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If you have not yet read our recently published book, we strongly recommend you do. Even if you think you are already aware of all the historical lies we have been taught for centuries, you are still in for a surprise! Please spread the word, we must give people a chance to learn the truth!

Marx & Satan

eBOOK: Marx & Satan

Marx & Satan
Marx & Satan

“Marx and Satan,” by Richard Wurmbrand (1986)

While we don’t agree with many of the points the author makes; we still consider this book a worthwhile read.

The late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of the Communist government in Romania, where he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ. His experience led him to spend further years researching Karl Marx and the Communist doctrines he developed. While Communism portrays itself as a noble endeavor for the good of mankind and claims an Atheistic view, Wurmbrand exposes its true roots, revealing that Karl Marx and the fathers of the modern Communist/Socialist movements were inspired by the powers of darkness.

By examining the confessions, writings, and poetry of Marx and his followers, the author demonstrates how the “prince of darkness” gave these men the “sword” by which they have terrorized the nations. Wurmbrand proves that this movement is not simply the work of greedy men, hungry for wealth and power, but is “after the working of Satan” with the intent of destroying mankind.

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Eugen Duhring

eBOOK: The Jewish Problem as a Problem of Race, Morals, & Culture

Eugen Duhring

“The Jewish Problem as a Problem of Race, Morals and Culture,” by Eugen Dühring (1881)

Eugen Dühring (1833-1921) was one of the most significant of the early socialist theoreticians, economists, and positivist philosophers who opposed the hijacking of original socialist thought by what Dühring called “Jewish agitators and intriguers” such as Ferdinand Lassalle and Karl Marx.

Dühring’s treatise on the Jews was the first major work to identify the Jewish Question not as a religious and cultural problem but, rather, as one based on the inherent and unchangeable character of the Jewish people. One important feature of Dühring’s “anti-Semitism” is his clear distinction between the Jews and other Semites, and his consideration of the former as “the most vicious minting of the entire Semitic race.” The Jewish religion, Dühring said, has no truly religious character but, instead, a markedly economic-political one which aims to dominate and exploit non-Jews. Indeed, the Jewish god Jehovah is nothing but an embodiment of the Jewish self-interest and represents the opposite of the Indo-European natural pantheon.

Dühring was also firmly against the Marxist doctrine of class-warfare since he considered this to be a subversive strategy that furthered the opposition between the powerful warrior nobilities of the past and powerless social groups – to the advantage of the Jews.

As a solution to the Jewish problem, Dühring demanded the complete expulsion of Jews from Western society. Dühring’s radical realist and anti-religious worldview thus served as the philosophical backdrop to the emergence of Hitlerian anti-Semitism and marked a turning point in world history.

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eBOOK: The 1st Holocaust – Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During & After WWI


“The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One,” By Don Heddesheimer (2005)

Most people believe that roughly six million Jews were killed by National Socialist Germany during World War II in an event generally referred to as the Holocaust or the Shoah. But how long have we known about this six million figure? The most frequent answer is that the six million figure was established after the Second World War during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Although it is true that the six million figure was declared to be the indubitable truth at this tribunal, it is actually remarkably older. In this book, Don Heddesheimer shows that the six million figure dates back much further.

Six million Jews in Poland and Russia threatened with imminent holocaust: this allegation was appearing in such sources as The New York Times — but the year was 1919!

Don Heddesheimer’s compact but substantive First Holocaust documents post-WWI propaganda that claimed East European Jewry was on the brink of annihilation, regularly invoking nowadays well-known buzzwords like “extermination,” “holocaust,” and the now famous and almost talismanic six million figure.

It gives details how that propaganda was used prior to WWII in order to agitate for minority rights for Jews in Poland, and for Zionism and Bolshevism in Poland and Russia; and demonstrates how Jewish fundraising operations in America raised vast sums in the name of feeding Polish and Russian Jews, then funneled much of the money to Zionist and Communist constructive undertakings—including banks, unions, and kibbutzes—rather than to starving Jews.

The First Holocaust also includes eye-opening testimony from American diplomats and military attaches stationed in Poland and Russia that contradicted Jewish persecution claims between the two world wars.

Although this exaggerated propaganda of Jewish suffering slowed down during the 1930s, it never completely ceased and received new momentum in the 1940s during the Second World War.

