Pietro Parolin

COMMENTARY: Top Vatican Cardinal To Join Elite Globalists In Secretive ‘Bilderberg’ Meeting

Who is Cardinal Pietro Parolin? In 2009, during the rule of Hugo Chavez, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him nuncio to Venezuela. Parolin worked from Rome to ‘improve’ relations with Communist China and Vietnam. He ‘helped’ improve relations between Cuba and The United States. His ‘diplomatic skills’ got Pope Francis’s attention and laid the groundwork for Francis’s 2016 ‘historic’ meeting with ex-KGB Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kyril in Havana in 2016. In 2017 Parolin visited Moscow and met with Patriarch Kyrill and Vladimir Putin to “build on the meeting Pope Francis’s had in 2016 with the Patriarch”. Parolin has been quickly ascending to power and today he is in a position to be the next pope.

Pietro Parolin  “Top Vatican Cardinal To Join Elite Globalists In Secretive ‘Bilderberg’ Meeting,”, Source: catholicfamilynews.org

Editor’s Note: Earlier this week, LifeSiteNews published a truly explosive report revealing that Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State (top diplomat) under Pope Francis, is a participant in this year’s Bilderberg meeting (June 7-10, 2018), the annual gathering of “a powerful organization that seeks to form a New World Order under the rule of a godless Global Elite” (John Vennari). In light of Cardinal Parolin’s official visit to Moscow last fall and his efforts to broker a deal with the Chinese Communist Party earlier this year, perhaps it should come as no surprise that he received an invitation to the globalist table (see here for the full list of participants). He is even being discussed as a possible successor to Pope Francis. One can only wonder what Parolin will say on behalf of the current Roman Pontiff, who has proven himself a world-class propagandist for globalist causes. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us! ~ Matt Gaspers, Managing Editor

TURIN, Italy, June 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A top Vatican cardinal will join globalist elites from Western Europe and America in a secretive behind-closed-doors meeting this week to discuss the populist rise in Europe as well as the U.S. midterm elections, among other things.

Pietro Cardinal Parolin, 63, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, has been invited to join the globalist Bilderberg Meeting for 2018 in Turin, Italy.

The Bilderberg meetings have been used as a forum for world elites since 1954 to further their vision for the world. Attendees are free to use information from the discussions. No one is allowed to reveal who said what.

High-profile individuals who have participated in the Bilderberg meeting at one time or another include elites such as David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Emma Bonino, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

This week, 128 participants from 23 countries will discuss twelve themes: “populism” in Europe; “inequality”; “the future of work”; artificial intelligence; the “US before midterms”; free trade; “US world leadership”; Russia; quantum computing; Saudi Arabia and Iran; “the ‘post-truth’ world”; and current events.  Last year so-called “populism” was eighth on the agenda; this year it is first. Governments derided as populist have been elected in both Czech and Italy since last year’s meeting.

According to its own literature, the purpose of the annual Bilderberg Meeting is to “foster dialogue between Europe and North America.”

Some Vatican observers are wondering if Parolin will deliver a special message from Pope Francis to attendees. Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has backed globalist causes, such as climate change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Parolin will be the first guest from Vatican City to ever attend a Bilderberg meeting.

The cardinal is one of the most powerful Curial officials and has been regarded by Vatican watchers as positioned to succeed Francis. Parolin has asserted that Pope Francis’ teaching in Amoris Laetitia represents “a paradigm shift” for the Church. He has been criticized by Chinese Cardinal Zen for the Vatican’s “suicide” deal with China. And he was involved along with the Vatican in the hire of a pro-gay law firm that sought to shut down a Catholic website critical of Pope Francis.

Critics of the Bilderberg Meetings Foundation believe the meetings subvert democracy.

“The highly secretive yearly meeting of the Bilderberg Group has come under increasing scrutiny with each passing year,” Daniel McAdams told LifeSiteNews. McAdams is the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

“These Bilderberg globalists disdain the non-elites and particularly resent national sovereignty and the popular vote,” McAdams continued. “Their top-down ‘we know what’s best for you’ approach hurts rather than helps the world’s poorest.”

Among those who will air their views on “populism” and other topics are historian-journalist Anne Applebaum; her husband, Polish politician Radoslaw Sikorski; Bank of England chief Mark Carney; diplomat Henry Kissinger; Peggy Noonan of the Washington Post; George Osbourne, Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer; RyanAir chief Michael O’Leary; Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel—and Cardinal Parolin.

The way McAdams sees it, Cardinal Parolin is an unusual choice of guest.

“While the Roman Catholic Church is truly a global organization, it is thankfully not a globalist organization,” he said.  “While the inclusion of Cardinal Parolin in this year’s meeting should not necessarily draw our scorn, we should understand that the Bilderbergers and similar groupings of the largely unelected elite more often than not stridently oppose rather than endorse Catholic teaching.”

McAdams named tech billionaire Bill Gates as a regular attendee of the Bilderberg Meetings, and pointed out his clash with Catholic teaching on life and family.

“He is on record endorsing some of the most anti-Catholic views imaginable,” McAdams told LifeSiteNews. “At a TED talk a few years ago, Gates openly opined on how we can lower the world’s population by a billion.”

Gates was airing his theories about how to stop global climate change, which he believes is man-made.

“His recommendation? By using ‘new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services, we could lower (the population) by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,” said McAdams, quoting Gates. “That means killing babies to get to his goal of reducing carbon dioxide output.”

McAdams wondered if Parolin was attending the meeting to evangelize the world elites or to network with them.

“Were Cardinal Parolin to attend the meeting and deliver an uncompromising defense of the Catholic position on matters such as life and the principles of subsidiarity, we should be pleased that he ‘flew the flag’ in otherwise hostile territory,” he said.

“However, if his only purpose is to rub shoulders with the elites and in so doing grant a kind of legitimacy to an event that undermines our Catholic principles, then we should view his participation very negatively,” McAdams concluded.

A media representative from the Bilderberg Meetings told LifeSiteNews that their guests are chosen as private individuals, not as representatives of their employers or firms.

“The Bilderberg meetings have always seen a high diversity of sectors, backgrounds and opinions,” wrote the Bilderberg Media Team. “Participants take part as individuals in their own right.”

“For us, the key question is whether participants have an interesting perspective to contribute, independently from their affiliation of function,” they added.

This article first appeared at LifeSiteNews. Reprinted here with permission.


Sonic Weapons

US Embassy Workers Attacked With ‘SONIC WEAPONS’ In Cuba

Sounds like a James Bond or movie? Sure does, but unfortunately, most tricks seen in these movies do exist. Russia calls them ‘musical attacks’. The question is, how many times have sonic weapons been used? Why do we hardly hear about them in the news? Isn’t the music industry manipulating our brains with their music and lyrics? Why not kill us with sound


Sonic Weapons “US Embassy workers attacked with ‘SONIC WEAPONS’ in Cuba,” Source: express.co.uk

Sound of mystery attacks heard by US diplomats in Cuba

Twenty-one US diplomats have been affected, alongside several Canadians, according to the US State Department, which has revealed terrifying details of the “attack”.

The “attacks” – denied by Cuba – took place in the autumn of 2016 until the spring of 2017, with one new incident taking place in August and reported on September 1.On Thursday, an American diplomat was thrown from his bed in the Capri hotel in Havana after being subjected to a loud high-pitched, grinding noise.According to AP, the man moved just a few feet before the noise stopped. He clambered back into bed – and the noise started again.

Cuba sonic weapon attack

US Embassy staff were hit by an alleged sonic weapon attack in Havana, Cuba.

This has led to reports suggesting specific rooms and even specific parts of rooms are being targeted by the “attacks”.Some victims report feeling vibrations and loud high-pitch sounds. Others also claimed the noises stopped when they moved away from their beds.Fulton Armstrong, a former CIA official based in Havana, said: “None of this has a reasonable explanation. “It’s just mystery after mystery after mystery.”
Suspicions of sonic weapons grew after several US diplomats returned to the USA for treatment.However, diagnosis of mild brain injury, which are considered unlikely from sound, has caused confusion amongst the FBI, US intelligence agencies and State Department investigators.The Cuban authorities, earlier this month, allowed teams from the FBI to travel to Havana to investigate the mysterious alleged “attacks”, but they are yet to find any evidence.Victims have told AP they now suffer from problems with their concentration and recalling specific words.

US investigators have tested theories, including that of deliberate attacks from Cuba’s Government, a rogue organization inside Cuba’s security forces, or even an outside influence, such as Russia.Cuba has denied having been involved in any potential “attack” and promised to offer its full cooperation in the investigations.A statement said: “Cuba has never, nor would it ever, allow that the Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic agents or their families, without exception.”

Video: “Cuban Officials Asked To Leave The U.S. Over The Targeted Attacks”



Pope Francis and Kirill

How The Vatican Is Encouraging Dialogue Between Russia And The West

Isn’t it sweet to see how Communist comrades get along so nicely! Putin is a communist and ex-KGB agent just like Patriarch Kirill and the whole Russian evil clan. So-called Pope Francis is another hard core Communist disguised as the Vicar of Christ! Lucifer is enjoying the theater greatly! What they are doing is working at finishing up the implementation of the New World Order which will be ruled by Lucifer. The rest is cheap propaganda for the useful idiots.

Why does the Vatican say that Russia has such an important role in the world? Simple! Because it is the seat of Communism. 

Pope Francis and Kirill

“How the Vatican is encouraging dialogue between Russia and the West,” Source: americamagazine.org

It is no secret: The relationship between the Russian Federation and the Holy See has been improving. This development comes when Russia’s ties to the European Union and the United States—and the Holy See’s own relationship with the United States due to positions taken by the Trump administration on issues like climate change and immigration—are strained. Western powers have imposed sanctions attempting to isolate Moscow and trying to get the government to change its course in Ukraine and elsewhere.

The Holy See is aware of the concerns of the international community; however, especially during what Pope Francis has called “this piecemeal third world war that we are living through,” it believes dialogue should be promoted over confrontation.

