COMMENTARY: Mass-Migration Should Be Accepted By Western Nations UN Secretary General

Antonio Guterres is a hardcore communist following Agenda 21 pushing to destroy the human race as it was designed by Count Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi who in 1950 was the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize. Kalergi believed that the Jews were the spiritual elite of the world and viewed the white European race as “the cancer of human history” and a race that needed to be bred out of existence, forcing it to interbreed with darker races of Africa and Asia. He wrote a book titled «Praktischer Idealismus», where he describes, the citizens of the future “United States of Europe” not being people of the Old Continent, but a new mixed breed, product a widespread miscegenation. He proclaimed the need to abolish the nation’s right to self-determination and to break-up nation states using separatist movements, that would destroy them through mass migration. That is how they would be able to control Europe and it’s exactly what we are seeing happening today. United Nations is the seat of the New World Government and their actions are pushing for the Holocaust for Christianity and all Goys.


“Mass-Migration Should Be Accepted By Western Nations, UN Secretary-General,” Source: zerohedge.com

UN member states should prepare for great migratory movements, said UN Secretary-General António Guterres on 11th of January 2018 during the presentation of the report on the management of migration processes. And this is not a joke: The UN, led by António Guterres, wants to manage and influence migration. All this, of course, is dressed up in pretty words about the need to provide humanitarian aid, and also justified by the benefits that resettlement of the population is to give to the economies of particular countries. However, in fact, this means only one thing: Europe and the entire Western World must prepare for the flood of Africans.

Currently, nearly 1,3 billion people live in Africa, and by the end of this century, there will be 350% more, or 4,4 billion.1) It is obvious that the continent, whose inhabitants are not able to feed themselves, let alone achieve an adequate level of urbanization and industrialization, cannot cope with such a sharp demographic increase. The UN, therefore, came up with the idea of resettling Africans to Europe and highly developed countries on other continents.

At the end of 2016, just after his election as UN Secretary-General, António Guterres said: “We must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable and that multiethnic and multireligious societies create wealth”.2) It can be assumed here that the goal set by the former UN commissioner for refugees (A. Gutters served this function from June to December 2015), is to promote migration, give it a legal framework and manage it globally.

The first major step towards formalization of this phenomenon was the creation of the “Making Migration Work for All” report, which says in no uncertain terms that nation-states are to cease to exist. The document says that migration would be beneficial to everyone. And it is beneficial… to migrants alone (who apart from being accommodated in apartments live on undeserved entitlements) rather than to the average European who has to work to make a living for himself and his family, pay for his home and, additionally, provide for millions of more newcomers.

The position expressed by Gutters during the presentation of this report makes our hair stand on end.3) The analysis of the speech of the UN secretary implies a simple conclusion: migration will still be bigger, we (UN) will manage it, and you (Western countries and societies) have to adapt:

„The fundamental challenge is to maximize the benefits of this orderly, productive form of migration while stamping out the abuses and prejudice that make life hell for a minority of migrants.”


„States need to strengthen the rule of law underpinning how they manage and protect migrants — for the benefit of their economies, their societies, and migrants themselves.”

The propaganda statement that migration brings social and economic benefits has become so deeply rooted in the media and political rhetoric that some people have begun to believe in it. It is a pity that these statements are not supported by any calculations or analyses.

„Migration is a positive global phenomenon. It powers economic growth, reduces inequalities, connects diverse societies and helps us ride the demographic waves of population growth and decline.”

According to a research4) conducted by the Hungarian Századvég foundation, mass migration is perceived by the citizens of all 28 European Union countries as a threat to the EU economy, the heritage of the member states and the presence of Third World aliens is believed to undermine security. The vast majority, as many as 68%, are afraid of the inflow of migrants from North Africa. For 70% of the inhabitants of the Old Continent, the growing number of Muslims is a serious threat, while only 8% say that this issue is not a problem. Citizens of European countries are afraid of increased crime and subsequent terrorist attacks. More than half of the pollies think that immigrants come to Europe mainly for economic reasons, that is, they are attracted by a high level of social benefits. 57% of respondents believe that the influx of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East will change the culture of their country, and 73% state that financial support for migrants will be a serious burden on state budgets. 61% believe that the influx of people from the Third World will weaken the EU economy.

Negative processes accompanying the resettlement of people were, however, completely ignored by the UN and transferred to countries which are not able to cope with this phenomenon:

„Migration (…), which powers economic growth, reduces inequalities, connects diverse societies (…) remains poorly managed.”


