The Grand Rabbi of France

COMMENTARY: Grand Rabbi of France Calls for a Vote Against Le Pen

What we have here is the president of Israel flagrantly interfering in the elections of France — a sovereign nation. Yet, mainstream media is silent on this matter. And, his words really matter. There are millions of French/Israeli dual-nationals that, in reality, really consider Israel their home over France. This is likely one reason why Le Pen wants to ban dual nationality for French citizens.

The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, has called for a “war” against a new kind of Holocaust denial taking root across Europe today and bitterly criticized far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Speaking at a ceremony marking the end of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Rivlin said “an attempt by some in Europe to universalize the Shoah is more dangerous than the mere refusal to acknowledge that the mass murder of Jews had taken place.”

The Grand Rabbi of France
The Grand Rabbi of France Says “Non” To Le Pen

“Grand Rabbi of France Calls for a Vote Against Le Pen,” Source:

Jews are following their usual practice of trying to stymie any chance Europeans have of defending themselves against the immigration invasion. The Grand Rabbi of France has called on everyone to vote for Macron.

“Once there is a policy of rejecting someone, whoever it is, that’s no longer France,” he says. According to the Grand Rabbi Korsia, “We must defend this concept of fraternity that we could see re-emerge in the market of 11 January 2015 (after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher): this principle of fraternity now needs to live in the ballot boxes,”

“What is unchangeable about France is the welcoming, the opening to the world. France, in Hebrew, is “tsarfat”, which means “crucible”. Can you imagine a crucible in which some metals are not wanted? In the crucible that is France, we put all the metals, the characters, the origins, the hopes of which it is composed,” said the Jewish official.

Given “the facts of the second round”, people must “absolutely vote for Emmanuel Macron, the choice is simple. It has nothing to do with ideological proximity to the people; I have to be neutral institutionally. But, in this scenario, there is no question of being neutral. Yves Simon sings “the silence is always complicit or deceiving”. Today, to abstain is to be complicit or deceiving,” he says.

For the Grand Rabbi of France, during the legislative elections, “everyone can resume their political, ideological positions.” But in the second round of the presidential elections, “we must call on all those who believe in and who hope for France to vote for Emmanual Macron, because it is he who now carries this hope of fraternity…Can we dally when the stakes are the very heart of what France is?”


Meanwhile, Israel President Rivlin has been implicitly criticizing Le Pen and warned against cooperation with Europeans trying to prevent their own demographic annihilation.

President Reuven Rivlin on Monday called for a “war” against a new kind of Holocaust denial taking root across Europe today, and bitterly criticized far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Speaking at a ceremony marking the end of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Rivlin said an attempt by some in Europe to universalize the Shoah is more dangerous than the mere refusal to acknowledge that the mass murder of Jews had taken place.

While traditional Holocaust denial was a fringe phenomenon that convinced few, turning all Europeans into victims undermines the core message of Holocaust commemorations for decades to come and subsumes the unique targeted destruction of the Jewish community by the Nazi regime, he argued.

Without mentioning names, Rivlin criticized Le Pen and other European politicians for shirking their respective countries’ responsibility in having collaborated with the Nazi regime. In the same vein, Rivlin warned Israel against cooperating with extremist parties on the continent, again clearly referring to Le Pen, who in Sunday’s French presidential elections came in second with 21.5 percent. Le Pen will face off against her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron, in a second round next month.

“Some two weeks ago a French presidential candidate denied France’s responsibility for the deportation of its Jewish citizens to the Nazi concentration and death camps,” Rivlin said at an event marking the close of Holocaust Remembrance Day at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot.


One Jewish columnist made a very interesting remark in response to Rivlin’s speech.

