COMMENTARY: Suicide Has Become A Clear And Present Danger

It’s funny to read this article on Glenn Beck’s website when all Beck has been doing for the past years is misguiding his audience. But, in this case, we do agree with him. Suicide has increased and will continue on the rise. The reason for this is CLEAR, humanity rejects GOD and ONLY WORSHIPS THE SELF AND MONEY. Do ‘what makes you happy’ is what we are being bombarded with every single day! The world will never be a happy place if humanity continues worshipping the SELF instead of God. Cultural Marxism has won the battle. The Bible clearly tells us that the key to happiness is to Love God above all things. Today’s motto is “Don’t make your problem my problem” and conversations are always about money, while the spirit is left to rot. 

“Suicide has become a clear and present danger,” Source:

Mental illness has claimed yet another tragic victim. Anthony Bourdain was found dead this morning in his hotel room from an apparent suicide. At 61 years old, Bourdain’s career has spanned decades. He pioneered his genre, inspiring and taking his audience on adventures all over the world, everything seen through the lens of his passion: the love of food.

This makes the second high profile suicide this week. Fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead from an apparent suicide on Tuesday.

The attention should already be there, but maybe now people will start giving suicide and mental illness the attention it so desperately deserves. The CDC released a report on Thursday showing that suicide rates increased in every state but one from 1999 to 2016. We lost nearly forty-five thousand people to suicide in 2016 alone. Over the last eighteen years, suicide rates went up more than 30 percent in at least half of the states in the union. 30 percent!

The study also showed, and this might be even more worrying, that more than half of those who died by suicide didn’t have a known mental health problem. Could that be because no one talks to one another anymore? We communicate via email, text and instant messenger. How many times have you actually sat down at a dinner table with a co-worker, friend or even a family member?

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade prove that no matter how rich and famous you are, no matter how successful you’ve become, everyone is dealing with something. We all need someone to talk to, and issues to work out. Drop what you’re doing and give someone a call. Seek out the quiet person in the office and invite them to lunch. Smile to someone that looks like they’ve had a bad day. Reach out to one another!

This is a clear and present danger for all humans. This is our collective fight. It’s time humanity teamed up and declared enough is enough.


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