„The best way to end the stigma of illegality and abuse around migrants is, in fact, for Governments to put in place more legal pathways for migration.”

The report completely distorts the nature of threats to Western civilization, and also underestimates the importance of homogeneity, rejecting entirely the advantage that national states offer. The United Nations points out that shrinking populations is a danger for Europe, and Antonio Guterres suggests that the demographic collapse can be remedied by resettling the population surplus from Africa. By the end of this century, the number of indigenous Europeans will amount to fewer than a quarter of a billion, whereas there will be almost 4.4 billion Africans. The host society, according to the UN Secretary-General, has no right to think that migrations are a negative phenomenon:

„It can be seen, too, in the political impact of public perception that wrongly sees migration as out of control. The consequences include increased mistrust and policies aimed more at stopping than facilitating human movement.”

Also, the International Migration Organization, which participated in the work on this report, states on its Twitter account that „Migration is inevitable, desirable and necessary”.5) The question arises: who wants migration and who thinks it is necessary? Certainly not the inhabitants of the countries to which the alleged refugees are streaming.

The report states that:

  • migration is inevitable, therefore it must be properly organized and the UN provides guidance on how to manage it;
  • nation states must adapt to the admission of migrants in accordance with the guidelines;
  • the societies of developed countries must become accustomed to having their countries flooded with masses of migrants.

The powers that be are trying to convince us of the alleged benefits of mass migration and the resettlement of Africans into Europe. Reality contradicts wishful thinking. Increasingly, citizens of host countries are afraid to leave their homes not to mention that an increased part of their earnings, is used to provide for the newcomers. We have also come to the point where negation of positive aspects of migration is regarded as racism and xenophobia, and to the fact that if someone wants to live in a one-nation state, he is labeled as a nationalist, with the word being unjustifiably negatively charged.

A mass inflow of the so-called “refugees” on the Old Continent is not perceived by its inhabitants as a phenomenon that h culturally enriches and will also have a positive impact on the economy. However, global organizations do not take this into account and enforce their own plan to create a nationally and religiously heterogeneous society, where tradition and cultural identity are not desirable. António Guterres and the UN better know what is good for western nations, ignoring the data presented by many organizations, including the Gefira Foundation, which underlines a number of negative phenomena caused by the mass flooding of Europe by Third World populations.

VIDEO: Exposed – Sell Out & Shill Peter Sweden

So, what exactly happened with Peter Sweden? Was he approached and offered the proverbial 30 pieces of silver? Perhaps given a warning by Mossad? One may never know, but Johnny Gat produces a great video exposing his transformation.

Subscribe to his channel via the link below:


A Future You Don't Belong

COMMENTARY: A Future You Don’t Belong In

Are you ready for what is coming our way? Lies are leading many to believe there is a better future for all of us, but the truth is that the near future looks quite grim. Artificial Intelligence will take many of your jobs. Why would any company spend money on you when they can have a humanoid do the work faster and more efficiently? Let’s face it, Talmudic Jews hate God’s work and have been working for centuries at destroying it.

A Future You Don't Belong

“A Future You Don’t Belong In,” Source: renegadetribune.com

The subject of unemployment is an issue that is often spoken of in alternative media outlets but not sufficiently, at least not in the way it should be. My problem is that people, as of yet, might not have been able to grasp the actual effect that this social problem is going to have in our lives. We are not only talking about a problem of “fewer jobs” available in the market, but a problem of entire jobs and professions essentially disappearing forever, and the dreary consequences this will carry in a financial system that has already been set to fail.

In principle, for National Socialism, German workers were not slaves (i.e. “human resources”). The economy was at the service of the people and not the other way round. People like Gottfried Feder were quite aware of this simple fact. We live in a world in which the total opposite of this premise is the norm, so thinking that a huge problem like this is going to be solved by installing the so-called “universal basic income” (UBI) is not just naive, but dangerously naive, not because it wouldn’t be a bad idea (in fact it would be a very good idea in some cases), but because of the obvious question: when have these elites of the world had our best interest at heart? And even if such an enterprise was financially feasible, do we think something like a “universal basic income” would be given to us for free without anything in exchange? Without the proverbial “pound of flesh”?