President Vladimir Putin has visited the Vatican five times and has already had two private conversations with Pope Francis, in 2013 and 2015. He is expected to meet him again next January when he comes for the opening of a Russian art exhibition in the Vatican. Moreover, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has met his Vatican counterparts on several occasions and engaged in what sources say were “substantial, constructive discussions.”

Pope Francis has played a huge role in this with his approach to the Orthodox Church and his willingness to meet with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.This developing friendship has been matched by an ever-improving relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church, with its 150 million members, and the Holy See. Pope Francis has played a huge role in this with his approach to the Orthodox Church and his willingness to meet with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. Relations between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Holy See have been encouraged by President Putin, who has embraced the Orthodox faith not only at a personal level but also as part of his effort to consolidate his power at home. Last year, Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis met in Havana in February; a month later, the pope appointed one of the Holy See’s top diplomats, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, as nuncio to Russia.

The Vatican’s secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, visited Russia from Aug. 20 to 24, upon an invitation from Russian state and church authorities. (This was the first visit by a secretary of state since 1999, and the most significant since Cardinal Agostino Casaroli’s 1990 visit following the collapse of the Soviet Union.) Cardinal Parolin had what he defined as “important and constructive encounters” with President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov, Patriarch Kirill and Metropolitan Hilarion, president of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations and the number-two official in that Patriarchate.

Cardinal Parolin met with President Putin at the latter’s summer residence in Sochi. While most of their conversations have remained confidential, both sides have revealed some of the major topics discussed, including the conflicts in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, and the situation of Christians and other minorities there and the need to protect them. The day after, he met with Mr. Lavrov and discussed, among other issues, combating terrorism and extremism, promoting dialogue, and protecting the interests of ethnic, religious and political groups in any final settlement in those countries in conflict. They also spoke also about the international efforts to bring peace to Syria, including the Astana process, and the U.N.-sponsored Geneva talks.

The cardinal and his hosts agreed on the need to resume the Palestinian-Israeli talks and to work for a final settlement in accordance with the U.N. decisions. President Putin met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the same day he received the cardinal. Cardinal Parolin also asked his Russian counterparts to facilitate a political settlement to the dramatic crisis in Venezuela. Mr. Lavrov said Russia supports the Holy See’s efforts to promote negotiations for a peaceful solution in Venezuela but strongly opposes any outside attempt to arm the opposition or use military force.

Catholics in Russia are a tiny minority: 773,000 faithful, scattered over four dioceses that John Paul II established.When discussing the sensitive political situation in Ukraine, one he knows well having visited the country last year, Cardinal Parolin insisted—it seems also in relation to the annexation of Crimea—on the need to fully respect international law. The Holy See is concerned by the lack of movement in the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, and the cardinal urged his Russian hosts to take “concrete steps” that could help advance the peace process—for example, by the liberation of prisoners. He presented this as a humanitarian gesture that could give new impetus to the process. It remains to be seen whether they act on it, but during the visit, Mr. Lavrov publicly acknowledged that the Russians “appreciate” the Vatican’s support of the Minsk Agreement.

Speaking to Vatican Radio on his return home, Cardinal Parolin stated, “Russia, for its geographical position, its history, its culture, and its past, present, and future, has an important role to play in the international community and in the world.” He added that the nation’s leaders “must truly strive to put the higher interests of peace above all other interests.” The cardinal’s words appeared to contain another message, too, albeit unspoken, for Western powers: Do not isolate Russia.

The Catholic Community in Russia

Catholics in Russia are a tiny minority: 773,000 faithful, scattered over four dioceses that John Paul II established. This move greatly upset the Russian Orthodox Church, which accused Rome of proselytizing. The climate has now changed between the Orthodox Church and the Holy See, but for Catholics in Russia, life is still not easy. The cardinal met their bishops and celebrated Latin Mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Moscow on Aug. 21, which was filled to capacity. Later, he said he was touched “by the faith and devotion” of the people there and by their “attachment to the pope.” He said he would help them by raising their concerns with the highest authorities in the land.

He said he spoke with President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov about “several situations of some difficulty” for the Russian Catholic community. These included the difficulty in obtaining visas for foreign clergy to work in Russia and the failure of the authorities to restore the churches that were confiscated during the Communist era.

There is already one result from the visit: Both sides agreed to the mutual acceptance of diplomatic passports for their respective officials without them having to go through the normal visa process.

When the cardinal and foreign minister met the press after their meeting, Mr. Lavrov emphasized that Russia’s relationship with the Holy See is not new. It dates back to the 15th century and, he recalled, since the late 18th century, the Holy See has sent regular missions to Russia. In 1817, Russia opened its first permanent mission to the Holy See. From the Russian point of view, the two sides have a long history together and understand each other.

While Cardinal Parolin’s conversations with Russia’s president and foreign minister were undoubtedly of great importance, his meetings with Patriarch Kirill and Metropolitan Hilarion were no less so. Each encounter lasted around two hours and reflected the new climate in relations between the Orthodox Church and the Holy See after last year’s Havana meeting.

The cardinal brought Patriarch Kirill “a fraternal message” and a gift from Pope Francis. Patriarch Kirill stated that “a new stage in the development of our relations has begun, marked by important facts. The common positions allow us to design plans and endow them with real content.” He raised the possibility of joint Russian Orthodox-Catholic humanitarian projects to help people suffering from the conflicts in the Middle East.

The cardinal told Vatican media that, besides the Havana meeting, another event contributed to current relations: the bringing of the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra to Russia from Bari by Cardinal Kurt Koch, the president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity. He said the Orthodox leaders told him they were overjoyed and “touched by the faith and religiosity of the people” as some 2.5 million people venerated the relics in Moscow and St. Petersburg during the two months they were on display. He said many Russians who belong to the Orthodox tradition but do not practice moved closer to the church on this occasion.

The Vatican diplomat revealed that during his two-hour meeting with Metropolitan Hilarion at the Danilovsky Monastery the discussion, in many ways, mirrored the ones he had with President Putin and Mr. Lavrov, including peace in Syria, the plight of Christians in the Middle East and the political situation in Venezuela. The cardinal and Metropolitan Hilarion also discussed Ukraine, focusing on ecumenical harmony and peace in that land. Sources within the Orthodox Church said Metropolitan Hilarion raised cases of “political statements and aggressive actions” by members of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church that are loyal to Rome.

An issue that was not raised was the possibility of a second meeting between the pope and the patriarch, or a visit by Pope Francis to Moscow. But, as Parolin told Italian media, “in this new climate there is the will on the part of all to continue on the journey and to make other signs and gestures that can consolidate this journey.”

Cardinal Parolin’s visit has been positive for all sides. It has enhanced trust between both the Holy See and the Russian government, and between the Holy See and the Russian Orthodox Church. This augurs well for the future on both fronts. It could encourage new political initiatives in relation to some of the conflicts discussed, open the way to more joint humanitarian and cultural initiatives with the Orthodox, and bring benefits to the Catholic community in that land. All in all, the visit proves, yet again, that the culture of encounter and dialogue advocated by Pope Francis is the way to build constructive and peaceful relations in today’s world.



VIDEO: Venezuela National Guard Run Over Protesters

Once socialism took over, Venezuela was on the path to becoming a communist country. On this video, we see how the government treats those it claims to ‘care so much about’. The only objective is to steal the country’s natural resources and leave its population in complete misery. Don’t let this happen to America. Once America falls, there will be nowhere else to go. 


“Russia Sends Cuba Oil Lifeline, Filling the Gap as Venezuela Collapses,” Source: panampost.com
Russia has recently sent Cuba an energy lifeline, but the terms of the deal are shrouded in secrecy (
Russia has recently sent Cuba 250,000 tons of petroleum products, but the terms of the deal are shrouded in secrecy (SeaNews).

News of a Russian contract to supply Cuba with large quantities of diesel and petroleum has exacerbated an already strained relationship between the two nations and the United States. The Soviet Union, the Caribbean island’s longtime benefactor, once propped up the island’s economy, supplying the vast majority of its energy needs, and buying its sugar at considerably inflated prices. It is generally suspected that cash-strapped Cuba will be receiving the oil at discounted prices, or in conjunction with an offer of Venezuelan drilling rights to Russian oil giant Rosneft.

Following the 1991 disintegration of the Soviet Union, geopolitical influence in Latin America ceased to be a priority for the new Russian government. However, under the tenure of Vladimir Putin, Russia has sought to increase its geopolitical influence in the region, pursuing closer relations with a bloc of left-wing nations including Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, that are often at odds with the United States.

Terms of the deal have not been made official. However, University of Texas oil expert Jorge Pinon estimates that the deal would be valued at USD $105 million, and amount to around 1.8 million barrels of petroleum products.

Cuba once relied on the generosity of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who showered the Communist island nation with subsidized oil, often in exchange for Cuban doctors. Chavez adeptly parlayed his nation’s vast oil riches into significant geopolitical influence in the world in general, and throughout Latin America in particular, even providing some low-income American consumers with cheap heating oil during winter months.

In the wake of his 2014 death, and the nation’s economic collapse presided over by successor Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s geopolitical influence is on the decline. As Venezuela’s political and economic situation has become increasingly dire, the nation is no longer able to spread its largesse around the region and remains diplomatically and geopolitically isolated, with only traditional ideological allies Cuba, Nicaragua, and Bolivia in its corner.

The recent oil deal was inked by Russian oil giant Rosneft, which agreed to ship the massive petroleum delivery via tanker to Cuban firm Cubametals. The terms of the deal remain secret, which helps to obfuscate Putin’s intentions. Cuba, which is generally considered a high credit risk, is often required to pay cash up front for oil shipments. Since the purchase price was not made public, it is difficult to speculate as to whether Putin is merely selling the oil at market price, or offering the oil and diesel at subsidized prices in order to boost geopolitical influence in the region.

The secrecy shrouding the terms of the deal raises suspicions. If Russia is subsidizing the oil, it is likely that Putin is less than eager for the long-suffering Russian public to be informed as such. The once high-flying Russian economy has come under great strain lately as its massive commodities sectors, such as oil, mining, and agriculture, have contracted in the wake of falling global market prices. Russia’s largely state-controlled media is likely to be aiding and abetting Putin in obscuring the geopolitical aid, which would likely ruffle domestic feathers with the Russian working and middle classes, who have endured appreciable declines in their standard of living.

