Definition of Anti-Semitism

COMMENTARY: The Manipulation Of The Definition Of Anti-Semitism

“Before there was any mention of a so-called “Holocaust,” and while America was still neutral, American Zionists, with the approval of the media, produced the most mass genocidal book in history: Theodore N. Kaufman in “Germany Must Perish” (Argyle Press, Newark, 1941) literally urged the sterilization of 48,000,000 German men and women of childbearing age, so that, he explained, Germanism will be extirpated in two generations,” Source: Institute for Historical Review

We see that throughout history, these so-called “Jews” have been the initiators of all wars for the purpose of not only collecting profits from their destruction but to slowly impose their evil power over humanity.

Definition of Anti-Semitism
“The Manipulation of the Definition of Anti-Semitism,” Source:

The manipulation of the definition of anti-semitism & exploitation of the concept of anti-semitism is a sinister trend. The international Zionist cabal & network are cunningly trying to change the notion of anti-semitism to stop any criticism of Israel and its litany of war crimes.

The manipulation of the definition of anti-semitism, and along with it the exploitation of the concept of anti-semitism, is a sinister trend that has been accelerating lately. Historically, anti-semitism used to actually mean something (i.e. the hatred of Jews just because they were Jewish). Nowadays, the international Zionist cabal and network are cunningly trying to change the definition of anti-semitism to stop any criticism of Israel. Such criticism of Israel may be entirely legitimate, justified and based on the actions of the Israeli Government, and thus have nothing to do with “Jews”, “Jewishness” or “Judaism” itself. However, the Zionist plan is to catch all such criticism in the anti-semitism/hate speech dragnet so that the Israeli Government can continue unimpeded on its merry genocidal way. The definition of anti-semitism is being changed for one simple reason: censorship.

Zionist-backed South Carolina Law Changing the Definition of Anti-Semitism in the US

Just take a look at recent bills and laws on the books inside of the United States. In April 2018, South Carolina passed a law with a new definition of anti-semitism which significantly broadened the meaning of the term. The effects are far-reaching. This piece of legislation requires the state’s colleges to use this new definition when determining whether an action is “discriminatory” (and thus banned). Essentially, in many areas related to Zionism, it forbids factual and true statements which are critical of Israel by codifying them as anti-semitic! Seems the terms post-truth world and post-fact world are spot on.

Take a look at pg. 81 of the 278-page document:

(B) For purposes of this proviso, the term “definition of anti-Semitism” includes:
(1) a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities;
(2) calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews;
(3) making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective;
(4) accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the state of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews;
(5) accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust;
(6) accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations;
(7) using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism to characterize Israel or Israelis;
(8) drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis;
(9) blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions;
(10) applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation;
(11) multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations; and
(12) denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist, provided, however, that criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.

(1) is the true and historical definition, and I can fully understand why this (as with any other form of racism) is a problem, just as (2) and (4) are. As a libertarian, I don’t believe it is the government’s job to force people into being kind (you can’t legislate morality), although the civil rights movement did a lot for people who suffered from a lack of rights and freedom. Obviously I can see how a government would be concerned about public safety with (2) and (4). However, most of the following points are a gross expansion of the original definition of anti-semitism into something so broad that it stifles free speech, critical thinking and the ability to investigate and discuss openly many aspects of the worldwide conspiracy. So, if you live in South Carolina, it is now illegal to:

(3) – make reference to the obvious fact that concentrated Jewish power exists and dominates certain industries such as the media (MSM, Hollywood), politics or the high-tech sector (the Talpiot Program);

(5) – investigate, draw your own conclusions from a historical event (the Holocaust) and announce those conclusions if they differ from the official story. In fact, even if you merely say the number of Jewish deaths is wrong (i.e. not 6 million), you are not a historian or researcher, but rather an anti-semite, because you are stating that the Jews or Israel are “exaggerating” the Holocaust – which happens to be the truth, since the Holocaust has been seized and capitalized upon for political gain, as many Jews such as Norman Finkelstein point out;

