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COMMENTARY: Bilderberg 2018 – New Tech Helps Oil The Wheels Of The Global Elite

When you talk about conspiracy the sheeple look surprised, but then you see how every year Bilderberg is on the ‘news’. We wonder what the Goy ‘think’ if anything when they read about it. Or is it that they are so brainwashed that they enjoy having their lives ruled by their evil masters. Meanwhile, humanity continues on the path of self-destruction. (Please also read the second article on AI).  

Demiss HassabisWith AI high on the agenda, Demis Hassabis, who runs Google’s DeepMind project, has been invited back. Photograph: Lee Jin-man/AP

“Bilderberg 2018: New Tech Helps Oil The Wheels Of The Global Elite,” Source:

This year’s Bilderberg conference has begun in Turin, and as well as billionaires and bank bosses the attendees include four prime ministers, two deputy prime ministers, the Nato secretary general, the German defense minister, the king of the Netherlands and the indefatigable 95-year-old Henry Kissinger.

Like Kissinger, Bilderberg shows no signs of slowing down or complacency. Its recent flirtation with artificial intelligence and Silicon Valley seems to have blossomed into a full-blown affair. This year a Twitter board member, Patrick Pichette, has got the nod, and returning for the second time is Divesh Makan, who has links to Mark Zuckerberg and whose clients include Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn co-founder, and Bilderberg veteran.

With AI high on the agenda, Demis Hassabis, who runs Google’s London-based DeepMind project, has also been invited back. He will be joined by his fellow AI luminary Hartmut Neven, the head of Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab.

The guest list also features researchers from the fields of biotech, robotics, stem cell research and human-machine bio-integration.

It means the conference has both a futuristic feel and a nostalgic air, with “quantum computing” on the agenda alongside “US world leadership” and “Russia”. So even as Bilderberg races into a bio-integrated smart future, there is a simultaneous resurgence of one of the group’s traditional power cliques: big oil. Royal Dutch Shell is represented in Turin by its chief executive, Ben van Beurden, and the French oil and gas giant Total has sent its chairman and chief executive, Patrick Pouyanné, who will be welcomed to the conference by the Bilderberg insider and Total board member Patricia Barbizet.

Sitting alongside Barbizet on Bilderberg’s steering committee is the BP director Sir John Sawers. The former head of MI6 has this year invited BP’s chief financial officer, Brian Gilvary, who can chat about fracking with Dambisa Moyo, a director at Chevron.

The veins of Bilderberg run with oil, and its beating heart is the Dutch royal family and its oil interests. The founding president of the group was Prince Bernhard, the grandfather of the current king, Willem-Alexander. In his inaugural speech at the first conference in 1954, Bernhard set out the purpose of Bilderberg: “Because the free countries of Europe, the United States and Canada must act as a unit, they must try to think the same way. This is a long-term process.”

Out of this consensus emerged the EU, for decades nurtured around the Bilderberg conference table. And yet now, as they stand on the brink of a brave new algorithmic age, everything they have worked so hard to achieve is under threat.

At the top of the conference, agenda are the dire words: “Populism in Europe.” The EU, already given a black eye by Brexit, is facing another thumping from Italy’s populist coalition, and the transatlantic alliance is groaning under the strain of Trump. Which is why Turin is the perfect choice for the 2018 summit.

The city is the spiritual home of Fiat and the Agnellis: the flamboyant Gianni Agnelli was a mainstay of Bilderberg throughout the last few decades of the 20th century, and a close friend of Kissinger (not, in this instance, a euphemism). His grandson, John Elkann, runs Exor, the holding company for the Agnelli billions, and sits on Bilderberg’s steering committee.

Agnelli attended 37 conferences: his spirit will loom large over the Turin gathering, which is being held at the old Fiat HQ. It offers a chance for Bilderberg to reflect on its past, remember its victories and gather courage so that it can hurl itself back into the battle for globalization.