Venezuela signed an October 2000 agreement with Cuba to provide discounted oil, but it is clear that Venezuela’s rampant political instability has prompted the island Communist regime under Raul Castro to diversify its supply chain. The Venezuelan opposition, which won a large majority in last year’s National Assembly elections, has long called into question Chavez and Maduro’s longstanding oil-funded geopolitical diplomacy, suggesting that it came at the expense of the Venezuelan people. Chavez and his United Venezuelan Socialist Party are widely regarded by economists to have squandered the nation’s considerable oil wealth, buying regional loyalty to the neglect or pressing domestic concerns.

If Maduro is forced from power, the opposition is certain to revisit and significantly curtail the regime’s longstanding subsidized oil shipments around the region.

Donald Trump has recently talked tough on both regimes; breaking with Putin by launching air strikes in Syria, and repeatedly criticizing Castro’s authoritarian regime and Obama’s renewal of diplomatic and economic relations, claiming that the previous administration made a bad deal, giving away too much, while expecting too little in return, particularly with regard to economic and political freedoms for the Cuban people.

From 2005 to 2010, Russia only shipped an estimated USD $11.3 million in petroleum products to Cuba. Thus, Putin’s massive geopolitical play appears to hearken back to the Cold War era, when the Soviet Union was the island’s nearly exclusive benefactor. It appears that Raul Castro is strategizing to replace cash-strapped Venezuela with its traditional sponsor and ideological ally of yesteryear.


Putin - Castro

World Leaders Respond To Fidel Castro’s Death

One of the world’s biggest devils is in hell already and we thank God for that. Many have long waited for this, many have suffered this horrible evil most of their lives, and can finally celebrate their freedom. But is Cuba really going to be free someday? The reactions of world leaders are a clear indication of what they really stand for. Read what Gorbachev and Putin have said, and if you still believe they are against the New World Communist Order, then you should end up in a gulag. Why? because you don’t deserve anything better than to taste their evil to know what they are all about. 

Putin - Castro
“World Leaders Respond To Fidel Castro’s Death,” Source: zerohedge.com

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who established a communist regime in Cuba that survived the collapse of the USSR, inspired revolutionary movements around the globe and brought two superpowers close to nuclear war before stepping down after 49 years in power, died last night at the age of 90. Castro passed away at 10:29 p.m. Friday local time, his brother President Raul Castro, who has ruled the country since 2006, said on state media Nov. 25. He will be cremated early on Saturday.

Reactions to his death, like his life, were deeply divided. World leaders including Russian president Putin, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several Latin American politicians issued statements and tweets highlighting Castro’s achievements and extolling his virtues.

World leaders paid tribute on Saturday to Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader who built a communist state on the doorstep of the United States, but in death just as in life he divided opinion, and critics labeled him a “tyrant”. Quoted by Reuters, Mikhail Gorbachev, the final leader of the Soviet Union which had long acted as an economic and political prop for Cuba, said Castro left a lasting mark on his country and on world history.

“Fidel held his ground and strengthened his country at the time of the harshest American blockade, at the time of massive pressure on him,” Gorbachev was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying. “Nevertheless he led out his country from the blockade to the path of self-sustained and independent development.”

In a telegram of condolence to Raul Castro, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the late leader an “inspiring example for many countries”.

Cuban President Fidel Castro welcoming Russian President Vladimir Putin at Jose Marti Airport in Havana on December 13, 2000

In his message to Cuba, Putin said:

“I offer my deepest condolences to you and the entire Cuban nation over the death of your brother, the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro. The name of this remarkable statesman is rightfully viewed as a symbol of a whole era in modern history. Free and independent Cuba built by him and his fellow revolutionaries has become an influential member of the international community and serves as an inspiring example for many countries and peoples.

Fidel Castro was a sincere and reliable friend of Russia. He made a tremendous personal contribution to the establishment and progress of Russian-Cuban relations, close strategic partnership in all areas.

This strong and wise man always looked into the future with confidence. He embodied the high ideals of a politician, citizen and patriot who wholeheartedly believed in the cause, to which he devoted his life. Russians will always cherish his memory in their hearts.

In this mournful hour, I ask you to pass on my words of sympathy and support to all members of your family. I wish you courage and tenacity as you face this irreparable loss.”

EU Leader Jean-Claude Juncker responded emotionally, tweeting

“with the death of #FidelCastro, the world has lost a man who was a hero for many.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a statement that:

“the Chinese people have lost a close comrade and a sincere friend”. Xi hailed Castro for his contribution to the development of communism both in Cuba and around the world. Comrade Castro will live forever.”

India’s prime minister Modi sent his “deepest condolences” to Cuba.

“May his soul rest in peace,” he tweeted. “Fidel Castro was one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. India mourns the loss of a great friend.”

Castro was “a unique figure who fought against colonialism and exploitation” and was “a model of the fight for independence by oppressed nations,” said Iran’s foreign minister, the Fars news agency reported.

Philippines outspoken president was also celebratory, saying for the Philippines’ president, Castro distinguished himself by

“standing up against the West and imperialism”.

The sentiment was shared in Vietnam whose official Communist news agency hailed Castro as

“a great leader” who was “the shining reflection of the independence and revolutionary movements of countries in Latin America and around the world.”

In Venezuela, a long-time ally of Cuba and staunch opponent of the political stance of the United States, President Nicolas Maduro said Castro had inspired and would continue to inspire his country.

“We will keep on winning and keep fighting. Fidel Castro is an example of the fight for all the people of the world. We will go forward with his legacy,” Maduro told television station Telesur by telephone. “To all the revolutionaries of the world, we have to continue with his legacy and his flag of independence, of socialism, of homeland,” tweeted Maduro.

In Bolivia, where Ernesto “Che” Guevara died in 1967 in a failed bid to export Cuba’s revolution, President Evo Morales said in a statement:

“Fidel Castro left us a legacy of having fought for the integration of the world’s peoples … The departure of Comandante Fidel Castro really hurts.”

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro (right) pictured in the 1960s during a meeting next to Argentine guerrilla leader Ernesto Che Guevara.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said:

“A great has left us. Fidel has died. Long live Cuba! Long live Latin America!”

South African President Jacob Zuma had warm words, thanking the Cuban leader for his help and support in the struggle to overthrow apartheid.

“President Castro identified with our struggle against apartheid. He inspired the Cuban people to join us in our own struggle. As a way of paying homage to the memory of President Castro, the strong bonds of solidarity, cooperation and friendship that exist between South Africa and Cuba must be maintained and nurtured.”

This photo taken on September 2, 1998 shows South African President Nelson Mandela greeting Cuban leader Fidel Castro as he arrives for the opening of the 12th Non-Aligned Movement summit in Durban, South Africa.

French President Francois Hollande mourned the loss of a major figure on the world stage and welcomed the rapprochement between Havana and Washington, while noting concerns over human rights under the Castro regime. “Fidel Castro was a towering figure of the 20th century. He incarnated the Cuban revolution, in both its hopes and subsequent disillusionments,” Hollande said in a statement.

“France, which condemned human rights abuses in Cuba, had equally challenged the U.S. embargo on Cuba, and France was glad to see the two countries re-establish dialogue and open ties between themselves,” added the Socialist party leader. Hollande met Fidel Castro in May, 2015 during the first ever visit by a French head of state to Cuba since the Cuban revolution.

The UN Secretary General said

“At this time of national mourning, I offer the support of the United Nations to work alongside the people of the island.”

Spain’s Prime Minister also delivered a statement, sending his condolences to Cuba’s government and people, via Twitter, where he described Castro as “a figure of historic significance”.

Even Argentine football legend Diego Maradona lamented Castro’s death saying “I’m terribly sad as he was like a second father.”

Later in the morning, president Obama also issued a statement:

* * *

At the same time, crowds of exiled Cubans and their supporters gathered on the streets of Miami to celebrate the passing of a sometimes unyielding ruler who divided families and ruled with an iron fist. Havana, meanwhile, remained quiet.

In contrast, the reaction from some Cubans living in the United States was scathing and celebratory. U.S. Congress representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Cuban-American Republican from Miami, said in a statement: “The day that the people, both inside the island and out, have waited for has arrived: A tyrant is dead and a new beginning can dawn on the last remaining communist bastion of the Western hemisphere.”

“Those who still rule Cuba with an iron grip may attempt to delay the island’s liberation, but they cannot stop it. Castro’s successors cannot hide and must not be allowed to hide beneath cosmetic changes that will only lengthen the malaise of the Cuban nation. No regime, no matter who leads it, will have a shred of legitimacy if it has not been chosen by the people of Cuba in free and fair elections.”

In Miami, in the area surrounding the Versailles Restaurant where many exiles who fled the Cuban revolution live, people took to the streets in their cars in the early hours of Saturday morning to celebrate Castro’s death.

Hundreds of people gathered waving flags, banging pots and pans and carrying umbrellas to shield them from steady rainfall. “This is the happiest day of my life, Cubans are finally free,” said Orlidia Montells, an 84-year-old woman. Ros-Lehtinen framed Castro’s death as a chance for the U.S. to pressure Cuba to enact democratic reforms.

“Not until the gulags are closed, elections are held, political prisoners are freed and liberty is restored can the United States lawfully end its embargo against the communist regime in Havana. The time to act is now,” she said.

As Bloomberg notes, It’s not yet clear how Castro’s passing will impact the delicate detente between the U.S. and Cuba. Relations between the two countries have thawed since 2014, with President Barack Obama visiting Cuba this year and promising to ease sanctions that have crippled the island’s economy for half a century. However, on the campaign trail President-elect Donald Trump criticized Obama for making “concessions” to the regime.

* * *

Finally, US President-elect Donald Trump has a simple, if quite factual reaction to Castro’s passing.


Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Believed the Mossad Created ISIS – With Help From John McCain

Castro described McCain as “Israel’s most unconditional ally” and a staunch supporter of the Mossad, saying that the senator “participated together with that service in the creation of the Islamic State.”

Castro was right about this and, like all Jewish publications (the following article being from Haaretz), you will only see spin and side-stepping on the ISIS/Mossad/CIA connection — no real journalism allowed in Israel.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro Dead at 90

“Fidel Castro Believed the Mossad Created ISIS – With Help From John McCain,” Source: haaretz.com

Fidel Castro, who died on Friday at 90, led a life of political infamy, often earning a place on the world stage disproportionate to the size of his own country of Cuba. In true Castro style, the communist leader didn’t spare words for Israel either.

It was in September 2014 when Castro took to state media, blaming U.S. Senator John McCain and Israel’s Mossad for collaborating to create the Islamic State group, which successfully captured large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria earlier that year.

In a column for state media, Castro described McCain as “Israel’s most unconditional ally” and a staunch supporter of the Mossad, saying that the senator “participated together with that service in the creation of the Islamic State.”

McCain later joked about Castro’s claims on Twitter.

“Congrats Fidel Castro, you have revealed my true secret role in shaping world events!” McCain tweeted. “First I was sanctioned by Vladimir Putin then #ISIS labeled me ‘the enemy,’ now Fidel Castro! Who’s next?!”

Castro also accused the West of being imperialist, and compared NATO and Western governments to Hitler, apparently in criticism of their attitudes toward Russia.

“Many people are astonished when they hear the statements made by some European spokesmen for NATO when they speak with the style and face of the Nazi SS,” Castro wrote.

“Adolf Hitler’s greed-based empire went down in history with no more glory than the encouragement provided to NATO’s aggressive and bourgeois governments, which makes them the laughing stock of Europe and the world.”

Castro stepped down as Cuba’s president in 2006 amid health difficulties, but was replaced by his brother Raul and continued to influence policy and culture, partly through his writing.

Time Bomb


This film was produced in 1965 at the height of the Civil Rights movement in America. But, instead of being out of date, it provides lessons and insights as to how the enemies of freedom manipulate people into acts of self-destruction. This is happening in America today and people have not yet realized that they keep falling into the trap. What is Black Lives Matter if not a tool to divide us? What was the Bolshevique Revolution all about if not a tool to incite hatred? The number one enemy of freedom is Communism. Communism is Talmudic Judaism.

Talmudic Jews are after the destruction of all religions because they want to be ‘the religion’ of the world, they want to control and have the Goyim under their evil command. We have to open our eyes to this.

DOCUMENTARY: People Who Control America?

This documentary will help you learn the reasons behind all wars. Who sunk ‘The Maine’ in 1898 and why? Why was the British ocean liner, Lusitania, torpedoed in 1915? Why did Pearl Harbor occur? And, why do we continue accepting lies after lies. Until humanity decides TO LEARN what the truth is behind all the lies we have been fed with,  it will never see neither justice nor peace. Their main objective is World Government which is Communism, Jewish Communism. An elite who’s objective is the power over the world. 


Antonio Socci

COMMENTARY: A Must Read – “The Final Prophecy” By Antonio Socci



Again and again the Italian Catholic and public intellectual Antonio Socci has shocked the Catholic “mainstream” with explosive exposés that confirm the diagnosis of the current crisis in the Church in “traditionalist” and “Fatimite” circles. Unlike so many of his colleagues in the Catholic commentariat, Socci will not refrain from publishing what intellectual honesty demands respecting our situation. Hence his Fourth Secret of Fatima, which placed the massive evidence of the Vatican’s failure to disclose the entire Third Secret squarely before the public eye, where it will simply not go away. Likewise, his Non é Francesco (It’s Not Francis, a play on the title of an Italian pop song) fearlessly confronted the disaster of the current pontificate, even if one demurs from Socci’s dubious arguments against the validity of Cardinal Bergoglio’s election (as Socci himself has apparently since done).

Now comes La Profezia Finale (The Final Prophecy), which consists principally of an open letter to Francis following an introductory review of approved Marian apparitions and other prophecies, especially the Message of Fatima and the integral Third Secret, which converge on each other and “indicate our time as the time of an almost apocalyptic turning point.”

As this book has thus far appeared only in Italian, and may never see an English edition—the translations herein are mine—what seems appropriate here is a book review that is more a tour of the text than a mere summary description. What elevates the work to the status of an historical document is the open letter to Francis. Here we encounter a text beneath which simmers barely concealed but entirely justified fury over the baneful effects of what Socci has dubbed “Bergoglianism”—a mixture of popular piety, leftist ideology, disdain for strict adherence to the traditional doctrines and disciplines of the Church, and a personality cult fomented and sustained by a mass media delighted with a Pope who, as Socci writes, seems to have “set about attacking the Church” rather than defending her against attackers.

The title of the open letter, “A terrible responsibility before God,” sets the tone for what is a scathing indictment of the entire pontificate, which, precisely on account of its perceived hostility to Tradition, enjoys “the unbearable general adulation of the media, above all the laicists and enemies of Christ, who propagate with regard to you a veritable cult of personality” (p. 92).

Francis, says Socci, is promoting the error of a “pure” Christianity (quoting Andreas Hoffer), “a sort of ‘superchristianity’ that purports to be “more good than even Jesus Christ himself” because it holds that “it is no longer enough to love the sinner… It is necessary even to love the sin (98).” Not without reason has the ironically entitled “Synod on the Family” been widely disparaged as “the Sin-Nod” and “the Synod Against the Family.” Indeed, as I write this piece the Catholic world awaits with dread a 200-page “Apostolic Exhortation” that may accomplish what the Synod failed to approve despite its blatant manipulation by Francis and his fiery denunciations of the “rigorists” and “Pharisees” among the Synod Fathers: the admission of public adulterers in second or even third “marriages” to Holy Communion and a greater “acceptance” of those involved in cohabitation and even “homosexual unions.”

In sum, Socci alleges, Francis has engaged in the “abolition of the external enemy and the fabrication of an internal enemy”—not the Modernists, but the defenders of the Faith in all its integrity, whom Francis habitually mocks and derides as “rigorists and fundamentalists (p. 99).” Socci charges that in the midst of the “dictatorship of relativism” lamented by Benedict XVI, which “is now consolidated in the West,” the Catholics who oppose it are “beaten with a cane and emarginated from the highest summit of the Church: by you [emphasis added, here and throughout].”

Yet, with the Church facing an apocalyptic turn of events in the realm of the spiritual, Francis has published an encyclical on ecology, addressing “the separation of waste and the abuse of plastic bottles and air conditioners.” Socci asks: “Are you sure that this is the response a Vicar of Christ should give to a truly apocalyptic spiritual crisis…?”

Socci provides a bill of particulars for his indictment under a series of headings that represent various aspects of the Bergoglian program.

Bergoglian Confusion

Under the heading “Confusion” Socci remarks the unprecedented nature of the “Jubilee of Mercy,” the first Jubilee in Church history that “does not involve the memory of the earthly life of Jesus…. [and] celebrates only an ecclesial event: the fifty years since the Second Vatican Council (p. 108).”

Mercy, Socci writes, “was not invented in 2013,” but this event—with its thousands of “mercy doors” and no clear requirements for obtaining a plenary indulgence, seems to suggest (quoting Sandro Magister) “the total cancellation of sin, no longer with any hint of the remission of the consequent penalty. The word ‘penalty’ is another of the words that have vanished (p. 113).” Even the call for repentance and conversion is “set aside because you—as you have said publicly—do not wish to convert anyone and consider proselytism to be nonsense.”

Socci cites Francis’s homily of December 8, 2015 wherein he declares how wrong it is affirm of God “that sinners are punished by His judgment, without preferring instead that they are pardoned by His mercy.” The impression is that God “has pardoned everything ‘a priori’ and that it is not even necessary to amend one’s life.” Socci notes that Our Lord Himself lamented this “terrible self-deception” in an interior locution recorded by Saint Bridget of Sweden, wherein He tells her that the Church’s foundation in the Faith has been undermined “because everyone believes in me and preaches mercy, but no one preaches and believes that I am the just judge… I will not leave unpunished the least sin, nor without a reward the least good.”

Socci asks: “But why has your pontificate taken this turn?” The rest of the open letter presents the evidence for what he believes to be the answer to that question, and the answer could not be more explosive:

“… [I]nstead of combatting errors (and certain of the erring) you have set yourself to combatting the Church…. I would remind you that the Church is the bride of Christ for which He was crucified, and the servant who has received from the King the task of defending pro tempore His bride cannot humiliate her in the public square, treating her like a naughty child…. It is necessary to kneel before the Lord, not the newspapers” (pp. 119-120).

Synod of Subversion

Under the heading “Bewilderment,” Socci trains his sights on the tempestuous Synod, which he rightly describes as “a deadly attack on the family and on the sacrament of the Eucharist that was systematically… carried forward by the Vatican summit,” “assisted for two years in the overturning of the perennial Magisterium of the Church” and was “promoted by the one who should be the custodian and defender of that teaching (p. 126).”

Socci quotes Cardinal Pell’s observation that the Synod was a “theological war” in which the indissolubility of marriage was like a flag to be captured in the “battle between what remains of Christianity in Europe and an aggressive neopaganism. All the adversaries of Christianity want the Church to capitulate on this point.”

But, writes Socci, while Francis “should have headed the resistance to the forces that wanted the Church’s capitulation, instead everyone—with ever-greater evidence and force—saw you heading the revolutionary faction (pp. 126-127).” Thus Ross Douthat of the New York Times was able to write: “in this moment the first conspirator is the Pope himself.” No wonder, Socci notes with disgust, even Newsweek magazine ran a cover story entitled “Is the Pope Catholic?”—a question that “was never posed as to your predecessors and no Catholic would ever have posed, but with you we find ourselves before a Pope who, as reported by a noted laicist daily [La Repubblica], declared literally ‘A Catholic God does not exist.’” In the same vein, The American Spectator depicted Francis “sitting atop a wrecking ball that was reducing a building [a church steeple] to dust” (p. 124).

