VIDEO: Viktor Orban — Owned

If Viktor Orban was really woke, and Budapest not a ZOG, he would not be kowtowing to Netanyahu and visiting Yad Vashem. Or, is he just “playing 4d chess” like Trump?

From the AP: “(19 Jul 2018) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem on Thursday. Israel is granting the populist Orban a warm embrace despite a public outcry over the visiting leader’s past remarks that have been interpreted as anti-Semitic. Earlier on Thursday, he met with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. The four-time Hungarian premier drew criticism last year for praising Miklos Horthy – Hungary’s World War II-era ruler who introduced anti-Semitic laws and collaborated with the Nazis – and employing tropes that were anti-Semitic in tone against billionaire philanthropist George Soros during his re-election campaign. Dozens of people protested in front of Yad Vashem against Orban’s visit. “I don’t think that you have to be a Holocaust survivor or a Hungarian to be here to say that Orban has no business coming here,” said Hungarian Holocaust survivor Veronika Cohen. Amnesty International in Israel organised a protest, rejecting “restraint toward the words of praise for anti-Semitism, for racism and anti-democratic persecution.” Orban is expected to visit the Western Wall on Friday.”

Jobbik Party

VIDEO: Former ‘Anti-Semitic Politician’ From Hungary Moves To Israel After Discovering He’s Jewish

Confusion and divide and conquer is the name of the game! The point we are trying to make here is that these articles and video prove that this NEW Neo-NAZI movement, as well as Black Lives Matter, are nothing more than fronts controlled by the Jewish Communists to create division amongst us. If these were TRUE National Socialists they would be EXPOSING these fake groups ruled from the Soviet Union and Israel. Hitler fought against Jewish Communism not against the Jews. This is a VERY EVIL game they are playing, so before you side with anyone, make sure you know how Jewish Communism WORKS! 

For more information, please refer to: Anthony Sutton’s book “National Suicide” – Anatoliy Golitsyn “The Perestroika Deception” – Anatoliy Golitsyn “New Lies for Old” – Unkown author: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – You can also do a search on our eBook section for more informative books.


Jobbik Party

“Former ‘anti-Semitic politician’ from Hungary moves to Israel after discovering he’s Jewish,” Source:

A former MEP for a Hungarian far-right party is emigrating to Israel four years after he discovered he had Jewish roots.

Csanad Szegedi had been a rising star in the anti-immigration party Jobbik, which had been accused of anti-Semitism, when he admitted his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor in 2012.

Following the discovery of his family’s tragic history, the 34-year-old renounced all ties to the party and converted to Judaism.

Now he told Hebrew language newspaper Ma’ariv he is waiting to become an Israeli citizen so he contribute to the fight against anti-Semitism.

Mr. Szegedi, who had previously claimed Jewish people were “buying up the country”, said: “Israel is an amazing country, and I believe that every Jew who lives in the Diaspora seriously considers making aliya (emigrating) to Israel, at least once in his life.

“There are many more positive elements than negative elements in being a Jew, and the biggest gift for any Jew is the existence of the State of Israel.

“After the nightmares that my relatives underwent in the Holocaust, my family and I very much want to be part of the positive dream that Israel constitutes for us.”

He refused to rule out participating in Israeli politics saying he followed it “closely” and had the “political bug” but had not joined any political party yet.

He said: “Right now, I am acting in the arena that I am familiar with, Hungary and Europe, in order to raise awareness on the issue of anti-Semitism and to work for the betterment of Israel, as a sort of compensation for the past.

“However, I have a lot of years of experience in politics and I would be happy to contribute my experience to Zionist organizations in Israel as well.”

Mr. Szegedi, who was a member of Jobbik between 2006 and 2012, was reportedly also a member of the Hungarian Guard.

The group, which was banned by the courts in 2009, formed in 2007 and wore black uniforms with striped flags recalling the Arrow Cross – a pro-Nazi party which governed the country during the Second World War.

In all, an estimated 550,000 Hungarian Jews were killed during the Holocaust – most of them being sent to death camps such as Auschwitz.

Mr. Szegedi, who was raised as a Christian, spoke of his shock when he was confronted about his origins in 2010.

