VIDEO: Gilad Atzmon On Israel, The Lobby, Yinon Plan And Trump

If Erdogan mentions Gilad Atzmon, it is because he is definitely using him for some hidden purpose. The truth is, that behind the scenes Erdogan and Netanyahu are in bed together. These criminals plan is not only to destroy Christianity but also those a Jews, who to these criminals are not considered ‘Jewish enough’. Atzmon is right about many things, but when it comes to the Jewish conspiracy, we do not agree with him. Jews have always worked behind the scenes and never assumed responsibility for their actions.

EXCLUSIVE: Turkish Invasion made the U.S. to Intensify Training of BSF

After the Turkish Air Forces hit Kurdish positions in Syria’s Afrin, the General Staff of the Turkish armed forces on Saturday announced it launched ‘Operation Olive Branch’ against the PYD/PKK troops.The next day, the Turkish command reported that aircraft had hit 153 Kurdish militant targets, including “shelters and arsenals.” In addition, according to Hürriyet Daily News, the Turkish Air Force conducted massive air strikes on the Menagh Military Air Base, which the U.S. repeatedly had used to supply weapons and ammunition to Kurdish formations.

According to Reiters, the Pentagon has intensified military training of the Syrian Border Security Forces (BSF) along the border areas. It will become a basis of the new Syrian Kurd’s army.
While continue supplying them weapons what will the White House use BSF for in the unfolding situation? It seems the U.S. keep on pursuing insidious policy putting pressure on its NATO ally, Turkey. Washington realizes that Ankara is getting out of control and a robust military fist along the borderline will only assist Erdogan. U.S. support for the SDF has put enormous strain on ties with NATO ally Turkey, which views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – a group that has waged a three-decade insurgency in Turkey and is considered a terrorist group by the European Union, Turkey, and the United States.
It is possible to say with confidence that this confrontation between the U.S. and Turkey could have catastrophic consequences for the parties involved and especially for Kurds, not to mention the whole region.

SOPHIE MANGAL is an American Patriot, 27, is a special investigative writer and contributor for Her Hindu surname “Mangal” derives from the Sanskrit “mangala,” meaning “auspicious.” After attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a media and journalism major, Mangal monitored the refugee crisis in Europe, drawing parallels between the Syrian conflict and the Balkan problem, and has visited Syria on several occasions. She can be reached at

INTERVIEW: Martinez And Bjerknes Unmask The Putin Cult

A MUST LISTEN, absolutely everything exposed during this interview is 100% TRUE, and this is what we need people to see and finally realize once and for all, that either they begin using their own brain and doing their own research, or they are allowing the enemy to lead them to their own self-destruction. Please share and spread the word.


Erdogan Lashes ‘Racist’ Israel, Calls For Muslims To Flood Temple Mount

What Erdogan is doing is plain brainwashing, he does not care about Palestinians not even about his own country, he only cares about the money he can take and the oil deals he makes with ISIS (Israel). It is hard to know what the exact evil arrangement is between Erdogan and Netanyahu, but what we do know is that Albert Pike said the following about WWIII:

The war will be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘Agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile, the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin, of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

“Erdogan lashes ‘racist’ Israel, calls for Muslims to flood Temple Mount,” Source:

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday urged Muslims to throng to the Temple Mount in a show of solidarity with Palestinians as he issued a string of challenges to Israel, which he called “racist and discriminatory.”


“We, as Muslims, should be visiting Al-Quds more often,” he said, referring to Jerusalem by its Arabic name.

“Each day that Jerusalem is under occupation is an insult to us,” he added, at the opening ceremony of the International Forum on al-Quds Waqf in Istanbul, Turkey’s Hurriyet news reported.

Erdogan said increased Muslim visits to the Jerusalem holy site “would be the greatest support to our brothers there.”

“Both in terms of our religion and historical responsibility, Al-Quds and the fight of our Palestinian brothers for rights and justice is of great importance to us. We will keep making efforts for Quds to turn into a city of peace,” Erdogan said.

In the blistering speech, which also criticized Israeli legislation and US plans to move their embassy to Jerusalem, Erdogan also called Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians “racist and discriminatory” and said the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip “has no place in humanity.”

Israel blockades the Strip in an attempt to keep weapons reaching the Strip’s Hamas terrorist rulers.

Israel reacted quickly and angrily to Erdogan ‘s comments, calling them “baseless slander.”

“Anyone who systemically violates human rights in their own country, should not preach about morality to the only democracy in the region,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Israel strictly adheres to protecting full freedom of worship for Jews, Muslims and Christians — and will continue to do so despite this baseless slander,” the statement said.

Erdogan also warned Israel against the planned Muezzin Bill meant to limit the volume on Muslim calls to prayer, saying he would not allow mosque loudspeakers to be silenced.

“The fact that such an issue is even coming to the agenda is shameful,” he said. “The fact that those who talk about freedom of thought and faith at every opportunity actually approve this step by remaining silent is noteworthy. Inshallah, we will not allow the silencing of prayers from the heavens of Jerusalem,” Erdogan said.

A Palestinian man walks past the Dome of Rock at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound before the Friday prayer in Jerusalem's Old City on January 13, 2017. (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

A Palestinian man walks past the Dome of Rock at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound before the Friday prayer in Jerusalem’s Old City on January 13, 2017. (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

Israel is pushing a bill that would ban religious institutions from using loudspeakers at certain hours, a move seen as targeting Muslim mosques who issue a pre-dawn call to prayer.