A Meteorological Pope?

Under the heading “Climate Obsession,” Socci contrasts the apocalyptic decline in faith and morals throughout the West with this Pope’s inexplicable obsession with a supposed “climatological apocalypse.” Socci’s question is devastating: “Does the Church really have need of a climatological and meteorological Pope? (p. 131).” Noting that there is “no scientific certainty which proves indisputably that today there is a catastrophic change in climate and that this is imputable to human activity,” Socci declares to Francis:

“Yet you, Holy Father, who are always cold and detached regarding the dogma of the Church, have uncritically wed yourself to absurd ecological dogmas … making a granitic profession of faith in that absurd climatist ideology… [I]t is improper and ridiculous that a Pope makes the climate and the environment (to which he dedicated the first encyclical he penned) the heart of his preaching… The Lord did not say: ‘Convert and believe in global warming,’ but rather: “Convert and believe in the Gospel.” And He never commanded: ‘Separate your refuse’ but rather ‘Go and baptize all peoples’” (p. 134).

Socci’s scalding conclusion (quoting an editorial by Riccardo Cascioli) is that “One has the impression that the fundamental message of the Church has changed: ‘From the savior of men to the savior of the planet.’”

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Under the heading “Disturbing Show,” Socci denounces the preposterous and scandalous ecological light show projected onto the façade of Saint Peter’s on no less than the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Entitled Fiat Lux (Let there be Light), the show was “a mocking challenge and a parody of the Gospel in which the expression indicates the act of the Creator and then identifies the Light that is Christ who has come to illuminate the darkness.”Replete with pictures of animals but devoid of even a hint of Christian symbolism, this spectacle represents a complete reversal of the message of the Gospel: “the world projects its light on the Church immersed in darkness. And in that show the Church receives the light of the world (p. 138).” And as the world’s imagery was cast onto the basilica that stands at the heart of the Church, the light on the crèche in Saint Peter’s Square was extinguished because “

Replete with pictures of animals but devoid of even a hint of Christian symbolism, this spectacle represents a complete reversal of the message of the Gospel: “the world projects its light on the Church immersed in darkness. And in that show the Church receives the light of the world (p. 138).” And as the world’s imagery was cast onto the basilica that stands at the heart of the Church, the light on the crèche in Saint Peter’s Square was extinguished because “the light of the Baby Jesus must never disturb the staging of the new ecological religion (p. 139).”Here Socci points to a stunningly appropriate passage in Scripture, from the Epistle to the Romans: “For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man,

Here Socci points to a stunningly appropriate passage in Scripture, from the Epistle to the Romans: “For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of four-footed beasts, and of creeping things (Rom. 1:22-23).” And here yet another devastating assessment thrown at the feet of Francis:

“But above all, Father Bergoglio [a reference to the Pope’s penchant for introducing himself thus], how is it possible that you do not notice and do not indicate other emergencies than those of the climate, or at least with equal insistence? The apostasy of entire peoples from the faith of the true God is not a drama that merits your most ardent appeals? The war against the family and against life? The neglect of Christ and the massacre of Christian communities? Itseems that only the environment and other themes of the religion of political correctness merit your passion.

“A great French intellectual, Alain Finkielkraut, has described you as “Supreme Pontiff of the world journalistic ideology.” Is he wrong? Does he exaggerate?

“In effect, in ‘your’ Church it seems that the themes of separating refuse and recycling take precedence over the tragedy of entire peoples who, in the turn of a few years, have abandoned the faith. You sound the alarm over “global warming” while the Church for two millennia has sounded it concerning the fire of Hell” (p. 142).

From here, Socci launches into a discussion of the Message of Fatima and precisely its warnings about the loss of souls in Hell for all eternity. The Madonna of Fatima, he writes, “did not present the calculations of environmentalists on the climate of the planet, but caused the little children to see the eternal fire of Hell, and told them, sadly: ‘You have seen Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Many souls go to Hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them.”

This, Socci continues, “is the real tragedy, Holy Father, the eternal perdition of multitudes. Not—if you will permit me—the loss of biodiversity, or at least not for us Christians. Yet you never speak of it. Rather, sometimes you almost induce the belief that everyone will be saved because ‘God does not condemn. (p. 142-143).’”Summing up his unconcealed contempt for the Pope’s preoccupation with global warming rather than the eternal fire of which Our Lady came to warn the world at Fatima, Socci writes:

Summing up his unconcealed contempt for the Pope’s preoccupation with global warming rather than the eternal fire of which Our Lady came to warn the world at Fatima, Socci writes:

“Before the spiritual catastrophe of the eternal perdition of multitudes, which induced the mother of God to come earnestly to Earth, I find it frankly incomprehensible that you preoccupy yourself for the most part—as you did in your encyclical Laudato si —with biodiversity, the fate of worms and little reptiles, the lakes, and the abuse of plastic bottles and air-conditioning” (p. 148).

A Pope Who Doesn’t Like Catholics?

Socci’s indictment next proceeds to the heading “Attack on the Faith,” a reference to enemies within the Church since Vatican II, whose subversion has been lamented (too little and too late) by every Pope since the Council, including Benedict XVI. It was Benedict who (during the Mass for the opening of the conclave that elected him) declared that today having “a clear and certain faith” is denounced as “fundamentalism.” Citing that testimony, Socci throws a series of gauntlets Francis’s feet:

“I invite you, Father Bergoglio, to reread attentively these words because they describe dramatically what is occurring during your pontificate. In fact, it is precisely you personally, Holy Father, who accuse of ‘fundamentalism’ those who have a clear and certain faith and bear witness to their fidelity to Catholic doctrine….

“You, curiously, are convinced that the danger for the Church of today is Christians fervent in their faith and those pastors who defend the Catholic creed. In your Evangelii gaudium you attack “some who dream of a monolithic doctrine” and those who “use a language completely orthodox.”

“Should we then prefer those who are carried here and there by every ideology and use heretical language? Evidently yes, seeing that they are never attacked by you.

“If one chooses any day, one will almost always find that you, in your discourse, attack those you call ‘rigorists,’ ‘rigid,’ that is, men with fervent faith, whom you identify with ‘Scribes and Pharisees’” (p. 153-155).

Socci does not mince words in addressing Francis’s well-known constant resort to a false antithesis between mercy and doctrinal rigor, citing one of the innumerable discourses in which Francis declares that so-called “doctors of the law,” who know doctrine well, are estranged from the mercy of God. “But you, Holy Father,” writes Socci:

“should overcome your personal resentment toward those who have studied; you should know that, in the Christian horizon, it is completely absurd to oppose mercy to Truth, because both are incarnated in the same Jesus Christ. Thus it is false to oppose doctrine to the pastoral, because that would be to oppose the Logos (doctrine) to the Good Shepherd (the Truth made flesh): Jesus is the Logos (the Truth made flesh) and, at the same time, the Good Shepherd” (p. 159).

Socci also focuses on Francis’s justly infamous speech attacking his conservative opposition at the close of Synod 2016, wherein he blasted the prelates who had resisted having the pre-written, heterodox Instrumentum laboris shoved down their throats as “the Synod’s” final report. As Francis declared in that harangue, his opponents had:

“… closed hearts that often hide even behind the teaching of the Church, or behind good intentions, to sit in the chair of Moses and judge, sometimes with superficiality and superiority, to judge difficult cases and wounded families….

“The true defenders of doctrine are not those who defend the letter but the spirit; not the idea but the man; not the formula, but the gratuitous love of God and of his pardon.”

Here we see the umpteenth example of Francis’ penchant for the false antithesis: the letter versus the “spirit” of doctrine; the idea versus the man; the “formula” versus the love of God and his pardon. But there is no opposition at all between these concepts; in fact, they are inseparable.
Socci has had quite enough of the past three years of this sort of Modernist sophistry, and he fires with both barrels:

“So doing, do you not think that you have disqualified your predecessors and all the Magisterium of the Church, in order to affirm your strictly personal concept of mercy different from the doctrine of the Church?…

“Evidently, even Jesus would have been, according to you, doctrinaire, a rigorist, one who defends the idea instead of the man.

“In effect—applying your criterion—we would have to say that Jesus would not have been accepted to a seminary during your pontificate because he was the most fundamentalist of all; in fact, not only was he certain of the truth, but he proclaimed himself the Truth made flesh (‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.’ Jn 14,6).”

Catholic Divorce?

Next in the dock, under the heading “Nullity,” is Francis’s surprise attack on the process for determining matrimonial nullity, which Francis “streamlined” with new canons devised in semi-secrecy and without consulting any competent Vatican dicastery. The net effect of the two motu proprios introducing these “reforms,” Mitis Iudex Jesus (for the western Church) and Mitiset Misericors (for the eastern Church) is, Socci writes, “a total overturning of perspective: no longer the defense of the sacrament above all (for the salvation of souls), but rather the ease and speed of obtaining an annulment (p. 168).”

Socci notes Francis’s curious insistence on the notion of “marital failure” in the sense of a breakdown in relations, which he seems to equate with grounds for nullity (original nonexistence) of the marriage. But, as Socci rightly observes, “there are many failed marriages that are perfectly valid” while, on the other hand, “there are many ‘null’ marriages (that is, they have never been such from the beginning) that are not failed” in terms of personal relations (p. 169). What Francis has done with his “reforms,” says Socci, is to authorize “imposition of a sentence of nullity as therapy for couples in crisis,” producing what many commentators have termed “Catholic divorce.”The net result, Socci concludes, is “a true revolution in the history of the Church.” And the supreme irony of this revolution is that

The net result, Socci concludes, is “a true revolution in the history of the Church.” And the supreme irony of this revolution is that not even Cardinal Kaspercalled for it, but rather, in his intervention at the Consistory of February 2014, rejected precisely “the hypothesis of a generous broadening of the procedure for matrimonial nullity” because “it would create the dangerous impression that the Church is proceeding in a dishonest way to concede what are in reality divorces (p. 171).”

