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VIDEO: Communism – The Neo Con Jewish Connection

What is a NeoCon? The evil idea was born out of the ill minds of the tribe, for no other purpose than to better brainwash Americans into believing they do have an option and slowly lead them into Communism and a One World Order, where the tribe completely rules over them. Democrats and Republicans have been for the most part throughout American history, on the same side, just like Capitalism and Communism have always been two sides of the same coin.

1 thought on “VIDEO: Communism – The Neo Con Jewish Connection”

  1. The famous Berlin wall, and the supposed fall of Communist Russia, was an orchestrated plan to turn the European Union into a multinational of the masonry.

    The poisoning of people, who are unaware of these still matters, confirm that back of the Governments in the West is this elitist anti-Western Group.



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