(6) – claim that some dual Israel-US citizens may be more loyal to Israel than the US. Wow! Ever looked at the 9/11 cast of characters and conspirators? They are full of Neocons and Zionists! There are so many examples of Israeli collusion on 9/11, helped on by PNAC Zionists like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim and many more;

(8) – point out the obvious hypocrisy of the Zionist regime which runs Gaza like an open-air concentration camp, just as the Nazis did with the Jews and other minorities. Israel rations food, water, electricity and other supplies to the Palestinians, controls their freedom of movement, tests out its new weaponry on unsuspecting Arabs there, as well as slaughters anyone it wants too with impunity, by falsely claiming that it is “only defending itself” and that all Palestinian protestors including women and children are automatically from Hamas (yes, the very same Hamas that Israel supported and helped to create);

(11) – demand that peace and human rights organizations focus on Israel, when, demonstrably, Israel has been the main aggressor in the region ever since its inception, including starting the 6-Day War against Egypt then Syria, attacking the USS Liberty, stealing land from its neighbors and invading Lebanon in 1982.


Changing the definition of anti-semitism: the game is up.

Also, with (10), what exactly are people expecting of Israel and not expecting of any other nation? That it stops its discriminatory apartheid policies that values Jewish citizens over all other citizens? It is equally demanded in all Western democracies that all people are treated equal regardless of race and religion (even though it doesn’t happen in practice). Likewise, with (9), it is undeniable that Israel’s power is massively disproportionate and large compared to its tiny population and geographical area. It has a history of provoking the countries around it into war by being the aggressor. Number (12) makes the point that “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic” yet this is just a lip-service glossover. The whole point of this bill is to crush criticism of Israel! This proviso reminds of the proviso in the Balfour Declaration where it states that the UK approves of Israel building settlements in Palestine as long as the indigenous people living there are not disadvantaged. Well, that worked well. The whole existence of Israel, since even before 1948, is been nothing but a pushing back, stealing and genocide.

Federal Bill Also to Change Definition of Anti-Semitism

On May 23rd 2018, a federal bill was also introduced called the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018. The goals are the same: silence criticism of Israel, gut the First Amendment and cancel free speech – despite the fact that anti-semitic harassment is already illegal under federal law. This is just part of a larger pattern whereby the pervasive Zionist influence throughout the halls of Western Government clamps down on any anti-Zionist perspectives – in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other places. The ACLU writes:

“Campaigns aimed at excluding critics of Israel from participating in public events are mounting, often with support of publicly funded institutions. A Chicago-area public library temporarily cancelled a talk about a book titled “The Battle for Justice in Palestine,” before reconsidering its decision. The Missouri History Museum cancelled a community event titled “From Ferguson to Ayotzinapa to Palestine,” after organizers refused to remove Palestinian panelists.”


Manufactured Anti-Semitism

The must-watch documentary Defamation, made by Israeli Jew film director Yoav Shamir, does an excellent job exposing how modern anti-semitism is largely invented out of thin air. Yes, anti-semites, White supremacists, and other Jew-haters exist, but as a tiny minority, shunned by the majority of people who are not racist. Yet, so much Jewish identity and sympathy for Zionism and Israel depends on anti-semitism being alive, so organizations like the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) exist essentially to fan the flames and concoct sham reports, which then get passed along to the MSM and FBI, who dutifully to the Zionist line and declare falsities like “anti-semitism is on the rise.”

definition of anti-semitism restrict criticism Israel smoloko

Final Thoughts

We live in a world where our cherished freedom of speech is under constant attack, especially by PC (political correctness). Zionism is at the apex of the PC pyramid; it’s the tyrant-king who has learned how to name-call and throw mud par excellence. It has everyone scared, especially politicians and celebrities, of saying anything even slightly offensive. It harnesses its massive network to make the name “anti-semite” stick, even if there’s no truth to it.

