VIDEO: There Is NO Free Speech

This video, produced by Johnny Gat, masterfully describes the current state of affairs regarding the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) & free speech.

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VIDEO: Exposed – Sell Out & Shill Peter Sweden

So, what exactly happened with Peter Sweden? Was he approached and offered the proverbial 30 pieces of silver? Perhaps given a warning by Mossad? One may never know, but Johnny Gat produces a great video exposing his transformation.

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Sheldon Adelson

VIDEO: High Incident Project – Eerie Predictions In Vegas ‘Cui Bono’

Could all of this be a coincidence? Or are these FACTS? These people are doing whatever they want with America and Trump is at the top of the ladder. What better way to kill two birds with one shot but by profiting on one end while using this false flag as an excuse to apply more ‘security’ control measures. How could this have happened in a city like Las Vegas full of CCTV cameras? Watch, read and the answers to those questions might just be there.

“4chan Warned About Vegas 3 Weeks Early: Possible Financial and Political Gain Behind Mass Murder,” Source: 
squawker.org3 weeks ago, on 9/11 a mysterious 4chan user who went only by “John” made a series of at the time overlooked posts. He warned users to stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson areas. Stating that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a “high incident project” that was set to occur soon.

While the poster was ignored at the time since nothing seemed to occur on the 12th. The fact this John wrote “I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds,” seems almost frightening now that just a few weeks later the largest mass shooting in American history has occurred at this very location. If we even consider the idea there could be any truth to such a plot in the first place, it’s not really all that unreasonable to believe the organizers could have simply adjusted there schedule by a few weeks. This could have been done for a myriad of reasons including just simply deciding the concert target eventually chosen served their purposes better. If true though even more troubling is the profit-minded motivation behind the shooting that John went on to describe.He states this “project” will be done with an endgame goal of passing new laws in Nevada regarding casino security. Making pricey new security screening machines mandatory for all guests. With even further more ambitious plans to follow suit in our schools and other public buildings if the public goes along with the casino machines easily enough. He also specifically names former head of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson as the two men set to profit most off the wave of new regulations set to spring up in response to the Vegas incident. It’s not all that unreasonable even to believe that Mr. Chertoff might seek to profit from a new security panic in the wake of Vegas. Given that the man has already been accused of abusing the public trust by raising security fears among average American’s in an attempt to sell his companies body scanners before, all the way back in 2010.

While the media paints the shooter Stephen Paddock as a lone wolf type and seems mystified over the possible motivations for a man, who the media and FBI at least keep claiming had no religious or strong political ideologies. A new theory has been emerging in the wake of the revelations above. With new information now breaking that the shooter was a rather active vegas gambler with recent large transactions to his name. Could Stephen have simply been threatened into doing this horrible act by some third party, in the name of paying off some possible large gambling debts? His family as well may have been threatened. If Stephen wasn’t acting of his own accord, then a number of the seemingly unexplained parts to this whole story do start making a lot more sense.

Even if this is all one giant coincidence. The fact does remain that people like Chertoff and those behind similar companies do stand to profit quite nicely in the months to come from the new security panic this incident will likely produce. Recent headlines related to the topic going to prove this point nicely.

So what do you think? Was this John poster an insider who tried to warn us all of today’s tragic events? Or was his choice of Vegas as a target just a seemingly random coincidence, that we should pay no mind to. Let me know your take on the story at @Jack_Kenrick or on the official Squawker Facebook page.

If you want to learn more about the connections between Chertoff and Adelson to the attack in Vegas, please continue to this story here. If you would like to learn about an alternate take on the Vegas attack please go here.


Criminal Masterminds: The Shadowy Figures 4chan Believes Really Behind Vegas Massacre

Yesterday we covered the rather perplexing fact that three weeks prior to the horrific attack in Las Vegas, an anonymous 4chan poster seemingly warned the sites users of just such an incident. This poster also outlined a secret agenda driving the actions behind the scenes of the attack, providing the elusive missing motive that even today both officials and the mainstream press don’t seem able to provide. We touched briefly in that previous article on the individuals and companies alluded to be behind the operation, but let’s dig a little deeper and see just how plausible this scenario really is. After all we wouldn’t want to be deterred by the likes of George Soros himself who oddly enough, posted this warning against conspiracy theories just a day before the attack when down.