Critics say the bill is anti-Muslim, but proponents say it is about noise control and quality of life for people who live near mosques.

But Erdogan issued a challenge to Israel, saying that to move against the mosques would be a strike against freedom of religion.

“Why are you afraid of the freedom of faith if you believe in your faith? I am now reminding Israeli administrators: If you believe in your faith, then why are you afraid of the sound of our prayers?” he said.

Erdogan also spoke about the debates over the possibility of moving the US embassy In Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying they are “extremely wrong” and should be dropped.

US President Donald Trump had promised during his campaign to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, whose status is one of the thorniest issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Erdogan said everyone should be careful on issues that concerned the status of Jerusalem, warning that even “relocating a stone” in the city could have serious implications.

“The debates over the possibility of US moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem are extremely wrong and should certainly drop from the agenda,” the Turkish president said.


COMMENTARY: Trump To Silence Flynn Over Turkish Death Squad Operations In America

The tribe works behind the scenes by using ‘others’ to carry out their crimes, but some ‘secrets’ about those it uses are beginning to come to light. We see how puppet world leaders following their master’s orders, work together, hand in hand, to bring about more chaos and destruction, and Trump, being the puppet that he is, is already supporting them from the White House. 


“Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad Operations in America,” Source:

General Michael Flynn wants a deal, a “get out of jail free” card and has more to hide than anyone yet imagines.  Flynn may well be able to avoid prosecution and a “deal” that will end the Trump presidency, according to our sources, if the game put in motion by Trump and key House leaders works, a deal that, in itself, constitutes both conspiracy and obstruction of justice, according to legal experts.

Flynn’s testimony has nothing to do with Russia or the election.  Flynn was lead in a White House deal with Turkey and other nations to allow rendition and assassination programs inside the US, not just against dissidents but American journalists and possibly political leaders including members of congress.  This is why Trump is risking prison in a desperate attempt to silence Flynn, who is facing life in prison.

Rep. Devin Nunes is working to, we are told, get Flynn before his committee, to discredit Flynn as a witness, getting contradictions on the record that could poison any possible prosecution and delay or derail the FBI’s ongoing investigation of the White House.

President Trump’s cryptic tweet today, supposedly approving of Flynn’s request for immunity was a pre-arranged signal.  Trump and Congressman Devin Nunes believe they can protect Flynn from prosecution by giving him broad immunity to “testify” at the rigged House hearings, immunity they are told will keep Flynn from the hand of the FBI.

Sources tell us that Nunes is supporting an interpretation of legislative immunity that allows a congressional committee to essentially pardon crimes in return for what now looks to be silence.

The second legal stage to this is a broadened version of “executive privilege,” one that can create an inter-locking network that will conceal not only deals cut with Russian mobsters but the deal also cut with Turkey to kidnap Muhammed Fethullah Gülen.  This would establish a precedent that would enable foreign governments to operate rendition programs inside the US.

Veterans Today in a major investigation of financial interrelationships between Russian and Turkish “oligarchs,” really gangsters running the world’s largest criminal underground have identified many of those connected with Trump’s “rise from the ashes” after his financial collapse in the late 1980s as fronting for Turkey’s Erdogan family.  VT has identified Erdogan himself as one of the biggest criminal forces in the world.

General Flynn, who as White House Security Advisor, was paid $530k by Turkish intelligence, is said to have agreed to aid Turkey’s secret police in “eliminating” political enemies inside the US, not just Gulen but Armenians as well.  From Michael Rubin at Newsweek:

Turkey has never been known for its respect for human rights, but one of the most troubling aspects of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule has been Turkey’s increasing aggressiveness toward dissidents and political opponents, not only within Turkey’s borders but also abroad.

Related: Michael Rubin: Why is Turkey spying on the U.S.?

There was, of course, the 2013 assassination of three Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) activists on French soil, the responsibility for which appears to lie with Turkey’s intelligence service.

Turkish officials may dismiss the matter based on the identity of the victims—not only Turkey but also the United States considers the PKK to be a terrorist group—but that’s neither here nor there: The women murdered were unarmed and had not been implicated directly in any acts of violence.

Regardless, on French soil their apprehension is the responsibility of the French police. It is not the job of Turkish agents to conduct murder at will.

Now it appears that the Turkish intelligence services may have been contemplating a similar incident in Germany. Two German broadcasters have reported that German prosecutors have opened a case against a Turkish agent spying on two Kurds in Germany and plotting to murder them for their political activities. Kurdish political activists in Belgium fear they are next, especially as Erdogan singles them out for opprobrium.

There is no longer any doubt that Turkey conducts operations in the United States against Turks and Kurds with whom Erdogan disagrees. That problem will likely get worse as Erdogan digs in his heels and demands the extradition of exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen, a one-time ally turned adversary, whom Erdogan accuses of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt.

While Turkish officials have turned over reams of papers detailing why Turkey believes Gülen is a malign influence, none of the evidence Turkey has provided actually implicates Gülen in the events of July 15.

More recently, the case of the New York–based Turkish Heritage Organization should raise alarms. Leaked emails show that Erdogan’s son-in-law was instructing THO President Halil Danismaz in whom and what to attack verbally and in print.