Also at the conference will be George Osborne, who was recently given a job at Exor, chairing a council of business advisers. The Evening Standard editor has recently been criticised for allegedly selling positive news coverage to big business. Is Osborne going to be inking some juicy cash-for-content deals in Turin? Or might he grit his teeth and report on what is discussed?

Of course, Osborne is not the only representative of the media at Turin. In fact, it is a bumper year for journalists: there are columnists, editors, TV anchors, from the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg to the president of Turner International. Elkann is on the board of the Economist Group (Exor has the majority share).

Scratch an industrialist at Bilderberg and you will find a media magnate. Antti Herlin, the Finnish delegate who runs Kone Corporation – “a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry” – also happens to be the vice-chair of the company that owns the daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

And yet with all these media representatives, we will learn little of what is said in Turin.

* * *

“It’s too late to give machines ethics, they’re already beyond our control,” Source: 
Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and now Demis Hassabis of Google’s DeepMind have all warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI), urging that we put ethical controls in place before it’s too late.
But they have all mistaken the threat: the AI we have let loose is already evolving for its own benefit.
It’s easy to imagine that humans will build ever more clever computers; machines that will end up smarter than we are. Once they pass this point and achieve “superintelligence”, whether trapped inside boxes or installed in roving robots, they can either help or turn against us. To avoid this nightmare, the Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom says we must instil the superintelligence with goals that are compatible with our own survival and wellbeing.
Hassabis, too, talks about getting “a better understanding of how these goal systems should be built, what values should the machines have”. They may not be dealing with threatening robots, but they are still talking about actual “machines” having values.

But this is not where the threat lies. The fact is that all intelligence emerges in highly interconnected information processing systems; and through the internet, we are providing just such a system in which a new kind of intelligence can evolve.

This way of looking at AI rests on the principle of universal Darwinism – the idea that whenever information (a replicator) is copied, with variation and selection, a new evolutionary process begins. The first successful replicator on earth was genes. Their evolution produced all living things, including animals, whose intelligence emerged from brains consisting of interconnected neurons. The second replicator was memes, let loose when humans began to imitate each other. Imitation may seem a trivial ability, but it is very far from that. An animal that can imitate another brings a new level of evolution into being because habits, skills, stories and technologies (memes) are copied, varied and selected. Our brains had to quickly expand to handle the rapidly evolving memes, leading to a new kind of emergent intelligence.

The third replicator is, I suggest, already here, but we are not seeing its true nature. We have built machines that can copy, combine, vary and select enormous quantities of information with high fidelity far beyond the capacity of the human brain. With all these three essential processes in place, this information must now evolve.

Google is a prime example. Google consults countless sources to select material copied from servers all over the world almost instantly. We may think we are still in control because humans designed the software and we put in the search terms, but other software can use Google too, copying the selected information before passing it on to yet others. Some programs can take parts of other programs and mix them up in new ways. Just as in biological evolution, most new variants will fizzle out, but if any arise that are successful at getting themselves copied, by whatever means, they will spread through the wonderfully interconnected systems of machines that we have made.

Replicators are selfish by nature. They get copied whenever and however they can, regardless of the consequences for us, for other species or for our planet. You cannot give human values to a massive system of evolving information based on machinery that is being expanded and improved every day. They do not care because they cannot care.

I refer to this third replicator as techno-memes, or temes, and I believe they are already evolving way beyond our control. Human intelligence emerged from biological brains with billions of interconnected neurons. AI is emerging in the gazillions of interconnections we have provided through our computers, servers, phones, tablets and every other piece of machinery that copies, varies and selects an ever-increasing amount of information. The scale of this new evolution is almost incomparably greater.

Hassabis urges us to debate the ethics of AI “now, decades before there’s anything that’s actually of any potential consequence or power that we need to worry about, so we have the answers in place well ahead of time”. I say we need to worry right now and worry about the right things. AI is already evolving for its own benefit – not ours. That’s just Darwinism in action.