The modification of the definition of anti-semitism is a crude attempt to exploit the real suffering of Jews 85+ years ago at the hands of the Nazis. This agenda is even targeted at (the now many) Jews who oppose Zionism themselves! It has nothing to so with real historical meaning of anti-semitism, but rather operates purely to suppress criticism of Israel. Historian David Irving spoke of an organized international network that would target him when he reported historical facts. Whether it’s the CAA in England, or AIPAC, the ADL and the SPLC in the US, the goal is the same.

Remember what former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni admitted:

“Well, it’s a trick. We always use it. When from Europe someone criticizes Israel, then we bring out the Holocaust. When in this country (USA) when they criticize Israel, they are anti-semitic … it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli Government … that justifies everything we do to the Palestinians.”

Clever people will see through this ruse of anti-semitism – and brave people will rise above it.

VIDEO: What Do Jews Do For A Living?

Have you ever wondered why Jews have so much power? This video answers the question.

VIDEO: “The Messiah Will Return Only When The West Is Destroyed”

Regardless of what you may think of race, culture, immigration, and the various points in this video; there is a profound transformation taking place in the West. All evidence points that this is done by design. And, we have to ask ‘why’? Well, it is all planned, or as they say, “it is prophecy.”



VIDEO: Dr. Kevin Barrett – “9/11 Was Planned in Tel Aviv, Not in Kabul”

The September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks were not planned and directed from Afghanistan, as US President Donald Trump has claimed; rather, they were orchestrated by certain elements in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv, says Dr. Kevin Barrett — an American academic who has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003.

COMMENTARY: How A Case Against Israel Officials Helped Saudi Arabia

To add more confusion to our evil Talmudic world, it looks like the case against Israeli officials as well as against Trump and his comrades was actually intended to help Saudi Arabia. The Saudis want to put pressure on US lawmakers into revising this new law (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act – JASTA) that enables victims of 9-11 to sue Saudi Arabia for their alleged role in aiding the hijackers.

JASTA only allows suits against foreign governments – not individuals. So why not sue Israel? This does not mean that Saudi Arabia (Israel’s sister) did not play a crucial role. But isn’t it the case that Israel and its allies have decided to point their finger at Saudi Arabia and Bin Laden as solely responsible for 9-11? What is CLEAR is that The United States is ruled by TRAITORS. 

“How a case against Israel officials helped Saudi Arabia,” Source:

A US lawyer with ties to Saudi Arabia filed a “false alarm” lawsuit against senior Israeli and Trump administration officials, which helped the country’s lobbying efforts against legislation that allows US citizens to sue Riyadh over the September 11 attacks.

Al Jazeera has discovered that Martin McMahon, who filed the complaint in February at a district court, has connections to Saudi Arabia dating back to at least 2003.

The lawsuit alleges the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former foreign minister Tzipi Livni, the Trump administration’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, and the Kushner Family Foundation, the charity of Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner all committed or financed war crimes in violation of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

JASTA is an amendment to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) that limited foreign states’ immunity to lawsuits brought by US citizens in relation to support for “acts of terrorism”. It became law in September 2016 after a veto from then-president Obama was overridden by US Congress.

The complaint against Israeli and Trump-related officials was then used by Saudi lobbyists to show members of Congress how a key ally could be put at risk by JASTA, according to Brian McGlinchey, editor of

‘Shaky lawsuit’

McGlinchey told Al Jazeera he became aware of the suit because it “was used as a talking point” for anti-JASTA lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

“They pointed to the complaint and said, ‘Here are the unintended consequences,'” he said, explaining the lawsuit was used as an example of a US ally put at risk of legal action.

McGlinchey noted the February lawsuit appeared to have been made on weak grounds.

“When you looked at the actual complaint, the State of Israel isn’t named,” he said. “It seemed a shaky invocation of JASTA.

The amendment only applies to foreign states and related entities, not individuals, as in the lawsuit.

According to 28pages, a “false alarm” complaint refers to a lawsuit seemingly filed for the purpose of providing lobbyists another piece of ammunition to argue for their specific goal.

Others called into question the text of the suit itself, which is “long and rambling”, according to William Dodge, a professor of law at the University of California’s Davis School of Law and member of the US State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Law.