Rather than promote Turkish heritage, the organization basically acted as an unregistered wing of the Turkish government and its ruling political party. Of greater concern has been evidence that the THO was engaged in espionage against the Turkish community in the United States.

According to sources familiar with the case, the THO was allegedly reporting home on the political perspectives and ethnicity of ethnic Turkish and Kurdish owned business in the United States. To create a database of such information has chilling implications.

Turks living abroad aren’t yet drinking polonium tea, but as Erdogan looks toward Putin for inspiration and as the Turkish leader grows more erratic and intolerant of any dissent, that time may not be too far off.

The question is whether not only European countries are ready to conduct counterintelligence against Turkish operatives, but whether U.S. law enforcement will understand that what now occurs aren’t simply violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act out of ignorance, but a sign of far greater and perhaps in the near future more violent Turkish operations on U.S. soil. Erdogan is testing the waters.

Unless the Justice Department is willing to respond with the full weight of the law and without prejudice to Turkey’s status as a NATO partner, Turkey’s operations in America will get far worse and potentially more violent.

As of the report above, it wasn’t known that Flynn had been on the Turkish payroll nor that he had been in discussions with Turkey to violate American law.  Here, former CIA director James Woosley, says exactly this in a CNN interview:

As a representative of his consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, Flynn met with senior representatives of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government in September 2016, Woolsey said. Woolsey was a Trump campaign adviser at the time and attended the meeting, but said he arrived after it was already well underway.

Woolsey claims that those present discussed sending Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim leader who Erdogan has accused of being behind a failed military coup to overthrow him, back to Turkey to face charges — possibly outside the legal US extradition system.

The idea of Trump allowing foreign deaths squads to operate in the US with White House approval is only being spoken of in the broadest terms.  The idea of Trump putting dissidents living in the US on the auction block, allowing brutal regimes to silence critics and intimidate the media with full complicity of the White House and key congressional leaders, is beyond Orwellian.

What Trump is opening the door to, of course, is not just interference with elections.  Once the door is open to collusion by an American political party with a foreign government operating a parallel extra-judicial organization inside the US, we are saying partnering with terrorists, we can expect a flurry of “little 9/11’s” every time Trump has a bad week, which thus far has been every week.

Here, Rubin continues on Erdogan’s operations with Flynn:

In the aftermath of the abortive coup which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called “a gift from God,” the Turkish leader vowed to weed out dissenters from the civil service and civil society and consolidate control even further.

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan attends a Republic Day ceremony at Anitkabir, the mausoleum of modern Turkey's founder Ataturk, to mark the republic's anniversary as he is flanked by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim (R) in Ankara, Turkey, October 29, 2016.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan attends a Republic Day ceremony at Anitkabir, the mausoleum of modern Turkey’s founder Ataturk, to mark the republic’s anniversary as he is flanked by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim (R) in Ankara, Turkey, October 29, 2016.

In the Milli Istihbarat Teşkilatı (MIT), Turkey’s national intelligence service, this has meant the establishment of six new undersecretariats, each appointed by Erdogan. Reorganization is not the problem.

The most significant change, however, is what Tremblay calls “special operations.” This new unit has been discussed openly in the Turkish press. This signals not only continued Turkish covert operations in Syria and Iraq but, according to Turkish sources, in Europe and the United States as well. Indeed, what Tremblay does not discuss is that one of the reasons for the new special operations undersecretariat has been Erdogan’s frustration at push-back from MIT veterans about his plans to be more active in the United States. The MIT veterans argue—correctly—that Erdogan risks their long-term relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency by running operations in the United States. Rather than heed their advice, Erdogan’s response has just been to transfer, reorganize, and purge in order to put political loyalists in place.

The first question then becomes, what sort of operations is Erdogan planning to run–or already running–in the United States? There have been several diplomatic pouches delivered to the Turkish embassy filled with cash, according to people who heard some of the couriers and Turkish diplomats brag. More cash was reportedly delivered when Erdogan last visited the United States.  The second question then becomes what is the purpose of the cash transfers? Are some of the law firms and registered foreign agents acting on behalf of the government of Turkey receiving more money than they declare? Or is money going to support organizations that are acting as un-registered foreign agents or channeling cash into campaigns?

There’s more to Turkey’s US operations. Put aside actions by Sabah and Anadolu Agency employees that seem to go beyond journalism. And put aside intelligence reporting on the local Turkish community which Turkish-funded mosques transmit back to Ankara. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other US law enforcement agencies should be concerned by the growing incidents of those who have criticized Erdogan—be they followers of Gülen or traditional secularists and liberals—being photographed by those reporting to the Turkish embassy or its various consulates. More troubling have been growing reports of Turks whose loyalty is in doubt being followed home and having their houses photographed.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence may declare it is the Trump administration’s intention to improve relations with Turkey. That is all well and good, but let us hope that Pence and others ask their intelligence briefers some very specific questions about not only what the Turkish government is doing behind-the-scenes with regard to the Islamic State, but also what it is doing in its embassy just down the street from the Vice President’s residence.

What we have evidenced is that the massive Turkish secret police, the MIT, has been loading up with cash here in the US, buying help in Washington, like with the $530k spent on General Flynn who agreed to help them with a kidnapping and what else?

Remember, this is the same organization that channels hundreds of millions to ISIS, that sells ISIS oil and that brought Sarin gas into Syria from Georgia and killed thousands.