Incredibly, then, Francis has outdone even Kasper in his attack on the foundations of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. As I have noted elsewhere, Francis admits in his own motu proprio the danger of what he has done: “It did not however escape me that a shortened procedure may endanger the principle of the indissolubility of marriage…”

Returning once again to the theme of Fatima, Socci reminds us that Sister Lucia warned Cardinal Caffarra in a letter to the prelate that “The final conflict between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be over marriage and the family.” Socci here pleads with Francis to undo his improvident reform: “I fervently hope that you will withdraw everything. As soon as possible (p. 173).”

The Consequences of Liberalization

Reaching the climax of his long indictment, Socci, under the heading “A Catastrophic Balance,” drops one bomb after another in assessing the claim that Francis is merely attempting to attract souls by mitigating the Church’s supposed rigor. It suffices merely to recite Socci’s explosive remarks:

• “No one has ever held that in order to draw people to the Gospel it is necessary to disown or overturn the Gospel.”

• “Of the many saints and great Popes who have evangelized peoples and entire continents, no one has ever done it by watering down and adulterating the doctrine of the Faith.”

• “We must be the salt of the earth and the salt burns wounds. Like the truth. We must choose: either with Him or against Him. Either salvation or perdition.”

• “[W]henever a religious confession lowers the bar to accommodate worldly customs or to attract adherents it decrees its own suicide.” pp. 177-179.

Socci cites the study of a renowned sociologist whose data confirm that Christian religious confessions that liberalize begin immediately to decline, while those that maintain or return to their traditions thrive, and that this is precisely what has happened in the liberalized Catholic Church of the post-Vatican II epoch.In this connection, Socci presents Francis with “heavily negative data regarding you personally,” showing that the vaunted “Francis effect” has really meant a steady decline in attendance at papal audiences, despite “the always more powerful planetary propaganda machine that daily hails and exalts your smallest gesture, mythologizing it more than any star.” In fact, he notes, despite the myth that Benedict was “a cold German professor, from whom the people felt distant, in

In this connection, Socci presents Francis with “heavily negative data regarding you personally,” showing that the vaunted “Francis effect” has really meant a steady decline in attendance at papal audiences, despite “the always more powerful planetary propaganda machine that daily hails and exalts your smallest gesture, mythologizing it more than any star.” In fact, he notes, despite the myth that Benedict was “a cold German professor, from whom the people felt distant, in reality the people were much more attracted by Benedict XVI,” whose audience addresses were far better attended. And even though, in contrast to Francis, the media were uniformly hostile to Benedict, “evidently the Christian people, even when bombarded by the media, recognized the authentic accent that its heart expected (p. 180-181). ”

In sum, Socci concludes:

“Evidently your message not only does not attract the distant, but even causes those near to run away… You speak instead to the elite, who have acclaimed you, feeling themselves confirmed in their laicist convictions. Your personal popularity has grown to excess. They call it the ‘Bergoglio effect,’ believing that the interested applause of unbelievers and the adulation of the media will fill the churches again.

“Instead, data in hand, we can say that for the Church the Bergoglio effect has been the contrary. The contents of your magisterium have distanced the people from religious practice rather than attracting them to it” (pp. 181-182).

The Franciscan Friars Affair

Socci next treats of the case of Francis’s brutal persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI), dismembered and destroyed by his personally appointed “apostolic commissioner” without any concrete reason ever having been given to the victims. Here Socci recalls the astounding remarks by Francis during a meeting with some members of the already-shattered FFI, wherein, at one and the same, he admits that he approved the FFI’s destruction but that the FFI has suffered persecution by “the demon” on account of its devotion to Mary! To which demon is Francis referring? Socci protests to Francis that

“their [the FFI’s] true ‘crime’ is that of being true Christians, fervent in the Faith, those you harshly describe as ‘fundamentalists’ and who are in reality only living the authentic Gospel. Dear Father, reverse a decision for which one day God could ask you to account…. You have many who adulate you, but few among your fans pray for you; surely very few pray for you as much as the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate “(p. 186).

A Love Affair with Lutherans

After noting that Francis evinces no concern over the internal enemies of the Church who, as Saint Pius X warned, work to undermine the foundations of the faith, Socci next discusses how, on the contrary, Francis seems to have little regard for the doctrinal differences between Catholicism and the various forms of Protestantism.Under the heading “In the House of Luther,” Socci recalls Francis’s scandalous appearance at a Lutheran church in Rome to participate in a Sunday service during which he rambled on for some ten minutes in answer to a woman’s question about why a Lutheran cannot receive Holy Communion. In the process he characterized the Catholic dogma

Under the heading “In the House of Luther,” Socci recalls Francis’s scandalous appearance at a Lutheran church in Rome to participate in a Sunday service during which he rambled on for some ten minutes in answer to a woman’s question about why a Lutheran cannot receive Holy Communion. In the process he characterized the Catholic dogma on transubstantiation as a mere “interpretation” differing from the Lutheran view, ultimately rather coyly suggesting that the woman to “talk to the Lord” about whether she should receive Communion from a Catholic priest—an act of sacrilege. “I dare not say more,” said Francis, having already said quite enough.Noting Luther’s venomous hatred of the Mass, Socci asks Francis: “how is it possible not to be disturbed? (p. 193).” Dialogue with Lutherans, he writes, must involve “reciprocal clarity, not tossing into the thorn bush the heart of the Catholic faith (p. 194).” Here Socci quotes what may be the single most outrageous remark Francis has ever made. Said Francis to the Lutherans on that occasion:

Noting Luther’s venomous hatred of the Mass, Socci asks Francis: “how is it possible not to be disturbed? (p. 193).” Dialogue with Lutherans, he writes, must involve “reciprocal clarity, not tossing into the thorn bush the heart of the Catholic faith (p. 194).” Here Socci quotes what may be the single most outrageous remark Francis has ever made. Said Francis to the Lutherans on that occasion:

“The final choice will be definitive. And what will be the questions that the Lord will ask us that day: ‘Did you go to Mass? Did you have a good catechesis?’ No, the questions will be on the poor, because poverty is at the center of the Gospel.”

Socci reminds Francis of what any well-formed child would understand: the infinite value of the Eucharist, Eucharistic adoration, and its worthy reception as compared to even a mountain of good works for the poor:

“But instead you, Father Bergoglio, seem to affirm that what counts are humanitarian merits that we acquire ourselves with our activism, with our ‘service’ to the poor.”

“This would seem to be a Pelagian idea. But—I repeat—the most amazing thing is that you contrapose [yet another false antitheses] “serving the poor” to the Mass, which almost reduces it to something superfluous (along with catechesis)” (p. 197).

Quoting the famous saying of Padre Pio that “It would be better for the world to be without the sun than without Holy Mass,” Socci confronts Francis with the implications of his own words and deeds over the past three years, including his curious refusal to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament:

“Permit me to confide to you, Father Bergoglio, that—from the entirety of your words and gestures—one gets the impression that you have some problem with the Holy Eucharist, and that you do not really comprehend its value and its reality.

“There are so many facts and actions that raise this doubt. The most evident… is your decision not to kneel before the Sacrament during the Consecration at Mass, nor in front of the tabernacle, nor during Eucharistic adoration (moreover you do not participate in the Corpus Christi procession in which your predecessors, kneeling, always participated) (p. 200).

And yet, Socci notes, Francis had no problem kneeling when, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he knelt to receive “the laying on of hands at the convention of Pentecostals in the Luna Park Stadium… Suffice it to say that your intermittent pain in the knees, which seems to arise only when before the Most Blessed Sacrament, beyond seeming rather bizarre, would not appear to be an acceptable explanation (p. 201).”

An Unconscious Joachimist?

This strange attitude toward the Holy Eucharist leads Socci to pose this challenge to Francis regarding his apparent affection for Protestantism:

“… one has the impression that behind your particular opening to the Protestant world and behind your hostility to the structure of the Church—that is, to the visible Church and her doctrine, which they would surpass by listening to the Holy Spirit—flickers a sort of “Church of the spirit,” longed-for in certain affirmations you made in the meeting with Pentecostals at Caserta, on July 28, 2014… As if the Catholic Church, with its doctrinal structure and hierarchy, would in some way supersede itself in the same way the Old passed to the New Covenant (and he who “lingers” to defend doctrine would be… like the ancient Scribes and Pharisees)” (p. 204-205).

Here Socci levels the stunning accusation that Francis exhibits a “sort of unconscious mitigated Joachimism”—a reference to Joachim of Fiore, the deluded 12th century “visionary” who imagined a coming new age of the Holy Spirit that would supersede even the New Testament.

Another Honorius?

Socci’s indictment (p. 207) reaches it climax with the suggestion that Francis, being a Pope who “promotes his own ideas,” may go the way of another Pope who did the same: Honorius (r. 625-628), who was posthumously anathematized by an ecumenical council—a sentence confirmed his own successor, Leo II—for aiding and abetting the spread of the “monothelite” heresy (denying any human will in Christ). Socci levels against Francis the same condemnation Leo II leveled against Honorius: “Those who aroused contention against the purity of apostolic tradition, at their death certainly received eternal condemnation, [including] Honorius who, rather than extinguishing the flame of heresy, as befits apostolic authority, fed it by his neglect.”

Paying Homage to Dictators

Socci nears the end of his indictment with a positively scalding account of Francis’s visit to Cuba, where he said nothing about the tyranny under which it suffers while he condemned the “god of money” in capitalist countries. Unlike John Paul II and Benedict XVI, who demanded the release of prisoners and met Fidel Castro on neutral ground (John Paul) or received him at the apostolic nunciature in Havana (Benedict), Francis made no demands on the Castro regime, either of Fidel or his brother Raul, and conducted a veritable pilgrimage to Fidel’s home, where the bloody dictator received the Pope in audience.Socci expresses entirely appropriate disgust at Francis’s acceptance from Raul of the gift of a crucifix supposedly made from the oars of “refugee” rowboats in the Mediterranean—no rowboats were involved. Yet Francis ignored the 100,000 refugees who have drowned attempting to escape the Castro brothers’ communist prison state. Socci concludes: “These are the tyrants you to whom you have paid homage and who have given you the gift of your ‘migrants’ (p. 214).”