As we all know today, this propaganda skyrocketed after Germany’s total defeat, as the victorious nations of the Second World War seized upon the opportunity to take advantage of such propaganda and to increase its scope and impact.

Heddesheimer’s book clearly shows that the “six million” figure, together with “extermination” and “holocaust” claims, are Jewish-Zionist in nature and part of a propaganda pattern which started at the very dawn of the 20th century in order to promote Jewish political and financial goals.

The First Holocaust is a valuable study of American Jewish institutional operations at a fateful juncture in Jewish and European history, an incisive examination of a cunningly contrived campaign of atrocity and extermination propaganda, two decades before the alleged WWII Holocaust — and an indispensable addition to every revisionist’s library.

Table of Contents - The First Holocaust- Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One
Table of Contents – The First Holocaust- Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One

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eBOOK: The World Order | Our Secret Rulers

The World Order: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism

“The World Order, Our Secret Rulers”, By Eustace Mullins (1992)

This book expands on “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, by the same author, and details the history of the interlocking financial and business elites in Britain, Europe, and the United States. It also includes some interesting history of the major tax-exempt foundations.

Table of Contents

Chapter One / The “New” World Order

Chapter Two / The Rothschilds

Chapter Three / Soviet Russia

Chapter Four / Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Chapter Five / The Business of America

Chapter Six / The CIA

Chapter Seven / The Bechtel Complex 

Chapter Eight / The Foundations

Chapter Nine / The Rule of the Order

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The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? By Peter Winter

eBOOK: The Six Million – Fact or Fiction?

The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? By Peter Winter
The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?
By Peter Winter

“The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?”, By Peter Winter (2015)

BANNED ON AMAZON!!  Now in its fifth edition, this eye-opening book has been revised, updated and expanded once again to include a number of new sections.

The new sections include (eBook below):

– The dismissal of the Wannsee Conference “extermination plan” as a “silly story” by Yad Vashem’s Professor Yehuda Bauer;

– An expansion of the section dealing with the fake “Gas Chamber 1” on display at the Auschwitz Camp;

– A new section exposing the hoax of the “gassing of the Hungarian Jews” and their dispersal to labor camps in Germany;

– Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski’s evidence at the Eichmann trial;

– A new section dealing with the “eye-witness” evidence of Rudolf Reder from Belzec;

– The admission by Anne Frank’s father that he co-authored the book now known as the “Diary of Anne Frank”; and

– An extract from the Korherr Report which reveals that as of December 1942, there were only 9,127 Jews in all the concentration camps.

In addition, the previous appendices dealing with “survivor hoaxes” has been incorporated into the “Eyewitness” chapter.

This work is, without doubt, the single most important revisionist overview of the legend of the “Six Million” Holocaust ever yet published.

Just some of the amazing revelations in this book include:

– How Zionists and Nazis cooperated before the war on writing Germany’s racial laws—and in the setting up of Jewish settlements in Palestine;

– How Zionists offered to take up arms for Nazi Germany against Britain during World War II;

– How Nazi policy was first aimed at encouraging Jews to emigrate, and then after the war broke out, to evacuating them east of the Urals;

– How official German records shows that there were 4.5 million Jews under Nazi control, and of that number, 4.3 million lodged claims as “Holocaust victims” after the war;

– How the Soviet Union used torture to produce the lion’s share of “confessions” extracted from Germans to support the “extermination” allegations;

– How the Jewish lead prosecutor in the “Einsatzgruppen” trials publicly admitted to having witnessed torture and personally used death threats to extract “confessions”;

– Exactly what Adolf Eichmann Confessed to—and what he did not;

– The shocking lies and distortions contained in the two John Demjanjuk trials;

– How the Auschwitz Camp Museum has formally admitted that the “gas chamber” it has shown to millions of tourists is actually a fake;

– How original German architect plans of Auschwitz show no “gas chambers”;

– How forensic chemical examination of Auschwitz has disproved the use of Zyklon-B in the so-called “ruined gas chambers”;

– How official Israeli and Polish university archaeological digs at Belzec and Sobibór have failed to find any evidence of “gas chambers”; and of how a similar dig at Chelmno directly contradicted “eyewitness” testimony;

– How the “gas chambers” at Majdanek have glass windows, baths, and real showers for the alleged “victims”;

– How the “carbon monoxide” gas bottles on display at Majdanek, still connected to a “gas chamber,” are in fact engraved and marked as “carbon dioxide!”;

– Details of the “Star of David gas chamber tile” hoax at the 2013 Treblinka archaeological dig;

– How a delousing chamber at Dachau has been misrepresented as a homicidal gas chamber;

– How German POWs were forced to alter a shower room at Sachenhausen to support a Soviet show trial—but that the forgery was so crude and embarrassing that the Communists knocked down the building in 1952.