Israel Hayom’s Dan Margalit heaps praise on “every word said by Reuven Rivlin yesterday in condemning Marine Le Pen,” but questions whether Israeli leaders should interfere in the French elections thus. Israel’s opposition to everything Le Pen stands for is clear, and she’s only expected to get 40% of the vote, he says, so what’s the use in causing a diplomatic stir? “But if there arises a need to intervene against Le Pen, there are other ways of doing it,” Margalit writes. The “ugly, dangerous regimes” rising in Europe are bitter enough for Israel to swallow, “there’s no sense in starting [conflict] with them ahead of time,” he argues.”


What are these “other ways” in which Israel can “intervene” against European politicians? We are left to speculate.

Marine Le Pen

French MP – “Israel is a Life Insurance Policy for Jews Everywhere”

French Member of Parliment, (((Meir Habib))):

“I would like to remind her that Israel is a kind of ‘life insurance’ policy for Jews everywhere in the world. If this country had existed 70 years ago – there would not have been a Holocaust.”

More lies and gross Holocaust propaganda from this French MP – however it is only natural for a Tribe member to spout such lies. Marine Le Pen understands the problem of International Jewry, and that their allegiance is not truly to France. Indeed there should be a European and Worldwide moratorium on dual-Israeli citizenship. History has shown time and time again that it is in the interest of the Goyim to do so.

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen

“French MP: Israel is a life insurance policy for Jews everywhere,” Source:

French MP Meir Habib responded on Sunday to National Front Leader Marine Le Pen’s promise to ban dual French-Israeli citizenship.

Meyer Habib & Bibi
Meyer Habib & Bibi

If implemented, the decision would affect 150,000 French citizens who live in Israel.

“Besides for the illegal aspects of this initiative, I would like to remind Mrs. Le Pen of the enormous debt Europe owes the Jewish nation,” Habib said. “I would like to remind her that Israel is a kind of ‘life insurance’ policy for Jews everywhere in the world.

“If this country had existed 70 years ago – there would not have been a Holocaust.

“I would like to remind Le Pen that her father praised the Gestapo and the German occupation, and was indicted for several provocative statements which were said about a Jewish singer. In these statements, her father used a play on words to mention the Nazi ovens.

“Even if you don’t like it, we will never demand French-Israeli citizens choose between France and Israel,” Habib concluded.

Netanyahu Warns of ‘Grave Mistake’ if France Recognises Palestine

What will be the consequences for the French and their ‘grave mistake’? Perhaps another Bataclan/Charlie Hebdo style false flag will be on the horizon? After all, France is well past due for another ‘terrorist attack.’

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pictured during a news conference at his office in Jerusalem December 2, 2014. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked his finance and justice ministers on Tuesday, signalling the break up of his bickering coalition and opening the way for early national elections in Israel. REUTERS/Gali Tibbon/Pool (JERUSALEM - Tags: POLITICS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pictured during a news conference at his office in Jerusalem December 2, 2014. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked his finance and justice ministers on Tuesday, signaling the break-up of his bickering coalition and opening the way for early national elections in Israel. 

“Netanyahu warns of ‘grave mistake’ if France recognises Palestine,” Source:

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that France’s parliament would be making a “grave mistake” if it recognises a Palestinian state in a vote on December 2.

“Do they have nothing better to do at a time of beheadings across the Middle East, including that of a French citizen?” he told reporters in Jerusalem, referring to hiker Herve Gourdel who was executed by his jihadist captors in Algeria in September.

“Recognition of a Palestinian state by France would be a grave mistake,” Netanyahu said.

“The State of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, the only state that we have, and the Palestinians demanding a state do not want to recognise the right to have a state for the Jewish people,” Netanyahu told members of Israel’s growing Jewish community from France.

His comments came just hours after his cabinet voted 14-6 in favour of a controversial proposal to anchor in law Israel’s status as “the national homeland of the Jewish people”.

France’s plans for a non-binding but highly symbolic vote follows similar resolutions passed by the British and Spanish parliaments, and an official decision to recognise Palestine by the Swedish government.

Sweden’s move infuriated Israel which responded by recalling its ambassador to Stockholm.

A draft of the proposal in France “invites the French government to use the recognition of the state of Palestine as an instrument to gain a definitive resolution of the conflict”.