Recently I was watching a video entitled 15 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI (posted on October 5, 2017) in which it is stated that 45% of jobs will disappear in the next 10-20 years due to AI development, according to a study performed at Oxford University. I don’t think this is crying wolf whatsoever, as the technology to reach this “singularity” is already out there. In case anyone is thinking that this technological revolution in the work market will affect only “blue collar jobs” I would advise taking a look at the video World’s First Bank Entirely Run by Robots (April 24, 2018). Just briefly researching will help to enlighten the most skeptical minds out there.

I’m still waiting for someone to really evaluate, as a whole, what social repercussions will unfold from this development. Some people are talking about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which obviously connects directly to transhumanism and (even if the producers of this video don’t want to admit it) human ‘planned obsolescence’.

What’s the Fourth Industrial Revolution? by World Economic Forum (July 18, 2016)

We need a new economic model, by this I don’t mean Capitalism vs Communism, what I’m talking about is a shift in the system along the lines of the two big changes that happened in the 20th Century… we are going to shift into a new system which will allow us to meet the basic needs of every human on the planet… will be fairer as it won’t focus on growth per se but on maximizing human well-being” – Stewart Wallis, New Economics Foundation UK
Really? Wow! for those out there who might start having ‘stars in their eyes’ right now by reading the previous quote, I have to insist once again with my question; when have the (((elites))) of this freaking world had our best interest at heart?

Being realistic about the true evil nature of this (((system))) and ignoring all the glossing over and the colorful BS spewed by the aforementioned video, we can start by placing this issue in the whole scheme of things, at least as for our dying Western World is concerned.

Kalergi Plan vs Brave New World

One of the first questions that should arise in any sound critical mind is how all this fits with White Genocide (i.e. Kalergi Plan), with the rapid de-industrialization of the West, with Israel’s domination worldwide of the tech-world in terms of surveillance and control (i.e. Talpiot Program), the Smart City project, the cashless society, etc… etc…

Taking into account this juggernaut of bad events – real as they are – all these visions of a future of “equality”, “opportunity for all” and “maximizing human well-being” become basically a ridiculous joke, if not a grotesque farce. And yet my problem is that many people seem to fall for this utter crap, or should I say, choose to believe in it. First of all, most millennials we see these days will probably never-ever have a job as we used to know. The great majority of them seem to have nothing better in their lives other than burying their heads in their iPhones (living in an artificial bubble especially created for them) and getting a degree that will be utterly useless, as there will be no more jobs waiting for them, since all the remaining jobs that will not have been taken by AI will be given to the primitives of the world, of course, as an integral part of the Kalergi Plan.

If I am allowed to wear my conspiracy theorist’s tinfoil hat for a minute, I’m wondering how all this fits with the idea of harvesting humans, not only for their organs and what not but also for their DNA. I’m thinking about MKUltra founder supremo Aldous Huxley and his “novel” Brave New World (1932). We should consider how all this is going to play with the idea that once we are all out of the way, they will start a new civilization in which they will have total birth-control of humans in the entire society. After all, this has been the game all along, hasn’t it? So what relevance will a generation of emasculated, childless, autistic-by-vaccines, porn-addicted, iPhone-zombified, culturally-bastardized and thoroughly unemployed individuals have at the end? Not much, I should say, but hey, we all get to watch Hannah doing her thing naked and that’s always a win. They will simply be a genetic dead-end for our race as these “controllers” of the world will be keeping our human DNA in their vaults, maybe up there at some base in the Arctic (sort of like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault – if I’m not being too apocalyptic about it), getting ready for the next era of genetically engineered humans living under their strict control in that Brave Jew World.

Known by some as “The Doomsday Vault”. Are the seeds of future humans stored in a place like this?

I don’t want to make this article too long as these days nobody reads articles (and this article will probably be pretty much ignored anyway). My only intention here is to raise these questions hoping that someone – with more knowledge and insight on these matters – will deliver a more thorough evaluation. I for one believe the whole financial situation in the West is hopeless for two obvious reasons. First, the financial system is completely in the hands of our enemies -total control-, which means it will never improve (never mind the Donald Trumps of the world and their lies). The final goal is the death of the White Race, which means this financial rigged game we call “economy” will keep on collapsing, slowly but steadily, by design (no more money to survive, no more White children being born). Second, the solution to the chaos that will ensue will come in the form of “changing the whole economic model” as mentioned in the streamed video (not The System, dominated by the same sons of bitches- who will stay in place of course) in exchange for the “freedoms” we think we still have. I mean no more private property because these pieces of fecal matter want the entire world and they want it now.

