INTERVIEW: Ken O’Keefe – North Korea Is All Smoke And Mirrors

Ken O’Keefe fooled us once, if you do a simple search on our website you will see that we used to praise him, but NOT ANYMORE! He is an absolute TRAITOR. He knows that Russian Television is state owned and they are using him to destroy the west, as you can see, he is on frequently. What he is stating is all true, but he always ‘fails’ to expose the FACT that The United States was infiltrated by those same ones who are hosting him on their television channel to speak against his own country. The problem is NOT the US but the International Communist Jewish Bankers who are ruling the entire world with their main base of operations in Russia.

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Ken O'Keefe Cross Talk

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe – CrossTalk USS Liberty Attack Episode – 14/7/2017

For the 50th Anniversary of the USS Liberty attack by Israel, RT decided to go on the attack. On this episode, in order to do so, they naturally invited Ken O’Keefe to tell it like it is.

However, this is all very curious. Just the other day, we posted a video of RT promoting Holocaust propaganda. So, where does the Kremlin stand? Or, is its stance exactly this – misinformation and disinformation.

By attacking Israel (which many consider it to be part of the West), RT is actually enabling the NWO and communism by fomenting anti-Western sentiments and policies towards Israel.
After all, Israel will be destroyed — as it is all “prophecy.” Even Kissinger recently said Israel won’t be around in 10 years too.

RT Holocaust Propaganda Videos:
Putin’s “Anti-Semite” Video:
Other Videos to Consider:

Ken O'Keefe

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe on Iran, Wars, & America – 20/6/2017

Ken O’Keefe, speaking from Dominica, tells the ugly hard truth on the US military (Zionist controlled) foreign policy.
On a side note, Ken O’Keefe didn’t like a previous post on him because we mainly asked a question about the donor money regarding his World Citizen Solution project. We have no ax to grind with Ken and his mission, but we ask tough questions on everyone. Alex Jones had most fooled too before he sold out…

The said video we posted:

Ken O'Keefe on ISIS

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe on ISIS – 19/6/2017

Ken O’Keefe, speaking from Dominica, gives the real straight talk regarding ISIS on PressTV.
On a side note, Ken O’Keefe didn’t like our last post on him because we mainly asked a question about the donor money regarding his World Citizen Solution project. We have no ax to grind with Ken and his mission, but we ask tough questions on everyone. Alex Jones had most fooled too before he sold out…

The said video we posted:

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe on CrossTalk – 4/28/2017

Ken O’Keefe has appeared and looking emaciated, haggard, and older.  Perhaps all the stress he endured from him being exposed as a con artist? Regardless of that whole saga, it is interesting to listen to the dynamics of how he speaks on RT. He his restrained and doesn’t point out the “elephant in the room” exactly, but saying “bankers” instead.

An important question to ask is “why is this the case?” If Ken O’Keefe was allowed to say whatever he wanted on RT, he surely would speak differently. And, the next question should be, “why does the Kremlin draw the line in the sand?”



VIDEO: Jews Control The World – Undeniable Proof!

Who’s to blame for all these horrors?! The answer is US, humanity, its ignorance, and cowardliness, no one else!! The world will pay for allowing these people advance their agenda like they have, and hopefully soon the tribe who represents Satan will be sent back to hell where it belongs! There is no doubt that they are backed by a paranormal force otherwise, it would not be humanly possible for such a small percent of the world’s population to have done and continue to do so much harm. Think about it. The Bible exposes them clearly.

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe On World War III

You need to really understand the truth here. All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets. They don’t serve the people, there is no real democracy — they really serve the rich and powerful who run the world. And, that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers, of course, make huge amounts of money. Whether they make bad investments or not, wars are great for them. And, ultimately they control the politicians and that is why we see these policies. Obama and Cameron are nothing more than puppets who are reading the script. — Ken O’Keefe

VIDEO: ISIS Explained by Ken O’Keefe

The moment people realize the fact that you will hear on this video, expressed very clearly, just like the Truth should be expressed, the whole war on terror ends. The problem with O’Keefe is that he believes Russia is against ISIS and that is simply NOT TRUE and makes no sense either. They want to make people believe that Russia is attacking ISIS, they want a war between east and west so they can bring in the NWO later. Let’s hope that he opens his eyes on this. 


INTERVIEW: Middle East – The People’s Voice

This is a great interview, the only problem is the beginning, Ken O’Keefe still hasn’t opened his eyes with regards to Russia, but hopefully he will soon. The rest is a pleasure to listen to.


VIDEO: “From The Olive Grove” – Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe, the only one that speaks out and does not hold anything back. Why can’t people see things how they are and defend their values and countries like that? We can ALL do something to change this. Let’s please assume our responsibility for humanity, like real human beings who care about the world.