– The Bergen-Belsen camp is also reviewed, along with an explanation of the typhus epidemic which swept the camp in the last months of the war and created the horror images of emaciated dead bodies now associated with “the Holocaust.”

This new version also deals with the “eyewitness survivor” memoirs and their outright lies and forgery, starting with a superbly illustrated expose of the faked memoirs of “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal and many others.

Finally, the last section discusses the all-important question of how and why the Holocaust storytellers have gone through so much trouble to make up the incredible story of the “Six Million.”

If you only ever read one book about the Holocaust, this has to be it.

180+ illustrations.



Section 1: Nazi Anti-Semitism and Jewish Emigration from Greater Germany 1933–1940
Section 2: Zionist and Nazi Collaboration on the 1935 Nuremberg Laws
Section 3: “A Nazi Travels to Palestine”—How the SS Supported the Zionist Colonization of Palestine
Section 4: Nazi Financial Assistance to Zionism: The “Haavara” Transfer Agreement
Section 5: The Jewish Declaration of War against Germany and the Organized Boycott of German Goods
Section 6: The Truth about Kristallnacht
Section 7: The Creation of the Concentration Camps
Section 8: Zionists Offered to Fight for the Nazis against the British

Section 9: There Were 4.5 Million Jews under Direct Nazi Control
Section 10: 4.3 Million Postwar “Holocaust Claims” against German Government
Section 11: Yad Vashem’s “Victim List” Compiled on Hearsay
Section 12: Dieter Wisliceny and Wilhelm Höttl—Spurious Origin of the “Six Million” Number
Section 13: Jewish Holocaust Scholar Raul Hilberg Reduces Total Death Toll to 2.8 Million—but Media Still use the “Six Million” Figure
Section 14: Auschwitz “Death Toll” Officially Reduced by 2.5 Million—but the “Six Million” Figure Remains
Section 15: The Shrinking Number of Dead at Auschwitz: From 9 Million to 73,000
Section 16: The Korherr Report—Only 9,127 Jews in Camps as of December 1942

Section 17: The Outrageous Lies and Distortions of the “Kurt Gerstein Statement”
Section 18: Jewish Scholars and Yad Vashem Forced to Deny “Soap,” “Lampshades” Horror Stories
Section 19: What was Really Said at the Wannsee Conference in 1942
Section 20: Wannsee “A Silly Story,” says Israel’s Leading Holocaust Scholar
Section 21: What the “Final Solution” Actually Meant: Deportation to the East
Section 22: Hitler’s 1939 “Threat to the Jews” Speech
Section 23: What Hitler Said about the “Extermination” Rumors
Section 24: Himmler’s 1943 Posen Speech and the Meaning of “Ausrotten”
Section 25: Himmler’s Personal Correspondence Never Mentions “Extermination” Claims
Section 26: The Bad Arolsen “International Tracing Service” Archives Provides No Evidence of any Mass Murder Program

Section 27: The Legally-Flawed Nuremberg “War Crimes Trials” Did Not “Prove” the Holocaust
Section 28: The Katyn Massacre—How the Soviets Tortured Nazis to “Obtain Confessions”
Section 29: Official “Holocaust” Journal Admits Soviet Torture used to Obtain Nazi “Confessions”

Section 30: Anti-Partisan Warfare—The Real Purpose of the Einsatzgruppen (“Task Forces”)
Section 31: Benjamin Ferencz, Jewish Chief Prosecutor at the Einsatzgruppen Trials, Admits to Using Forced Confessions and Death Threats
Section 32: The Einsatzgruppen Ereignismeldungen (“Event Reports”)
Section 33: The Babi Yar Massacre in Kiev: Wartime Aerial Photography Exposes the Lie
Section 34: The “Confession”—and Retraction—of Einsatzgruppen Commander Otto Ohlendorf
Section 35: The Wildly Varying Numbers of Einsatzgruppen “Victims”—1 to 3 million
Section 36: The Oswald Pohl “Confessions”—Example of the Nuremberg Miscarriage of Justice
Section 37: The Perjured Testimony of Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski
Section 38: Bach-Zelewski Repudiates his “Confession”

