INTERVIEW: Putin’s Reign Of Terror

This is ONE OF THE BEST interviews we have ever posted when it comes to explaining who Putin is and what the end goal is all about. It is a shame that there are still people out there who allow Communist brainwashing propaganda to take over their power of reasoning. This happens because they have no historical knowledge of how Communism really works, otherwise, they would not be that easily brainwashed into believing so many lies.

We have not yet read Bjerknes book ‘Putin’s Reign of Terror’ but judging from the interview, it sure sounds like a must-read. Anatoliy Golitsyn warned the world about what was coming in his book ‘New Lies for Old’. WHY DON’T WE SPEND OUR TIME READING HIM AND OTHERS instead of following the media that WE ALL KNOW IS CONTROLLED on both sides? We MUST listen to what history and those who know the regime tell us! 




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Bakari Sellers

COMMENTARY: Bakari Sellers – Hitman For Israel, Hillary And Wall Street

Who said that there are no black zionists? This is a great example. The tribe spends time studying goyim’s personalities and knows what their weak points are. Sellers is money and power. 

Bakari Sellers
“Bakari Sellers: Hitman for Israel, Hillary and Wall Street,” Source: blackagendareport.com

CNN talking head Bakari Sellers is a mercenary for the rich and powerful, a veteran operative of the Israel lobby, and a receptacle for whatever words kings and queens of corruption like Hillary Clinton put in his mouth. It’s all part of Sellers’ upward mobility strategy.

“He has eagerly deployed himself as one of Zionism’s Black up-and-coming political stars. In return, AIPAC has helped bankroll his political career.”

Sellers was a real catch for AIPAC.”

Bakari Sellers, the 31-year-old former South Carolina state lawmaker who became a paid CNN shill for Hillary Clinton in 2015, following the Charleston massacre, is also a longtime operative for AIPAC, the deep-pocketed, cutthroat lobby for Israel. In a letter to Democratic Party officials, last month, Sellers claimed to have gathered the signatures of 60 “lifelong” Black Democrats urging rejection of any changes to the party’s slavishly pro-Israel 2012 platform positions, denouncing as “anti-Semitic” the global movement against Israeli oppression of Arabs in Palestine and the nearly 50-year-long occupation of the West Bank. “Since the last platform was approved, anti-Semitism has been on the rise and it has taken a new form – the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement known as BDS,” said the letter, much of which consisted of quotes from Hillary Clinton, including, “In Israel’s story, we see our own.” Clinton’s vision is clear, in one respect: the U.S. was once the largest of the world’s apartheid states; today, Israel is the last one standing.

Clinton’s minions on the platform committee brushed aside Bernie Sanders delegates’ planks on Israel, as well as the TPP pro-corporate trade deal, single-payer health care, a carbon tax, and linking a $15 an hour minimum wage to inflation.

The names on Sellers’ list have not yet been made public, but there is no shortage of Black apologists for Israel. In 2014, the entire Congressional Black Caucus joined in a unanimous U.S. House resolution affirming the Zionist state’s right to “defend itself” – even as Israeli bombs were slaughtering over 2,100 men, women, and children in Gaza.

“There is no shortage of Black apologists for Israel.”

Despite his relative youth, Bakari Sellers is a veteran operative for AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee, Israel’s strong-arm lobby. According to the website Electronic Intifada, Sellers was recruited back in 2004, when AIPAC had just begun a massive campaign at historically Black colleges and among even younger students of color, nationwide. Sellers was a real catch for AIPAC; not only had he just been elected student body president, he is also the son of Cleveland Sellers, a former leader of SNCC, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, who was wounded in the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre when state police killed three Black college students protesting segregation. The elder Sellers is now president of Voorhees College. SNCC’s stand in solidarity with Palestinians in 1967, the year of Israel’s Six Day War and its seizure of Arab East Jerusalem and the West Bank, is widely believed to mark the beginning of the deepening split between Black political activists and Zionism.

