that, we have to follow the money. In Madrid the acute recession, the declining economy and the 25 percent unemployment rate led to the great Indignados protest; in Catalonia, they led to a strengthening of the separatist movement, whose support has doubled since the outbreak of the crisis. The Catalans are tired of “carrying the poor regions of Spain on their backs.” They claim that 9 percent of their annual GDP – about 16 billion euros – disappear into the coffers of the central government in Madrid. They feel that they are being robbed and are demanding to collect their own taxes.

But according to the separatists, “It’s the economy, stupid” is only one of the issues. The main problem is the alienation of the central government. “Our honor and our freedom are central to the awakening,” says Alfons Lopez Tena, the leader of Catalan Solidarity for Independence and one of the leaders of the separatist movement, in a phone conversation. “Even without the economic crisis we would win a majority now.”

He and his Catalan colleagues accuse the conservative ruling Popular Party and its socialist predecessor of acts intended to undermine their language and their culture; they claim that by its actions the Spanish establishment has put an end to the “state of autonomies” that was established in Spain after the fall of Franco. Last week Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy summarily dismissed the Catalans’ demand to collect their own taxes, providing yet more proof of the fact that he wants to exploit the crisis to restore Spain to the era of centralization, claim the Catalans.

The boomerang is already on the way: The Catalans will give their answers to Rajoy on November 25, the day of the early elections, which were announced this week by Catalan President Artur Mas, and are meant to bypass the Spanish constitution and serve as a national referendum on the independence of the region.

The hot potato will soon end up in the lap of the European Union. The paradox is that despite the euro crisis, the supra-national umbrella that the EU provides to its members encourages separatist movements to dismantle the veteran national edifice and replace it with a framework that allows for self-determination within the European meta-framework.

Spain will not easily give up its crown jewel, but Lopez Tena is losing no time in making a promise that Europe’s new member state will be very friendly to Israel. In that too it will separate itself from its rival in Madrid. And here is another message. Just as Catalonia will soon be the state of the Catalan people, Israel is first and foremost the state of the Jewish people. There is no future for a binational state. The latest victory of the separatists in Quebec, Canada, the continuing efforts to dismantle the Belgian kingdom, and the national referendum to take place in Scotland in 2014 are only a few examples that prove this. Neither a federation nor a confederation, nor autonomy, nor cantons.

Binationalism is dead. Visca (Viva in Catalan) Israel, Visca Catalonia.


“Catalan leader predicts independence in about two years, and close friendship with Israel,” Source: haaretz.com

