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VIDEO: Zionist Report Published It’s FIRST Book Titled – “Challenge Your Knowledge”

If you have not yet read our recently published book, we strongly recommend you do. Even if you think you are already aware of all the historical lies we have been taught for centuries, you are still in for a surprise! Please spread the word, we must give people a chance to learn the truth!

VIDEO: Rabbi – “The Biggest Enemies of the Jews are the Jews”

It is refreshing to hear the truth coming from a Rabbi. Well, the partial truth, as someone needs to educate him on the lies of the Holocaust. The lies of WW2 are critical to uncover, and one of the best ways to wake-up asleep Goyim — so tell your family and friends about the Bolsheviks, about the Holodomor, about the Red Cross figures regarding the “Holocaust”, etc., etc., etc.

Marlene Dietrich

COMMENTARY: Did Marlene Dietrich Plot To Murder Hitler? She Seduced John Wayne, James Stewart And JFK But The German Siren Had Grander Designs On History

Google never forgets to add their daily share of ‘brainwashing’! On Wednesday’s Google Doodle it celebrates Marlene Dietrich’s 116th birthday. Why do you think that is? She was also mentioned in tribal owned Time Magazine,The Telegraph, El Pais, etc. etc. etc. Because Dietrich is one of Berlin’s 20’s and 30’s icon of corruption. Those that Hitler wanted OUT of Germany. She was bisexual and much despised by the National Socialists for her lack of morals. 

Dietrich was a Jewess who worked as a stage and film actress in the famous decadent Twenties in Berlin. This is the type of trash that Hitler fought to rid his beloved Deutschland and the rest of Europe from. But, this poisonous filth continued to corrupt the world through Hollywood and today we clearly see how it has destroyed and continues to destroy our society. 

Marlene Dietrich

“Did Marlene Dietrich plot to murder Hitler? She seduced John Wayne, James Stewart and JFK but the German siren had grander designs on history,” Source:

As the long black limousine pulled up unannounced outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, the guardsmen were surprised to see one of the most famous and beautiful women of the day reclining elegantly in the back seat.

Marlene Dietrich Seductress: Marlene Dietrich planned to use her wiles to entrap Hitler and bring an end to the war 

Marlene Dietrich, then the world’s highest-paid film star, was the epitome of husky-voiced sexual allure.

At the height of her fame, she seduced many of Hollywood’s best-known actors, including John Wayne and James Stewart. But on that summer’s evening in 1936 she had a very different conquest in mind.

Dietrich was in England to make a film called Knight Without Armour at Denham Studios in Buckinghamshire.

Her boyfriend, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, was friendly with the Royal Family and through him she had learned of King Edward VIII’s plans to abdicate so he could marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Shocked at the idea he might renounce everything for what she described as ‘that homely, flat-chested woman,’ the 35-year-old screen goddess had decided to intervene.

‘She was prepared to seduce him and show him that Wallis wasn’t the only woman in the world,‘ Fairbanks said.

Dietrich’s audacious plan was concocted in her suite at Claridge’s, he claimed. ‘She told me: “I’ll make him forget her. I must have a bath and the right perfume.”

‘She began taking her clothes off as she went.’

Since they were in the midst of their own affair, Fairbanks — not surprisingly — expressed his reservations about the scheme.

‘Oh darling, don’t be so old-fashioned,’ she replied.

‘We’re doing it for England, which we both love. Some sacrifices must be made.’

King Edward VIII

Doing it for England: Dietrich wanted to prevent King Edward VIII from abdicating to be with Wallis Simpson, pictured here together on a 1936 Adriatic cruise

Fairbanks said: ‘She went off in her limousine but she’d dallied a bit too long enhancing her charms, which hadn’t needed any enhancing, and the King was out when she arrived — or so she was told.’

According to a colourful new biography, it was not the last time Dietrich would consider using her charms to change the course of history.

Her prolific love life would involve the seduction of both President John F. Kennedy and his father Joe — not to mention a bizarre plot to assassinate Hitler.

Underlying all this was a free and frank enjoyment of sex — startling for a woman of her generation.

‘Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful,’ she once said of her most celebrated attributes.

‘It’s just that I know what to do with them.’

Marlene Dietrich

Ahead of her time: Dietrich was open about enjoyment of sex, which was rare for a woman in her day and age

Born in Berlin in 1901, she was the daughter of Louis Dietrich, a lieutenant in the Royal Prussian Police, and his wife Josephine, whose family ran one of the city’s best-known department stores.

Among the first people to fall for Dietrich’s allure was an older girl at her school.

