VIDEO: What’s Really Happening to Catalonia – Subversion, Balkanization

What is happening in “Cataluña, Spain” and in the rest of the world, is exactly what Michael Black exposes in the following video. Today’s cover of Russian Television, controlled by Putin published ‘Breaking News’ which read:  CATALAN PARLIAMENT: SPANISH GOVERNMENT MEASURES ARE A ‘COUP’. Wasn’t he supporting the ‘unity’ of Spain? Why this subtle propaganda now ‘insinuating’ that the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution is a ‘coup’?

The Government is applying the Constitution to end this non-sense while offering the Cataluñan Government to call for legal elections in six months. But, could the separatists be against this because they know they would never legally win the independence? Carles Puigdemont, the President of the Cataluñan Government seems too relaxed about his illegal maneuvering and keeps pushing his independent agenda further. He knows he has the total support of the international Jewish media,  Russia and Israel.


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