Almost exactly five years ago, in September 2007, Spain’s King Juan Carlos paid a visit to Catalonia. Hundreds of separatists staged a turbulent protest against him. Some burned likenesses of the Spanish monarch. The separatist protest dovetailed with another noisy event – the satirical weekly El Jueves published a racy caricature of the king’s son, Prince Felipe, having sex with his wife. As though that were not enough, Catholic and conservative forces in Spain issued calls for the annulment of the monarchy. The monarchy became a viable political target; suddenly, the future of the institution seemed cloudy.
Right around this time, another Iberian “king” paid a visit to Israel. This was Jordi Pujol, who is known as “King Pujol” in Catalonia; for almost a quarter of a century, he headed affairs in the autonomous region, converting a land that was trampled and oppressed under the Franco regime into the country’s most prosperous area. During his visit, “the father of the Catalan nation” who retired in 2003 as the region’s president, explained to Haaretz that the Catalans were fed up with the country’s central government. They were angry about their region’s outdated infrastructure and felt alienated by the way the regime in Madrid put obstacles in their path, blocking Catalan bids for more autonomy, Pujol added.
Pujol, who is now 82, always preached and acted in ways that accentuated Catalan distinctiveness, yet he long opposed Catalan independence, dismissing that goal as an absurdity. His “subjects” sided with that outlook, for the most part. For this reason, Pujol emphatically told Haaretz, “No danger is posed to the unity of the Spanish kingdom. There is no danger now, and there won’t be for the next 50 years.”
Yet kings are not always endowed with the gift of prophecy. Some 1.5 million people, about a fifth of Catalonia’s population, turned out three weeks ago for the largest independence demonstration ever to be staged in Barcelona. One of those participants was a certain Jordi Pujol. His successor, Catalan Prime Minister Artur Mas, decided last week to hold regional elections in November 2012, two years ahead of time. His goal is to turn the elections into a referendum on Catalan independence. Officially, the Spanish constitution bans such a referendum.
Conducted against the backdrop of Spain’s acute economic crisis, polls released around the time of the huge demonstration in Barcelona indicate that 51 percent of Catalans currently support separation from the kingdom. Only 19 percent of Catalan respondents oppose independence. Does this mean that the economic crisis that has toppled close to a dozen governments in Europe might actually bring about the collapse of one the European Union’s member states?
Alfons Lopez Tena, one of the main leaders of the separatist movement, has no doubts on this issue. Speaking in a telephone interview with Haaretz, Lopez Tena, who heads the Catalan Solidarity for Independence party, stated emphatically: “Within two to five years, Catalonia will be an independent state.”
For 21 years, Lopez Tena was a member of the Convergence and Union (CiU) party, which was headed by Pujol and is now headed by Mas. He quit this party two years ago and founded a new, more militant party.
“The CiU didn’t do enough on behalf of independence and to improve our status in Spain,” he explains. “The moment it joined the regional parliament, in 2010, our party won four seats; I expect that the party will now strengthen itself dramatically. That’s because unlike past elections, this campaign will focus on the question of independence, and not on social issues. We’ve proven that we take a hard line on this [independence] issue.”
Q: Support for the separatist movement has doubled since the economic crisis erupted in 2008. Do you owe your popularity to the millions of unemployed workers and an economy that is likely to shrink another 2 percent this year?
“It would be a mistake to attribute our popularity solely to the economic crisis. That’s just one of many topics. The main subject is the attitude displayed toward us by the Spanish central government. It relates to us as a minority that doesn’t deserve equal rights. Our honor and freedom is what stands at the center of this awakening of the separatist movement. Even had the economic crisis not occurred, we’d still win a majority today. Catalans today are united: We literally have no common language with the Spaniards.”
Q: In the business community, many believe that Catalonia cannot survive on its own, owing to its great dependence on Spain.
“That’s a completely erroneous view. Our exports are equal to those of Spain, while imports are double those of Spain. Our GDP is equivalent to that of Israel or Denmark and double that of Slovakia, for example.”
Q: “Catalonia, the newest state in Europe” was the lead slogan of the recent independence demonstration in Barcelona. But Spain is liable to veto Catalonia’s inclusion in the EU and an EU spokesman has clarified that the organization is not set up in a way that would allow it automatically to accept for membership a state that has splintered from one of its member nations.
“All of the Catalan parties want to become part of the EU. Since we are today part of that organization, we believe it will accept us as a full member. The statements made by the spokesman you mention have been denied [by EU officials]. The EU did not express opposition when the question of Flemish independence was under consideration; nor did it call for Scotland to scrap the referendum it plans to hold in 2014, which could lead to its departure from the United Kingdom.”
Q: Historical experience teaches that separation is a contagious phenomenon. What sort of connections do you maintain with other separatist movements in Europe, and outside of the continent?
“We have close connections with the Flemish, and recently the possibility of devising joint  strategy with the SNP (Scottish National Party) was discussed at a joint conference that  included Basque, Sardinian and Corsican participants. We don’t have any connection with Kosovo or any other Balkan state that was on the other side of the Iron Curtain, and whose culture is unlike that which developed in Western Europe. We have forged contact with Quebec – the separatist movement in Quebec is a model for us. But in contrast to the situation in Canada (and Britain), Spain does not allow us to stage referenda about independence. Thus, we need support from the EU, the United States and the international community as a whole.”
Q: Unlike the Basque movement, you have never resorted to violent struggle. Might this change, should Madrid frustrate your campaign for independence?
“We would under no condition follow that [violent] path. That’s not how things are done in a democratic country. We initiated cooperation with the Basque only after members of that movement decided two years ago to abandon the use of terror. Before that time, we only conducted unofficial talks with them, and in these talks, we urged them to desist from the use of terror; we made it clear that in the absence of such a renunciation of violence, we would not collaborate with them.”
Q: The population of Spain as a whole is considered very pro-Palestinian, but in Catalonia, particularly among separatists, many figures are very supportive of Israel. Why is this so?
“Israel sought independence and gained it. It revived its language and has for 65 years dealt with the hostility of the nations surrounding it. That explains our support of Israel and the Jewish people. On a personal level, I define myself as being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist.  These are views I inherited, in my family. I well remember the concern that filled our house at the time of the Six Day War. I was a boy at the time, 10 years old, and we all prayed for Israel’s survival.”
Q: But today the Palestinians are the ones seeking independence.
“At least half of the members of my party are members of the Catalan Friends of Israel Association. Israel is a democratic state, and we support the steps it takes for survival and the survival of the Jewish people. We have no intention of criticizing what its government does. We seek cooperation with Israel, and we hope it will support our independence movement. It is clear that an independent Catalonia will be a close friend of Israel – there’s no doubt about that.”
Israel - Catalunya

COMMENTARY: Israel Not Only Supports But Applauds The Dismembering of Spain

Who can doubt at this point in time that the Jews are behind the so-called ‘independence of Catalunya’. There is no way they could have so much economic and media power if it weren’t for their ‘friends in crime’ from Israel. What we are seeing happening in Spain is the work of Communism. Do NOT let anyone tell you differently. 

Israel - Catalunya

“Israel not only supports but applauds the dismembering of Spain,” Source: alertadigital.com 

Google translation of the original article posted below:

By Saiid Alami * / (R) .- The patriarch of CiU (currently PDeCAT) in Spanish democracy, Jordi Pujol, has never hidden the predilection he has always felt for Zionism. Pujol told me at a meeting with journalists held in Barcelona during the preparations for the 1992 Summer Olympics that he felt Zionist. And he said it defiantly, without being asked, and knowing that among the journalists present we were a large group of Arab media correspondents that had arrived from Madrid.