“There’s been a lot of litigation around foreign official immunity recently,”

Dodge said in an interview, naming several cases that are testing the limits of the immunity granted to officials such as a case brought against Muhammad Al Samantar, Somalia’s prime minister from 1988 to 1990 under Somali strongman Siad Barre.

Samantar admitted to ordering extrajudicial torture and killings, the State Department decided he was not immune, though it wasn’t an absolute ruling.


“None of [the litigation] is around JASTA, because JASTA doesn’t affect foreign officials. None of this depends on the passage of JASTA,” Dodge explained. “Just because you name JASTA in a complaint doesn’t mean it will be seriously considered.”

Robert Tolchin, an attorney representing an accounting firm named in McMahon’s lawsuit for working with the Kushner Family Foundation, which donates to Israeli settlement organisations in the occupied West Bank, is similarly confused by what he called the “legal mumbo jumbo” contained in the text.

According to a motion to dismiss filed by Tolchin, McMahon did not meet basic legal requirements of giving street addresses for the plaintiffs, using instead the city or country in which they live.

McMahon responded with an affidavit from Miko Peled, an anti-occupation Israeli activist and author living in the US, which said “locating an individual address in Palestine is a very difficult task” because of an “uncertain” postal system.

Tolchin filed another response saying many of the plaintiffs listed in the suit, including Peled, live in the US, so the reasoning remained without merit. His research also found 13 plaintiffs were killed by Israeli forces.

No representatives of the estates of the deceased have been named, Tolchin wrote, and the deceased “do not have standing to sue in their own name simply because a lawyer has decided to name them as plaintiffs”.

Several of the living plaintiffs declined to be interviewed for this article, others did not respond to Al Jazeera’s request for comment.

Al Jazeera asked Tolchin for his take on the legislation, to which he replied, “I’m not sure who’s paying him to file these complaints, but I’m sure someone is.”

Saudi connections

While it’s not known who, if anyone, pays for the time required to file the complaints, Al Jazeera has learned that McMahon has a history of working for Saudi interests.

The attorney worked as a lobbyist for the Dallah al-Baraka Holding Company, a Saudi conglomerate, on the issues of banking, foreign relations, and law enforcement from March 2003 to August 2006, according to lobbying disclosures.

Al-Baraka is one of the largest business holdings in the Middle East with investments in banking, healthcare, manufacturing and many other sectors. It has also been accused of providing funds to the 19 al-Qaeda hijackers responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks in a complaint filed in 2003.

The suit alleges that al-Baraka bank provided Osama bin Laden, a Saudi national and one of the founders of al-Qaeda who is accused of the planning of the attacks, with “financial infrastructures in Sudan beginning in 1983” and continuing for decades.

It also claims that Omar al-Bayoumi, a Saudi national who allegedly befriended two of the hijackers and provided them with monetary support after they entered the US, was assistant to the Director of Finance for Dallah Avco, an aviation holding of al-Baraka, according to an application for a PhDprogramme.

Another lawsuit filed against al-Baraka alleges the conglomerate gave donations to al-Haramain Foundation, a Saudi charity, that funneled financial support to al-Qaeda, even after the events of September 11, according to a CBS News report from 2004. The US Treasury found direct ties between al-Haramain and al-Qaeda that year.

These and many other, similar suits were merged by August 1, when Saudi Arabia’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss legal action against the kingdom. McMahon currently serves as the defense attorney for Wael Jalaidan, one of the original founders of al-Qaeda, in one of these cases.

Jalaidan, a Saudi national, was named “an associate of Usama bin Laden and a supporter of [al-Qaeda]” in 2002 by the US Treasury Department and Saudi Arabia, resulting in the freezing of his assets.

As recently as June 2017, McMahon was working to release funds from Jalaidan’s Swiss bank accounts in order to secure payment for attorney fees, according to emails between the attorney and the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control entered into public record.

McMahon did not respond to a request for comment.

Al Jazeera spoke with Timothy LaPira, associate professor of political science at James Madison University and author of numerous works on lobbying, about the use of lawsuits to influence lawmakers.

