VIDEO: The Coming Anastrophe

Are we responsible for what a financial crisis will do to us and the rest of the world for that matter?! Andrew Jackson, fought back at the international gangsters, he never gave up, and it was the first and last time the US rid itself from debt. Why haven’t the rest followed his footsteps? WE ARE THE PEOPLE and together we have much more strength than all this evil together. So why not use it? James Corbett says it right: “The real wealth comes from community …” We must come together as a strong community where we can rely on each other and put a stop to this external evil pressure. 

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EXCLUSIVE: Who Controls The Money Controls The World

There is a great injustice the world today. An injustice that has enthralled the United States for over one hundred years; it’s conception being much older. The truth of this injustice is in plain sight for all to see; however, only one in a million know of it’s existence. If every American’s eyes were to be opened and the treason exposed, revolutions would ensue. We all live within a grand illusion of freedom, yet we are all shackled by the invisible chains of debt and usury. Great men have fought to expose this nefarious scheme and great men have perished at the hands of it’s perpetrators.

The injustice of which I speak is the practice of fractional-reserve banking in the United States and around the globe. In order to understand the intentions of the men that constructed this plot for a global monetary monopoly, we must first understand how their fraudulent system works. In essence, who controls the world’s monetary systems controls the world.

Fractional-reserve banking is the practice in which a bank is only required to hold reserves equal to a fraction of its deposit liabilities. This concept is at the heart of central banking. Many patriots fought tirelessly to keep central banks out of this great United States, men such as James Madison and Andrew Jackson. Men have also died attempting to create debt-free currency that was free of a central bank’s influence; Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the greatest example of this. The Federal Reserve System is the name of the central bank in America today. As the above video more eloquently states, the United States Treasury prints bonds to pay for the government’s deficit spending. The big banks buy these bonds and then sell them to the Federal Reserve for a profit. The Fed then prints currency out of nothing to pay back the Treasury, using the banks as middle-men. Next, we the people, pay income tax to pay off the interest (usury) of those Treasury bonds. The Federal Reserve is not federal; the title is nothing but a lie aimed at deceiving the American people. In other words, the Federal Reserve has the power to print currency that is backed by nothing, control the money supply, and manipulate interest rates. The Fed is a privately owned organization that has never been audited and answers not to the government, as Alan Greenspan so brazenly admits.

There is evidence, empirical and otherwise, that the enigmatic shareholders of the Fed also own the banks, foreign and domestic. Furthermore, these men that control American economics through the Federal Reserve have more power than our government and shroud themselves in secrecy. It is fair to assume that they do not have our best interests at heart, quite the contrary. We are their slaves, fueling their debt-based monetary systems through constant consumption while they reap the rewards. They literally have an infinite supply of currency, and who controls the tides of global finance controls the world.

If we follow the money we are sure to discover who lurks at the top of the pyramid. As I said above, in order to understand the motives and agendas of these elite bankers, we must first understand the methods they use to chain us. Knowledge is our greatest weapon, the sharpest of blades. If you read this article and watched the above video, you are now one of the few with knowledge of the tyranny that is fractional-reserve banking. Share this information with your friends, loved-ones, and family. Our founding fathers fought tooth and nail to keep the bankers at bay, now it is up to us to continue the fight.

Nial Brandt is an American Patriot, Gun-Owner, and contributor for He can be reached at

VIDEO: Holocaust Propaganda | RT’s Keiser Report – “Big Data’ Leaks” 9/16/2017

This episode of the Keiser Report, entitled “Big Data’ Leaks” is from 9/16/2017. We post it because, as we have posted other clips from RT in the past, there is a consistent push of “Holocaust” propaganda throughout their various programs. And, this episode is no exception.

On a final note, Max Keiser used to work for Press TV and, by all accounts, is a smart individual. Has he really not figured out the lies of the Holohoax, or, since he gets his salary from the Kremlin and Putin, is told to shut up and disinform about it?

MONEY: U.S. Taxpayers Don’t Realize They’re Paying Billions to Service the National Debt

This debt is held mainly by the private banking sector which receives the $223 billion in debt service charges in the form of interest on the debt. Just ask yourself, who runs these banks? What interests do these banks support? And, are you mad yet?

On another note, this article does not consider a different alternative. The government should not borrow from the private sector and pay interest to it – it is one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the American people.

“U.S. Taxpayers Don’t Realize They’re Paying Billions to Service the National Debt,” Source:

This past spring, Netflix—the beloved online video streaming service—announced it would raise its monthly subscription fees.

The first price hike in June cost between $1 and $2 per month. One consumer was angry enough to file a class action lawsuit. This discontent is typical when consumers feel the impact of higher payments directly. But when costs go up and effects aren’t felt for a long time, that same sense of outrage isn’t there.

Consider the massive increase in interest costs on the national debt projected over the next decade. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that interest payments on the national debt will double in fewer than five years and triple before the end of the decade. Where’s the public outrage now? If you have debt you may want to check out this debt payoff planner which might be useful to help you keep track of your debt while you pay it back.

In 2015, the United States government spent $223 billion in tax dollars just to service the national debt. This spike in debt-servicing costs will have serious and negative impacts on American families and the economy in the long run. Some families can’t even keep on top of their own tax debt and need help from someone like this Denver tax attorney but the government still expects them to shell out for the national debt!

