Trump Rape Victims?

BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Trump a Pedophile Owned by Netanyahu

This video is banned on YouTube — when you watch it, you will see why. We are all being brainwashed on a daily basis. Trump is a nothing less than a traitor and part of the game. Jerusalem will be the capital of the Anti-Christ. It is happening right before our very eyes.

15 thoughts on “BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Trump a Pedophile Owned by Netanyahu”

  1. I could not view in my browser and so I looked at the page source code and searched for ‘mp4’.
    In the code was a www with mp4 and dailymotion.
    So I looked up and found the dailymotion video site.
    Then I remembered that my video download program youtube-dl works with other sites, not just youtube.
    In my Linux terminal I typed:
    and downloaded it to watch it offline.
    Also see and bookmark:

    1. Hmmm not sure why this would be the case. We uploaded the video on Try to search us “Zionist Report” and with Google Chrome or Firefox.

      1. My last post explains how I succeeded in downloading it.
        Got it by downloading using a program called youtube-dl to view it offline.
        So problem solved.

  2. Really good video this one . Loads of information in it !

  3. Very very slow … almost unwatchable as I have to stop every minute to wait for it to load. Who is the anchor of this video? Clearly an Aussie … and very in touch.

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    1. LMAO … If you r asking for a shekels, boy you came to the wrong site … cunt

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    1. How is it fake in your mind?
      It is Robert Morrow’s voice and others versions of the video will prove that. It is just the video quality.

  6. fuck the jewnited stakes of americunts

    1. So you like to live in Syria?

      1. Probably not while the US of Terror is still there fucking it up, no.


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