More than 15 years after that meeting of Arab journalists with Pujol, on October 28, 2007, Pujol appeared before his Zionist masters in the Israeli Knesset and delivered a servile speech that oozed submission to his patrons, who are the owners and of Wall Street. This Spanish reduced in size version of Berlusconi of the decade of the 80’s, occupied the position of president of the Generalitat, triumphed as banker to later fail, in the 80’s (that Banca Catalana, disappeared in 1984)

Phrases such as: “The basic idea of being the chosen people, I think, has been a very powerful factor for the people of Israel” and another: “Having the conscience of a chosen people – chosen by God – “Give an idea of the adulation done by this man who works for Zionism, insisted and emphasized that the Jews are a chosen people” by God “, which he repeated several times throughout his intervention.

This can be understood as that Pujol recognizes that the people of Catalonia, the rest of Spain and the rest of the world are “vile” compared to the “people” of Israel. Would Pujol or Artur Mas (former president of the Catalan Generalitat) dare to stand before the people of Catalonia and say: “Catalans, recognize once and for all that you are a people of much less rank than the people of Israel …. do you deserve my admiration? “ Do you dare the separatist leaders who both cackle their admiration for Zionism and for Israel to say that same in speeches before the Catalans? Do they dare to acknowledge to their Catalan voters, who have been deceived for decades, that they are actually Zionists and therefore put Israel’s interests above the interests of the Catalans, as is the case with all Zionists in the West? Those American congressmen who recognize that they are Zionists put on their websites that they are in Congress to serve the interests of Israel. Would the leaders and deputies of the CiU dare to be so brave, leave the closet, and declare the same? Because if their souls are trapped by Zionism and by Israel, as they themselves recognize, what the heck are they doing in Catalonia? The answer is simple: to serve the interests of Israel, and everything has its price, of course, that is how all the Zionists of the West, true mercenaries of Israel, work.

Pujol acknowledged before the Israeli Knesset, in that shameful speech, that he is deeply Zionist, from his tender age and the hand of the founder of Zionism, Teodoro Herzel, through his book entitled “The Jewish State”: ” I said, I did not just come into contact with Judaism. Also in a certain sense and especially with Zionism. And not superficially. With only 17-18 years I read (Der Judenstaat) of Herzel “. The Catalan ex-president is undone in his speech in enumerating the books and texts of Zionist authors that he read from a young age, soaking up a criminal ideology and deeply racist, as he recognizes with his concept of “people chosen by God.”

Being a Zionist, like the Pujol, Artur Mas, Puigdemont, PDeCAT and ERC, is to be racist (The UN recognizes Zionism as a racist ideology in General Assembly resolution 3379 adopted on November 10, 1975), is to ignore the rights of the Palestinian people, is to approve and be complicit in the countless massacres perpetrated by Israel in Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan, is to approve the expulsion of their land from the Palestinian people, is to reject the countless United Nations resolutions that do justice to the Palestinian people and condemn Israel, is to support the apartheid policy that constitutes the backbone of Israel and to be complicit in its implementation against the Palestinians, is to reject international legality and to stand against the world community which it recognizes without the inalienable rights of Palestinians. To be a Zionist is to be all this and much more. Being a Zionist is no longer gratuitous, for it forces the conscience of the countless crimes and atrocities of Zionism to be burdened and to be an accomplice of each and every one of them. Today in the 21st century, it is not a matter that admits discussion, because Israel and Zionism have already lost the power they once had in the 20th century to lie, distort and confuse public opinion.Pero todo

More. Radical Zionist

But all this seems to be of little care to Pujol, much less to Artur Mas, his favorite pupil in the racist and hate-filled Zionism discipline, an ideology which the ex-president of Catalunya assumed during his tenure. He used to hide it very well, at least until June 20, 2012, when he declared during a trip to the States: “With a vision bigger than the strictly European, I want to associate Catalunya with at least Massachusetts and Israel. ”

When Mas visited Israel over 4 days in November 2013, he refused to meet with any Palestinian official, even refused to answer any questions that have to do with the Palestinians at the press conference he staged on that visit. Not only this but he dared to do what no responsible European or American have dared to do: visit the old city of Jerusalem (East Jerusalem) that is recognized by all countries of the world, without exception, as a city occupied, as established by international law led by the UN.

With that visit to the future capital of the Palestinian state, Artur Mas attacked, intentionally the Palestinian people, disregarding their nationalist sentiments at heart, he fills his mouth with a nationalism that is remote from Israel.

A spokesman for the Palestinian National Authority, Xavier Abu Eid, much more diplomatic than I (demanded of the post) declared to respect, on November 14, 2013, that “consciously or unconsciously Mas helped legitimize an occupation that they recognize all official international organizations ”


In these same statements Abu Eid goes further and says: “We know that Mr. Mas is not a leader of a State. However, and regardless of his status as autonomous president, international law governs for all. What the president of the Generalitat has done is a serious fault. “ In fact, he virulently ignored the Palestinians, both the people and their perennial tragedy, and the officials of the Palestinian National Authority.