Now Trump and his team are welcoming them here and have a strategy to protect them by using “executive privilege” and congressional immunity ploys to protect their plan to run foreign death squads inside the US.

The Turkish MIT is the heart of ISIS.  Earlier this month, according to Syrian sources on the scene, the MIT transferred 950 Turkish fighters, pretending to be ISIS, from al Bab to Raqqah, in what was described as a massive Turkish victory.  The ISIS forces in al Bab had, according to our sources, always been working for the MIT, looting Syria, factories, antiquities and oil.

Is Trump going to give them an office in the West Wing?


COMMENTARY: Is Turkey’s Erdogan Jewish?

This article is a bit to digest, and we don’t endorse the veracity of it, but it is interesting ‘commentary’ to brood over. Him being a member of the Tribe would not be surprising considering the great acting Erdogan has been doing, all his posturing — especially since the Mavi Marmara. And, considering his stance on Libya — that can be taken as a dead giveaway. Is he a traitor to Turkish people and the West. Is his allegiance to the NWO and International Jewry or is it more of great acting in the end? All questions to consider.

Erdogan with his Jewish classmate Rafael Sadi. They studied economics together.
Erdogan with his Jewish classmate Rafael Sadi. They both studied economics together.


  • Why has Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, helped the USA and Israel in their attacks on Syria and North Africa?
  • Why do ‘anti-Americans’ in Turkey hate Erdogan’s AKP political party?
  • Allegedly, Erdogan and his wife are crypto-Jews, secretly working for the New World Order.

According to Ergün Poyraz, in his book The Children of Moses:

1.) Erdogan has spoken to the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Congress gave Erdogan a ‘profiles of courage award’.

2.) The Erdogan family has Jewish roots.

Erdogan and friends

Necmettin Erbakan, a former Prime Minister of Turkey, claims that Erdogan’s tough line on Israel is a façade to deceive the Turkish public.

(Erbakan criticizes Israel, accuses Erdoğan of being part of Jewish plot.)

Erbakan says: “Why on earth did Erdogan’s AK Party give a ‘go ahead’ to the membership of Israel in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and not block membership?

“Why did the Turkish government consent to multi-billion dollars worth of defense contracts with Israeli firms?

“Erdogan says ‘one-minute’ to Peres during Davos but conducts business as usual with the Jewish state. This is hypocrisy.”

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan (Left) attends a CIA-Al-Qaeda meeting in Libya.

Reportedly, the CIA-Mossad wants its agents and assets to run each of the Moslem countries.

Reportedly, Turkey is the model.

Gulen and his friend

On 6 August 2011, The Economist reports on a Moslem who is friendly towards Israel (A hard act to follow).

This Moslem reportedly has links to heroin. (Funded by Heroin Via the CIA …)

“These days the religious teacher who wields most influence over the Turks is Fethullah Gulen,” says The Economist.

In 2010, nine Turks, taking supplies to Gaza, were killed by Israeli commandos.

Gulen said it was partly the Turkish side’s fault: the flotilla should not have defied Israel.

Gulen lives in America and has been accused of having links to the CIA.

The Gulen movement “forms the apex of a huge conglomerate that includes NGOs, firms, newspapers and college dormitories in Turkey, plus schools across the world.”

Several journalists who have tried probing Gulen have found themselves prosecuted or jailed.

People who criticise the movement “can face nasty smear campaigns.”

Obama visiting a Gulen school in Washington.
Obama visiting a Gulen school in Washington.

On 29 June 2010, Paul Williams PhD. wrote: “Gulen Movement Funded by Heroin Via the CIA …

According to Paul Williams:

1. “Court records and the testimony of former government officials show that Fethullah Gulen, who presently resides in Pennsylvania, has amassed more than $25 billion in assets from the heroin route which runs from Afghanistan to Turkey.

2. Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, testified that the drug money has been channeled into Gulen’s coffers by the C.I.A.”

According to Sibel Edmonds: ‘A lot of the drugs were going to Belgium with NATO planes.

‘After that, they went to the UK, and a lot came to the US via military planes to distribution centers in Chicago, and Paterson, New Jersey.’

“Ms. Edmonds further said that Turkish diplomats, who would never be searched by airport officials, have come into the country ‘with suitcases of heroin.’

3. “According to Ms. Edmonds and other government witnesses, Gulen began to receive funding from the CIA in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union when federal officials realized that the U.S. could not obtain control of the vast energy resources of the newly created Russian republics because of deep-seated suspicion of American motives.

“Turkey, the U.S. officials came to realize, could serve as a perfect ‘proxy’ since it was a NATO ally that shared the same language, culture, and religion as the other Central Asian countries…

The only way to provide Gulen with sufficient funds to topple Turkey’s secular regime and to conduct education jihad within the Russian republics came from the poppy fields of Afghanistan…

“The Obama administration has opted to turn a blind eye to Gulen and his mountain fortress in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania…

“In his native Turkey, Gulen’s vast fortune has been used to create the Justice and Democratic Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma, AKP), which has gained control of the government…

Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s first Islamist President, is a Gulen disciple along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Yusuf Ziya Ozcan, the head of Turkey’s Council of Higher Education…

4. “Gulen has purchased newspapers, television networks, construction companies, universities, banks, utilities, technological outlets, pharmaceutics, and manufacturing firms throughout the country.