Section 39: Eichmann Only Admitted Deporting Jews, Never Murdering Them
Section 40: Eichmann’s Doctored “Memoirs”

Section 41: John Demjanjuk—Acquitted in Israel!
Section 42: “Survivor” Testimony Identifies Demjanjuk—But Israeli Supreme Court Dismisses them as Liars
Section 43: German Court Ignores Israeli Decision

Section 44: Why Would Anyone “Confess?”
Section 45: The Suchomel “Confession” in Claude Lanzmann’s “Shoah” Movie

Section 46: Only Six Alleged “Extermination Camps” to “Kill Millions”

Section 47: Auschwitz Founded as a POW Camp for Polish Soldiers in 1940
Section 48: The Auschwitz I “Gas Chamber”
Section 49: Auschwitz Museum Finally Admits that “Gas Chamber” Was Built After the War
Section 50: Auschwitz II: Architect’s Plans Show No “Gas Chambers”
Section 51: Real Showers in Auschwitz and the “Gas through the Shower-head” Legend
Section 52: Steam Disinfection Stations for Prisoner Clothing as Part of the Anti-Typhus Measures
Section 53: Delousing Chambers Used in All Camps
Section 54: The Auschwitz Clothing Dis-infestation Station Known as the “Central Sauna”
Section 55: The Real Auschwitz Gas Chambers—The “Kanada I” Delousing Chambers
Section 56: Pictures of the Kanada I Zyklon-B Delousing Center in Action
Section 57: Forensic Investigation of “Gas Chamber” Ruins Reveals No Evidence of Gassings
Section 58: Rudolf Report Confirms Forensic Evidence
Section 59: The Auschwitz “Gas Chambers” Change Location
Section 60: The “Gassing of the Hungarian Jews”
Section 61: The Auschwitz Transit Camp
Section 62: Auschwitz’s Real Purpose—A Labor Camp
Section 63: The Rudolf Höss Memoirs
Section 64: Photographs of Auschwitz Inmates Belie Mass Gassing Allegations
Section 65: The Auschwitz Swimming Pool
Section 66: The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial of 1963

Section 67: Details Unknown for Decades
Section 68: The Höfle Telegram
Section 69: Problems with “Gassing by Diesel”
Section 70: The Purpose of the Reinhard Camps

Section 71: Chelmno—“Operational” for 18 Months
Section 72: Yad Vashem’s Ostrowski “Gas Van”
Section 73: Walter Rauff and the “Gas Vans”
Section 74: Forensic Digs Contradict “Official History” by Finding “Crematoria” in Chelmno
Section 75: The Chelmno Trials

Section 76: The Belzec Camp—Given Little Prominence Because of Unbelievable Allegations
Section 77: Fantastic Claims from Most Famous “Eyewitness Survivor” Rudolf Reder
Section 78: Belzec’s Incredible Execution Methods: “Electrocution and Drowning in Excrement”
Section 79: The Belzec Trial
Section 80: Forensic Digs at Belzec Contradict “Official” History and Fail to Find “Gas Chambers”

Section 81: Sobibór—A Temporary Camp Which Only Existed for 15 Months
Section 82: Chlorine and Electricity: “Survivors” Claim Bizarre Execution Methods in Sobibór
Section 83: Yitzhak Arad’s Contradictory Official History of Sobibór
Section 84: Official Documents Show Sobibór’s True Function
Section 85: The Sobibór Trials
Section 86: Archaeological Digs Fail To Find Sobibór “Gas Chamber”
Section 87: 2014 Archaeological Dig Contradicts Earlier “Gas Chamber” Claims