Socci expresses entirely appropriate disgust at Francis’s acceptance from Raul of the gift of a crucifix supposedly made from the oars of “refugee” rowboats in the Mediterranean—no rowboats were involved. Yet Francis ignored the 100,000 refugees who have drowned attempting to escape the Castro brothers’ communist prison state. Socci concludes: “These are the tyrants you to whom you have paid homage and who have given you the gift of your ‘migrants’ (p. 214).”

The Folly of “Open Borders”

The indictment proceeds to the heading “Walls,” wherein Socci dismantles Francis’s demagogic insistence on “an indiscriminate opening of the frontier that would destabilize peoples, states and systems.”Socci points out that not only Saint Thomas but the Bible itself defends the use of “walls” to protect the integrity of nations and peoples from invasion and malign influences—the Vatican walls themselves being an example of this—and that the modern national frontier is not a “wall” to be denounced as unchristian.

Socci points out that not only Saint Thomas but the Bible itself defends the use of “walls” to protect the integrity of nations and peoples from invasion and malign influences—the Vatican walls themselves being an example of this—and that the modern national frontier is not a “wall” to be denounced as unchristian.Socci asks Francis: “Is it possible that you do not perceive a phenomenon as macroscopic as the failure of assimilation? And can you not see the unresolved problem that Islam has with violence, as Benedict XVI explained at Regensburg? (p. 217).”

Socci asks Francis: “Is it possible that you do not perceive a phenomenon as macroscopic as the failure of assimilation? And can you not see the unresolved problem that Islam has with violence, as Benedict XVI explained at Regensburg? (p. 217).”

The Summation

The indictment concludes under the heading “the Poor,” wherein Socci, son of a miner, protests Francis’s constant talk of the poor as “unacceptable: because it is in a mode that is ideological, demagogic and sociological…. But the Church does not dream of instrumentalizing the poor, making of them an ideological-theological category like that Argentine theology of liberation from which it emerges…”Summing up his whole indictment, Socci writes:

Summing up his whole indictment, Socci writes:

“the first poverty of peoples is not to know Christ… This is the problem, Holy Father. It is necessary to announce to men the only one who can save them, because this is what really counts, as Jesus tirelessly warns: “What profit a man if gains the whole world but loses his soul?…”

“So, you should reverse the entire orientation of your papacy: Thus, instead of occupying yourself with separating refuse, you will defend sound Catholic doctrine against attacks by the world and by Modernism; instead of obsessively sounding the alarm about the climate, you will warn humanity about the overhanging threat of eternal damnation; instead of an encyclical on the fate of worms and little reptiles, you will write one on the persecuted Christians and the world’s hatred of the Savior….

“As Vito Messori said to then Cardinal Ratzinger: ‘Without a vision of the mystery of the Church that is also supernatural and not only sociological, Christology itself loses its reference to God: a purely human structure ends by corresponding to a human project. The Gospel becomes the Jesus Project, the social liberation project, or other historical projects… which seem religious only in appearance, but are atheistic in substance… ‘”(p. 224).

The closing words of this truly historic document are Socci’s personal plea to Francis to change his course before it is too late:

“Do not be afraid of disappointing the world, which until now has enthusiastically applauded you… The only fear to have is that of disappointing God….

“Dear Pope Francis, be one of our true pastors on the way of Christ, with Pope Benedict who assists you with prayer and advice: also assist the Church, today bewildered and confused, to recover the way of its Savior and thus reignite the light that will enable humanity not to lose itself in an abyss of violence. All of the saints of heaven pray for this….”

Francis Applies the Butter

Shortly after publication of La Profezia Finale, Socci received a handwritten letter from none other than Francis himself. Addressed to “dear brother,” the letter was not unlike the telephone call Francis made to Mario Palmaro, late co-author of another searing critique of the pontificate bluntly entitled “We Do Not Like This Pope.” The gist of the letter and the phone call alike was the same: I appreciate your criticism of me.

One can be forgiven for thinking that so clever an ecclesial politician as Francis might have in mind a bit of buttering up of his most effective and widely read critics. But the letter to Socci (as well as the phone call to Palmaro) puts to rest any suggestion that “traditionalists” offend the Faith when they publish strong criticism of this Pope. Francis himself explodes that contention.

In any case, Socci, while not unmoved by this personal attention from the Supreme Pontiff, has not backed even one step away from his indictment. His most recent column (as of this writing) laments the enormous damage “the ‘new Church’ of Bergoglio” is causing to “the Church of all time,” threatening to be “more devastating than Luther.”In closing one must ask: Where are the prelates who, undoubtedly seeing what Socci sees, will come forward to stand with him—and with concerned laity around the world—in opposition to the rushing tide of “Bergoglianism,” a phenomenon unlike anything seen before in the annals of the papacy.

In closing one must ask: Where are the prelates who, undoubtedly seeing what Socci sees, will come forward to stand with him—and with concerned laity around the world—in opposition to the rushing tide of “Bergoglianism,” a phenomenon unlike anything seen before in the annals of the papacy.

Whether or not you read Italian, buy this book. You will be the owner of a piece of history. And may God bless and protect its courageous author.

In closing one must ask: Where are the prelates who, undoubtedly seeing what Socci sees, will come forward to stand with him—and with concerned laity around the world—in opposition to the rushing tide of “Bergoglianism,” a phenomenon unlike anything seen before in the annals of the papacy.


Source: biblefalseprophet.com

Israeli Soldier

COMMENTARY: Memorial Day


Do I ‘remember’ Memorial day? You bet your sweet buns I do! I also remember how it started and and how it is was celebrated in REAL AMERICAN LIFE, and the total hypocrisy it is today!.

What a crock of SHIT! NO American soldier has defended ANY American soil or American’s homeland or protected ANY American civilians in this nation since the war of 1812! The only REAL threats to this country by foreign powers was during the communist threats of the Cuban Crisis and the Berlin Crisis. I ought to know – I served in uniform during those years.

Our insane CRIMINALLY IGNORANT/disgustingly irresponsible people have been responsible for the murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent human beings In TWO world wars – which OUR OWN TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT either started – supported – funded – encouraged – incited and or FORCED other nations into.

The good REAL Christian German people were NEVER our enemies. Even General Patton finally realized the monstrous evil he was involved with – when he wrote his wife and told her the TRUTH – “ WE FOUGHT THE WRONG PEOPLE”. Yes – the Japanese did attack our naval forces in the Pacific – but only because our treasonous Marxist Godless jew-controlled President Roosevelt planned the attack, KNEW it was eminent and PURPOSELY kept it secret to insure it would happen.

Yes Dorothy, Marxist traitor FDR sacrificed all those lives at Pearl just to get us into ANOTHER word war that NOBODY – especially the Germans–wanted, but the jews and the Soviets and the British really wanted WAR – but ONLY if they could drag us into one.

The jews and the British had committed high treason AGAINST THE ENTIRE WORLD with their secret agreement known as the Balfour Declaration – when they dragged the USA into a mindless World War I they had created themselves – but that is another story of British/jew treason against Christianity and free men.

Apparently we did NOT learn ANYTHING from our war of independence with these jew infested British scum as we fell for the same jew lies from the British that got us into WWII. Same deceit – same mentality – just different lies.

Remember kiddies – that oh-so-impassioned ‘Day Of Infamy speech’ was written a day before an attack that we FORCED and we PLANNED so as to get us on a wartime economy and end our failed Marxist economy (the depression) that caused it in the first place.

Every depression or ‘recession’ we have had in this country was planned and executed by the jews and their ‘Federal’ Reserve bank.

I live in a neighborhood of some of the most shallow, ignorant, irresponsible people I have ever known. Not ONE of them has ever defended anyone’s freedoms or homes in this country, NEVER – PERIOD! Most have never even WORN a military uniform. They ALL passionately scream and yell like demented loons during the Stupid Bowl and its drunken tailgate college frat mentality orgies – but their attitude towards the immeasurable agony and suffering we have caused tens of millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East? Ho hum. Can’t be bothered – can’t you see I’m watching a Bucs game?!

When I experience a person who knows NOTHING of the nature of my military service – and who says something irresponsibly stupid like: “Thank you for your service to our country” – I want to grasp him by the throat. For all he knows – my ‘service’ may have been like that of the racist, war criminal and COLD-BLOODED MURDERER ON A MASS SCALE Chris Kyle, an insane, cowardly, demonic piece of jew-endorsed/jew-supported filth who got his thrills by MURDERING civilian women and children whose ‘crimes’ were the DEFENSE of THEIR OWN HOMES AND FAMILIES from our marauding hordes of mercenary Godless terrorists.

I thank God I never had that kind of putrid, rancid, Godless, racist, demonic, sadistic, murderous scum in my commands.

Most people here know nothing about FACTUAL AUTHENTIC American history or the ugly fact that this nation has its past based on a foundation of never ending LIES! American history for the past century or so is based on so much deceit that it is a miracle that we still have not already met our well deserved destiny on the trash heap of history.

We ‘merkans have a legacy of taking the most sacred, hallowed, sanctified, venerable, day reserved for reflection, thanksgiving, humility, and gratitude – and predictably turning it into a yet-another shallow, jew-mentality orgy of gluttony, parties, drinking, orgies, and shopping-spree-bargain days at ‘blue-light specials’. It matters not if it is the sacred event of the birthday of our Lord – or the birthday of our NATION – it is all the same commercial trash to our shallow, selfish, petty, minds.

We have taught our dumbed-down, public school product children NO history – NO wisdom. – NO truths and NO MEANINGFUL VALUES WHATSOEVER.

This is how this shameful ‘party day’ got started. A Union General named John A. Logan who was the Union Vets Association leader decided to see if he could inflict even more pain and insult to still-grieving widows and crying orphans of those terrible confederate ‘rebels’. Notice the callus use of language that could ONLY be interpreted as demeaning to ALL of the CSA dead who fought in defense of THEIR land and THEIR families and THEIR freedom. Remember – all you witless brainwashed history experts – the civil war was NOT fought for freeing the slaves. IT WAS FOUGHT FOR STATES RIGHTS. Yes Dorothy – the North had slaves too.