“In addition, he has established thousands of madrassahs (Islamic religious schools) throughout Central Asia where students are indoctrinated in the tenets of militant Islam…

5. “But the Gulen movement is not confined to Turkey and Central Asia.

“Eighty-five Gulen schools have been set up in the United States as charter academies funded by public funds.

6. “Is Gulen really affiliated with the CIA?

In support of his application for permanent residency status, Gulen obtained letters of support and endorsement, from Graham Fuller and other former CIA officials.

“His petition was also endorsed by former Under Secretary of State Marc Grossman, and former Ambassador to Turkey Morton Abramowitz.”


COMMENTARY: KGB Agent Vladimir Putin’s War on NATO – Part I, Putin’s Chechen Shock Troops

Finally, someone who connects the dots!! The situation is so obviously clear, that it is scary to see how people let themselves be brainwashed into this globalism madness and all the lies that it implies. Read carefully and next time you listen to the ‘news’ think ten times before reaching a conclusion. Communists are the masters at distortion, lies, deception and complete brainwashing manipulation. 


“KGB Agent Vladimir Putin’s War on NATO: Part I, Putin’s Chechen Shock Troops,  Source:

Vladimir Putin has threatened me, my family, my nation and the world with nuclear annihilation, so I must confess to being a tad bit biased against him. He was a KGB operative for many years and a close friend of Stasi agent Angela Merkel, now Chancellor of Germany. I do not like what these communists are doing to Europe and the rest of Western Civilization. I freely admit that, because I believe Putin is setting us up for a Third World War. Let’s have a look at the dots. . . .

• Communist Barack Obama has gutted our American military. He appointed career Russian apologist Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, where “Global Zero” Hagel set about undermining our military forces, especially our nuclear defenses. Obama appointed communist Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, then replaced her with crypto-Jew John Kerry (Kohn). Obama watched largely in silence as Putin invaded the Crimea and stole it from the Ukraine. Obama gave Russia vital territory and allows Putin to take over the arctic, the window through which ICBMs can attack us.

• Before Jens Stoltenberg became Secretary General of NATO, he was a communist terrorist and KGB agent “Steklov”. The KGB/FSB is in complete control of NATO’s topmost post, as well as the German government, which is a highly dangerous state of affairs.

• Putin is funding anti-NATO political parties and candidates in Europe, so as to turn NATO countries against themselves and one another. Putin’s pet political philosopher, anti-western fanatic Alexander Dugin, wants Russia to convert all of Europe into bolshevik vassal states to serve as a buffer for the reborn Soviet Union (and communist China). When Putin’s ISIS terrorists attacked in Paris, Putin was the sole beneficiary. The KGB’s false flag attack on Paris bolstered Putin’s favorites, the Le Pens, in the polls just prior to an election, and Putin made himself out to be a hero for fighting his false opposition of ISIS in Syria. It is interesting to take note of Marine Le Pen’s Jewish boyfriend Louis Aliot, and Marion Maréchal-Le Pen’s biological father, Mossad agent Roger Henri Auque. Auque’s mother, like Putin, was a communist.

• Putin wants Greece and Turkey at one another’s throats so as to drive a deep wedge into NATO and takeover the Bosporus and Dardanelles shipping lanes into the Mediterranean Sea. He has already flanked NATO nation Turkey in the Crimea, and is about to flank Turkey on the opposing front in Syria. Israel sits in silence as Russia establishes itself on Israel’s border, because Russia ultimately takes its orders from Israel, as does ISIS. It is interesting to take note of the fact that both Syriza and the Golden Dawn of Greece are anti-NATO and support Putin. It is also interesting to take note of the relationship between Putin’s bolshevist political advisor Alexander Dugin and alleged Ergenekon member and marxist chieftain in Turkey Dogu Perincek.

• Putin has reconstituted the Soviet Union in the form of the Eurasian Economic Union, which is swallowing up nations that form a corridor through which communist China can attack Europe. Red China wants to devour Greece and the rest of Europe. Putin is an Asian supremacist communist who wants Europe dead. The KGB long ago infiltrated the Russian Orthodox Church and has made it anti western, together with all the other traditionally European-centric Russian institutions.

• Putin is attempting to cut Europe off from Middle Eastern oil and natural gas reserves, while concurrently attempting to gouge Europe for the cost of Russian energy. He is helping Israel to level Syria and has communists in Turkey destabilizing that nation and communist agents in the European press and governments driving a wedge in NATO by condemning Turkey for defending itself from Russian aggression and the Russian encirclement of Turkey taking place today. Again, it is wise to take into consideration the friendship of Alexander Dugin and Dogu Perincek. Just as the Jewish controlled press hid Stalin’s atrocities while they occurred, they are covering up for Putin today.

When we connect these dots, we draw a map of the communist conquest of Europe. The communists have greatly weakened Europe with a massive invasion of Muslims enabled by the neoconservative Trotskyites and their permanent war on Muslim nations. Europe is now ripe for a full-scale invasion from Russia and China due to the instability the heterogeneous communist terrorism and invasion of foreign elements inspires. Internationalism destroys sovereignty and the loss of sovereignty heralds the loss of a national defense and military alliances.