In a speech at the University of Tel Aviv, during his visit, Mas said that Catalonia had chosen Israel as a “model” to follow and as “a partner for innovation.”

The former president of the Generalitat, in his eagerness to lick the boots of the Israelis, came to say in that speech that the Catalans “have Jewish origins.” What did he mean by this phrase so false and full of lies? Maybe put Catalonia at the feet of Israel? Let him explain what he meant by that phrase if he dares.

In an attempt to misrepresent and falsify, a ridiculous Artur Mas stressed that Catalonia “welcomed many Jews who escaped the horror of Nazism in the last century.” Useless attempt to rewrite history. At that time (1939-1945), General Franco was in charge of the government, and those responsible for the Generalitat during the Second Republic had fled from Spain. That is to say, if the Jews of whom Artur Mas spoke achieved asylum in Spain was thanks to the Franco regime and not to the Catalan nationalists, who then had no authority.  

It is striking that this attitude adopted in November 2013, so inclined to Zionism and Israel and so hostile towards Palestine and the Palestinian tragedy, has completely reversed its position publicly displayed in July 2011 when he received in Barcelona the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmud Abbas. Then Mas told reporters that “Palestine and Catalonia are two old nations that, according to this historical tradition and in accordance with this concept of a people and a nation, we perfectly understand those people who wish to live in freedom, peace, and prosperity” Mas said, comparing Catalonia and Palestine. In a press appearance with Abbas, Mas defended “peace” and “freedom” in the Middle East, emphasizing “the closeness” between the two Palestinian and Catalan territories and, therefore, assured to understand the desire for self-determination of Palestine.

CiU and PP Catalan, lackeys of Israel

From his visit to Israel in November 2013, Artur Mas and CiU became radical Zionists. Thus, in July 2015, the Catalan Parliament rejected a motion which called for, among other things, recognition of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination. The rejection was possible thanks to the votes of CiU and PPC.

Instead, in that vote, the Catalan Parliament, thanks to CiU and PPC, took a stand in favor of Israel, rejecting the points of the motion asking to rethink the relations of the Generalitat with the Government of Israel, such as the one that urged the Catalan Government to publish all its agreements with the Israeli Executive and the companies and institutions of the country. Also rejected was the text that claimed that the Government should not promote any agreement with Israeli companies and institutions “that have a direct and demonstrated role in the occupation and illegal colonization of Palestinian territories.”

The review of relations with Israel that promoted that motion also affected Catalan universities, which were encouraged to rescind the current agreements signed with Israeli universities when it is shown that “they have direct complicity with the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories”, point this one that also was rejected thanks to the votes of the CiU and the PP.

The position of the CiU in that vote was so hostile to Palestine that it also rejected the text that asked the Government to urge the central government in Madrid to bring to Israel the need to comply with the different UN resolutions in favor of the rights human rights and the Palestinian people. ” That is, both the CiU and the PP agreed that Israel did not comply with UN resolutions or respect international law.

Israel supports and encourages the dismemberment of Spain

Why is it that Zionism and independence of the Catalan nationalists find such a harmonious consonance with Israel? Israel would have its motives, not by chance we find numerous Israeli journalistic, diplomatic and political testimonies that extol Catalan separatism, instigate it and applaud it. Thus, for example, Adar Primor, editor-in-chief of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, wrote the following in the aforementioned newspaper, on September 28, 2012, the day after the great independence demonstration that filled the streets of Barcelona under the title Viva Cataluña, Viva Israel): “Just as Catalonia is soon to be the state of the Catalan people, Israel is first and foremost the state of the Jewish people. There will be no future for a binational state, for a federation, for a confederation, for autonomy or for cantons. “ And he closed his chronicle on the demonstration, in which he explained the Catalans’ motives for wanting to become independent, with the proclamation “Visca Israel, Visca Catalonia”.

The then Israeli ambassador to Spain, Alon Bar, in an interview with the Catalan Nació Digital and also published by “Help Catalonia” on June 19, 2012, advised the following to the Catalans and their independence movement: “… Therefore I recommend raising a state, respecting your neighbors and negotiating with everyone. I recommend achieving independence through negotiation with all your neighbors. “ That is to say, Israel, according to its ambassador, is very much for the work of which Spain dismembers. And they say it with all the naturalness of the world.

The other Catalan independence leaders Carles Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras.

In fact, the vast majority of Catalan independence leaders are Zionists, not just the CiU. Thus, Oriol Junqueras, ERC leader, met Oren Bar-El, minister of political affairs at the Israeli embassy in Madrid on April 26, 2012, a meeting that according to Nació Digital was “intense” and “positive”. What would the Israeli diplomat promise to Oriol Junqueras in an intense and positive interview like that, and for what?

Alfons López Tena, a former leader of Solidaritat per la Independencia, stated in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on September 28, 2012: “Personally, I am pro-Israeli and a pro-zionist. […] At least half of the members of my party are from the Catalan Association of Friends of Israel. Israel is a democratic state and we support all the steps it has to do to survive. We do not intend to criticize the Israeli Government. We look for cooperation with Israel and hope that Israel will support the movement for the independence of Catalonia. It is clear that independent Catalonia will be a very close friend of Israel. There’s no doubt”.