Our mysterious poster specifically mentioned two corporations set to make bank in the political aftermath of Vegas. First up is OSI Systems, Inc. A company who develops and markets security and inspection systems such as X-ray machines, metal detectors, and other expensive security-related devices. As of this morning, the company’s stock price is now at an all-time high for the year. Potentially even more interestingly, after a recent low on the day of the 4chan posting in question 9/11, the stock has been on a steady climb upwards ever since. See for yourself here in the picture below

The other named entity, the Chertoff Group cannot be tracked in the same manner as they are a privately held company. The company describe themselves as “a premier global advisory firm focused on security and risk management. Whose professionals include former Cabinet-level officials, senior intelligence and national security officers, private-equity CEOs, and experienced investment bankers from the most distinguished Wall Street firms. For those organizations that require tactical security support, we work hand-in-hand with clients to conduct comprehensive security assessments, establish effective risk management frameworks, and build more resilient organizations capable of navigating today’s threat environment.”

Michael Chertoff, official DHS photo portrait, 2007.jpgThe Chertoff Group though leads us to its founder and one of only two specific names alluded to in the original post. Michael Chertoff the Harvard educated son of a Rabbi who served as head of Homeland Security under George W. Bush, and also happens to be the co-author of the Patriot Act. The bill responsible for the removal of more Constitutionally protected rights than any other in modern times. Beyond founding the Chertoff group, he also co-chairs the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Immigration Task Force.

As mentioned in the prior article Michael has already been formally accused of abusing his homeland security position to make money selling full body scanners. That is only the start of his past shady dealings, however. As he has been involved in the stifling of investigations related to both 9/11 and Al-Qaeda. He also may potentially have the Clinton’s in his debt. As despite his close friendly ties to many prominent Democrats at the time, was appointed as special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. A Committee which had been tasked with looking into allegations against President Clinton and his wife. Allegations that quickly went nowhere once Chertoff got involved.

The other name mentioned is almost just as shady in his own right though. Billionaire Casino owner Sheldon Adelson is heavily tied into politics. Long-serving as one of the key GOP mega-donors who helps the party win elections. In fact, he wrote the President’s inaugural committee a 5 million dollar check at the start of the year, the largest ever donation to an incoming President. He is said to be frustrated currently that Trump isn’t taking a more extreme pro-Israeli stance in his policies however. As Adelson is a strong supporter of the Jewish state and even owns the daily Isreal Hayom paper, along with being in regular contact with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

US billionaire businessman Sheldon Adelson. (Flash90/File)

The real questionable stuff starts when you consider that the Chinese government formally accused Adelson and his company of helping U.S. intelligence agencies spy on Chinese officials. Beijing believed that the CIA and FBI were using Adelson owned casinos operating in Macau to gather blackmail material on their people. They took this threat so seriously even they prevented the establishment of a U.S. consulate in Macau over their concerns. This story came to light even only after an ongoing lawsuit had already previously revealed that Adelson ordered spying on local Macau officials through his resorts in the region.


If nothing else, the two men in question, Michael Chertoff, and Sheldon Adelson are certainly powerful men with a history of shady financial and governmental dealings. If you were going to pick two people who would simply have the connections and resources to arrange an incident like the one in Vegas, you couldn’t cast a better pair. Let’s keep in mind though it’s not like these two were called out to fit the narrative only after the fact, but rather singled out weeks ahead of time, along with the target location of Vegas.

With calls from all sides for increased security measures nationwide, it’s not that unlikely we could be facing the Patriot Act 2.0 sometime in the near future if the fear mongers get their way. Who could possibly be happier about that then the author of the original version, who of course just happens to own one of the companies set to profit most from such legislation. Nothing is a better motivator than money and power, and certainly, both are to be had here in the aftermath of the horrific attack in Vegas. While all of the above could be a coincidence, at the very minimum these two certainly will likely both manage to profit in the months to come. Along with their friend Mr. Soros, who has actually previously made a killing investing in OSI Systems stocks in times of national crisis.

Share your thoughts on this story at @Jack_Kenrick or on Facebook, and if you are interested in reading more about the possible real motives behind the Vegas attack you can do so here.


COMMENTARY: McMaster Leaking Intel To Soros Almost Daily, Says High-Level Israeli Intelligence

The level of hypocrisy we are seeing is DEMONIC. And it will only get worse. That is why we MUST stay focused. Infowars has become the ‘news channel for the brain dead’. This piece of KGB propaganda was published by them today, and they dare call it ‘bombshell news’. Why? Because they know how stupid and forgetful their audience is, and that many are still unaware of the FACT that Soros is in bed with Trump and the rest of the Jewish clan that surrounds him. By now, he who doubts this is a complete brainwashed useful idiot.