Putin will try his best to break apart NATO from within and without. He is paying traitors in America to speak out against America and Europe on Russian media and is making it chic for the libertarian crypto-communists here to turn Americans and Europeans against themselves in favor of Russian and Chinese communist interests. This is part of a long-standing KGB war of demoralization on the West. Our dissidents pretend to be fighting the “Zionist West” in the old dialectic Churchill dubbed the war between Zionists and Bolshevists. In that struggle, Western Civilization ultimately loses and the communists are turning us against ourselves.

Far from being an anti-Zionist, Putin richly rewards the Jewish oligarchs of Russia, maintains first-rate relations with Israel, and welcomes in the Jews of Europe into Russia by pleading with them to return to the bolshevik paradise of the Soviet Union he is rebuilding. The wars and the bodies are piling up under and around Putin. He has his Chechen shock troops leading his false opposition front ISIS, which gave Putin a pretext to invade Syria and surround Turkey and NATO in his quest to become the oil and natural gas king of the world. Yet our dissidents react as if it were Turkey that was surrounding Russia, and our own people clamor for the demise of NATO, which is the only alliance standing between us and Putin’s nuclear warheads!

As communists always do, they have our dissidents degrading America and Europe and singing the praises of our communist enemy Putin. Putin is the new Che Guevara for our intellectual class, stylish and chic, poster boy butcher that he is. Yes, the money is flowing to our traitors to betray us to the communists. And they hate us as much as he does. Their hatred of their people, our people, spills off their tongues and issues forth from the safety of their keyboards and First Amendment rights acknowledged by the same US Constitution they seek to destroy.

The Jews have used Turkey and Russia to provoke war time and again, under no lesser figures than Disraeli and Rothschild. History bears witness to the many Russo-Turkish wars that have spilled mankind’s blood across the centuries, no fewer than 12 such horrors, more than my two hands can bear on their ten fingers, which I point now at Putin the war monger, in this accusation.

And Putin has a partner and ally in instigating the revival of this historic mayhem. I speak of Turkish President and Israeli puppet Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is the controlled opposition of Turkey’s ruling secret society of crypto-Jewish freemasons. I refer to the Ergenekon, who govern Turkey on behalf of Israel from behind the scenes.

Erdogan rose to prominence in order to take the place of Ahmadinejad as the apparent head of the Muslim opposition to Israel. Erdogan sent Kurdish Mossad to Israel on the Mavi Marmara, where the Israeli military immediately executed them for the benefit of the eyes of the Muslim world. That gave Erdogan street credit during the “Arab Spring” which soon followed, and which deliberately sent a wave of Muslim invaders into Europe by design, and straight through Turkey, among other routes.

Today, Russia and Turkey are staging escalating incidents precipitating another world war. The communists thrive on permanent war, which weakens societies leaving them ripe for communist takeover through their permanent revolution. The communists then propose internationalism as the only solution to the war they forever foment, and having achieved it, provoke terrorism to keep themselves in power.

Russia has taken over the Crimea and oppressed the Tartar population. That is a direct threat to Turkey and its interests as a NATO nation and a nation with long borders on the Black Sea and a long history with the Crimea. Russia has invaded Turkish airspace with military aircraft and flown countless bombing runs on Turkey’s borders. Imagine Putin’s response if Turkey had done the same to Russia when it invaded the Ukraine. I don’t understand how anyone can fail to see Russia’s aggression against Turkey.

The Russians are bombing the hell out of Syria and are in bed with ISIS so as to provide a pretext for the destruction. Putin’s Chechen’s are heavily involved in ISIS as well as the invasion of the Ukraine. Russians control ISIS through Chechens, together with Israel and Turkey. Terrorism is textbook communist behavior. ISIS is there to provide a pretext for destruction, which compels intervention. Israel has wanted Syria destroyed for 2,500 years (Genesis 15:18-21. Isaiah 17. Jeremiah 49:23-27.) and is encouraging Russia to aid in grinding the nation of Syria to bits. Does not Israel’s silence regarding Russia’s military presence on their borders speak volumes? So much for our supposed greatest ally in the Middle East.

The Russians sent in Chechens to lead both sides of the fighting in Syria against each other, and turn Syria to ruins. The head of ISIS in Syria Abu Omar al-Shishani is a Soviet operative who has made his career providing Putin with pretexts for invasion. See:

Putin has created the problem in Syria with his Chechen shock troops, and now provides the response with more Chechen shock troops. See: Putin should unleash Chechen troops on Isis, says region’s president

Putin did the same in Chechnya, Georgia and then the Ukraine. After Putin invaded the Ukraine, and lied to the world by claiming the little green men were not his forces, Putin sent in Chechen shock troops to attack Ukrainians defending their soil from Russia. See: Chechen Muslim ‘Death Battalion’ joins Russia’s war in Ukraine

Now Putin is sending in Chechen shock troops to provide another pretext for Russian aggression in the Ukraine, ISIS trained Soviet Chechen troops. See: Chechen Jihadis Leave Syria, Join the Fight in Ukraine

Are you starting to see the pattern those dots trace out?

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INTERVIEW: ‘Zionists Seek Occupying Not Only Palestine, But Entire Arab Region’

There is no doubt this woman is lying but who doesn’t lie in government? Her name is Boutaina Shaaban, she is a Syrian politician and political and media adviser to the President of Syria. Mrs. Shaaban is protecting Zionists and at the same time attacking them. Why? because they continue insulting our intelligence by ‘making us think’ that Assad is on ‘one side’ and the west is ‘on the other side’. There are NO two sides in this dirty evil game, just ONE and the objective is changing the map of the Middle East as we know it. In the meantime the Goyim get killed, do they care? Of course not! Instead, they celebrate and offer their blood to their god – Satan. It’s all about ‘ethnic cleansing’.  

