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MONEY: Russia Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin Legalization

Does Bitcoin represent a clear a present danger to the Central Banking system and fiat currency? Or, is it just part of the NWO/JWO Hegelian Dialectic? After all, an ultimate goal is the elimination of all cash. Nonetheless, Putin, in this clip, makes it clear he is carrying out the Rothschild directive of preferring the Central Banks.

“Russia Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin Legalization, Says Minister,” Source:

The Russian minister of communications and mass media said yesterday that the country will not consider the legalization of digital currencies like bitcoin

According to state-owned news service TASS, Nikolai Nikiforov stated: “Bitcoin is a foreign project for using blockchain technology, the Russian law will never consider bitcoin as a legal entity in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.”

However, Nikiforov added that it is “quite possible” that Russia could consider using blockchain technology, as well as various digital tokens. However, he did not provide any context in which the technology might be utilized.

Last month, the country’s Communications Ministry drafted a document to the government detailing technicalities related to the adoption of cryptocurrency technology, indicating there is an interest within Russia for speculative foreign instruments.

Nikiforov noted at the time:

“I think we should go ahead from the technological viewpoint, providing such instruments. It is hardly possible to get anything via restrictions amid digital economic development.”

The comments come after the release of statements from Russia’s Communications Ministry in May, suggesting that Russia could implement blockchain regulations within the next two years.

While the Russian government takes a generally negative stance on bitcoin and those that buy bitcoin, the country’s officials have made a number of pro-blockchain statements in recent days. Despite there being so much negativity around the bitcoin, it is still a growing and changing system, if you are interested in finding out more about the bitcoin you might want to check out a site similar to btcnn for all the latest bitcoin cash news and to keep up to date with any investments you may be interested in making. If you’d like to learn about trading bots for bitcoin, while we are on the topic, checking out this bitcoin loophole review could provide some insight into how trading bots work.

Just a week ago, a senior official at Russia’s central bank said initial coin offerings (ICOs) could drive funding opportunities for startups. And, a week prior, the head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Tourism predicted that blockchain could transform the country’s tourism industry.