Section 88: Treblinka—Another Temporary Camp Which Only Existed for 15 Months
Section 89: Treblinka I and II—Labor and Transit Area
Section 90: The Famous “Black Book of Polish Jewry” Claims Execution by “Steam” in Treblinka
Section 91: US National Archive Aerial Photography of Treblinka Shows No Sign of “Extermination Camp
Section 92: “Survivors” Claim Execution by “Vacuum Chambers”
Section 93: First 1999 Forensic Examination of Treblinka Site Reveals No Mass Graves
Section 94: The 2010 Second Forensic Analysis of Treblinka Reveals No “Mass Graves”
Section 95: The 2013 Third Forensic Analysis of Treblinka and the “Star of David Gas Chamber Tiles” Hoax
Section 96: The “Evidence” of “Treblinka Guard” Paval Leleko
Section 97: The Franz Stangl Trial and His “Memoirs”

Section 98: Majdanek, Lublin—Originally Built as POW Camp for Soviet Army Prisoners
Section 99: First Majdanek Show Trial, 1944
Section 100: Number of Madjanek “Victims” Varies Wildly from 1.7 Million to 79,000
Section 101: “Gas Chamber” Added to Postwar Rebuilt Madjanek Crematorium Building
Section 102: The Impossibility of the Majdanek “Gas Chambers”
Section 103: Majdanek’s Real Showers for “Gassing Victims”
Section 104: Majdanek’s “Gas Bottles” on Display are Carbon Dioxide, Not Carbon Monoxide
Section 105: The Anomalies of Majdanek’s Second and Third “Gas Chambers”
Section 106: The Plain Glass Window in Majdanek’s Fourth “Gas Chamber”
Section 107: The “Harvest Festival” Hoax
Section 108: The Mußfeldt “Confession”
Section 109: The Second Majdanek Trial of 1975

Section 110: Dachau and Its Mysterious “Gas Chamber”
Section 111: The Real Dachau Gas Chambers— Delousing Cubicles
Section 112: Dachau Casualty Figures Officially “Reduced” from 238,000 to 20,000

Section 113: Sachsenhausen: Gas Chamber Built in November 1945, Knocked Down in 1952

Section 114: Typhus Deaths—Origin of Horror Images in Bergen-Belsen—No Gas Chambers

Section 115: Simon Wiesenthal’s Faked “Memoirs”
Section 116: The Diary of Anne Frank—Handwriting Reveals Two Authors
Section 117: Anne Frank Fund Admits Father Co-Authored Diary
Section 118: Rudolf Vrba’s “I Cannot Forgive”
Section 119: Olga Lengyel’s “Five Chimneys”
Section 120: Kitty Hart’s “Return to Auschwitz”
Section 121: Martin Gray’s “For Those I Loved”
Section 122: Jean Francis Steiner’s “Treblinka”
Section 123: Miklos Nyiszli’s “Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account”
Section 124: Filip Müller’s “Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers”
Section 125: Truthful Survivor Books Not Given Prominence
Section 126: Paul Rassinier—The Holocaust Victim Who Argued Against the “Gas Chambers”
Section 127: Martin Gilbert’s “Auschwitz and the Allies”
Section 128: Klara Markus, and the Psychology behind “Holocaust Survivor Testimonies”
Section 129: Herman Rosenblat’s “Angel at the Fence”
Section 130: Binjamin Wilkomirski’s “Fragments”
Section 131: “Survivor” Swindlers 1—The Philip Auerbach Case
Section 132: “Survivor” Swindlers 2—The Werner Nachmann Case
Section 133: “Survivor” Swindlers 3—The Semen Domnitser Case

Section 134: Bears and Eagles in Cages Eating Jews; Jewish “Soap Burial” in Atlanta, USA; Sausages Made out of Jews; Mummified Thumbs as Light Switches; “Pedal-driven Brain-bashing Machines”—And More, All in Nuremberg Court as “Evidence.”

Section 135: The “Holocaust”—What Actually Happened
Section 136: Why Was the Holocaust Story Invented?
Appendix 1: Alois Brunner and the “I Would Do It All Again” Lie
Appendix 2: The Oskar Groening “I Saw the Gas Chambers” Story
Appendix 3: Auschwitz—Reality versus the Claims

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eBOOK: New History of the Jews

“New History of the Jews,” by Eustice Mullins (1968)

Throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem of mankind has remained constant. In all of the vast records of peace and wars and rumors of wars, one great empire after another has had to come to grips with the same dilemma… the Jews. Despite the persistence of this problem, and despite the enormous amount of literature on this subject, not one writer, either pro or con, has ever faced the dilemma at its source namely, who are the Jews and why are they here?