“‘Zionists seek occupying not only Palestine, but entire Arab region’,” Source:

Since 2011, a destructive, Islamist-oriented war has been waged against Syria. Who wanted to destroy Syria in the name of Islam? And what were they aiming at by launching this war in collusion with the Zionist entity? 

Just like the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ struck Libya, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East, this vicious war aims at destroying our countries, armies, economies, cultures, and identities by our bitter enemy i.e. the Zionist entity.

However, Turkey’s Erdogan has proved to be a key player in destroying Syria, driven by his Ottoman dreams as a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which had attempted to topple the Syrian government back in the 70s. It has been unequivocally proven that Muslim Brotherhood is deeply connected with the Zionist project and foreign intelligence agencies.

As a sovereign state supporting the resistance, Syria acts as the ‘crown jewel’ for all Arab nations. Syria stood by the Lebanese Resistance in 2006 and with the Intifada [uprising] of Gaza in 2008. The Axis of Resistance is clearly manifested in the meeting that took place in Damascus between President Bashar al-Assad, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Setting the scene for the war on Syria has undoubtedly taken place years ago in terms of fighters, arms provided and logistical support. Were the reforms made by President Assad at the beginning of the crisis meant to calm down the demonstrators, or did he really want to bring them in?

Mr. President genuinely wanted to implement those reforms. Had the demonstrations been unprompted, the crisis would have ended a long time ago. Mr. President himself headed a meeting for Al-Baath Regional Leadership on March 24th, 2011 to endorse a wide range of reforms in response to the people’s demand, and which were officially announced later in a press conference.

Nonetheless, the more responding we were, the higher those demands rose. Later, we realized that those demonstrations were pre-planned to destroy Syria.

The Syrian people have withstood 6 years of global war. What are the main factors behind such resilience?

In fact, there are several factors. First of all, the Syrian people are deep-rooted in this land for over 10,000 years and known to be greatly affiliated with their homeland; they have triumphed over the invaders ever since. Secondly, the one and unified Syrian Army which offered and continue to offer huge sacrifices to preserve the country. Thirdly, the wise leadership headed by Mr. President, who bravely fought back and defended Syria.

You’ve been with President Assad throughout this war. How do you view his approach to this war compared to his father the late President Hafez Assad?

In terms of adhering to homeland and making sacrifices, they are identical. But the circumstances have changed. This war is entirely unprecedented in the history of the region with 150 countries financing, arming terrorists and plotting to destroy Syria, not to mention the 860 km-long borders with Turkey; a country which supported terrorists and granted them safe and easy access into Syria. There are also Qatar and Saudi Arabia which almost entirely bankrolled this war.

Syria has provided unparalleled support to the Palestinian movements, especially Hamas in spite of its hostile stance towards President al-Assad during the war.

What does Palestine represent for Syria’s strategic vision? And has such vision been negatively affected after attitude Hamas’?

Palestine is Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the birth of Jesus Christ, and the indigenous people. Thus targeting Palestine means targeting whole Arab World, and whoever defends Palestine is defending himself.

The Zionist entity seeks to take over not only Palestine but also the entire Arab region. The fact that Resistance defends Palestine as well as the entire region is not yet fully comprehended by the vast majority of Arab regimes.

We embraced and supported Hamas as a resistant movement even though we knew it was part of the wider Muslim Brotherhood project, which was adopted by Hamas leaders during the war against Syria.

Syria has been, and will always be on the same front with the Resistance based on our belief to re-make the Palestinian cause the first priority.

And here comes the imperative question: why didn’t Syria launch any military operation in the occupied Golan Heights during the past years?

This question has been raised repeatedly to doubt the role of Syria. All the resistant movements in Lebanon and Palestine are fully aware of the key role undertaken by Syria in supporting such anti-Israeli project. However, launching a military operation on the Occupied Golan Height is subject to specific considerations related to countries, which are completely different from those of the resistant movements.

The US and its allies imposed many sanctions on Syria in various fields. How did Syria manage to withstand these sanctions? And to what extent these sanctions have contributed to the unity of the Syrian people and their persistence to win?

They tried to spread sectarianism among the Syrian people and use language which was entirely outlandish and unrelated to our civilization. However, those sanctions were confronted through enhancing our national unity and paying more attention to our own resources in agriculture, industry, handicrafts and others. Let’s not also forget that the cooperation with our allies: Iran and Russia has been critical in facing these challenges.

Russia took part in Syrian war at the request of the Syrian leadership in 2015.

Where has Russia been since the beginning of the war? Did Russia intervene when it felt that its interests are at stake?

The basic problem lies in what the Western MSM (mainstream media) is promoting, especially concerning Russia’s intervention. In the same context, up to 80% of the Arab media outlets are owned by Saudi Arabia, which are also working in collaboration with the West and the Zionists.

Just like the new settlers in America, Israel seeks to obliterate the landmarks of Arab civilization to emerge as the only strong state in the region. Israel has once destroyed ‘King Nimrod’ and now attempts to destroy the ancient city of Palmyra.