After all this, and many other data that has no place here, there is no doubt that Pujol, Mas, and other Catalan ‘independentistas’, sell Catalonia to Israel and Zionism, behind the backs of the Catalans. The vast majority of the cooperation and collaboration agreements signed by the Catalan Government with Israel are secret, and what the Catalan opposition and the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement in Catalonia require is the publication of all the details of these agreements, which were mostly reached in Israel.

* Saiid Alami has been a Spanish writer since 1975.


“Israel apoya y aplaude el desmembramiento de España,” Source: alertadigital.com 
“Israel apoya y aplaude el desmembramiento de España,” Source: alertadigital.com 

Por Saiid Alami*/(R).-El patriarca de CiU (actualmente PDeCAT) en la democracia española, Jordi Pujol, no ha ocultado nunca la predilección que siente desde siempre por el sionismo. Pujol me dijo, en un encuentro con periodistas celebrado en Barcelona durante los preparativos de los Juegos Olímpicos de verano de 1992, que él se sentía sionista. Y lo decía desafiante, sin que viniese a cuento, y a sabiendas de que entre los periodistas presentes había un nutrido grupo de corresponsales de medios de prensa árabes que habíamos llegado desde Madrid.

Más de 15 años después de aquel encuentro de periodistas árabes con Pujol, concretamente el 28 de octubre del 2007, Pujol compareció ante sus amos sionistas en el Knesset (Parlamento) israelí y pronunció un discurso servil que rezumaba sometimiento a sus patronos, que son los dueños y señores de la banca de Nueva York, por la que tanto le cae la baba a este Berlusconi español de reducido tamaño que en la pasada década de los 80, y mientras ocupaba el cargo de presidente de la Generalitat, triunfó como banquero para fracasar después, en los 80 (aquella Banca Catalana, desaparecida en 1984).

Frases como: “La idea básica de ser el pueblo escogido creo que ha representado un factor potentísimo para el pueblo de Israel” y esta otra: “Tener la conciencia de pueblo escogido –escogido por Dios- y por consiguiente de pueblo único da mucha fuerza”, dan idea de la zalamería de este hombre al servicio del sionismo, insistiendo y recalcando él mismo en que los judíos son un pueblo elegido “por Dios”, lo que repite varias veces a lo largo de su intervención.

Esto se puede entender como que Pujol reconoce que el pueblo de Cataluña, del resto de España y del resto del mundo son “viles” comparados con el “pueblo” de Israel. ¿Se atrevería Pujol o Artur Mas (anterior presidente de la Generalitat catalana) a ponerse delante del pueblo de Cataluña y decirle: “Catalanes, reconozcan de una vez que sois un pueblo de mucha menos categoría que el pueblo de Israel….ese sí que merece mi admiración?”. ¿Se atreven los líderes separatistas que tanto cacarean su admiración por el sionismo y por Israel a decir eso mismo en discursos ante los catalanes? ¿Se atreven a reconocer ante sus votantes catalanes, a quienes llevan decenios engañando, que en realidad son sionistas y por lo tanto ponen a los intereses de Israel por encima de los intereses de los catalanes, como ocurre con todos los sionistas de Occidente? Aquellos congresistas estadounidenses que reconocen que son sionistas ponen en sus páginas de internet que están en el Congreso para servir los intereses de Israel. ¿Se atreverían los lideres y diputados del CiU a ser tan valientes, salir del armario, y declarar eso mismo? Porque si sus almas están prendidas por el sionismo y por Israel, como ellos mismos reconocen, ¿qué puñetas están haciendo pues en Cataluña? La respuesta es simple: servir a los intereses de Israel, y todo tiene su precio, por supuesto, que es como funcionan todos los sionistas de Occidente, auténticos mercenarios de Israel.

Pujol reconoció ante el Knesset israelí, en aquel vergonzoso discurso, que es profundamente sionista, desde su más tierna edad y de la mano del fundador del sionismo, Teodoro Herzel, a través del libro de éste titulado “El Estado Judío”: “Como les decía, yo no entré solo en contacto con el judaísmo. También y en un cierto sentido y sobre todo con el sionismo. Y no de manera superficial. Con sólo 17-18 años leí (Der Judenstaat) de Herzel”. El expresidente catalán se deshace en su discurso en enumerar los libros y los textos de autores sionistas que leyó desde jovencito, empapándose de una ideología criminal y profundamente racista, como reconoce él con su concepto de “pueblo escogido por Dios”.