At the moment we create most of the temes out there – uploading photos, videos, and blog posts, sending emails, and creating web pages. And we demand ever more hardware to handle it all. The danger comes, and may already have come, when much of the software and data are evolving on their own. We wouldn’t even know this was happening until we found we were building ever more machines without getting the expected increases in capacity.

Could such a system become artificially intelligent? Given that the natural intelligence we know about emerged from highly interconnected evolving systems, it seems likely if not inevitable. This system is now busy acquiring the equivalent of eyes and ears in the millions of CCTV cameras, listening devices and drones that we are happily supplying. We do all this so willingly, apparently oblivious to the evolutionary implications.

So what might we expect of our future role in this vast machine? We might be like the humble mitochondrion, which supplies energy to all our body’s cells. Mitochondria were once free-living bacteria that became absorbed into larger cells in the process known as endosymbiosis; a deal that benefited both sides.

As we continue to supply the great teme machine with all it needs to grow could we end up like this, willingly going on feeding it because we cannot give up all the digital goodies we have become used to?

It’s not a superintelligent machine that we should worry about but the hardware, software and data we willingly add to every day.


VIDEO: World Jewish Congress CEO Wants Internet Censorship

World Jewish Congress (WJC) CEO Robert Singer addresses the panel “Responsibility: the challenge of digital platforms” at the Rome International Conference on Anti-Semitism organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).


COMMENTARY: Richest Regions Of Veneto & Lombardy Go To Polls Over Autonomy

Here we have (Russian State-owned channel) salivating over the slow destruction of Europe. They have been infiltrating and brainwashing for centuries and finally seeing the results of their evil work. It’s funny to see how in this article they state the fact that Catalonia went against the law when it tried to claim independence from Spain when in other articles they have been accusing the Spanish Government of being ‘authoritarian’ and ‘oppressive’ for applying the law. Their propaganda is so obvious it is revolting.

The ONLY way out for Europe is for European countries to leave the EU as soon as possible because it is a trap. Let’s stop the daily brainwashing by helping educate as many people as we possibly can. 


“Richest regions of Veneto & Lombardy go to polls over autonomy,” Source:

Veneto and Lombardy, the two wealthiest regions of Italy, are voting today in a bid for greater autonomy from the center. While non-binding, the twin referenda send a strong message to Rome after the landmark independence vote in Catalonia.
Veneto and Lombardy voters are to decide on Sunday whether to grant regional authorities more control over their taxes, administration, immigration, and infrastructure.

Read more

Gondoliers row in an empty Grand Canal in Venice. © Manuel Silvestri

Polling stations are open from 7 am to 11 am on Sunday, with results expected to be counted late into the night, the local press reports. Over 12 million of citizens will be offered a choice of voting ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘blank’ by tapping the screen of a tablet fitted to a polling booth, according to La Repubblica newspaper. Voting from abroad is not allowed.

The results of the referenda are legally non-binding even if the majority of people in both regions vote ‘yes’ to greater autonomy. It is however thought that they will help Veneto and Lombardy – governed by the euroskeptic,  anti-immigrant Northern League right-wing party – have more leverage in negotiations with Rome.

Roberto Maroni, the president of Lombardy and a top-tier member of the Northern League which spearheaded the plebiscites, says that if the ‘yes’ vote prevails on Sunday, he would hope to start negotiations on greater autonomy immediately, La Repubblica reported.

“The more people vote, the greater bargaining power I will have,” Maroni told the New York Times (NYT) in early October. If regional authorities manage to claw back more powers from Rome, it will have to be set out in a law and be approved by an absolute majority in Italy’s parliament, according to Corriere della Serra.

However, the turnout is projected to be lower than needed to declare the plebiscite valid. Though 69 percent of voters would say ‘yes’ – compared to 31 percent of ‘no’ votes – the turnout is expected to be 42 percent at most, compared with 43 percent of possible abstentions across both regions combined, according to an October poll by consulting firm Lorien.

