VIDEO: Proof Of Israel Behind The ‘Independence’ Of Cataluña

This is an excerpt about Spain, taken from our recently published book titled: “Challenge Your Knowledge” by – “The Iberian Peninsula located in the extreme south-west of Europe, only fourteen kilometers from the African continent, provides Spain great strategic value. It extends into the Mediterranean on one side and acts as an intersection on the path to Africa and America on the other. From 1936 to 1939 the Spanish Civil War took place. General Francisco Franco a fervent Catholic was in power and ruled Spain for thirty-six years. He defended Spain against communism and received support from Germany and Italy, while the Spanish Communists received support from the Soviet Union and Mexico. The atrocities were carried out publicly by communists and were so horrendous that the communist groups were called, The Red Terror.

After the civil war and once Franco had finally defeated Communism, The Bilderberg Club, who was pulling the strings behind the scenes, began working to bring Juan Carlos de Borbón, as King of Spain to help with the transition of government after a lengthy Franco leadership. General Franco wanted any sign of communism eradicated from Spain. However, The CIA, which was created in 1947, had Franco very well controlled, they were afraid that once Franco would leave power, the Spanish people would rise against any sign of communism left and the party would not be able to come back, so they decided to help keep Socialism underground, until the time was right.

The CIA kept Franco under strict control and well protected, their objective was to secure the free use of Spanish territory for military purposes. They later began choosing military officers for the Francoist regime, who would serve international Jewish interests. They wanted ‘young socialists’ that could be used as a permanent source of information, on the activities of the communist opposition in Spain. So, they ordered for Socialists not to be detained, only the communists. The police were instructed to look the other way, and many times they would help sneak in socialist propaganda, as well as internal documents that the socialist party (Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol ‘PSOE’), would be able to distribute throughout the country. This entire plot was handled from the CIA in The United States.

Kissinger helped during ‘Operation Lolita’ that prepared Juan Carlos de Borbón to succeed General Franco. Immediately after Juan Carlos de Borbón is proclaimed King of Spain in 1975, he is invited to an official ‘diplomatic’ trip to the United States. Ever since the King has always been instrumental for the CIA and has helped put pressure from La Zarzuela (the King’s residence) on the successive governments of the Transition after Franco.   

In 1975 Adolfo Suarez becomes Spain’s first ‘democratically’ elected Prime Minister after Franco. Suarez was against having Spain join NATO and its ties with Israel. But, years later, once the ‘socialist party’ PSOE with newly elected Felipe Gonzalez wins the elections in 1982, on that same year Spain joins NATO, which was a corollary for the entrance into the European Union. We clearly see here that everything Franco had fought for was lost to the socialist/communists, and we see today how the Spanish Communist party is the third largest in the country. Spain has sold out to communist ideologies.”

The Spanish Civil War was a BLOODY WAR against the expansion of Communism. They called Franco a dictator, but in reality, there was no other option but to remain in government until the time was right. Hitler and Mussolini fought against the same enemy and we all know how history has paid them back. Ever since the Spanish Civil War, Cataluña has remained infested with Communists and backed by the tribe, it has been pushing for ‘independence’ for the sole purpose of destroying the unity of Spain. International media is helping with its communist brainwashing propaganda. This is an excellent video, that must be SHARED and made VIRAL if possible.

The actual ruling party in Spain is also in bed with the Jews as well as the rotten Monarchy filled with parasites, but both act as being opposed to the independence and ‘pretend’ to ‘protect democracy’. The people have good faith, they are very patriotic, they stick to tradition and the family unit, and they are confused but they trust the actual government. They do not know that all these criminals are in bed together. As usual, the only ones being hurt are the people, meanwhile, they sit and watch while a great country like Spain is being destroyed from within.


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