European leaders have shown signs of mounting impatience with Israel over its continued settlement-building on Palestinian land.

Criticism has become more focused in the wake of this summer’s 50-day offensive by the Israeli army in Gaza that killed about 2,200 Palestinians and dozens of Israelis.

The French parliamentary vote follows a similar resolution to “recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel as a contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution” approved by British lawmakers on October 13.

Israel warned that the British resolution, which passed with a huge majority but is also non-binding, risked undermining peace prospects.

Sweden went further by announcing on October 30 that it officially recognised the Palestinian state, a move heavily criticised by Israel and the United States.

The Palestinian Authority estimates that 135 countries have now recognised Palestine as a state, although the number is disputed and several recognitions by what are now European Union member states date back to the Soviet era.

France was among 14 EU nations which voted in favour of granting Palestinian territories observer status at the United Nations in November 2012.

Marie LePen

Swedish, French Far Right In Damage Control Mode After Comments on Jews

Far-right parties in France and Sweden faced criticism for statements deemed ‘hostile to Jews.’ But, who exactly decided this and why? Also, mind you, this article is from the Times of Israel so it is reported with extreme bias. 

In France, the leader of a regional branch of the National Front, “apologized last week for saying state subsidies should be stripped from a Holocaust memorial museum, which he argued was “too politicized” and seeking “repentance” that he said France “did not need to offer.”

Yes, why should taxpayer money keep going to the Holocaust Industry in France? Why when France is in a terrible economic state, there is mass youth unemployment, the European refugee crisis is not going anywhere anytime soon, etc.?

Marie LePen
Marie LePen

“Swedish, French Far Right In Damage Control Mode After Comments on Jews,” Source:

In France, Christophe Boudot, the leader of a regional branch of the National Front, apologized last week for saying state subsidies should be stripped from a Holocaust memorial museum, which he argued was “too politicized” and seeking “repentance” that he said France did not need to offer.

Separately, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said in an unusual statement that the Sweden Democrats party had “Nazi and racist elements” following the publication of an email containing a racist joke about Jews and other minorities written by the party’s deputy vice chair.

Boudot’s Twitter apology was over his criticism of the “Maison d’Izieu Memorial for Jewish Children Murdered in the Holocaust,” a museum set up with government funding in 1994 some 300 miles southeast of Paris in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Boudot told the French television station TLM in an interview that his party “always voted against such subsidies because they aim to create a form of repentance, always the same one.” While saying he supported commemoration at large, Boudot said the museum “is too politicized, a little too much.” He later acknowledged that he has never visited the site.

The statements generated a sharp backlash in France, where the National Front under Marine Le Pen has struggled to improve its respectability by purging politicians espousing the open anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial of its founder Jean-Marie Le-Pen, the current leader’s father.

Jean-Marie Le Pen last week appealed his expulsion last year from the party over a series of remarks considered a liability to the party’s image, including referring to Nazi gas chambers as a “detail” of World War II history. Many of his supporters sympathize with and venerate France’s collaborationist Vichy government, which helped the Nazis murder approximately one quarter of French Jewry.

In his Oct. 7 apology over his criticism of the memorial museum in Izieu, Boudot wrote: “Ill-informed about this issue, I made an error of judgment. I offer my apologies.”

On the same day, Löfven warned of the alleged racism of the Sweden Democrats, a party that like the National Front has attempted to distance itself from the racist rhetoric of many of its supporters and founders.

“This is a party with Nazi and racist roots, but it’s not just that they have these roots, it is there here and now,” the Swedish prime minister told Aftonbladet.

His rebuke followed the release of an email by Carina Herrstedt in which she ridiculed attempts to promote diversity in soccer with a joke that featured language deemed offensive to gays, blacks, nuns, Roma and Jews.