In part, the twin vote has been inspired by the wave of autonomy referenda that has rocked Europe over the past few years, including Scotland in 2014, the whole UK last year and Catalonia in late September.

“Like the Catalans, we have decided to give voice to the people,” Maroni told NYT. “The difference is that what we ask for is allowed by the Italian Constitution.”

Also, there are other precedents at home. Some of Italy’s regions – Sardinia, Sicily and the partly German-speaking Trentino-South Tyrol – have been given a high degree of autonomy from central government under the Italian constitution.

Neither Veneto nor Lombardy is asking people to consider de-facto independence from Italy, in sharp contrast with Catalonia, where local leaders are determined to prevail in their wrestling match with Madrid. Also in contrast to Catalans, people in Veneto and Lombardy lack a distinct culture and officially-recognized language, thereby having a weaker claim to their own national identity, despite regional dialects which people from elsewhere in Italy struggle to understand.

This is not to say that Veneto, home to tourist mecca Venice, and Lombardy, home to Milan, Italy’s capital of fashion and finance, do not have a distinguished history of independence. Venice, for instance, was an independent monarchy until the second half of the 19th century. Even after annexation by Napoleon, Veneto did not join the rest of Italy until 1866, five years after the national unification.

Giro D'Italia

2018 Giro D’Italia Confirmed For Jerusalem Start, Vatican Finish

Besides the fact that the Vatican and Jerusalem are both controlled by the same evil, the “Luciferian Chosen Ones” are now making another effort to ‘unite religions’ and this time it is through sports. 

Giro D'Italia

“2018 Giro d’Italia confirmed for Jerusalem start, Vatican finish,” Source:

The official presentation of the 2018 Giro d’Italia start is still four days off, but the open secret that it will have its first ever start outside of Europe in Jerusalem has been confirmed by the Israeli sports minister and local organisers.

Cyclingnews previously reported on the start in Israel, with plans rumoured for a time trial in Jerusalem’s Old City for the opening stage, and possible visits to Tel Aviv and the southern part of the country.

Daniel Benaim, the CEO of the local organisers, Comtec Group, the Giro’s Israeli production company, confirmed the news to the Associated Press. “This is a hugely exciting moment for cycling and for Israel,” Benaim said. “An event of this magnitude is something that the country will always remember.”

The AFP reported that the race will finish in the Vatican City with the theme of co-existence and peace.

Former Giro d’Italia winners Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso are expected to be among those assembled at the official announcement in Jerusalem on September 18.

Cyclingnews will have full coverage of the announcement and course details.

Another foreign start for the Italian race could be on tap, with the Welsh government negotiating with Giro d’Italia owners RCS Sport to host the race.

“We are continuing the very positive discussions with RCS about hosting the Giro d’Italia,” a government spokesperson told BBCSport Wales after representatives from RCS Sport were in attendance at the Tour of Britain finish in Cardiff. “This visit was an excellent opportunity to showcase Wales, to start building relationships.”

Wales has been attempting to bring one of the sport’s Grand Tours to the region, meeting with the ASO only to be told there were no near-term opportunities to host the Tour de France.

“We have made clear our ambition to host a future Grand Tour event,” the Welsh Government spokesperson told the BBC. “In recent years we have made contact with the owners of all three events and have been keen to explore options.”

The Tour de France started in Yorkshire in 2014, London hosted the Grand Depart in 2007 and Ireland held stages in 1998. But the Giro d’Italia has only recently begun to branch out more regularly, starting outside Italy in every second year since 2010, including a start in Belfast in 2014. The 2018 start in Jerusalem will be its 13th foreign start, and its first outside Europe in its 101-year history.


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eBOOK: AA-1025 – Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into The Church

“AA-1025 – Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into The Church,” by Marie Caree (1972)


You can download the book below. 