As many of you may recall, the recently reported that “Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner didn’t include his ownership in real-estate finance company that makes him business partners with George Soros when filing financial disclosure forms, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. Kushner also failed to disclose loans totaling $1 billion from more than 20 lenders, the Journal reported.  The Real Deal, a New York real estate news site, reported in January that Soros provided Cadre — the company owned by Trump’s senior adviser — with a $250 million line of credit. That appears to confirm Business Insider’s reporting in 2016 that an unnamed, wealthy New York-based family opened up a $250 million line of credit to Cadre. Soros lives in New York.” 

We all know, Kushner is married to Trump’s brainless daughter Ivanka. This means that Trump’s son-in-law is in business with Soros, Peter Thiel, and other billionaire thieves, as well as Goldman Sachs, according to the Journal.

Alex Jones is nothing more than Trump and Putin’s prostitute. Trump is NOT here to save America but to make Jewish Amerika greater. Infowars states the information comes from their ‘high-level’ non-other than White House and ‘Israeli intelligence’ sources. Don’t miss the ‘anti-semitic’ propaganda that goes along with their ‘bombshell’ news story. Do these people think we are ALL stupid? Probably so!  

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Netanyahu Overheard Telling International Buddies What He Really Thinks Of The EU

There is no limit for Netanyahu and his tribe when it comes to getting his way. Israel owes it all to Amerika! The final goal has been achieved behind closed doors, now, it’s time to go public and show the world that Jewish Communism completely rules the world. They have been working at it for centuries! The United States has been their main source of funding (and continues to be). The alliance with Russia and China is so strong that this time around, the new Soviet Empire will be unstoppable. Doesn’t the Bible call that the Anti-Christ?


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (right) listens to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu during a joint press conference in Budapest, Hungary, on Wednesday. AFP/Getty Images

“Netanyahu overheard telling international buddies what he really thinks of the EU,” Source:

The comments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that were caught Wednesday by a live microphone in Budapest may not have been phrased exactly as he would have put them for public consumption, but they weren’t totally surprising, either. During a meeting with the leaders of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia that was supposed to be closed to reporters, Netanyahu said that Israel has bombed Iranian arms convoys bound for Hezbollah in Syria “dozens and dozens of times”—something that has been widely reported, though usually not explicitly acknowledged by the Israeli government.
Netanyahu also blasted European governments for requiring progress on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a precondition for closer trade relations.
“There is no logic here,” the AP quoted the prime minister as saying. “Europe is undermining its security by undermining Israel. Europe is undermining its progress by undermining the connection with Israeli innovation because of a crazy attempt to create conditions [for peace with the Palestinians].” Netanyahu has decried European countries as being unduly critical of Israel in the past.

Netanyahu also said in his captured remarks that

“the European Union is the only association of countries in the world that conditions the relations with Israel,” noting Russia, China, and India’s willingness to do business without bringing up Israel’s domestic politics.

The leaders Netanyahu was meeting with could likely sympathize with his frustrations. The four have bristled at pressure and criticism from Brussels over their reluctance to resettle refugees. Poland has faced criticism from the EU over a series of recent reforms widely seen as consolidating power in the hands of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party and undermining the rule of law. The EU has threatened to suspend Poland’s voting rights over a recent move to put courts under government control. The EU has also launched legal action against Hungary’s right-wing government for its attempt to shut down the Budapest-based, George Soros–funded Central European University.

Even before the hot mic incident, Netanyahu’s visit to Hungary was controversial due to the Israeli government’s awkward refusal to denounce an anti-Soros advertising campaign supported by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Billboards recently posted in Hungary with government support portray the 86-year-old investor and philanthropist as an enemy of the state over his support for immigration and pro-democracy groups and urged Hungarians not “to allow Soros to have the last laugh.” Jewish groups say the campaign is implicitly anti-Semitic, and many of the posters have been defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti. (The Jewish, Hungarian-born Soros survived the Holocaust in hiding before immigrating to England after World War II.)

Israel’s ambassador to Hungary initially denounced the campaign, saying it “evokes sad memories” of the suffering of Hungarian Jews in the Holocaust. But the Israeli foreign ministry followed up hours later with a “clarification” that the ambassador’s statement was not “meant to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments.”

Soros is not a popular figure with Israel’s government due to his Open Society Foundation’s support for a number of groups that have criticized Israeli government policies including Human Rights Watch, the liberal Jewish lobbying group J Street, and the anti-occupation group B’Tselem.