High public debt has been shown to slow down economic growth and to exert upward pressure on interest rates. Slow economic growth reduces employment and business prospects for American families, and it has a negative effect on family incomes and wealth.

As national debt and interest payments swell, investors may question the United States’ ability to repay its loans. This could raise interest rates and lead the government to collect more taxes in order to service the national debt.

To put debt-servicing costs in context, the federal budget is separated into three main spending categories: mandatory, discretionary, and net interest. Net interest is the difference between what the government pays to service the publicly held national debt and what is earned from government-issued loans. As net interest spending grows, the other portions of the budget shrink.

Every dollar spent servicing the debt is a dollar that cannot be used for another purpose, and these massive net interest payments will crowd out other vital national priorities. By 2023, spending on net interest payments will surpass spending on national defense. This is something important that we all need to think about as it will an affect on everyone of us. If you do want to find out more information, you may want to check out a blog like The Amateur Economist to stay up to date with the world of finance and the economy that we live in.

Interest payments are determined by the size of the U.S. debt and market-driven interest rates. Since the federal government is legally obligated to repay lenders, interest on the debt is automatically paid every year, regardless of how much it costs.

This means that the only way to truly control net interest payments is to control the deficit and national debt.

But this is already something Congress should be working to do. Reducing spending and debt is critical, as a large debt is a detriment to America’s economic future. If Congress is going to get a handle on net interest payments and the national debt as a whole, it must tackle mandatory entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which are the largest drivers of federal spending.

Every time lawmakers approve more spending and take on more debt, it’s imperative that they understand taxpayers will be paying for it—in the form of debt servicing—for a long time to come.

Sure, government interest costs may not seem to impact everyday life as much as paying that extra dollar to watch “House of Cards.” But ballooning net interest costs will catch up to American families. Congress should make spending reductions that reduce the debt and put the budget back on a path to balance.

For this and other charts about the federal budget, check out The Heritage Foundation’s Federal Budget in Pictures.

Ivanka Trump

COMMENTARY: Is Ivanka Trump America’s Most Powerful Jewess? CNN Says Yes. Twitter Says No.

This article, published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, really is nothing more than light commentary, but it raises a few important points.

First off, why does CNN endorse Ivanka as the world’s most powerful Jewish woman? And, secondly, see how Jewry so freely advertises and gloats their power. If the goyim were even made fully aware of a fraction of their crimes, there would be mass uprisings. 

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump – The Most Powerful Jewess?

“Is Ivanka Trump America’s most powerful Jewish woman? CNN says yes. Twitter says no,” Source:

An article published Friday bears the headline “Ivanka Trump: America’s most powerful Jewish woman.” Authors Maeve Ivanka TwitterReston and Betsy Klein discuss Ivanka’s Jewishness (her Orthodox conversion, her trip to the Western Wall, yada yada yada) and posit that the president’s daughter is in a unique position to “guide a national conversation about the rising number of threats to Jewish community centers and places of worship.”

The piece, however, doesn’t offer much evidence to back up its headline.

Naturally, commentators on Twitter seized on the opportunity to critique the article and offer their own thoughts on the most powerful Jewish women in America. Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen as well as Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan were frequently named.

Twitter - Ivanka

Journalist Steve Goldstein even quickly wrote an opinion piece in MarketWatch with the headline “No, Ivanka Trump is not the most powerful Jewish woman in America.” His pick? Yellen.

“Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen can, on certain days, be considered the most powerful person, male or female, Jewish or gentile, in the entire world,” Goldstein wrote. “The power of U.S. monetary policy can help create, or take away, millions of jobs and move billions of dollars around the globe, and the Fed chief usually holds sway over the policy-making Federal Open Market Committee, regardless of a dissent or two.”

Actor Zach Braff commented on CNN’s original tweet of the article, suggesting that “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot might actually be the most powerful Jewish woman in the U.S. (despite the fact that she’s Israeli and new to Los Angeles).

It has been a rough few days for Ivanka. After taking a break from Twitter during Shavuot, she logged back on Thursday night to mark LGBTQ Pride Month — and was swiftly condemned by gay rights advocates for being “complicit” in the anti-gay policies of the Trump administration.


INTERVIEW: The JFK – Fed Myth Busted

This is a very informative interview especially for those who continue to believe that Kennedy was against the NWO. We live in a world of lies and deception and we cannot afford to remain ignorant anymore. It is crucial that we stick together and learn from the research of others. The criminals feed on confusion and chaos so we must never stop informing ourselves and learning because no one has all the answers. 



VIDEO: Former IRS Agent, Sherry Peel Jackson Exposes Income Tax/Federal Reserve Connection

Ignorance is the reason why people continue paying these taxes. America was hijacked since its inception and things have only gotten worse. Please share, people need to be informed. The only way we will beat the demons is by boycotting their dirty game, if we learn how to, we can do it!




Mads Palsvig

VIDEO: Mads Palsvig Speaks About The Impact Brexit Is Having On The European Continent

The European Union was a project created centuries ago and it has been used to brainwash Europeans to start getting used to what is coming next, and that is called Eurasia. The EU is nothing more than the expansion of Communism. On this video, Mads Palsvig a former Danish investment banker exposes the international financial corruption.