Bakari Sellers’ service to AIPAC is a repudiation and perversion of SNCC’s internationalist and humanitarian values. He has eagerly deployed himself as one of Zionism’s Black up-and-coming political operatives. In return, AIPAC has helped bankroll his political career. “The way I’m able to communicate, the exposure, the people that I’ve met – a lot of people I’ve met at the AIPAC policy conference became a huge part of my fundraising base,” Sellers told an AIPAC leadership seminar for college students, in 2008.

Sellers has found that AIPAC money and Wall Street funding go hand in hand – and he’s in it up to his elbows. “Looking forward to giving the address tonight ‪@Aipac Annual Wall Street Dinner in Manhattan,” he tweeted, mentally scooping up cash with both hands.

“Bakari Sellers’ service to AIPAC is a repudiation and perversion of SNCC’s internationalist and humanitarian values.”

A prime duty of white people’s – or Zionist’s – Black surrogates, is to act as torpedoes against troublesome Black activists. Sellers’ assignment is to be a counterpoint to anti-corporate, anti-imperialist critics of Israeli policy, like Dr. Cornel West, one of Bernie Sanders’ delegates on the platform committee. When CNN trotted Sellers out to defend Clinton’s 1990s record of spreading racist hysteria against Black male “super-predators,” West admonished him to remember “the legacy of your blessed father…look at his example. He was not just fighting against racism – he was fighting against a class system as well,” said West. “You can’t do that as a Wall Street Democrat.”

Sellers looked beaten, but he could not be shamed because he and the rest of his Black Misleadership Class are utterly shameless in their relentless pursuit of favor from the rich and powerful. As Dr. West told Sellers, the Black political elite “confuses the gravy train with the freedom train.”

Back in the early 2000s, when the BAR team was working at The Black Commentator, we toyed with the idea of creating a Trojan Horse Watch to keep track of the growing number of Black politicians that were succumbing to the siren song of the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Leadership Council. The flood of corporate money into local Black electoral politics – a new phenomenon – had not yet turned into a tsunami. One guy stood out above the rest: Cory Booker, the 31-year-old, one-term Newark, New Jersey, city councilman who was mounting his first challenge to Mayor Sharpe James. Booker made his national debut at a power luncheon of the Manhattan Institute, a star think tank in the right-wing, corporate constellation. He would sometimes arrive at campaign stops in a caravan of Hasidic Jews, although there was no significant Hasidic community in Newark. On deeper examination, it became clear that Booker was not your ordinary Black politician, grubbing for money as best he could, from whoever was giving it. Booker was a true zealot for Zionism and a hardcore corporate ideologue. The decades of leadership by a Black political class that chose the “gravy train” over the “freedom train” had produced a new breed of Black political striver that is totally at home with corporatism, imperialism, and Zionism, and is eager to be deployed by his masters as a political weapon.

Bakari Sellers is part of this crop: fruit of the poisoned tree.


VIDEO: The Tribal Owners of American Politicians (A Puppet Show of Traitors)

Ariel Sharon, Former PM of Israel:

We, the Jewish people, control America. And, Americans know it.

The Israel Lobby has completely infiltrated Washington DC and corrupted most spectrums of the political establishment. Not until this lobby is removed can America be a force for good on this Earth. 



COMMENTARY: Russian Chauvinists And Cultural Marxists Align To Destroy West

If it were just a fight for power … but the problem is that they want war and the use nuclear weapons to make sure they kill most of us. Can we stop this? We could if humanity decided once and for all to assume its responsibility and boycott their money making machines, such as international banks, large corporations, media, etc. 

“Russian Chauvinists and Cultural Marxists Align to Destroy West,” Source: nonalignedmedia.com

These days Russian mouthpieces sound a lot like cultural marxists, blasting “the West” generically for all of the global east and south’s failings. It could be said that Russia and cultural marxists have parallel interests at the moment, both seeking to tear down and fracture Western countries to serve their respective ends. The Kremlin and its civilian ideologues like Aleksander Dugin strive for this because they view certain Western powers, principally the US, as geopolitical foes standing in the way of a resurgent Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Hoisting the Russian flag over what they view as an Eurasian sphere of influence is their mission.

