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North Korea – Headquarters Under Fire As Gunmen Strike In Japan

We don’t know if there will be a war or not, but what we do know is that they want to escalate things to a point of no return. Chaos, violence, terror, provocation, more control, and confusion are on the cards! The elite is immune to it all and continues to play the game, the only ones who suffer the consequences are the people of this world. 

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North Korea news: Headquarters under fire as gunmen strike in Japan,” Source: 

Multiple shots were fired outside North Korea’s headquarter in Tokyo

The two gunmen emerged from a van to strike the gates of a complex housing the pro-North Korea group the General Association of Korean Residents.

Multiple shots were fired before the men fled.

Japan has strict gun laws meaning shootings are extremely rare.

Police have since arrested two men on suspicion of being the gunmen.

They are reportedly linked to right-wing groups.

North Korea’s nuclear programme and the testing of missiles which invaded Japanese airspace twice in the last years have increased the tensions between the hermit country and Japan.

Last year, Kim Jong-un pledged to “sink” Japan and reduce the US to “ashes”, claiming North Korea could carry out a nuclear strike on the US mainland.

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea in September.

Tokyo remains under the United States’ “nuclear umbrella” as it doesn’t currently have his own nuclear force.

Earlier this month, the Japan Times reported that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was to ask for emergency evacuation support for the country’s citizens from South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in, highlighting the country’s fear of a military clash with North Korea.

Japanese police have arrested two men on suspicion of being the gunmen

US President Donald Trump urged both Abe and Moon to pressure North Korea about its nuclear programme.

The 2018 Winter Olympics, taking place in South Korea, have been seen by the international community as an opportunity to open a dialogue with North Korea and ease tensions.

In January, Pyongyang and Seoul resumed bilateral talks ahead of the games and decided to march together under the same flag at the opening ceremony and join their teams in a number of competitions.

Yet, the Olympics haven’t erased the threat of a nuclear war.

Tension kept growing between Washington and Pyongyang after North Korea reportedly pulled out a secret meeting with the US two hours before it was scheduled to happen.

Vice President Mike Pence and top Pyongyang officials — including North Korean leader’s sister Kim Yo Jong – originally planned to meet on the sideline of the Winter Olympics.

Heather Nauert, a spokeswoman for the United States Department of State, said in a statement that the cancellation took the US by surprise.

“At the last minute, DPRK officials decided not to go forward with the meeting.

“We regret their failure to seize this opportunity.”

Earlier today, reports have claimed that US President Donald Trump is preparing a “large package” of sanctions against the regime.

Fox News reports that Mr. Trump plans to announce the Treasury Department will take action to “further cut off sources of revenue and fuel that the regime uses to fund its nuclear programme and sustain its military by targeting 56 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses that are assisting North Korea in evading sanctions.”

There are about 500,000 ethnic Koreans currently living in Japan, many of them descended from the two million Koreans brought to the country as forced labor during Japan’s 1910-1945 colonization of the peninsula.




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Japan Gets Real: What To Do When The 10-Minute Missile Warning Comes

We know North Korea will not stop launching missiles … this means that sooner or later a war will start. These kids are growing up with the menace of a nuclear war. What kind of society are we living in? Children who are raised in fear, live in fear all their lives. If we stop and think for one minute of the real reasons behind these stupid wars, everything takes us back to greed, money, and power. That is without a doubt a society who has no God. Their god is evil. 

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“Japan gets real: what to do when the 10-minute missile warning comes,” Source:

With fears growing that North Korea could hold a nuclear or missile test as early as Tuesday, municipalities, and prefectures nationwide are responding to a government request to provide information on what to do in the event Japan is targeted.

The moves come as the Cabinet Secretariat Civil Protection Portal Site on what to do in case of a North Korean missile attack has seen a surge to about 2.6 million views this month from 450,000 in March, after beginning a gradual climb in February last year. The site offers information on how the public will be notified of an impending missile attack and what actions they should take.

But with Tokyo admitting there will likely be only about 10 minutes between the time a warning is issued and impact, those in or near the targeted area will have little time to flee to safety.

Japan has a system known as J-Alert which, under the Cabinet Secretariat, is responsible for getting the word out about an imminent missile attack. Any information will be broadcast via satellite, telephone, and cyberspace to disaster management officials at the local level.

From there, local governments will relay warnings via outdoor loudspeaker systems, emergency broadcast channels on cable TV, FM radio broadcasts and cell phone alerts.

If you are outside when a warning is sounded or received, the government’s advice is to proceed calmly to the strongest concrete building you can quickly get to, or to go underground, if possible. Families in their homes are advised to stay low to the floor, take cover underneath tables and to stay away from glass windows.

At a meeting in Tokyo last week of 70 prefectural disaster and crisis officials, representatives were urged to make additional efforts to warn residents and establish their own plans. One of the first cities to respond was Osaka.

Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura, speaking on the same day as the Tokyo meeting, announced that the city will establish a response team, led by the mayor, in the event of any North Korean missile launch, nuclear test or attack on North Korea by the United States.

The city’s website recommends that, if school is in session, pupils remain in their classrooms and get under their desks.

“The team will include officials involved in crisis management as well as schools, and will discuss whether to close schools and how to get information out to city residents.”

But Yoshimura, while explaining, as requested by the central government, how the nation will be notified of a missile attack, said that there would be almost no time to respond.

“A missile may not be detected as soon as it leaves the launch pad . . . and that could take several minutes. Depending on the case, the warnings and alarms might only sound four or five minutes before a missile arrives,” Yoshimura said.

Prefectural governments, while obliging the central government’s request to pass along information on the J-Alert system, also called for legal changes last week to make evacuations easier.

These changes included new laws to make evacuation mandatory, we well as a nationwide system of drills to be held in cooperation with the Defense Ministry.

Last month, residents of Oga, Akita Prefecture, in cooperation with the central government and the prefecture, conducted an evacuation drill in response to a North Korean missile attack, the first to be held in the country.

Last August, a North Korean missile landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone at a spot about 250 km west of the Oga Peninsula.

At last week’s meeting between local officials and the central government, some prefectures suggested that new laws be passed to create a nationwide system of drills based on Oga’s experience.

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INTERVIEW: Lessons From The Japanese Economic Meltdown

Every day we see more people reacting and realizing that the world is going against itself. Humanity is on the path of auto-destruction. The video is mainly focused on how the Bank of Japan is nationalizing the Japanese economy. But the same thing is happening all over the world, so the underlying problem is not the economy but the lack of true values, the absence of God in society. Marc Abela wisely says on this video: when you take away everything from a man, he becomes free. They do not want us to be free that is why they get us in debt and they suck the life out of each one of us. Is it time for humans to lose everything so they finally realize that we need to regain our basic human condition?