Last week, the Sweden Democrats were in the news over a party spokesperson’s lighthearted likening of Jews to sheep at a German abattoir and a lawmaker’s draft resolution singling out a Jewish family for what she said was their control of the media. Party leaders vowed to apply a zero tolerance to racism and said they are probing the party members and staff implicated in the incidents.

French President Francois Hollande (2ndR) speaks with France's Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia

French Minister – ‘We Are at War With an Enemy Trying to Pit Muslims Against Non-Muslims’

“We must not fall into this mortal trap.”

– French Minister Bernard Cazeneuve

Is the “Mortal Trap” French Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is speaking of really the “Muslim terrorists?” The Minister and The Catholic Herald (the publisher of this article) simplify the whole issue. They fail to explain the EU Elite’s and Jewish lobby’s influence (via the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan) to bring massive migration into Europe. French citizens, and citizens from other Western countries, are fed this propaganda and it does nothing to solve the issue. Tensions are rising in Europe, especially in France, and how much longer before civil unrest is taken to the next level?

Bernard Cazeneuve & Francois Hollande speak with France's Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia
Bernard Cazeneuve & Francois Hollande speak with France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia

“French minister: ‘We are at war with an enemy trying to pit Muslims against non-Muslims’,” Source:

France’s Interior Minister is mounting a bid to unite Muslims and non-Muslims in France as tensions rise following the ‘Burkini ban.’ France’s interior minister has said the country is at war with an enemy trying to pit Muslims against non-Muslims. Bernard Cazeneuve called for urgent action to create a strong bond between the nation and citizens of the Islamic faith in response.

He also said it was crucial to tailor the religion to the values of secular France, “a pillar of the republic.”

Cazeneuve spoke after a day-long conference with Muslim leaders, professionals and lawmakers to try to kick start a project aiming to bind Muslims to the nation, a task given new urgency after deep divisions surfaced over burkini bans in 30 French beach towns and after extremist attacks that also stigmatised Muslims.

A high court struck down the burkini bans on Friday, but the debate had already seeped into France’s political sphere revealing tensions between the secular establishment and sectors of France’s estimated five million Muslims, the largest Muslim population in Western Europe.

Cazeneuve, speaking to reporters, said a “strong and calm” relationship with Muslims is “urgent and particularly necessary.”

“France is at war with terrorists, at war with an enemy trying to divide it and pit the French against each other, fracture the nation’s body, sap the republic,” he said.

“We must not fall into this mortal trap.”

Demonstrators stage a beach party outside the French Embassy, in Knightsbridge, London, in protest at the French government's decision to ban women from wearing burkinis.
Demonstrators stage a beach party outside the French Embassy, in Knightsbridge, London, in protest at the French government’s decision to ban women from wearing burkinis.

The July 14 attack on revellers in Nice, the killing of a priest in Normandy on July 26 and the killing of a police couple in their home in June — all claimed by ISIS — have focused tensions on Muslims.

A French prosecutor opened an investigation into suspected racial discrimination after two Muslim women said they were ordered out of a restaurant over the weekend with the owner heard saying on an iPhone video, “I don’t want people like you in my place. … Get out.”

Cazeneuve warned in an interview with France’s Roman Catholic newspaper La Croix that if the political class cannot unite all French “the dynamics of division may prove dangerous.”

However, he ruled out drafting a national law banning burkinis.

“What is at stake is very important,” said Abdallah Zekri, who heads the Observatory Against Islamophobia. “Firstly, we must end the arguments over the burkini, which make no sense.”

He told reporters that some people wanted to use burkinis to stigmatise Muslims, while politicians looking to France 2017 presidential race seized the issue “for vote-catching reasons.”

He also contended that humiliating Muslims “has facilitated the work of Daesh (ISIS) recruiters” of vulnerable Muslim youth.

More French Muslims have joined the ranks of ISIS militants than from other European nations — with at least 600 French citizens in Syria or Iraq, 160 killed and 1,800 either considering or en route.