This question can be answered only if man brings to bear upon it his full intelligence. This question must also be approached on the highest spiritual level, with the deepest motives of Christian charity, and above all, with the greatest respect for man himself, what he is, what his roots are, and what he is becoming. The history of man is the history of conflict, of wars between the haves and the have-nots, of exploitation of man by man, and of terrible massacres. In this blood-stained record, however, the scholar finds only one people who have aroused the most violent antagonisms, no matter where they have settled. Only one people has irritated its host nations in every part of the civilized world to the point that the host has turned against them and killed them or driven them out. These people are called the Jews.

Chapter 1. Jews and Civilization
Chapter 2. The Biological Jew 
Chapter 3. The Origin of the Jew 
Chapter 4. Jews in Ancient History 
Chapter 5. The Passion of Jesus Christ 
Chapter 6. Jews and Ritual Murder 
Chapter 7. Jews in Europe 
Chapter 8. Jews and Communism 
Chapter 9. Jews in America 
Chapter 10. The Jew in Our Future

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Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists

eBOOK: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists, By Anthony Sutton (1974)

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists

“Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason, his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.” ―Richard Pipes, Baird Professor Emeritus of History, Harvard University (from Survival Is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future)

Why did the 1917 American Red Cross Mission to Russia include more financiers than medical doctors? Rather than caring for the victims of war and revolution, its members seemed more intent on negotiating contracts with the Kerensky government and, subsequently, the Bolshevik regime.

In a courageous investigation, Antony Sutton establishes tangible historical links between Russian communists and US capitalists. Drawing on US state department files, personal papers of key Wall Street figures, biographies, and conventional histories, Sutton reveals:

  • The role of Morgan banking executives in funneling illegal Bolshevik gold into the US.
  • The co-option of the American Red Cross by powerful Wall Street forces.
  • The intervention by Wall Street sources to free the Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, whose aim was to topple the Russian government.
  • The deals made by major corporations to capture the huge Russian market a decade and a half before the US recognized the Soviet regime.
  • The secret sponsoring of Communism by leading businessmen, who publicly championed free enterprise.

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution traces the foundations of Western funding of the Soviet Union. Dispassionately, and with overwhelming documentation, the author details a crucial phase in the establishment of Communist Russia.

This classic study―first published in 1974 and part of a key trilogy―is reproduced here in its original form. The other volumes in this trilogy are Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Wall Street and FDR.

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The Rudolf Report: Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz

eBOOK: The Rudolf Report – Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz

This book is banned by Amazon!! In 1988, Fred Leuchter, an American expert for execution technologies, investigated the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek and concluded that they could not have functioned as claimed.

Ever since, Leuchter’s claims have been massively criticized. In 1993, Germar Rudolf & Wolfgang Lambrecht, researchers from the prestigious German Max-Planck-Institute, published a thorough forensic study about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz which irons out the deficiencies and discrepancies of the Leuchter Report.

The Rudolf Report was the first English edition of this sensational scientific work. This new edition analyzes all existing evidence on the Auschwitz gas chambers and offers even more evidence.

The conclusions are startling. The appendix describes Rudolf’s unique persecution—this brilliant scientist was so feared by the mainstream Holocaust establishment that they banned him from writing about or researching the subject as terms of his release from prison!

“I am extraordinarily impressed. To my knowledge, you are the first expert in Germany who has addressed this particular topic in a scholarly impeccable and well-founded way. It is not for me to attribute an ice-breaker function to your expert report. It is easy to see which political-historical effects will originate from it, though its entire dimension cannot yet be estimated.”— Prof. Dr. Hellmut Diwald, Historian, January 22, 1992.

“I read it with great interest. […] My impression is, however, that this expert report is an important contribution to a very important question which, since the ‘Leuchter Report,’ needs to be answered urgently. […] One can only very much hope that the well-known tactics of hushing up is not applied to your expert report, but that critical responses and comments will be made.” — Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte, Historian, January 28, 1992

“For me, the significance of receiving your report rests on the fact that it substantially contributes to our stock of knowledge. With many of my colleagues active in the field of contemporary history, I am overjoyed and thankful for you having initiated this research activity. Of course, I am even more delighted regarding the results of your accurate scientific investigation.” — Prof. Dr. Werner Georg Haverbeck, Historian, January 31, 1992.