Still, it’s striking that the Israeli government’s first impulse was to defend a campaign with anti-Semitic overtones in a country where a neo-Nazi party won 20 percent of the vote in the latest election. Squelching criticism of Israeli government priorities apparently takes precedence.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embrace following a statement Tuesday at Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

Debbie Hill/AFP/Getty Images


Narendra Modi, making the first visit to Israel this week by any Indian prime minister, sat down with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to finalize billion-dollar deals that make India the single largest purchaser of Israeli arms.The two countries also signed seven Memorandums of Understanding strengthening their partnerships on counterterrorism, agriculture, water supply, and space technology.

“This is a marriage made in heaven, but we are implementing it here on earth,” Netanyahu said at a joint press conference with Modi on Wednesday in Tel Aviv. Modi, meanwhile, reciprocated with his remarks on their partnership to fight terrorism:

“India has suffered first-hand the violence and hatred spread by terror, so has Israel. PM Netanyahu and I have agreed to do much more together to protect our strategic interests and also cooperate to fight growing radicalization.”

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Trump - Obama

COMMENTARY: In 6 Months, Trump’s Passing Obama’s Murderous Record Of Killing Innocent Civilians In ISIS War

Oh! No, that can’t be true some might say … Americans rather choose to believe (with the help of their media ‘friends’) that they have a savior in the White House! They do not want to open their eyes to reality, that would be having to assume too much responsibility after being brainwashed for centuries! Why is it so easy for the tribe to get ahead and continue ruling the world like they do? Because people let them! 

Trump - Obama

“In 6 Months, Trump’s Passing Obama’s Murderous Record of Killing Innocent Civilians in ISIS War,” Source:

In just a few months, President Trump is already on track to kill more civilians in his war against the Islamic State than President Obama did in several years in the infamous air war that earned him the nickname of “Drone King.”

The Obama Administration’s offensive against ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria resulted in an average of 80 civilian deaths each month, which led to a total of 2,300 civilian deaths. In contrast, the Trump Administration has increased the civilian death toll to an average of 360 per month, which is around 12 killed per day. In just six months, Trump’s war against ISIS has resulted in 2,200 civilian deaths.

It appears that Trump is making good on his 2016 promise to kill families.

“It’s a horrible thing. They’re using them as shields. But we’re fighting a very politically correct war. And the other thing is with the terrorists, you have to take out their families,” Trump said last year. “They, they care about their lives. Don’t kid yourself. But they say they don’t care about their lives. You have to take out their families.”

As many cases have illustrated, people have come out publicly to decry the members of their families who’ve joined ISIS. What good does killing those people do?

The use of drones skyrocketed under the Obama administration, with attacks in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. In January, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism noted that during his presidency, Obama launched around 563 airstrikes, which was 10 times more than his predecessor, President George W. Bush, who launched 57 airstrikes.

Obama administration officials even used the word “surgical” to define the precise nature of U.S. airstrikes, with White House spokesman Jay Carney saying that, a hallmark of our counterterrorism efforts has been our ability to be exceptionally precise, exceptionally surgical and exceptionally targeted” in 2012.

Former CIA Director John Brennan claimed in 2011 that Obama himself “insisted” that U.S. drone strikes were “exceptionally surgical and precise” operations that do not put “innocent men, women, and children in danger.” Brennan also claimed at the time that there had not been “a single collateral [civilian] death” in at least a year, which was later proven to be highly inaccurate.

A series of classified documents obtained by a whistleblower, and released by The Intercept in October 2015, offered an unprecedented look into Obama’s drone program. The documents claimed that from January 2012 to February 2013, “U.S. special operations airstrikes killed more than 200 people,” but only “35 were the intended targets.”

The documents also note that during a five-month period of the same operation, “nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets.” The source claimed that anyone caught in the vicinity is guilty by association.”

The Trump administration appears to be taking the U.S. drone program to the next level, and it is moving forward without the propaganda veil of a “surgical and precise” operation that only takes out terrorists, and spares civilian causalities.

In one of the bloodiest months of his presidency thus far, the Trump administration killed nearly 500 civilians in Syria between May 23 and June 23. The largest death tolls were in the cities of Deir Ezzor with 222 civilian deaths, including 84 children, and Raqqa with 250 civilian deaths, including 53 children. The U.S.-led coalition was also accused of using illegal chemicals such as white phosphorus, which is arguably grounds for a war crimes investigation.

While Bush created the “War on Terror,” Obama modernized it by increasing drone strikes in various countries that were beyond the scope of Congress-approved military intervention. Now, Trump is using the same tools Obama put in place, and he is increasing the degree to which they are used—while turning a blind eye to all of the innocent civilians who are killed in the process.