‘I was allowed to overnight with her and she was the initiator,’ she remembered.

‘She didn’t seem to know much about what she was doing, but she seemed to enjoy her fumbling.’

Working as a stage and film actress in decadent Twenties Berlin, she went on to conduct affairs with both sexes. But her strangest and most enduring relationship was with a man, a handsome assistant director named Rudi Sieber.

She would later describe him as ‘the love of my life, my soul mate’.

Yet after they married in May 1923, and she gave birth to their daughter Maria the following year, they agreed to enjoy an open relationship and Dietrich gave her stamp of approval to Sieber’s affair with Russian actress Tamara Matul.

In part, this was a practical arrangement. In 1930, her success in the film The Blue Angel took the new international sex symbol to Hollywood and she left her daughter in the care of her husband and Tamara — an agreement that was repeated throughout her career.

Although they continued to live apart in the coming years, Dietrich wrote to Rudi whenever she had an affair and told him the details.

‘I never loved anyone else the way I loved Rudi, so Rudi didn’t need to be jealous,’ she explained.

There must have been many such letters. Her Hollywood romances included affairs with two of Greta Garbo’s former lovers.

One was a dalliance with Mercedes de Acosta, a society lesbian renowned for her habit of wearing mannish trousers, along with a naval-style tricorn hat and cape. The other was with actor John Gilbert, known as ‘the great lover’ of the silent screen.

Her two-year relationship with Gilbert ended when he died of a heart attack in January 1936, but she quickly moved on, meeting Douglas Fairbanks Jr at a party in London, shortly before her abortive role in the abdication crisis.

That night, she asked him to give her a lift back to Claridge’s and invited him in for a nightcap.

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Confidant: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr said Dietrich told him of her plan to assassinate Hitler and asked him for helpHitler

‘It’s very nice of you to have me up for a drink,’ he said as he settled on the sofa in her suite.

‘That wasn’t what I had in mind,’ she replied.

Dietrich was eight years older than Fairbanks, but he recalled: ‘She was unconventional in her lovemaking as she was unconventional in everything.

‘She was totally uninhibited about her nudity which was easy to understand when you gazed upon that body.’

Their relationship coincided with Dietrich’s growing concerns about the rise of Nazism in her homeland. She was deemed a traitor for refusing to return to Germany and make films at the state-run UFA studios, which would have been great propaganda for the Third Reich.

One day, according to Fairbanks, she asked for his help in an extraordinary plan. She would agree to make one film in Germany, on condition that she could be alone with the Fuhrer.

This would give her an opportunity to kill him.

Jimmy Stewart

Not so gentleman Jim: Dietrich enjoyed a dalliance with her co-star James Stewart, and found his private persona quite different to his public one

She told Fairbanks: ‘I would gush over how I feel about him, intimating that I am desperately in love with him. I’ve heard Hitler likes me and I’m certain he would agree.’

Realising she would be searched, she was prepared to go into Hitler’s bedroom naked if necessary, but the only detail she could not resolve was how to smuggle in a murder weapon.

She considered a poisoned hairpin, but asked for Fairbanks’ suggestions, too.

‘I never thought of anything,’ he said.

‘Fortunately, her idea didn’t go any further because she didn’t figure out how to complete the assassination, but she was a very brave girl and I know she would have gambled her life if she thought she had a chance of success.’

When Dietrich ended her affair with Fairbanks in 1938, he suspected she had simply tired of him.

The following year she began an affair with James Stewart, her co-star in the Western film Destry Rides Again. She revealed a very different side to ‘Gentleman Jimmy’, as he was known to fans.

‘He never said “I love you” or anything like that,’ she recalled.

‘One rather expects that kind of thing, those words, even if delivered in perfect insincerity.

‘Then I discovered I was pregnant. It was his baby too, so I told him. He looked shocked.

‘He said: “Jeez, what are you gonna do about it?” I noticed he said “you”, not “we”.’

Some accounts suggest Dietrich had an abortion with Stewart’s endorsement, while others say she claimed it turned out to be a phantom pregnancy.

Whatever the truth, their relationship did not survive the end of filming, and Dietrich was soon in pursuit of Joseph Kennedy, father of the famous brothers John, Robert and Edward.

Kennedy was then the U.S. ambassador to Britain and he and Dietrich met in the summer of 1939 when both were holidaying at Cap d’Antibes in the South of France.


Family friend: John F Kennedy and his father Joseph, were both wooed by Dietrich years apart – and both kept their watches on

She was there with Rudi, Tamara and Maria, while Kennedy was accompanied by his wife and children, but this did not deter them from a dalliance which proved disappointing in several respects.