Ser sionista, como los son los Pujol, Artur Mas, Puigdemont, PDeCAT y ERC, es ser racista (La ONU reconoce al sionismo como ideología racista en la resolución 3379 de la Asamblea general aprobada el 10 de noviembre de 1975), es ignorar los derechos del pueblo palestino, es aprobar y ser cómplice de las innumerables matanzas perpetradas por Israel en Palestino, Líbano, Egipto y Jordania, es aprobar la expulsión de su tierra del pueblo palestino, es rechazar las incontables resoluciones de las Naciones Unidas que hacen justicia al pueblo palestino y condenan a Israel, es apoyar la política del “apartheid” que constituye la columna vertebral de Israel y ser cómplice en su puesta en práctica contra los palestinos, es rechazar la legalidad internacional y ponerse en contra de la comunidad mundial que reconoce sin paliativos los derechos inalienables del los palestinos. Ser sionista es ser todo esto y mucho más. Ser sionista no resulta ya gratuito, pues obliga a cargarse la conciencia del sinfín de crímenes y atrocidades del sionismo y ser cómplice de todos y cada uno de ellos. Y no es cuestión que admita discusión a estas alturas del siglo XXI, cuando ya tanto Israel como el sionismo han perdido el poder que tenían en el siglo pasado de engañar, embaucar y confundir a la opinión pública de Occidente.

Mas, sionista radical

Pero todo esto parece que les importa un pimiento a Pujol, y mucho menos a Artur Mas, su predilecto alumno en la disciplina del sionismo racista y cargado de odio, ideología a la que el expresidente catalán se convirtió durante su mandato. Si lo era antes lo ocultaba muy bien, por lo menos hasta el 20 de junio del 2012, cuando declaró durante un viaje a Estados: “Con una visión más grande que la estrictamente europea, tengo ganas de asociar Catalunya, como mínimo, con Massachusetts e Israel”.

Cuando Mas visitó Israel a lo largo de 4 días, en noviembre de 2013, se negó a entrevistarse con ningún responsable palestino, incluso se negó a contestar a cualquier pregunta que tenga que ver con los palestinos en la conferencia de prensa que protagonizó en aquella visita. No sólo esto, sino que se atrevió a hacer lo que ningún responsable europeo o estadounidense se han atrevido a hacer: visitar la ciudad vieja de Jerusalén (Jerusalén Este) que es reconocida por todos los países del mundo, sin excepción, como ciudad ocupada, tal como establece la legalidad internacional encabezada por la ONU.

Con aquella visita a la futura capital del estado palestino, Artur Mas agredió, intencionadamente. al pueblo palestino, despreciando a sus anchas sus sentimientos nacionalistas, él que se llena la boca con un nacionalismo teledirigido desde Israel.

Un portavoz de la Autoridad Nacional Palestina, Xavier Abu Eid, mucho más diplomático que yo (se lo exige el cargo) declaró al respeto, el 14 de noviembre del 2013, que “de forma consciente o inconsciente Mas ayudó a legitimar una ocupación que reconocen todos los organismos oficiales internacionales” (http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2013/11/13/catalunya/1384373691_470071.html).

En estas mismas declaraciones Abu Eid va más lejos y dice: “Sabemos que el señor Mas no es líder de un Estado. Sin embargo, e independientemente de su condición de presidente autonómico, el derecho internacional rige para todos. Lo que ha hecho el presidente de la Generalitat es una grave falta”. De hecho, Mas ignoró virulentamente a los palestinos, tanto al pueblo y su perenne tragedia, como a los funcionarios de la Autoridad Nacional Palestina.

En un discurso pronunciado en la universidad de Tel Aviv, durante su mencionada visita, Mas decía que Cataluña había elegido a Israel como “un modelo” a seguir y como “un socio para la innovación”.

El ex presidente de la Generalitat, en su afán de lamer las botas a los israelíes, llegó a decir en aquel discurso que los catalanes “tenemos orígenes judíos”. ¿Qué ha querido decir con esta frase tan falsa y cargada de mentiras? ¿Tal vez poner a Cataluña a los pies de Israel? Que diga él que es lo que quiso decir con aquella frase, si se atreve.

En un intento de tergiversar y falsificar, un ridículo Artur Mas subrayó que Cataluña “acogió a muchos judíos que escapaban del horror del nazismo en el siglo pasado”. Vano y chusco intento de rescribir la historia. En aquella época (1939-1945), en España gobernaba el general Franco y los responsables de la Generalitat durante la II República habían huido de España. Es decir, que si los judíos de los que habla Artur Mas lograron asilo en España fue gracias al régimen franquista y no a los nacionalistas catalanes, que entonces ni pinchaban ni cortaban.

Llama la atención que esta actitud adoptada en noviembre del 2013, tan proclive al sionismo y a Israel y tan hostil hacia Palestina y la tragedia palestina, ha supuesto un vuelco total respecto a su postura mostrada públicamente en julio del 2011, cuando recibió en Barcelona al presidente de la Autoridad Nacional palestina, Mahmud Abbas. Entonces Mas dijo ante los periodistas que “Palestina y Cataluña son dos viejas naciones que, de acuerdo con esta tradición histórica y de acuerdo con este concepto de un pueblo y una nación, entendemos perfectamente aquellos pueblos que desean vivir en libertad, en paz y prosperidad”, señaló Mas, comparando Cataluña y Palestina. En aquella comparecencia ante la prensa junto a Abbas, Mas defendió la “paz” y la “libertad” en Oriente Medio, subrayó “la cercanía” entre los dos territorios palestino y catalán y, por lo tanto, aseguró entender el deseo de autodeterminación de Palestina.