If Russia, Iran or North Korea was doing what the U.S. is doing right now in Iraq and Syria, the mainstream media would be providing 24/7 in-depth coverage. However, the current media blackout of the truth behind U.S. foreign policy is another reminder that just as the mainstream media covered for Bush and Obama, it will ultimately whitewash any war crimes committed by the Trump administration, despite pretending to hold it accountable.

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “We Have to Come Together Against Globalism”

Alex Jones will forever have you chasing the “Globalists.”
And, there literally isn’t a ‘transmission’ of Infowars without a mention of Hitler and/or Nazis — this is indeed a powerful example of the brainwashing that is employed. This clip is from 7/20/2017 on Infowars.

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Trump Admin Gives Millions To Soros-Linked Groups

This article is very important for people to read and take into account! Nothing has really changed for America and things will not get any better. Trump is helping further the tribe’s agenda behind closed doors.  It might look at times like he is helping the country, but the plan is not to save America but to integrate it with the rest. That means continuing with the plan to destroy our society like his predecessors did. 

“Trump Admin Gives Millions To Soros-Linked Groups,” Source:

The Trump administration gave $6.3 million to a group linked to liberal mega-donor George Soros as part of an effort to develop “independent, professional media” in Moldova, The Daily Caller has learned.
The Agency for International Development (USAID) doles out millions of dollars to groups around the world, and frequently this money ends up in the hands of organizations supported by Soros. The Daily Caller has previously reported that USAID during the Obama administration gave at least $15.8 million in Macedonia to groups run by Soros and to organizations tied to his Open Society Foundations.
This led to inquiries from several Republican congressmen and senators. Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee urged President Trump at an April event to stop this practice of supporting “political activism that undermines legitimate governments and long-held cultural norms” with “leftist policies and leftist politicians.”
However, just weeks before Lee gave the speech, USAID gave Internews Moldova a grant for $6,349,728 over five years, a USAID spokeswoman told TheDC Thursday. This grant was given out as part of a funding opportunity announced in the later months of the Obama administration entitled: “Media Enabling Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova.”
This grant “aims to promote the development of an independent, professional media that gives citizens access to a variety of perspectives, and to create a media sector that is more resilient to political and financial pressures.”
This description of this funding opportunity is similar to the grants given by USAID in Macedonia. The report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in January about Russian election interference focused heavily on state-funded media, which is exactly what USAID is doing here.
The media group in particular that USAID is supporting in Moldova, Internews, lists Open Society Foundations as a donor, and is working in Moldova with the Independent Journalism Center, which includes the Soros Foundation-Moldova as a donor.
Internews was founded in 1985 in California. A 1995 Wired Magazine story said the group “funds for-profit TV enterprises half a world away, thanks to multimillion-dollar contracts from the Agency for International Development, effectively the US government’s foreign aid bank. Along with this generous funding comes grants from more than a dozen foundations, including one handsomely endowed by financier-philanthropist George Soros.”
President Trump’s nominee for administrator of USAID has yet to be confirmed by the Senate, and the president has not nominated individuals for several other key positions including assistant administrator for Europe and Eurasia. This grant isn’t the only one in recent months that runs counter to the Trump agenda.
A grant announced by the U.S. embassy in Belgium on May 12 designated $200,000 for a group to promote positive narratives about refugees in Europe.
Soros & Kushner

MONEY: Kushner’s Undisclosed Ties to Goldman Sachs & Soros

And, slowly it is revealed that Donald Trump lives in the swamp and has no ambitions to ‘drain’ it — tired of being lied to yet America? Or, does the concept of a few more rounds of this not bother you that much?

Soros & Kushner
Soros & Kushner

“Trump son-in-law Kushner has undisclosed ties to Goldman and Soros,” Source:

US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner has undisclosed business ties with Goldman Sachs as well as billionaires George Soros and Peter Thiel, according to people familiar with the matter and securities filings.

The business relationships with major players in the financial and technology worlds, which hadn’t been previously revealed, are reportedly through a real estate tech startup Cadre that is co-founded and partially owned by Kushner.

Soros and Thiel along with Goldman Sachs Group also own stakes in the enterprise. The head office of the new firm is located in a Manhattan building owned by the Kushner family’s company, according to people close to Cadre.

The stake in the startup is one of the numerous interests, as well as ties to big financial institutions, which were not identified in Kushner’s government financial disclosure form, according to a Wall Street Journal review of securities and other filings.

Other assets reportedly include loans totaling at least $1 billion, from more than 20 lenders to properties and companies part-owned by Kushner, the paper reported.

The analysis also revealed that Kushner had provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt.

Senior government officials in the United States are obligated to disclose all business interests before assuming office.