‘He was a very rich man but he never gave me even a simple token, like a scarf,’ said Dietrich.

‘I think he wanted to be sure you really liked him, just for himself alone. He wasn’t very comfortable when it came to women.’

Their fling ended that summer, but it appeared she had made a lasting impression on the young John F. Kennedy, then only 21.

In later years her popularity as a film star began to wane and she turned to a career as a cabaret artist.

Touring the country with such memorable songs as Falling In Love Again and Lili Marleen, she arrived in Washington in the early Sixties and invited President John F. Kennedy to her show.

Marlene Dietrich

Lifestyle: The love of Dietrich’s life was an assistant director named Rudi Sieber who she married but then enjoyed an open marriage with

Word came back the president could not accept but would like her to visit him at the White House.

She was escorted to his private quarters where they were left alone together.

‘He clearly remembered those days in the South of France,’ she said.

‘Most of him was relaxed, but not all of him and he didn’t leave any doubt as to what he had in mind.

‘I can’t say I was caught completely by surprise. He was, after all, his father’s son and I wanted to see if he made love like his father.

‘I don’t remember most of what happened because it was all so quick. Afterwards I remembered saying: “Please don’t muss my hair.” I kept my professional focus and I knew I had a show to do later  that night.

‘I think he was even faster than his father. He had an even busier schedule I suppose. They both kept their watches on.’

Before she left, Kennedy asked if she had really gone to bed with his father. She said: ‘I hesitated a moment and thought about what he wanted to hear. “No, your father tried but I didn’t agree,” I told him.

‘The president smiled, so I suppose what I said was right for him. “The old fox,” he said. “I knew he was lying”.’

Dietrich was then in her early 60s and admitted to feeling relieved that Kennedy, some 16 years her junior, had found her attractive.

‘I felt too old for the young president,’ she said.

‘I wished I could have been younger and more beautiful for the occasion.’

Ageing came hard for a woman whose sex appeal had once enabled her to pick and choose which of her leading men she would invite into her bed, and choosy she could be.

She had been enamoured of John Wayne, her co-star in The Spoilers, filmed in 1942. When she first saw him, she was struck by his ‘broad shoulders and flat behind’, but what most appealed to her was that he wasn’t vain or arrogant.

‘Far from it, he was insecure as an actor,’ she said.

John Wayne

The Duke: This shot from ‘The Spoilers’ in 1952 shows Dietrich, left, with John Wayne, who she wanted to ‘mother’ because he was vulnerable

‘I don’t think it’s what a man his size would like to have said about him but he brought out the maternal side in me.’

Aware she could not depend on her looks for ever, she had long had a pact with her husband Rudi that they would spend their old age together.

In this, there was never any question in Dietrich’s mind that he would ultimately choose her over long-term mistress Tamara.

‘She could never be the love of his life because that place had been taken by me,’ she said. Dietrich believed this realisation may have contributed to Tamara’s increasingly fragile mental health.

In 1965, she was committed to a lunatic asylum, where she was later stabbed to death by another inmate.

The path was clear for her and Rudi to enter their twilight years together — but the great tragedy of her life was that he died in 1976, leaving her to live out her last years on her own in a Paris apartment.

When she died in May 1992, it was as a virtual recluse.

There was a simple reason for her refusal to leave her flat. The woman who had once entranced millions was terrified photographers might take snaps of her, revealing the beauty which could have changed the course of world events was itself now part of history.

• Extracted from MARLENE: A PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY by Charlotte Chandler, to be published by JR Books on May 25 at £18.99. © 2011 Charlotte Chandler. To order a copy for £15.99 (including p&p)  call 0845 155 0720.

DOCUMENTARY: Auschwitz Vs. Science

1. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which was written in history on the basis of military tribunals where the victors judged the vanquished and that accepted as evidence absurd allegations such as human skin lampshades, human soap, blowing an experimental village with 20,000 Jews…

2. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide in which it is claimed that the perpetrators somehow managed to commit a perfect murder x 6,000,000 by destroying all evidence and using an unknown code language to submit orders and plans.

3. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which claims a systematic industrial extermination in novel extermination weapons such as gas vans, gas chambers, diesel chambers, steam chambers, incinerators, etc. yet none of those weapons are ever found nor do they leave pictures, blueprints or construction orders.

4. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which is peddled by people who by their own accounts were treated in hospitals in so-called “extermination camps”.

5. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which is “trademarked” and which has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

6. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which is still used today as one of the most powerful political weapons even invented.

7. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which has been elevated to a religious status, including a religious dogmatic number, shrines, pilgrimages, martyrs, and saints.

8. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide that will get you excommunicated (best case) or jailed (worst case) if you doubt its veracity.

9. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which has changed the official story radically over the years yet we are always told that this is the absolute truth etched in stone which nobody is supposed to question.

10. The Holocaust is the only genocide which relies on Soviet sources (anybody who ever lived in the Soviet Union would tell you how the “truth” is determined over there).

11. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide where no debate is allowed, scientific inquiry is suppressed and the heretics are persecuted.

12. The Holocau$t is the only claimed genocide where millions can be reduced from the total claimed to be killed’ but the total figure always remains SIX MILLION!

eBOOK: The 1st Holocaust – Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During & After WWI


“The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One,” By Don Heddesheimer (2005)

Most people believe that roughly six million Jews were killed by National Socialist Germany during World War II in an event generally referred to as the Holocaust or the Shoah. But how long have we known about this six million figure? The most frequent answer is that the six million figure was established after the Second World War during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Although it is true that the six million figure was declared to be the indubitable truth at this tribunal, it is actually remarkably older. In this book, Don Heddesheimer shows that the six million figure dates back much further.

Six million Jews in Poland and Russia threatened with imminent holocaust: this allegation was appearing in such sources as The New York Times — but the year was 1919!

Don Heddesheimer’s compact but substantive First Holocaust documents post-WWI propaganda that claimed East European Jewry was on the brink of annihilation, regularly invoking nowadays well-known buzzwords like “extermination,” “holocaust,” and the now famous and almost talismanic six million figure.

It gives details how that propaganda was used prior to WWII in order to agitate for minority rights for Jews in Poland, and for Zionism and Bolshevism in Poland and Russia; and demonstrates how Jewish fundraising operations in America raised vast sums in the name of feeding Polish and Russian Jews, then funneled much of the money to Zionist and Communist constructive undertakings—including banks, unions, and kibbutzes—rather than to starving Jews.

The First Holocaust also includes eye-opening testimony from American diplomats and military attaches stationed in Poland and Russia that contradicted Jewish persecution claims between the two world wars.

Although this exaggerated propaganda of Jewish suffering slowed down during the 1930s, it never completely ceased and received new momentum in the 1940s during the Second World War.

As we all know today, this propaganda skyrocketed after Germany’s total defeat, as the victorious nations of the Second World War seized upon the opportunity to take advantage of such propaganda and to increase its scope and impact.

Heddesheimer’s book clearly shows that the “six million” figure, together with “extermination” and “holocaust” claims, are Jewish-Zionist in nature and part of a propaganda pattern which started at the very dawn of the 20th century in order to promote Jewish political and financial goals.

The First Holocaust is a valuable study of American Jewish institutional operations at a fateful juncture in Jewish and European history, an incisive examination of a cunningly contrived campaign of atrocity and extermination propaganda, two decades before the alleged WWII Holocaust — and an indispensable addition to every revisionist’s library.

Table of Contents - The First Holocaust- Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One
Table of Contents – The First Holocaust- Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One

[embeddoc url=”–-Jewish-Fund-Raising-Campaigns-With-Holocaust-Claims-During-And-After-World-War-One.pdf” download=”all” viewer=”google”]

VIDEO: RT – “Nazism No Laughing Matter”

This is how RT propagates the lies of the Holocaust and WWII.

Regardless of what one may think of this ‘offensive party’ in Norway — RT takes this story and propagandizes it. Putin and RT do not want the Goyim to really understand the true history of WW2, and RT has a clear track record in making sure this is the case.

VIDEO: Newt Gingrich – “The 7 Million Jews Killed by Hitler…”

Newt Gingrich is indeed being a good Goy. However, is this a portent of things to come? Expect that number to start to inflate in the coming years.

In fact, according to Washington DC’s Holocaust Memorial Museum, the “Nazis may have killed up to 20m, claims ‘shocking’ new Holocaust study.” It is indeed funny how historical revisionism is allowed for the Tribe, but not for the Goyim.

VIDEO: More German Guilt Holocaust Propaganda!

DW is a propaganda media outlet for the German government. They incessantly publish pro-Cultural Marxist and Holocaust propaganda like this video to the point of absolute nausea! In this clip, we have a German “Holocaust survivor” giving his views on the rise of AfD. Oh, and in case you were wondering, DW’s CEO is a Tribe member named Peter Limbourg — nothing to see here Goyim, move along!