“A lawsuit that isn’t going anywhere? I haven’t heard of lobbyists using anything like this,” LaPira said, going on to say that lobbyists depend on their credibility.

Such a lawsuit wouldn’t get far with lawmakers, he concluded.

‘Insidious’ campaign

However, Saudi Arabia has resorted to new techniques in its lobbying campaign, according to Terry Strada, the chairperson of the 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism and widow of Tom Strada, one of the nearly 3,000 people who died in the attack on the Twin Towers.

She filed a 17-page complaint to the Department of Justice in March that alleged Saudi Arabia’s “unprecedented foreign influence campaign” used “insidious, deceptive foreign propaganda” to try to amend or repeal JASTA.

The “insidious” propaganda was a Saudi campaign at the beginning of 2017 to recruit and fly US veterans to Capitol Hill to lobby against JASTA without informing them of who was paying for their travels.

The Saudi government retained the services of DC public relations firm Qorvis MSLGROUP to oversee this campaign.

Not only was the campaign misleading to the veterans, but it may have put them in legal jeopardy.

The US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) requires anyone who represents the interest of foreign states in a “political or quasi-political capacity” to disclose their relationship or face fines and possible jail

In spite of these penalties, FARA goes notoriously unenforced. Democrats introduced a bill on August 1 to strengthen enforcement of the act.

The complaint asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to conduct “an immediate national security investigation to determine the scope and breadth of involvement and prosecute any criminal violations of FARA, or other federal law”.

Strada told Al Jazeera she hasn’t heard much regarding Saudi lobby activities since the plot behind the veterans was uncovered. “I think they’re trying to distract people… Now they’re pointing the finger at Qatar.”

While she hasn’t heard from the Saudi lobby recently, she expects further campaigns. Strada said she knows they’ve “got something up their sleeve”.


Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in Moscow to increase bilateral ties and discuss Syria.

Synergy Grows Between Israeli Hi-Tech And Chinese Marketplace

Where do you think Israel got its hi-tech from? They stole it from the US of course! And what do they do with it, they turn around and sell it to Russia and China. They have been sucking the United States dry for centuries and now they will dump it and join their Communist tribal member friends, who are all ready to take over! America needs to STAND UP to these lying criminals! Please watch the video below and share this entire post! 

Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in Moscow to increase bilateral ties and discuss Syria.

“Synergy grows between Israel hi-tech and Chinese marketplace,” Source:

Ever since she began visiting Israel in 2013, Chinese investment manager Shengyan Fan recognized the enormous opportunities for collaboration between Israeli innovators and Chinese investors.

Even then, we felt that there was a lot of potential synergy between the technology coming out of Israel and the fast-growing marketplace in China – the economic transformation happening in China,” she told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday while in Tel Aviv.

Fan, managing partner of the Israeli-Chinese Catalyst CEL Fund and head of the merger and acquisition department at China Everbright Ltd., is in Israel this week as the fund announces its latest investment in the Israeli company Eloxx Pharmaceuticals.

With Chinese investors eager to improve their understanding of Israel and its business culture, Fan said she expects interest in Israeli hi-tech firms to continue gaining traction.

“In China, I definitely think there is a growing attention or focus on the Israeli technology companies,” she said.

“We are seeing more people looking for opportunities.”

The Catalyst CEL Fund is an Israeli-Chinese venture jointly managed by the Tel Aviv-based Catalyst Equity Management and the Hong- Kong based China Everbright Limited, the largest overseas financial services platform of the state-owned China Everbright Group. Catalyst Equity Management is run by founding and managing partners Edouard Cukierman and Yair Shamir, who previously served Israel’s agriculture minister, among other government positions.

This week, Catalyst CEL Fund announced its fifth investment, in the Rehovot- based Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage company that develops therapeutics for genetic diseases. Catalyst CEL Fund is one of the lead investors in the company, together with Israeli life sciences venture capital fund Pontifax and other players, in a $24 million investment round.

“We have been focusing on hi-tech related investments,” Fan said. “Our investments are not that big but we believe that they have huge potential in China or elsewhere in the world.”