VIDEO: Paris Police Drag Worshippers Out of Church Due for Demolition, Day After Slain Priest’s Funeral

More Cultural Marxism on display in France. Twelve riot police cars have arrived to crack down on the sit-down protest in Paris’s 15th district, as dozens demonstrate against the demolition of the local Church of Sainte Rita.

This Church is being demolished into a parking lot. This church of St Rita is used by the Gallican church – which is not part of the Catholic Church. The Gallican church rejects many Catholic doctrines including that of papal infallibility. It accepts the councils of the Church before Vatican I.  

“Police drag Gallican priest out of Paris church in anti-demolition protests,” Source:

Riot police officers in Paris
Riot police officers in Paris

Thirty people barricaded themselves inside the church of St Rita.

A Gallican priest has been dragged out of Mass by Paris police in an evacuation of a church marked for demolition, according to reports.

The church of St Rita is used by the Gallican church, which is not part of the Catholic Church.

Thirty activists, including members of the far-right group Action Francaise, barricaded themselves inside the church last night. Dozens joined a sit-in protest this morning against the demolition of the church. It is to be replaced by a parking lot and housing, a decision which has angered many parishioners and other locals.

Twelve cars of riot police were called to the site this morning to force protesters out. Pictures emerged of a priest being forcibly dragged out of Mass.

Although the church officially closed in 2015, it has been used for Gallican Masses and for weddings and baptisms.

Mining work has started in preparation to knock down the church.

Dominique Philippe, one of the priests who officiates at St Rita’s, has said that if the demolition plans go ahead, priests will have to celebrate Mass on the street.

The Gallican church rejects many Catholic doctrines including that of papal infallibility. It accepts the councils of the Church before Vatican I.

St Rita is known as Paris’s “animal church”: pets are allowed in, and the church holds a Mass each November at which pets, including camels and parrots, are encouraged to come for a blessing.

The dragging of a priest out of the church – according to some reports, while saying Mass – has caused uproar on Twitter after images emerged, with the hashtag #SainteRita being used thousands of times.

Some Twitter users said the eviction was especially shocking after the murder of Fr Jacques Hamel last week.

The demolition has been requested by the building’s owners, the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels. The Gallican Church was unable to raise enough money to keep hold of the building.

Cynthia McKinney

Ex-Congresswoman Claims Israel Behind European Massacres

Were latest terror attacks in France and Germany false flags? United States ex-Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, claims this to be the case.

This article is from the Times of Israel, and it is an attempt to discredit Cynthia McKinney with a blanket statement on the “Dancing Israelis.” However, anyone who researches that topic in-depth, can deduce they were Zionist agents.  

Besides from this, there are a lot of unanswered questions on this topic. Who is Richard Gutjahr really? And, was it really just a coincidence he was in both Nice and Munich during these attacks?

Cynthia McKinney
Cynthia McKinney

“Ex-Congresswoman Claims Israel behind European Massacres,” Source:

A former US congresswoman claimed on Twitter that an Israeli photographer had been on hand for massacres in Nice and Munich, proving that Israel had a hand in both attacks.

Cynthia McKinney, a Democrat and former member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia, posted a video on Twitter with the message: “Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies. How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?…”

The video claimed that Richard Gutjahr, a German journalist married to former Israeli Knesset member Einat Wilf, had been present for both a rampage by a truck driver in Nice, France, earlier this month that left 84 dead, and a shooting at a mall in Munich in which nine teenagers were killed.

Gutjahr’s Twitter profile shows he posted pictures from Nice but not from Munich. He is not known to have taken Israeli citizenship.

Former Independence Party MK Einat Wilf (Courtesy)
Former Independence Party MK Einat Wilf (Courtesy)

“Dancing Israelis” refers to a widely discredited conspiracy theory that five Israeli men were arrested in New Jersey on September 11, 2001, after being seen celebrating the terror attack.

In an earlier tweet, McKinney had asked “why were they dancing in the park as Americans were dying? Why were they in the park in the first place?”