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Italian Parliament

Italy’s Parliament Approves Bill Criminalizing Holocaust Denial

Renzo Gattegna, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, called the vote “historic” and said the law would be “a fundamental new tool in the fight against professional liars, while safeguarding at the same time inalienable principles such as freedom of opinion and research,” Haaretz reported.

The Jewish lobby has clearly asserted itself in Italy.  And, anyone who has a different opinion than the approved national narative is a “professional liar.”  The European Union is not too far away from being an “intellectual gulag.”  Striking is the 102 abstentions in this vote as well – this speaks volumes.

Italian Parliament
Italian Parliament passed the law with 237 voting in favor, 5 aganist, and 102 abstentions

“Italy’s Parliament Approves Bill Criminalizing Holocaust Denial”

Italy’s parliament on Wednesday approved a bill that would criminalize the spreading of Holocaust-denial propaganda as well as any statements that deny genocide or crimes against humanity. Those prosecuted could face two to six years in prison.

The bill was passed by Italy’s lower legislative house, the Chamber of Deputies, with 237 members voting in favor and five against, in addition to 102 abstentions. The measure is a modification of an existing law that criminalizes racial, ethnic, and religious incitement in Italy. The International Court of Justice is responsible for determining what constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity.

“By approving this law, parliament intends to tackle the most subtle forms of racial defamation, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and incitement to hatred,” said Chiara Gribaudo, the deputy leader of Italy’s Democratic Party.

Renzo Gattegna, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, called the vote “historic” and said the law would be “a fundamental new tool in the fight against professional liars, while safeguarding at the same time inalienable principles such as freedom of opinion and research,” Haaretz reported.

The Italian Senate first approved the bill in February, and the measure was awaiting approval from the Chamber of Deputies before it could be written into law.


The Plot Against The Church

eBOOK: Plot Against The Church

“Plot Against The Church,” by Maurice Pinay (1962)

The Plot Against The Church
The Plot Against The Church

The Jews are documented in this book, “The Plot Against the Church”, as the perpetrators of that very longstanding plot.

It’s no secret, but not generally acknowledged, that the Jews have always and still do hate Christianity, Christians, and Christ with a vengeance.

Jews deny that but their Holy Book, the Talmud, instructs them otherwise, and the evidence shows it. Much of this history has not come down to us straight or whole due partly to the admitted fact of the ownership of media and publishing by Jews themselves. Occasionally something such as this book would squeak by, but then, as this book did, would soon go down the memory hole.



You can download the book below. 

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Everybody has Jewish acquaintances and some are friends, but not everybody – in fact very few – know much about true Jewish history or the contents of their well kept secret Holy Writ. “The Plot Against the Church” discloses some of their history from about the time of the crucifixion onwards, and it’s not pretty. To avoid the bugaboo of “anti-Semitic” the Churchmen authors of this book quote Jewish and philo-Semitic historians for much source material. It would be inaccurate for any of us to shoot off the glib anti-Semitic arrow here.

Even though the book is written from the point-of-view of the historical development of the Catholic Church, the knowledge of this development and of its enemy is important to Christians in general and to all Gentiles as to what it reveals of the secretive manipulative techniques used by the Jews throughout history – techniques that are to this day sanctioned by their Holy of Holy Writs, the Talmud.

Simply put, the Jews were continually, over the centuries, trying to subvert the Church, as well as governments. With the Church being put in a defensive position, this was war – a many centuries long one. As in war, the Jews did espionage and had a “fifth column” inside the Church. The Jews saw that all as good. The Church, being attacked, naturally saw it as not at all good, and undertook defensive measures against this. But those defensive measures have been cleverly misrepresented and sold to the world by the Jews as historical Jewish victimization.

Much of this history has not come down to us straight or whole due partly to the admitted fact of the ownership of media and publishing by Jews themselves. Occasionally something such as this book would squeak by, but then, as this book did, would soon go down the memory hole.