CiU y PP catalán, lacayos de Israel

A partir de su visita a Israel de noviembre 2013, Artur Mas y CiU se volvieron sionistas radicales. Así, en julio  de 2015, el Parlamento catalán rechazó una moción que, pedía, entre otras cosas, reconocer el derecho de autodeterminación del pueblo palestino. El rechazo fue posible gracias a los votos de CiU y PPC.

En cambio, en aquella votación, el Parlamento Catalán, gracias a CiU y el PPC, tomó una postura favorable a Israel, rechazando los puntos de la moción que pedían replantear las relaciones de la Generalitat con el Gobierno de Israel, como el que instaba al Govern catalán a publicar todos sus acuerdos con el Ejecutivo israelí y las empresas e instituciones del país. También fue rechazado el texto que reclamaba que el Govern no impulsase ningún acuerdo con empresas e instituciones israelíes “que tengan un papel directo y demostrado en la ocupación y colonización ilegal de territorios palestinos”.

La revisión de las relaciones con Israel que promovía aquella moción afectaba también a las universidades catalanas, a las que se animaba a rescindir los actuales convenios firmados con universidades israelíes cuando se demuestre que “tienen complicidad directa con la ocupación ilegal de territorios palestinos”, punto este que también fue rechazado gracias a los votos del CiU y el PP.

La postura del CiU en aquella votación fue tan hostil a Palestina que rechazó también el texto que pedía al Govern que instase al Gobierno central en Madrid para que hiciera llegar a Israel la necesidad de cumplir las diferentes resoluciones de la ONU a “favor de los derechos humanos y el pueblo palestino”. O sea, que tanto el CiU como el PP estaban de acuerdo en que Israel no cumpla las resoluciones de la ONU ni respete la legalidad internacional.

Israel apoya y alienta el desmembramiento de España

¿Por qué será que el sionismo e independentismo de los nacionalistas catalanes encuentra tan armoniosa consonancia en Israel? Israel tendría sus motivos, no en balde encontramos numerosos testimonios periodísticos, diplomáticos y políticos israelíes que ensalzan el separatismo catalán, lo instigan y lo aplauden. Así, por ejemplo, Adar Primor, redactor jefe del diario israelí Haartz, escribía lo siguiente en el mencionado diario, el 28 de septiembre 2012, al día siguiente de la gran manifestación independista que llenó las calles de Barcelona, bajo el título (Viva Cataluña, Viva Israel): “Justo igual que Cataluña va a ser pronto el estado del pueblo catalán, Israel es primero y ante todo el estado del pueblo judío. No habrá futuro para un estado binacional, ni para una federación, ni para una confederación ni para una autonomía ni para cantones”. Y cerraba su crónica sobre la manifestación, en la que explicaba los motivos de los catalanes para querer independizarse, con la proclama.”Visca Israel, Visca Catalonia”.

El entonces embajador de Israel en España, Alon Bar, en una entrevista con la catalana Nació Digital y también publicada por “Help Catalonia” el 19 de junio del 2012, aconsejaba lo siguiente a los catalanes y a su movimiento independentista: “…por eso recomiendo levantar un estado, respetando a vuestros vecinos y negociando con todo el mundo. Yo recomiendo alcanzar la independencia a través de la negociación con todos vuestros vecinos”. O sea, Israel, según su embajador, está muy por la labor de que España se desmembre. Y lo dicen con toda la naturalidad del mundo.

Los demás líderes independentistas catalanes

Carles Puigdemont y Oriol Junqueras.

Carles Puigdemont y Oriol Junqueras.

En realidad, la inmensa mayoría de los líderes independentistas catalanes son sionistas, no sólo los del CiU. Así, Oriol Junqueras, líder de ERC, se reunió el 26 de abril del 2012 con Oren Bar-El, ministro consejero de asuntos políticos de la embajada de Israel en Madrid, reunión que, según Nació Digital, fue “intensa” y “positiva”. ¿Qué le prometería a Oriol Junqueras el diplomático israelí en una entrevista intensa y positiva como aquella, y a cambio de qué?

Por su parte, Alfons López Tena, ex dirigente de Solidaritat per la Independencia, en una entrevista al diario israelí Haaretz, el 28 de septiembre del 2012, declaró lo siguiente: “A título personal, yo soy proisraelí y prosionista. […] Como mínimo la mitad de los miembros de mi partido son de la Asociación Catalana de Amigos de Israel. Israel es un estado democrático y nosotros apoyamos todos los pasos que tiene que hacer para sobrevivir. No tenemos la intención de criticar el Gobierno de Israel. Buscamos la cooperación con Israel y esperamos que Israel apoye el movimiento por la independencia de Catalunya. Está claro que la Catalunya independiente será un amigo muy estrecho de Israel. De eso no hay ninguna duda”.