In case someone out there is thinking what a negative wart I am, I will ask this individual the following question; have you taken a look around lately? Just take a good look around and wake the hell up – or better still – man up.

I think I will probably be mistaken but, wasn’t it the Jewish rat Henry Kissinger who said that lots of people were inevitably going to die once this “New World Order” of theirs was set in place? [citation needed] I don’t think this genocide will realize itself all at once; we are seeing this long-term plan clearly unfolding before our eyes, so forget about all this WWIII’s terror-porn.

Going back to the subject at hand, it is not only a matter of “disappearing jobs”, it is also a matter of our own survival in a future in which these (((rulers))) have already decided we don’t belong. As someone said, this is the plan these Talmudic SOBs – and associates – have for you, so what plan do you have for them?

DOCUMENTARY: “Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True”

This documentary, mind you by Channel 4, brings up many interesting and true points about race relations in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, and of course, it doesn’t address the real core of these race-related societal problems (eg. why it is happening, who encourages it, etc.). It is a daft propaganda piece aiming for the British public to accept all of this change as the new normal. This is illustrated by their conclusion at 1:02:04 — listen closely.

The Codenhove-Kalgari Plan.


VIDEO: Communist (((Anetta Kahane))) Wants Open Borders

This clip, from 2010, is very prescient considering the current state of Europe and that the ‘European Migrant Crisis’ took place several years afterward.

According to Wikipedia:
Anetta Kahane was born in East Berlin in 1954. Her father, Max Kahane, was a member of the Young Communist League and, later, the Communist party of Germany. Because her parents were Jewish and active in communism they had to flee the Nazi regime to Spain and later France. She is the sister of the film director Peter Kahane.

Since 1998, Anetta Kahane served as the president and the founder of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Her organization works against xenophobia, antisemitism and right-wing extremism. In 2012 she was awarded the Moses Mendelssohn prize (de) donated by the Senate of Berlin.

In 2015, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation followed the German Ministry of Justice’s invitation to take part in a task force against hate speech on social media.


VIDEO: “The Messiah Will Return Only When The West Is Destroyed”

Regardless of what you may think of race, culture, immigration, and the various points in this video; there is a profound transformation taking place in the West. All evidence points that this is done by design. And, we have to ask ‘why’? Well, it is all planned, or as they say, “it is prophecy.”


Source: https://concisepolitics.com


INTERVIEW: Martinez And Bjerknes Unmask The Putin Cult

A MUST LISTEN, absolutely everything exposed during this interview is 100% TRUE, and this is what we need people to see and finally realize once and for all, that either they begin using their own brain and doing their own research, or they are allowing the enemy to lead them to their own self-destruction. Please share and spread the word. 


VIDEO: The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media

It is surely amazing that this Tribal dominance in media can continue year after year. Swedes, by nature, used to be hardworking farmers and engineers. They never had time to be interested in mass media communication. 
So, what happened? Elements of the Tribe easily took over the media and propagandized it according to their agenda. Many of these Tribe members fled from Poland to Sweden in the late sixties — all these people were hardcore communists. And so the Swedish catastrophe began as all these Jews, if they were deemed Jewish enough, got top positions in the Swedish media industry. The brainwashing indeed had a powerful effect. We see it now by the sad state of affairs Sweden is in today.

For this video’s inspiration and even more detail on who is involved, please reference the following article: http://zionistreport.com/2016/09/the-chosen-people-in-the-swedish-media/


Buspar no prescription

VIDEO: “Far-Right” Millennials Crowdfunded Ship to ‘Defend Europe’ from Migrants

Bravo for Defend Europe instead of talking on social media, AND ACTING INSTEAD!!! This should be an example for everyone fighting this Zionist plot — The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
And, why does Al-Jazeera call them “far-right,” exactly? These African migrants are mostly not real refugees, but in fact, economic migrants — the data speaks for itself. (((Mainstream media))) tells the masses the opposite however.
In addition, NGOs (led by Soros and even Israel) aid them and quite literally pick them up off the coast of Libya delivering them right to the Europe. Is this right? No, not at all. So, people who want to stop this madness of NGO’s smuggling are far-right?? 
And, the argument that Western countries invaded some African states centuries ago, and they are now obliged to destroy their civilization by bringing here the whole Africa and the Middle East is completely stupid. No European is responsible for something that was done from the colonial period.


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