Since establishing the Catalyst CEL Fund with her partners in 2014, Fan said she has observed a continuous growth in Chinese investors coming to Israel.

“I personally noticed that there are many more business travelers every time I come to Israel,” she said.

In addition to the increasing pool of smaller-scale Chinese investors, Fan stressed that large Chinese corporations are also making their way toward the country, in fields like the consumer sector and the chemicals industry.

In keeping with this trend, Calcalist on Tuesday reported that the Chinese government would be setting up a $440m. investment fund for Israel’s hi-tech sector, the first of three forthcoming funds at a total of more than $1b.

The Hong Kong-based Compass Ventures General Group, chaired by Israeli Ronen Dagon, would be managing the first fund, according to the Calcalist.

Globes’s financial news site, meanwhile, reported on Tuesday night that another fund in the Chinese private sector would be investing $100m.

in Israeli start-ups. The new fund, called MizMaa Ventures – a combination of the Hebrew words for east and west – began operating under the radar about a year ago, through funding from three wealthy Chinese families, the Globes report said.

Shamir, who also serves alongside Fan as a managing partner at the Catalyst CEL Fund, stressed that the relationship between China and Israel can be reflected in the Israeli government’s policy in recent years.

“The beauty about doing business in China is, first of all, that the communication between the Israelis and Chinese is so easy,” he told the Post. “I think the Chinese [people] coming even as a tourists feel much more comfortable here than elsewhere.”

Unlike in the United States or in Europe, business deals made between Israeli and Chinese entrepreneurs are not intertwined with political agendas, Shamir explained.

While Israeli and Chinese businessmen and women may have significant differences, their attitudes fit together in a complimentary manner, he said.

“We are so different from each other – it’s like the ant and the elephant,” Shamir added. “We are not a threat to any Chinese company or corporation. We see, as the ant, the opportunity that we are dealing with the elephant.

He can take us, protect us, give us food and so on. There is a synergy here – technology and markets.”

As far as Catalyst CEL Fund’s latest investment is concerned, Fan said that she and her colleagues chose Eloxx Pharmaceuticals due to both the company’s high potential and the resultant opportunity to enter the biotechnology space.

“We felt that healthcare-related biotech is also an area Israel is very known for,” Fan said.

Eloxx focuses on treating patients who suffer from rare genetic diseases caused by “nonsense mutations,” which prompt the transcription of premature “stop codons” and result in an incomplete or truncated protein product.

In particular, the company is working on developing treatment solutions for the genetic diseases cystic fibrosis and cystinosis, a joint statement from the firm and the investors said.

While Fan said she expects Eloxx to be a very successful investment, she also emphasized the potential impact that the company’s treatment methods could have on a wider global population.

“This drug will benefit lots of people who suffer, especially young kids who suffer from these rare conditions,” she said. “It will make a change to society as well.”

Eloxx is the fifth investment made by Catalyst CEL Fund, following those in carbide metal-cutting tools firm Lamina Technologies, inkjet- based 3D printing company XJet, online content discovery platform Taboola and satellite communication firm SatixFy.

“The fun is the diversifying,” Shamir said, adding that this process enables investors “to get an appetite of all Israel has to offer.”
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VIDEO: Israel’s Dirty Little Secret

Let’s face it, Israel has never been a friend of The United States or anyone else for that matter. Israeli policies are based on the communist convenient interpretation of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. It is interesting to see how most of the ‘so-called alt-media’ still talk about Russia as being independent of Israel when the truth is that it is exactly the same tribe pulling the strings in different directions in order to ‘shape events’ to accommodate their future plans. The real America, the Andrew Jackson America, has no friends. 


“Israel’s Dirty Little Secret,” Source: 



At a recent panel discussion in Washington, screenwriter, film director and producer Oliver Stone briefly addressed the issue of alleged Russian interference in the recent national election, observing that “Israel interfered in the U.S. election far more than Russia and nobody is investigating them.” A few days later, in an interview with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show, Stone returned to the theme, responding to an aggressive claim that Russia had interfered in the election by challenging Colbert with “Israel had far more involvement in the U.S. election than Russia. Why don’t you ask me about that?”