Besides many Jews’ disarming personal traits of charm, wit, intelligence, and talent, we see noted that cultural qualities of the Jews’ include extreme toughness of character, discrimination in favor of their kind, cunning deception, blind spots to their faults and failings, strongly active resentment toward those who dare point out their faults, and a chameleon-like adaptability with ability to roll with the punches.

Quite astonishingly, also included in rabbinically approved Judaism relative to behavior toward Gentiles, are lying, cheating, and murder – as it is approved that the “best among the Gentiles” may be murdered with impunity – and should be.

Well! That is not necessarily a secret, but it is not generally well known either. Where has the outrage been by the Gentiles? Yet, all that IS well known by the rabbis and those Jews of Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox persuasion. Secular Jews though, who are not completely up on their Talmud, may have but hazy knowledge of these Satanic attributes of their faith, and/or may be “into denial” about them. So none of this is fessed up to by Jews .

Also, it’s these non-Orthodox Jews that comprise the majority and are the largest number of “gatekeeper Jews”; that is those who lock out even legitimate critique of Judaism, Zionism, and Israel by their frequent hurling of the “anti-Semitic” invective that has so effectively cowed most everybody else for so very long.

Another point made: the Jews claim their God granted them the “Chosen People” covenant, but in the Bible that was a conditional pact, and historically Jews have not honored those conditions. So even though the Jew’s amazingly few numbers now largely dominate the Western world in practically all its institutions, witnessed by the facts of ownership, influence, power, and money; they do so under false pretenses. This is especially true relative to their loudly proclaimed chosen-ness, and the fact that those of their larger and activist Khazar population are not the original People of the Book – not Semitic – but rather a Turkic, phallic worshiping people that came through Eastern Europe as the Ashkenazim and are relatively later converts to Judaism. (Ironic that it is the brutalized Palestinians who are of the genuine Abrahamic Semite “seed”.)

We see in the book how the Jews, at frequent times in their history accepted baptism into Christianity. But the vast majority of these baptized Jews continued to covertly practice Judaism, raise their progeny as secret Jews, and from the inside, clandestinely plot against Christianity of which they had become members. (At one point in Spain, “Marranos” was what these false converts were called.)

Described is one such converted Jew, Arius, who championed the notion of Jesus not being Divine. Several times this became a strong contending movement within Christianity, but each time it was defeated.

Yet the Jews through that and other strategies continually attempted to “invade” the Church and its sanctum sanctorum with the goal of gaining control of and Judaizing Christianity. Arguably, though not widely recognized, they have succeeded. Strategically powerful Jew-centered Christian enemies include Marxism, Jewish dominated Bolshevism/Communism, and Jewish now dominated Freemasonry.

Further, since the time this book was written, Fr. Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider, has disclosed a Satanic element present in the Vatican and the Church in general- incredible as it seems – for satanic pedophile rites, sacrifice, and homosexuality. However in Malachi Martin’s numerous writings on the Church, he is hands-off about Jewish influence in the Church as it has been shown conclusively that Martin was in the pay of the American Jewish Committee.

It must be mentioned in balance that some of the now Judaized Christianity is regrettably due to disloyal, traitorous, or lax Christian institutionalism itself through Israel-first evangelicals, Christian Zionism, and Freemasonry or Jewish influenced Catholicism at the highest levels. This last evidenced, in part, by Pope Benedict’s refusal to back Bishop Williamson on the Bishop’s measured view of the Holocaust. The Pope’s giving in to Jews on this issue will do nothing but alienate most fair-minded Christians including his own Catholics, and further Fr. Williamson toward martyrdom and possible eventual sainthood.

Additionally, the subversion of governments has now succeeded as shown by the near 100% control of the US government by Jews – AIPAC, as well as B’nai B’rith, ADL, JDL, and SPLC. Selecting Zionist Rahm Emanuel, one of Obama’s handlers, to openly and unashamedly be his chief of staff speaks volumes for the in-your-face Zionist take-over of the US Administration. Similar Zionist take-overs have been occurring in EU countries: Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, and the UK is moving that way.