Russia did not enter Syria on September 30th 2015; we must remember that on October 4th, 2011, Russia and China double vetoed a UNSC resolution aimed at conducting a military intervention in Syria. Russia and China have contributed to the protection of Syria from the very beginning because their role was constructive and positive.

How can we understand Russia’s strong relationship with the Zionist entity – which is deeply involved in plotting with Takfiri groups against Syria – while desperately defending the unity of Syria and its leadership? In other words, how could Israeli warplanes bomb military outposts in Syria without being intercepted by Russian anti-aircraft missile system?

In politics, you should use the “art of possible”. Russia signed an agreement with the United States on September 9, 2016, but the latter has not fulfilled its commitments; however Russian – American negotiations went on. Turkey, on the other hand, shot down a Russian fighter jet; still both countries engage in talks until today.

Russia is a superpower who maintains its own interests and calculations, so its relations with the Zionist enemy do not affect the unity of Syria, its cooperation with the Syrian leadership and Syrian army.

To what extent does Syrian leadership trust Russia’s Putin?

The Syrian leadership has absolute and unlimited confidence in Russia under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. We are consulting with our Russian ally in almost all matters. In fact, Russia’s perspective and standpoint are different from those adopted by Western countries; it [Russia] believes in maintaining the sovereignty of other countries, and preserving their independence, freedom and dignity.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has openly aligned itself with the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian leadership since the beginning of the war. Did both leaderships have a clear vision which resulted in such mutual understanding of events? And how do you assess the role of Hezbollah in Syria?

Hezbollah’s commendable role in Syria has been extremely pivotal and significant, and genuinely reflects its identity as a resistant movement. Syria and Hezbollah maintained a clear and identical vision from the very beginning since both fight in the same front to achieve the same objective and project. We were aware that this war meant to destroy Syria first, Hezbollah then the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Had Hezbollah failed to win the battle of Qalamoun, Lebanon would have been overrun with terrorism. Whoever advocated the ‘self-distancing’ policy without taking into account the geopolitical and identity factors failed to understand the political dimensions.

Being a strategic and key player as well as a political negotiator in the Syrian war, what is the main role undertaken by Iran in supporting the steadfastness of Syria? Is it true that Iran offered President Assad and his family a safe asylum in Iran?

Iran is a trustworthy ally which played a key role in the steadfastness of the Syrian people; our friendship dates back to the victory of the Islamic revolution. The late President Hafez Assad stood by Iran when Iraq’s Saddam Hussein waged a war against it. Our relationship with Iran has a common and important bond which is to liberate Palestine.

There is a media and political party that believes Syria would have been spared the havoc, deaths and suffering if President Assad had relinquished power. Why didn’t President al-Assad resign from office? Did he consider such a proposal?

It was not about relinquishing power rather than abandoning Syria. President Assad thinks of himself as a legitimately-elected leader who has been entrusted to preserve the country’s sovereignty, unity and the principles it stands for.

President Assad said that after liberating Aleppo, Syria will be different. What is the importance of Aleppo victory?

By liberating Aleppo, Syria has triumphed; all major Syrian cities are now under the control of the Syrian government, not to mention that Erdogan’s project in Aleppo was completely fizzled out.

The huge quantities of supplies and weapons left by the terrorists after being forced to leave Aleppo reveal the gigantic support provided by western countries, Turkey and some Arab states to the terrorist groups. Henceforth, all their claims about fighting terrorism turned to be blatant lies because they were the main backers and masterminds of terrorism.

Through Maraya International magazine, what would you like to say to the Syrian people and allies after six years of war, with the victory looming in 2017?

I’d like to thank the Syrian people and those who defended, fought and prayed for Syria, the Syrian Arab Army in particular, may God have mercy on the martyrs’ souls, and may the wounded have quick recovery.

I also want to express deep thanks to our allies: Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, for standing by us all the way. The Sykes-Picot agreement, that the enemy wants to end, seeking a colonial domination on the region, must be nullified by us in order to establish a true oriental Middle East that genuinely reflects our Arab and Persian civilizations. We all came from the same region, same resistance, and our goal is also the same.

Russia’s role in the war is to be highly commended for proving false the theory of unipolarity.

Boutaina Shaaban is a Syrian politician and is currently the political and media adviser to the President of Syria. Shaaban served as the first Minister of Expatriates for the Syrian Arab Republic, between 2003 and 2008, and has been described as the Syrian government’s face to the outside world.

Interview by: Fadi Boudaya

INTERVIEW: Turkish Coup Fallout – Chief of Staff Fingers Gulen As Plot Leader

Great interview about the Turkish Coup. Once again, Israel is behind it all. The new corrupt want the old corrupt out of power. 

VIDEO: Behind The CIA’s Failed Coup In Turkey – Was It Only a Dry Run?

No one in their right mind can defend Erdogan, but one thing is certain, it’s better to deal with a known evil than with the unknown plans of the CIA/Mossad mafia. The elite is trying to bring Erdogan down and the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized last weekend…but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived.

So what are we to make of this would-be putsch? Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or was this merely a trial run for the real CIA/NATO/Gulenist coup yet to come? What role do the Turkish people play in all of this?. Please listen to Sibel Edmonds, Spiro Skouras and James Corbett of who expose the CIA (Mossad backed) and Operation Gladio B to Mullah Gulen’s $20+ Billion shady network in the United States, and the media’s role in implementing the deep state’s psychological warfare tactics.