Después de todo esto, y de otros muchos datos que no tienen cabida aquí, no queda duda alguna de que Pujol, Mas, y demás independentistas catalanes, venden Cataluña a Israel y al sionismo, a espaldas de los catalanes. La inmensa mayoría de los acuerdos de cooperación y colaboración firmados por la Generalitat catalana con Israel, son secretos, y lo que exige la oposición catalana y el Movimiento BDS (Boicot, Desinversión y Sanciones) en Cataluña, es precisamente la publicación de todos los detalles de estos acuerdos, que en su mayoría fueron alcanzados en Israel.

*Saiid Alami es articulista en español desde 1975.

INTERVIEW: Martinez And Bjerknes Unmask The Putin Cult

A MUST LISTEN, absolutely everything exposed during this interview is 100% TRUE, and this is what we need people to see and finally realize once and for all, that either they begin using their own brain and doing their own research, or they are allowing the enemy to lead them to their own self-destruction. Please share and spread the word. 


Soviet Islam

COMMENTARY: Soviet Islam – The Real Story

It is sickening to see how Communism infiltrates everything like a virus. The HUGE problem we see with this documentary is that THEY FORGET TO NAME THE ENEMY which is the TRIBE and that is who Putin and Trump BELONG TO and who they follow orders from. The Tribe is the creator of Communism, NO ONE ELSE BUT THEM and their Satanic religion.

However, if you keep in mind, while watching the documentary, that the Jews created Communism and that their end goal is world dominion, and that THEY ARE BEHIND ALL THE DECEPTION ON ALL SIDES, you will better understand the twisted game they are playing.

There are many truths being exposed here about the Communist infiltration of Islam.

Those who side with Putin against the filth America has become, fail to see that America was hijacked by the same evil who hijacked Russia, Europe, South America, the UK, etc. and America is being USED as scapegoat to further their agenda.

These Communist Jews want COMPLETELY DESTROY THE WEST, by confusing and leading us to destroy each other, so THE GOYIM can become their servants and they can bring the new savior that will be Communism also called a One World Government under a a One World Religion ruled by Lucifer from their Third Temple in Jerusalem.
That will be the fulfillment of Messianic prophecy for the Jews.

With regards to Palestine being mentioned in this documentary, we would like to add that Mahmoud Abbas is an ex-KGB agent and that many Palestinians want him OUT. But he is being protected by Israel because the end game is to kill them all!

This is a HORRIFIC war between Satan and Christ’s children and they know that our confusion will lead to our own destruction.

Remember what Albert Pike (whose monument is in Washington D.C.) said about the three World War long before they took place:

“The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the ‘agentur‘ (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.”

“The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile, the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

Soviet Islam

Soviet Islam: The Real Story,” Source: dailycaller.com

Capital Research Center has just released the second of its Dangerous Documentaries, America Under Siege: Soviet Islam. I can say without hesitation that this is the most important documentary released this year. Veteran researcher Trevor Loudon joins leading foreign policy experts to explain the nexus between international Communism and radical Islam.

This is a must-see documentary.

Anyone who has studied 20th Century history will know this rings true. During WWII, Islamists seeking to advance their cause in the Middle East joined with the Nazis, but with the Nazi defeat, they lost their benefactors. The Soviet Union was quick to step in, creating its own Middle East proxies. In the 1970s, the Soviet KGB sent 4,000 agents into the Muslim world to cultivate connections and lure radical Muslims into the Soviet sphere. The Soviet KGB created the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and supported other terrorist groups with arms, training and anti-Israel, anti-American propaganda.

It also created the International Association for Palestine. One of that group’s members was Nihad Awad, currently the director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Awad came to endorse the terrorist group HAMAS, and today CAIR is at the forefront of efforts to shut down free speech and intimidate anyone who questions the tenets of Islam as “haters” and “Islamophobes.”

Meanwhile, he is advancing the Russians’ shared cause of bringing America to its knees. While we are being beset by incidents of Islamic terrorism, including the deadliest mass shooting in American history last year in Orlando, Florida, Islamists within our own government are preventing us from investigating these groups. This is poignantly reflected in the lack of enthusiasm for one of the most important pieces of legislation recently proposed: H.R. 377, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.

The film makes solid connections between Islamist organizations in the U.S. like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood front, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Putin-sponsored Russian organizations. It also reveals how they are working with Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA organizations – all actually communist groups who admit their goal is to destroy our nation. Donald Trump is just the latest excuse. Soviet Islam names names and organizations. It reveals the depth of the treachery ongoing in America today.

I repeat: this is a must-see documentary. Take the 26 minutes now to watch it, share it and make it go viral. If our “leaders” have any stomach left for leadership, perhaps this will finally spur them to join the effort to save our Republic.


INTERVIEW: Ken O’Keefe – North Korea Is All Smoke And Mirrors

Ken O’Keefe fooled us once, if you do a simple search on our website you will see that we used to praise him, but NOT ANYMORE! He is an absolute TRAITOR. He knows that Russian Television is state owned and they are using him to destroy the west, as you can see, he is on frequently. What he is stating is all true, but he always ‘fails’ to expose the FACT that The United States was infiltrated by those same ones who are hosting him on their television channel to speak against his own country. The problem is NOT the US but the International Communist Jewish Bankers who are ruling the entire world with their main base of operations in Russia. 


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