Here is the text of what our thoughtful tactful General Logan stated that we should do to remember the fallen dead – but of course ONLY the fallen dead from the North. In his ‘Reemergence Day’ (as it was originally termed)

…’for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land…’

‘THEIR’ COUNTRY!? – as in belonging to the victors and Jew carpetbaggers, as in SPOILS OF WAR?

What malicious, lying, hate speech – REAL HATE SPEECH! It was a slap in the face of the countless men–both young and old–who gave their lives to protect THEIR countries. I guess to the Union killer Logan the life of an American Southern son was NOTHING! Rot in hell John Logan.

FACT: even Union Generals Sherman and Grant – as hard nosed as they were – tried their best to kick the wretched Jews parasites out of the defeated South.

And as for the fraud criminal Abraham Lincoln – he can rot in hell as well. Lincoln could have prevented all of the unnecessary bloodshed if he wanted to and yet did not. Certainly not MY idea of what a Godly American President should be. His Gettysburg address did nothing more than fuel the fires of hatred between brother and brother. ‘More than a million fighting men have given the last full measure of devotion. Their valor and sacrifices have made possible our freedoms our values our very existence’.

What hypocrisy! Do you have ANY idea of how many young American men from the South suffered torture, starvation and deprivation in Union prisons for their loyalties to their families and THEIR traditions? In my book – John Wilkes Booth was a REAL HERO whether he did it from patriotic motives or self recognition. Lincoln deserved to die for his horrid sins against millions. I have even heard Lincoln called a ‘saint’. Such filthy, putrid, blasphemy.

If any of you school age kids read this – be aware of this truth. Any teacher who taught you that the American Civil war was fought to ‘free the slaves’ is either an imbecile or a DAMNED LIAR! It was fought to preserve STATES RIGHTS. That slavery bullshit will NOT FLY! Slavery may be immoral and un-Christian – but it existed in the North as well as the South.

The tenth Amendment of The Bill Of Rights drafted in 1789 and ratified in 1791 reads as follows–‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution- nor prohibited to it by the States are reserved TO THE STATES, RESPECTIVELY – or TO THE PEOPLE’.

THAT – folks – is what the war was all about – so tell your liberal, lying, jew-indoctrinated teachers to STOP THE BULLSHIT AND THE LIES! Ignorance of HISTORY has caused more war, death, destruction, human misery, hatred, orphans, widows, cripples, and hopelessness than ALL other natural disasters on Earth since the beginning of recorded time. Is the TRUTH now so repulsive that we must keep our own children in endless ignorance?

What the Satanic jews did to the Christian Germans during the Weimar era is CRUCIAL to an understanding of the causes for WWII and the UNITED STATES ASSISTED spread of the horrors of communism from Europe to Asia – but I digress —

Does ANYBODY remember the pure hell that was imposed on every man woman and and child in the South? By the yardstick of WHOSE freedoms? – WHOSE values ?– Whose measure of ‘existence’? I was born in the ‘North’ but I am NOT ASHAMED to admit that I AM ashamed of what the North did to the American people. The cruelty and hardships imposed on innocent women and children was unparalleled with the exception of our treatment of aboriginal people here – certainly nothing to be proud of. We are MASTERS of war crimes and atrocities – even to our OWN people! Don’t even get me started on Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge and Waco.

That NEEDED to be said – I have paid my dues – and so I said it. Our so-called Memorial Day of parties and drunkenness is an abomination and INSULT to ALL decent, Godly men who have ever served in uniform with HONOR for the purpose of at least PREPARING to defend our homeland from ACTUAL UNPROVOKED ATTACK.

Anything else is either IMPERIALISM and or AGGRESSION and/or TERRORISM – PERIOD!

Anyway – later on it became apparent that MY simple observation today – had been shared by MILLIONS of offended Americans and rightfully so! After WWI it was renamed to the present designation of Memorial Day.

Yes – I will remember the men I knew – some well and some only slightly – like Bo Gritz and David Hackworth – who were REAL heroes who risked life and limb against REAL ENEMIES – not old men, children, and pregnant mothers like our brave sociopathic trash today whose fathers were not even born when I trained their grandfathers. I will mourn the REAL MEN – Godly men – like the ones I trained nearly 50 years ago – when we DID face a realistic unprovoked military confrontation by communist forces. not the putrid child murdering scum criminals I see today!

Few young people today even have a clue as to what was the essence of the Berlin Crisis – or the Cuban Crisis – both involving communists. And NEVER EVER forget this fact–JEWS AND COMMUNISM ARE INSEPARABLE.

Memorial Day was meant to be a day of solemn reflection of the sacrifices Americans in uniform made to preserve our most sacrosanct values and human ideals – family – God – country – through selfless sacrifice – of duty – commitment – honor, and valor. Those were lofty ideals – to be sure – but NONE of those values or traits even exists anymore in today’s mercenary army of dumbed-down hired killers–sadists, psychopaths, and human garbage–with the total approval of their brain-dead equally immoral parents. I have encountered that disgrace more times than I can recall.

Just look at the putrid leadership we have, starting with our criminal Zionist sock-puppet ‘President’ and his 100% ass-kissing ambitious war criminal military leaders with ABSOLUTELY no MORALS, NO compassion and no souls, KNOWING FULL WELL – that their heinous crimes protected NO American in ANY Way – and whose greed and lust for power are loyal ONLY to the Jews and Jew puppets to whom they so eagerly grovel.

Remember General ‘BETRAY-US’ and General ‘McWARMONGER’? Two examples of ‘Gulf-War’ criminal thugs. I would RELISH to see these ‘IsraHELL first’ – Godless hypocrites HUNG for their sadistic grizzly crimes! These criminals are the EXACT type who would command military troops to murder civilians in our own neighborhoods if commanded to. A Marine base called 29 Palms has already proven that disgraceful terrifying FACT! I have known their evil ilk my whole life! I have witnessed this type of Jew brutality in Palestine. It is a killing field more brutal and sadistic than even the mass murders of Cambodia.

Remember the Genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot, a Marxist who learned his killing art form from the Jew Commissars of the USSR? It was considered one of the world’s most horrible mass killings – YET the genocide our brave young killers have committed in Iraq – NUMERICALLY EXCEEDS THAT OF CAMBODIA.  That is a truth you will NEVER learn form our Jew controlled MSM. Have you ever bothered to ask your local church, newspaper or TV station WHY you were never told this, or do you even give a damn any more as long as you have your fancy SUV,  your credit cards and cold beer?

And after all, YOUR son is a ‘GOOD’ boy and would NEVER do such horrid things – right? Most of those two million civilians must have slipped on camel dung and hit their heads – right?

NONE – not ONE of these killers in desert camos today are ANYTHING but cold-blooded murdering bastards. Do your own net searches and see the horrible crimes they commit 24-7 against defenseless civilians in their OWN homes in their OWN country. Next time you see one of these bastards home on leave – remember – he is a CRIMINAL, a monster, and should be treated as such.

The rapes – cold-blooded execution murders and beatings of innocent terrified innocent human beings go on 24 hours a day. Only a VERY small percentage of the TRUE number of crimes will EVER be shown or filmed. Even so, the factual evidence of these atrocities are LEGION! Helicopter gunships murdering dozens of helpless children and elderly in the streets – young girls being raped, beaten to death and burned – an old man on HIS OWN STREET gunned down by a dozen brave armed US killers – fathers dragged out of their homes, bound & gagged, shot in the head and thrown in drainage ditches like dogs. Their terrible crimes? Trying to defend their OWN wives and children!

See these atrocities for yourself. In quantity, savage, sadistic cruelty, and frequency they are unparalleled in modern warfare. In just the 24 hours of the Memorial Day itself – these scum we are supposed to honor for ‘keeping us free’ or other cute, lying. Jew clichés to keep us dumbed-down for the furtherance of endless serial wars and genocides against people who have NEVER DONE ANYBODY HERE ANY HARM OR HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN ANY REMOTE THREAT IN ANY WAY – will murder in cold-blood a lot more innocent souls for the greater glory of the Jews.

Do you know how many more women and children must be raped, beaten to death, shot, blown to pieces by bombs and heavy artillery, incinerated by white phosphorous and other horrible deaths? Care to guess? We have already slaughtered a MINIMUM of TWO MILLION CIVILIANS. Take that figure times the months and years we have been MURDERING these poor people there will be ONE THOUSAND MORE DEAD BABIES WOMEN AND CHILDREN in that 24 hour period in the Middle East while we BRAVE ‘merikan party animals get drunk and party and stuff our fat faces as we pay our respects to the murderers who our Godless Jew- dominated society has created to protect IsraHELL!

These ‘poor souls’ do not get a 3-day ‘holiday’ – so there will be more like THREE THOUSAND MORE corpses that we can gloat over having murdered by Tuesday morning. Have a great orgy  party animals, your Jew masters will be proud. I have spoken ONLY the truth – a dirty word in 2015 AmeriKa. I can practically guarantee that by this time next year – we WILL be a police state and anyone who DARES to speak out against evil as I have – will have the Jew police terrorists at his door and will disappear – legally of course from the then totally Jew controlled Federal Judicial System.

We are only a HEART BEAT away from that EXACT scenario at this moment in time – for those of you who can tear yourselves away from your ice cold Budweisers and tailgate parties long enough to see what is raking place before your very eyes . Like it or not – what I said is the truth and you had damn-well better give it thought before the ‘thought police’ come to your home.

May God forgive you for doing nothing to save our own country from Jew greed and goy stupidity.

Now go out and party like children – or GROW UP and be REAL AMERICANS! TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH – Before it is too late – or they will–one day, when they finally figure it all out for themselves–curse you in your graves for the lies you kept on supporting. It is the right thing to do. TRUTH is ALWAYS favored by our Lord.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”
” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”
Matthew 23:15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”
— Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister


Source: mynameisjoecortina.wordpress.com