Finally, the purpose of this book was as a kind of historical education and warning to co-religionists who were about to attend the Vatican II Council in Rome in the early 1960s. The ostensible objective of that Council was to revise Church doctrine to be more in keeping with modern times in the view of the then new Pope John XXIII who called the Council.

There is evidence, though circumstantial, that Angelo Roncalli, a.k.a. Pope John XXIII, had, earlier in his Churchly career, been admitted into Freemasonry probably of high rank. That might explain why part of John’s intent for Vatican II was to whitewash (no other word for it) the Church’s view toward the Jews such as to absolve them of Deicide or their hand in the murder of Jesus Christ. For, after all, present day Jews, through their rabbis and the Talmud are the direct inheritors of the beliefs and deeds of Jesus’ murderers, the Pharisees, including their predecessors who also murdered several Old Testament Prophets.

But, as Prof. Kevin MacDonald has written, “Jews have become sanctified as a people.” No criticism allowed, (or at least to be widely published in the MSM.)

In the end, the book, “The Plot Against the Church” had no restraining or modifying effect on the Vatican II Council’s actions. And so the Jews again had and have a free ride. John half humorously stated that his mission as Pope was to “step on the accelerator” — (for the rest of us, to where?, for what?; quo vadis?)


Italian Police

Italy Nabs Four Suspected In ISIS Plot To Attack Israeli Embassy, Vatican

Italian police on Thursday arrested four people suspected of conspiring to carry out attacks on behalf of Islamic State in Italy.

Italian Police

The Israeli embassy in Rome and the Vatican were among the alleged targets, Newsweek cited Milan prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli as saying.

“I want to hit Israel in Rome,” one suspect named as Abderrahim Moutahrrick was said to have told another suspect in an intercepted conversation, according to the report.

Investigators believe one of the suspects asked another to plan an attack in Italy and mentioned Rome.

As part of the same investigation, police also issued arrest warrants for two fugitives – a Moroccan man and his Italian wife who left Italy and headed towards Iraq and Syria last year.

The four arrested Thursday include a man and wife living near Lake Como — a 23-year-old Moroccan man, and a female relative of the fugitive couple.

Italy has been spared deadly attacks by Islamist militant groups such those seen in France and Belgium. Authorities are nevertheless on high alert, carrying out regular arrests of people suspected to have ties to Islamic State.



Sicily, Italy

Sicilian mafia “declares war” on migrants, as Italian city resembles more like “Beirut than Europe”

Sicily’s notorious criminal syndicate Cosa Nostra has reportedly declared war on refugees as the mayor of the Italian city claims that the Sicilian capital “feels more like Istanbul or Beirut than Europe”.

Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando
Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando

The development comes as a thousand of new arrivals pour on to the island every week, MailOnline reported.

According to Mail, Cosa Nostra is desperate to maintain supremacy after the African crime gangs, which arrived with the migrants, are engaged in a deadly turf war.

The situation has turned tense after a Gambian man was shot dead by an assassin in broad daylight sparking fears of a wider bloodbath.“Palermo is no longer an Italian town. It is no longer European. You can walk in the city and feel like you’re in Istanbul or Beirut,” Mayor Leoluca Orlando told MailOnline.

The Mail said that immigration to Italy soared by 90 percent in the first three months of the year. There is a widespread concern that the number of new migrants exceeds the country’s capacity to cope.

“In the past, when the Mafia was more powerful, it prevented any immigrants from entering the city. Until I was 30 years old, I never saw an African or Asian in Palermo,” the Mail quoted Palermo mayor Leoluca Orlando as saying.

“The Mafia has not understood that the city has changed. We are now a city of immigrants, and the Mafia bosses no longer sit in the mayor’s chair,” he added.