Don’t look for the exchange with Colbert on YouTube. CBS deleted it from its broadcast and website, demonstrating once again that the “I” word cannot be disparaged on national television.

Stone was, of course, referring to the fact that the Israel Lobby, most notably acting through its American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is undeniably a foreign lobby, no less so than anyone representing the presumed interests of Russia or China. It operates with complete impunity on Capitol Hill and also at state and local levels and no one dares to require it to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which would permit scrutiny of its finances and also end its tax-exempt “educational” status. Nor does Congress or the media see fit to inquire into AIPAC’s empowerment of candidates based on their fidelity to Israel, not to mention the direct interference in the American electoral process which surfaced most visibly in its support of candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.

The last president that sought to compel the predecessor organization of AIPAC to register was John F. Kennedy, who also was about to take steps to rein in Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program when he was assassinated, which was a lucky break for Israel, particularly as Kennedy was replaced by the passionate Zionist Lyndon Baines Johnson. Funny how things sometimes work out.

The Warren Commission looked deeply into a possible Cuban connection in the shooting and came up with nothing but one has to wonder if they also investigated the possible roles of other countries. Likewise, the 9/11 Commission Report failed to examine the possible involvement of Israel in the terrorist attack in spite of a considerable body of evidence suggesting that there were a number of Israeli-sourced covert operations running in the U.S. at that time.

Looking back from the perspective of his more than 40 years of military service, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer described the consequences of Jewish power vis-à-vis U.S. policy towards Israel, stating that

“I’ve never seen a president – I don’t care who he is – stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don’t have any idea what goes on.”



Admiral Thomas Moorer also addressed the 1967 Israeli assault on the USS Liberty, saying “Israel attempted to prevent the Liberty’s radio operators from sending a call for help by jamming American emergency radio channels. [And that] Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned lifeboats at close range that had been lowered to rescue the most-seriously wounded.” He concluded with “our government put Israel’s interests ahead of our own? If so, Why? Does our government continue to subordinate American interests to Israeli interests?”

It is a question that might well be asked today, as the subservience to Israeli interests is, if anything, more pervasive in 2017 Washington than it was in 2002 when Moorer spoke up. And, as in Moorer’s day, much of the partiality towards Israel makes its way through Congress with little or no media coverage lest anyone begin to wonder whose tail is wagging which dog. To put it succinctly, there is an Israeli hand in much of what the United States does internationally, and the involvement is not intended to do anything good for the American people.

During the past several weeks alone there has been a flurry of legislation backed by Israel and its Lobby. One bill might actually have been written by AIPAC. It is called Senate 722, Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017. The bill has 63 co-sponsors, most of whom are the usual suspects, but it also included an astonishingly large number of Democrats who describe themselves as progressive, including Corey Booker and Kamila Harris, both of whom are apparently terrified lest they say “no” to Israel. With 63 co-sponsors out of 100 senators the bill was certain to pass overwhelmingly, and it was indeed approved 98 to 2, with only Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders voting “no.”

And there’s more to S.722 than Iran – its subtitle is “An act to provide congressional review and to counter Iranian and Russian governments’ aggression.” Much of it is designed to increase sanctions on both Iran and Russia while also limiting the White House’s ability to relieve any sanctions without approval by Congress. Regarding Iran, the bill mandates that “Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, and every 2 years thereafter, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Director of National Intelligence shall jointly develop and submit to the appropriate congressional committees a strategy for deterring conventional and asymmetric Iranian activities and threats that directly threaten the United States and key allies in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.”

The premise is, of course, nonsensical as Iran’s ability to threaten anyone, least of all the United States, is limited.

It is far outgunned by its neighbors and even more so by the U.S., but it has become the enemy of choice for Congress as well as for the former generals who serve as White House advisers. The animus against Iran comes directly from Israel and from the Saudi Arabians, who have managed to sell their version of developments in their part of the world through a completely acquiescent and heavily Jewish-influenced western media.