Concurrently, the cultural marxists based out of major Western universities, alongside their antifa and social justice warrior foot soldiers, aim to tear down the last vestiges of “patriarchy” and male dominance in the West, as well as to erode ethnic bonds that could conceivably generate a movement like Fascism or National  Socialism again. While they have different motives and objectives, the present rulers of Russia and the cultural marxists have entered into a marriage of convenience when it comes to throwing the West into chaos and disarray.

Dugin even told an interviewer that while he opposes postmodernism for Russia, he wants to strategically harness the ideology and its emphasis on relativism to deliver his “special Russian truth” to the world. In other words, Dugin wants to spread lies dressed up as “relative” truths in pursuit of his agenda, which is the resurrection of a Russian empire modeled on a fusion of authoritarian Soviet and Czarist political structures.

Russian chauvinists are nihilistic, murderous, even genocidal. Some of them openly exhort the killing en masse of perceived “enemies” of Russia. Incensed by the conflict in neighboring Ukraine, in 2014 Dugin publicly incited the indiscriminate slaughter of Ukrainians. The head of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, routinely threatens to “annihilate” the United States, Japan and other countries that challenge Russian power. Maria Katasonova, an active chauvinist in Russian politics and pro-Putin bimbo, put out a video threatening to blow up the world in a nuclear blast if the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine were defeated. With an Orwellian flair, Katasonova condemns Hillary Clinton as a warmonger, while she vehemently supports Russian-backed rebels waging war on Ukraine. In a televised talk show, a Russian political scientist sanctioned the genocide of all Chechens with the logic that their children might grow up to be terrorists. A leading Russian TV host, Dmitry Kiselyov, issued a thinly veiled on-air threat to turn the US into “radioactive ash” through a nuclear strike if Washington refused to recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

These and other examples of Russian extremism and nihilism don’t seem to bother the Kremlin lovers and groupies within the fold of “alt-media.” Western-based “alternative” media is, for the most part, in the pocket of the Kremlin, shilling non-stop for Putin’s kleptocracy.

Jews for Trump

VIDEO: Trump Is The Swamp

Only the very blind can believe in Trump and the problem is that is most of the American public does. This shows there null knowledge of history, geopolitics, and most of all, how brainwashing works. 



Putin and Trump

DOCUMENTARY: Donald Trump – The Kremlin Candidate?

This is a BBC documentary and must be taken with a grain of salt, but, on the other hand, when was the last time that America was a democracy? The answer is too long ago. We know about Trump’s ties with the mafia and we know about his ‘absolute love’ for the Jews, we also know that money and power is all he breaths. Could it be that he loves ‘America’ so much that wants to finally reunite it with its Russian sister who lives in the East? Trust no one. 



Putin - Trump

INTERVIEW: Did Leftist Russian Groups Back Hillary?

If you can IGNORE the first two minutes where ignorant puppet Alex Jones praises his Russian Jewish comrades, then we highly recommend you to listen to what Corsi tells the ‘Infowariors’. No one in their right mind can doubt the fact that Russia is behind it all, just like the US is behind it all because there are two sides of the same coin. The objective here is World Domination but first, they need war and that, is what they are preparing the world for, right now. 



VIDEO: Hillary Clinton – “We Will Totally Obliterate Iran”

While this interview is dated, the takeaway is the same now as it was then. Donald Trump is selecting advisors with pro-war stances against Iran. Will there be a war with Iran during the Trump presidency? And, will General Wesley Clark’s prediction ring true?  After all, Syria has almost fallen…


VIDEO: Donald Trump & The Cabal

Cabal: the term derives from Cabala (a word that has numerous spelling variations), the Jewish mystical interpretation of the Hebrew scripture. In Hebrew, it means “reception” or “tradition”, denoting the sod (secret) level of Jewish exegesis.

In other words, it is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unbeknown to persons outside their group. The use of this term usually carries strong connotations of shadowy corners, back rooms and insidious influence.