“I calmly read your report! It gives me hope to realize that a representative of the younger generation courageously sets out, with scientific thoroughness, noticeable great expertise, and corresponding investigative curiosity, to get to the bottom of a controversial question that is of worldwide significance! The result is clear and unequivocal! True facts cannot be suppressed forever! I wish that your work will make the breakthrough!” — Prof. Emil Schlee, Historian, April 1, 1992.

“[…] I sincerely hope that all statements about this topic would obviously be based on long and intensive work such as yours. Most of it is certainly unverifiable for the layman, but the photographs are already quite informative.[…]”—Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte, Historian, January 6, 1993.

“Rudolf is a young scientist who tried to prove in an excellently laid-out work with tables, graphics, and so on, that the gas chambers were technically impossible. […] These scientific analyses are perfect.” — Hans Westra, Anne-Frank-Foundation, BRT 1 TV (Belgium), Panorama, April 27, 1995.

“All in all, he relies on literature which was written long before this report was completed, and the report must be described as scientifically acceptable.” — Prof. Dr. Henri Ramuz, Chemist, interrogated as expert witness about the Rudolf Report by the Swiss Court at Châtel-St.-Denis, May 18, 1997.

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National Suicide

eBOOK: “National Suicide Military Aid To The Soviet Union” By Anthony Sutton

We say this all the time and we will repeat it again, the level of ignorance that humanity is immersed in has brought the world to this situation of never ending wars, chaos, and deceit. Anyone who dares to study real history knows that Roosevelt and Churchill both helped Stalin win the war. Humanity lost the war and Communism was the winner. Communists were ready to change their strategy and carry on with it expansion disguised as a different and more ‘kind’ looking beast.

The United States had been stolen from Americans already and things only got worse. Today we see how things unfolded and where they are leading us.

“National Suicide” was written by Professor Anthony Sutton. We are reposting the book because it is crucial to understand that the Soviet Union today Russia is a product of the West, there are NO two sides – Capitalism and Communism are sides of the same coin. The book was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton documents how the Soviet state’s technological and manufacturing base, which was supplied the North Vietnamese with armaments to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically, the majority of the Soviet’s large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.

Richard Pipes of Harvard said in his book, Survival Is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future (Simon & Schuster;1984):

“In his three-volume detailed account of Soviet Purchases of Western Equipment and Technology . . . [Antony] Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason, his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.”

“Why had the US built-up it’s enemy? Why did the US build-up the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler’s Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts?” Is Washington, Washington? Or is it an extension of Jewish power?

Sutton continued his research and wrote three outstanding books on Wall Street, FDR, the Rise of Hitler, and The Bolshevik Revolution. One day, someone sent him a membership list of Skull and Bones and “a picture jumped out”. A multigenerational foreign-based secret society with fingers in all kinds of pies and roots going back to ‘Illuminati’ influences in 1830’s Germany.The Soviet Military-Industrial Complex The information that I am going to present to you this after noon is known to the Administration. The information is probably not known to the Senator from South Dakota or his advisers. And in this instance ignorance may be a blessing in disguise. I am not a politician. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear. My job is to give you facts. Whether you like or dislike what I say doesn’t concern me. I am here because I believe—and Congressman Ashbrook believes—that the American public should have these facts. I have spent ten years in research on Soviet technology. What it is—what it can do—and particularly where it came from. I have published three books

The American public should have these facts. Sutton spent ten years in research on Soviet technology. What it is—what it can do—and particularly where it came from.  out much of the key information is still classified along with the other mistakes of the Washington bureaucracy. Why has the history been blacked out? Because 50 years of dealings with the Soviets has been an economic success for the USSR and a political failure for the United States. It has not stopped

We also know that Israel has been selling American technology to Russia, but have they really stole it? Or could it be that Israel is simply completing the work for The United States? Why has the history been blacked out? Because 50 years of dealings with the Soviets has been an economic success for the USSR and a political failure for the United States. Wars have not stopped

The United States is spending S80 billion a year on defense against an enemy built by the United States and West Europe. Even stranger, the U.S. apparently wants to make sure this enemy remains in the business of being an enemy.

National Suicide

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