The Mossad Is Watching South America Now

Israeli Firm to Deliver Broadband Internet in Latin America

An Israeli firm, Gilat Satellite Networks, won a contract with an unnamed Latin American country to connect rural regions by satellite. The name of the client has yet to be disclosed, but this should raise alarm bells. This company has quite a presence already in Central and South America.

The control of high technology is a strategy used by Israel’s intelligence services in order to subsequently blackmail politicians and political activists.

The Mossad Is Watching South America Now
The Mossad Is Watching South America Now

“Israeli firm to deliver broadband Internet in Latin America,” Source:

Gilat Satellite Networks of Petah Tikva has been awarded a contract to deliver and operate satellite-based LTE backhaul for a major telecommunications service provider in Latin America. The goal is to deliver broadband Internet connection to multiple locations across the country.

In telecom lingo, “backhaul” refers to the intermediate links between the core (or backbone) network, and the small subnetworks on the edges of the entire network. Backhaul often refers to the side of the network that communicates with the global Internet.

Satellite backhaul helps mobile network operators connect rural, mountainous and hard-to-serve areas where building a land-based network of towers and cables would cost too much.

The project includes Gilat’s technology and services as well as management via Gilat’s global Network Operation Center.

Gilat’s VP of global accounts Ron Levin said Gilat’s satellite-based LTE cellular backhauling services “are becoming mainstream for plentiful, quality and affordable broadband.”

Gilat has offices in 19 countries. In Latin America, it has branches in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.


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