He initially tried to cover it up but later said he had spoken to his grandmother about her experiences and realized the Holocaust had actually happened.

He said: “It was then that it dawned on me that my grandmother really is Jewish

“I asked her how the deportations happened. She was in Auschwitz and Dachau and she was the only survivor of an extended family.”


Please accept our apologies for somehow never mentioning that Hungary’s terrifying new “Nazi” leader is happily married to a Jew,” Source:

With just a few days left before this year’s European Parliament balloting, it’s pretty clear that the big story of the EP election in Hungary is the strong likelihood that the right-wing Jobbik will be the only minor party to send a representative to Strasbourg. Meanwhile, much of the foreign media’s coverage of Jobbik’s rise has focused on its charismatic EP list leader, academic/layer Krisztina Morvai. Yet among all the thousands of words spilled profiling Morvai and her party – typified by this interview in last week’s Budapest Times, and this frustrated “non-interview” in the UK Telegraph – one seemingly crucial detail is always omitted: that Movai is married to a Jew who isn’t even right-wing (television reporter György Baló). What this all means I have no idea, though if there was ever a topic made for open comments, this would have to be it. Go wild, kids.

Horst Mahler

Arrested In Hungary! Fugitive ‘Holocaust Denier’ Convicted for ‘Sieg Heil’ Salutes Faces Return to Prison

They can imprison him but they cannot imprison the truth! The truth does not fear investigation! People are waking up to this sick lie.

A statement published by Mitteldeutsche Zeitung suggested Mahler sought asylum while on the run in Hungary.

However, a spokesperson for the Hungarian government denied the report.

Horst Mahler demonstrated, with this visit, that Hungary it is still under the heavy influence of the Jewish Lobby. Could have Victor Orban, and the Hungarian government, intervened? Of course, but they didn’t. Is Orban just another owned-politician in the pockets of his masters?

Horst Mahler
Horst Mahler

 “Runaway Holocaust denier convicted for ‘Sieg Heil’ salutes faces return to prison,” Source:

An 81-year-old Nazi sympathizer – recalled to prison in Germany to complete a 10-year sentence for continuously breaking the nation’s Holocaust denial laws – has been arrested in Hungary.

Horst Mahler has repeatedly broken Germany’s strict Volksverhetzung code, or national incitement law, which makes it illegal to deny or “attack the dignity of” Holocaust victims.

The former lawyer had been on release from a 2009 conviction due to ill health, but according to Deutsche Welle he was recalled to serve out the remainder of his sentence earlier this year.

Hungarian police say the man wanted by German authorities was arrested in Sopron on Monday at 1:45pm local time.

A statement published by Mitteldeutsche Zeitung suggested Mahler sought asylum while on the run in Hungary.

However, a spokesperson for the Hungarian government denied the report

Mr Horst Mahler did not submit a request for asylum in Hungary,” the spokesperson told

“Had he submitted a request for asylum in Hungary it would have been rejected by the immigration authority on the grounds that it would have been unacceptable according to Article 53 (1) of Act LXXX of 2007, in view of the fact that he’s a citizen of a member state of the European Union.”

In April, Horst – who was disbarred for saying billions of people would be willing to forgive Hitler if “he had committed only the murder of Jews” – released a video indicating he had been recalled to finish his sentence.

“Perhaps this will be the last chance I have to address my fellow Germans,” Mahler said in the appearance.

“April 19, 2017, I am scheduled to return to prison to finish my sentence – another three and a half years.

“I’m 81-years-old, awaiting three more charges and it’s always the same: inciting racial hatred, this time against the Jews.”

The video was posted by Nordland TV on social media. Alison Chabloz, a Manchester-based journalist and supporter of Mahler, reposted the video with English subtitling after the original appeared to have been taken down from YouTube.

Chabloz’s blog states how her YouTube channel is used to post “subtitled translation of news.”

Germany’s Volksverhetzung law states that anyone “endorsing, glorifying or justifying” Nazi violence faces a prison term of up to five years in prison.

Mahler was found guilty by a Munich court in 2009 of repeatedly giving the ‘Seig Heil’ salute, reports Handelsblatt. has reached out to the office of the Munich prosecutor for comment.