McKinney, who served Georgia in the US House of Representatives from 1992 to 2002, was known during her term for making incendiary remarks and has been accused of anti-Semitism in the past. In 2002, she lost the Democratic primary, a day after her father appeared on TV saying “Jews have bought everybody … J-E-W-S.”

In her original post, McKinney linked to a video headlined “Richard Gutjahr the German Photographer at Both Nice and Munich – Israeli Connections” posted by a YouTube channel which seems to specialize in conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic sentiments.

In the video, whose opening sequence is a symbol of the Illuminati, the narrator seems to question how “they” could be “so sloppy” as to have had Gutjahr at both attacks.

“The fact that this guy happened to be at both, there’s no way it’s a coincidence,” the man alleges, adding that it’s “100% clear that Israel’s fingerprints are all over these events.”

Cynthia McKinney speaking to the press, 2006. (Wikimedia)
Cynthia McKinney speaking to the press, 2006. (Wikimedia)

This conclusion is based on a gleeful check of Wilf’s Wikipedia page which confirms that she is Israeli and served in a top intelligence unit in the IDF.

“Nice is a false flag and Munich is either a false flag or a hoax,” says the man, who does not appear in the video.

Nice Attack

Nice Authorities Turn Down Police Request To Delete Footage Of Fatal Truck Attack

So, now they want the footage deleted. We wonder what could be the real reason behind this request? One thing that is worth taking into account — on the released footage, we did not see any blood on the truck.

Nice Attack

“Nice authorities turn down police request to delete footage of fatal truck attack,” Source:

Nice authorities have turned down the request of French anti-terrorist police to delete footage from surveillance cameras and any other videos which captured the fatal truck attack on Bastille Day.

The request was sent by Anti-Terrorist Sub-Directorate (SDAT), a special police division battling extremism, to the mayor of Nice’s office on Wednesday, according to the paper.

Le Figaro managed to obtain the copy of the document in which SDAT, citing articles of the criminal and penal codes, demands the city authorities delete “completely” nearly 24 hours of the attack captured on cameras on the Promenade des Anglais.

“Delete the recordings between July 14, 2016 22:30 and July 15, 2016 18:00,” the documents demands.

The anti-terrorist police named six cameras which recordings should be “particularly” deleted. Plus the city authorities should delete any footage from any camera “that captured the crime scene”, the paper added.

“This is the first time we’ve been asked to destroy evidence [from the attack],” a source close to the city authorities said. “The CCTV center and the city of Nice could be prosecuted for this… Also the officers in charge of the cameras don’t have jurisdiction to engage in such operations.”

Le Figaro reported that the day after the attack police demanded from the city authorities to recover 30,000 hours of CCTV-related events. A backup operation is reportedly ongoing and will take place for several days. Le Figaro source said that the authorities are concerned for the safety of the backup operation with this new demand.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Paris later confirmed the information to Le Figaro, saying that the demand had been made “to prevent the uncontrolled distribution of the images [of the attack].” The office added that “of thousands of surveillance cameras” in Nice, at least 140 of them contain “interesting” elements regarding the attack.

Anti-terrorist police, however, claim that their experts have managed to recover 100 percent of the information from Nice cameras.

On Friday, Nice Matin newspaper reported that the local mayor had refused to answer the call. According to his lawyer, Philippe Blanchetier, the municipality will even ask the prosecutor to keep these pictures “in order not to jeopardize with any other procedures that may emerge beyond the investigation.”

Since the murderous attack in Nice on July 14, numerous photos and videos have emerged in media showing police approaching and shooting at the truck, which plowed into a crowd of spectators, or depicting the aftermath of the Bastille Day assault.

At least 84 people were killed in what has been called in the city’s worst terrorist attack in history. Weapons and grenades were found in the vehicle following the rampage.

The truck driver was later identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. It was revealed that he was a 31-year-old French national who was born in Tunisia.

The attacker was aided by a tight-knit team of associates, who helped him sketch out his plan and acquired weapons for him, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said on Thursday.