And there’s more. A bill has surfaced in the House of Representatives that will require the United States to “consult” with Israel regarding any prospective arms sales to Arab countries in the Middle East. In other words, Israel will have a say, backed up undoubtedly by Congress and the media, over what the United States does in terms of its weapons sales abroad. The sponsors of the bill, one Brad Schneider of Illinois, and Claudia Tenney of New York want “closer scrutiny of future military arms sales” to maintain the “qualitative military edge” that Israel currently enjoys.

Schneider is, of course, Jewish and a life member of AIPAC, so it is hardly as if he is a disinterested party. Tenny runs for office in New York State, so it is hardly as if she is disinterested either, but the net result of all this is that American jobs and U.S. international security arrangements through weapons sales will be at least in part subject to Israeli veto. And you know that is precisely what will happen as Israel could give a damn what happens to the struggling American entity that it so successfully feeds off.

And there’s still more. Bill HR 672 Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017 was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives on June 14th. Yes, I said “unanimously.” The bill requires the State Department to monitor what European nations and their police forces are doing about anti-Semitism and encourages them to adopt “a uniform definition of anti-Semitism.”

That means that criticism of Israel must be considered anti-Semitism and will therefore be a hate crime and prosecutable, a status that is already de facto true in Britain and France.

If the Europeans don’t play ball, there is the possibility of repercussions in trade negotiations. The bill was co-sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida and Nita Lowey of New York, both of whom are Jewish.

There is also a Senate companion bill on offer in the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act of 2017. The bill will make the Anti-Semitism Envoy a full American Ambassador and will empower him or her with a full staff and a budget permitting meddling worldwide. The bill is sponsored by Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Marco Rubio of Florida. Gillibrand is unlikely to miss co-sponsoring anything relating to Israel due to her own self-interest and Rubio wants to be president real bad so he is following the money.

And finally, the U.S. Senate has also approved a resolution celebrating the 50thanniversary of Israel’s conquest of East Jerusalem. Again, the vote was unanimous. The resolution was co-sponsored by Senators Charles Schumer and Mitch McConnell, two reptiles who give snakes a bad name and about whom the less said the better. Schumer is Jewish and has described himself as the “shomer” or guardian of Israel in the Senate. That the resolution opposes long-established U.S. government policy that the occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank by Israel is in contravention of international law and is an impediment to any peace process with the Palestinians apparently bothered not even one Senator.

I might note in passing that there has been no Senate resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of the bravery exhibited by the officers and crew of the USS Liberty as they were being slaughtered by the Israelis at the same time as Jerusalem was being “liberated.”

There is probably, even more, to say, to include secret agreements with the Pentagon and intelligence agencies, but I will stop at this point with one final observation.

President Donald Trump traveled to the Middle East claiming to be desirous of starting serious negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, but it was all a sham. Benjamin Netanyahu took him aside and came out with the usual Israeli bullshit about the Palestinians “inciting” violence and hatred of Jews and Trump bought into it.


“Trump bought into it…”

Trump then went to see Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and shouted at him for being a liar and opposed to peace based on what Netanyahu had told him. That is what passes for even-handed in the U.S. government, no matter who is president.


“Shouted at him.”

A few days later the Israelis announced the building of the largest bloc of illegal new settlements on the West Bank since 1992, an action that they claim is being coordinated with Washington.


Expansion of illegal settlements “coordinated with Washington”.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once boasted about owning the United States.

I guess he was right.

Michael Chertoff

VIDEO: The Dual Israeli/American Citizen Traitor – Michael Chertoff

Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, and co-author of the USA PATRIOT Act, is an Israeli citizen. How can any patriot stand for this? Was he really looking out for the best interests of the Untied States?


VIDEO: Philip Giraldi – Is Israel A U.S. Ally?

We know the answer to this question, and have more than enough reasons to take action and dump Israel! The entire U.S. Government and its agencies are infested with Israeli spies. Philip Giraldi is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases. He is a regular contributor to in a column titled “Smoke and Mirrors” and is a Contributing Editor who writes a column called “Deep Background” on terrorism, intelligence, and security issues for The American Conservative magazine.